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Choose Diversity! Elect a Criminal for President!

Tuesday, October 11, 2016 8:57
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The Sky Is Blue, The Pope Is Catholic, and Donald Trump is a Sexist Pig!

None of the above should be a major revelation to the average person.  Yet Donald Trump, during a conversation 11 years ago as a private citizen, TALKS ABOUT grabbing a woman’s genitalia and the media goes berserk!

Bill Clinton actually attacks women (and according to those in the know, like General Colin Powell, still does…) during his entire political career by grabbing them ALL OVER their body – both inside and outside the Oval Office and even aboard Air Force One. He also receives oral sex in the Oval Office, opens his zipper and tells multiple women to “kiss it”, then denies it and lies about it to the American people and to Congress, all the while the American media gives us a wink and a nod, shrugs their collective shoulders, and shakes their collective heads because that ol’ Bill, by golly, he’s just such a great liar and a scoundrel and, after all, his private life is private – unlike Donald Trump’s!

During his Presidency, Bill also sells state ICBM rocket secrets to the Communist Chinese government in return for an $800K “contribution” by LorAl Air and Space Corporation to the DNC, and when the New York Times learns about the rape allegations of Juanita Broaddrick by Bill Clinton, they predictably sit on the story so as not to “prejudice” his re-election!

Bill also allegedly fathers a love child (Danny Williams) by a black prostitute when he had sex in the bushes of the governor’s mansion in Little Rock; and goes on more than 17 trips to the private island of a convicted sexual predator and child molester Jeffrey Epstein aboard said convict’s private jet, “The Lolita Express”, while that champion and paragon of female virtue and women’s rights, Hillary Clinton, covers up and makes excuses for her “husband” (in name only) in order to preserve her opportunity to one day run for the Presidency, while at the same time directing vicious and malicious campaigns of defamation, terroristic threats and physical intimidation (slashed tires, pets killed, victim’s children threatened) against the “bimbos” (Hillary’s term) her husband has victimized by assaulting them; who fathers a daughter by Webster Hubbell and pretends that Bill is the father to make herself more politically viable, allegedly physically assaults any young woman left alone in her presence, has a known Lesbian relationship with Huma Abedin (and Yoko Ono), sets up a second private Email server outside the White House (against specific government regulations, protocol and NATIONAL SECURITY) to hide her solicitations and bribes and kickbacks from governments and individuals seeking favors from the Office of the Secretary of State for access to foreign governments, appointments and contracts against the interests of the People of the United States; destroys government documents under subpoena, shreds the secrecy and National Security of the United States by using her unsecured Email server and 13 different portable devices while publicly claiming that she used only one; has two of those device unlawfully destroyed with a hammer; loses a lap top filled with State secrets in the mail; leaves a portable lap top device behind while in Russia!; loses two other devices while flying around the world, and then lies directly to Congress and The American People about all of it.   The corker is when she declares during the second debate with Donald Trump that she “… takes National Security very seriously….”!  LMAO!

Hillary’s carelessness directly results in the state execution of a defecting Iranian nuclear scientist, Shahram Amiri (as well as other American secret agents around the world); denies U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens increased security in Benghazi despite more than 600 direct requests from him to do so, takes no precautions to protect our Libyan Embassy on the anniversary of 9/11; is asleep at the switch when that 3 AM “wake up” call arrives at her office from three brave Americans (Sean Smith, Ty Woods and Glen Doherty) on top of the embassy roof fighting for their lives, only to be told that no help would be forthcoming during their 13 HOUR ORDEAL; who then lied to the faces of the four American families whose loved ones were killed in Benghazi by blaming the attack on an anti-Muslim video while telling her daughter Chelsea that it was a terrorist attack, then having the director of said video imprisoned on false charge while claiming that the family members she addressed over the coffins of their dead sons were lying about what she said to them (despite the fact that ALL 4 AGREED ABOUT WHAT SHE SAID); who prevented and intimidated witnesses from testifying at the Benghazi Congressional investigation because she was illegally supplying guns and RPGs and shoulder launched SAMs while arming Libyan “rebels” (and ISIS and Al Qaeda fighters) out of the back of the Benghazi CIA annex (the term for this is TREASON), and who reversed her position as Secretary of State and sold 20% of our uranium supply to Russia in return for a massive $145 million “donation” to the Clinton Foundation, which has donated a whopping 1% of all the money it has raised for Haitian earthquake relief to the people of Haiti…. Etc.,, etc., etc.

But according to the “in the tank U.S. M/ass Media, ALL OF THE ABOVE PALES IN COMPARISON to that sexist pig Donald Trump talking about groping women!!

That Donald Trump sure SOUNDS like a bad man!  Guess we should follow the unbiased guidance and unblemished reportorial virtue of the U.S. MEDIA and vote for Hitlery Clintong too!

After all, don’t you want a president who has a public “persona” that is 180 degrees different from her private persona?  Just like she told Goldman-Sachs executive and other high-powered Wall Street contributors?  I’m sure she is eager to crack down on them if she enters the Ovum Office.

After all, why not elect a woman president who hates and despises the U.S. Military and Secret Service; who considers police officers to be pigs; who decorated the White House Christmas tree with condoms; who has a volcanic temper that she uses to lash out at her staff at the slightest irritation to her Imperial Majesty; who believes, in what passes for a heart, that the laws of this Nation are only for the “little people” and that a second standard of “Justice” is deservedly reserved exclusively for Bill and Hill?

Why not elect the first female President who wants to raise taxes and keep Obozo’s onerous Estate Death Tax as a way of “stimulating” a dead economy; who prattles about following the English and Australian policies of disarming civilian populations while piously pretending that she supports the Second Amendment; who wants to keep America energy dependent by ignoring our own enormous coal and oil reserves; who pretends she is a champion of women’s rights while actively soliciting and accepting “contributions” (bribes) from Muslim countries that kill homosexuals and advocate the genital mutilation of women; who wants to “Keep America Safe” by “building bridges” so that hostile foreign alien invaders like MS-13 gang bangers can enter our country via the “Open Borders” she advocates in secret while bringing crime, disease and perhaps little gifts like biological plague or nuclear suitcase bombs rather than building walls.   After all, walls prevents “inclusion” and stop her beloved “diversity” – and rather than offend the delicate sensibilities of those who come here as undocumented democrats to avail themselves of the enormous welfare benefits that are always permanently off limits to American citizens, veterans and homeless, Hillary thinks we should eliminate ALL borders and let anyone into our country so that they can make their contribution to our “diversity”, because we all know that diversity is good and diversity is a strength and therefore increased biological diversity (including various exotic diseases like typhoid, tuberculosis, plague and leprosy which have now been re-introduced into America) should be welcomed and “celebrated”!

Hell, Hillary – you sure have earned the vote of those Liberal/Progressive Guardians of our Republic… er, sorry…. Our “democracy”…  Really, what else could we expect from a teenage groupie acolyte of Communist urban organizer Saul Alinsky, and whose mentor, Senator Robert Byrd, was the Grand Dragon of the Ku Klux Klan?

Perhaps William Safire exaggerated somewhat when he called you a “congenital liar.”  But then again, based on your track record, I think he was damning you with faint praise.

You’re a real political phenomenon, much more so than your husband, that person with that predictable set of male genitals.

Now that I have the choice of helping to “make history” by voting for a candidate’s genitals rather than their track record or policy positions, their integrity or love of country, I think I’ll do what so many brain dead, Progressive-Liberals did the last two times and make history again, like when they voted for The Crock, Obama, because of his skin color rather than any valid political consideration.

And lastly, I want to thank those guardians of Freedom and Liberty, The Fourth Estate, the American press and M/ass Media, for their perceptive analysis, unbiased reportage and active sabotage of our once proud Republic; for their sycophantic adulation, unabashed adoration, and for their slavish devotion to that hypocritical harpy who will permanently finish the Cloward-Piven destruction of our Constitutional Republic if she slithers into the office they have reserved for her reign of tyranny.

May you all be damned to Hell for your hypocrisy and for the abrogation of your sacred honor, duty and responsibility which our Founding Fathers entrusted upon your shoulders as the ultimate guardians of the freedoms and liberties enshrined in our Bill of Rights.   

May you one day cast your eyes upon the rows upon rows of young men and women, cut down in their prime, which now populate our military cemeteries both here and abroad; and as you do so, may you wonder and eventually realize that the reasons they gave their lives in service to this country was to prevent the ascension of just this kind of lying, hypocritical, treasonous pustule of a person you have championed and chaperoned into the White House because her genitals were more important than her honesty and integrity.


Copyright 2016 LCVincent, All Rights Reserved


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