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Earthchanges Intensifying: Is Planet’s Magnetic North Pole migration accelerating?

Monday, June 3, 2013 6:58
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June 3, 2013EARTHThe discovery by NASA rover Curiosity of evidence that water once flowed on Mars – the most Earth-like planet in the solar system – should intensify interest in what the future could hold for mankind. The only thing stopping Earth having a lifeless environment like Mars is the magnetic field that shields us from deadly solar radiation and helps some animals migrate, and it may be a lot more fragile and febrile than one might think. Scientists say earth’s magnetic field is weakening and could all but disappear in as little as 500 years as a precursor to flipping upside down. It has happened before – the geological record suggests the magnetic field has reversed every 250,000 years, meaning that, with the last event 800,000 years ago, another would seem to be overdue. “Magnetic north has migrated more than 1,500 kilometers over the past century,” said Conall Mac Niocaill, an earth scientist at Oxford University. “In the past 150 years, the strength of the magnetic field has lessened by 10 percent, which could indicate a reversal is on the cards.” While the effects are hard to predict, the consequences may be enormous. The loss of the magnetic field on Mars billions of years ago put paid to life on the planet if there ever was any, scientists say. Mac Niocaill said Mars probably lost its magnetic field 3.5-4.0 billion years ago, based on observations that rocks in the planet’s southern hemisphere have magnetization. The northern half of Mars looks younger because it has fewer impact craters, and has no magnetic structure to speak of, so the field must have shut down before the rocks there were formed, which would have been about 3.8 billion years ago. “With the field dying away, the solar wind was then able to strip the atmosphere away, and you would also have an increase in the cosmic radiation making it to the surface,” he said. “Both of these things would be bad news for any life that might have formed on the surface – either wiping it out, or forcing it to migrate into the interior of the planet.”

Earth’s magnetic field has always restored itself but, as it continues to shift and weaken, it will present challenges – satellites could be more exposed to solar wind and the oil industry uses readings from the field to guide drills. In nature, animals which use the field could be mightily confused – birds, bees, and some fish all use the field for navigation. So do sea turtles whose long lives, which can easily exceed a hundred years, means a single generation could feel the effects. Birds may be able to cope because studies have shown they have back-up systems that rely on stars and landmarks, including roads and power lines, to find their way around. The European Space Agency is taking the issue seriously. In November, it plans to launch three satellites to improve our fairly blurry understanding of the magnetosphere. The project – Swarm – will send two satellites into a 450 kilometer high polar orbit to measure changes in the magnetic field, while a third satellite 530 kilometers high will look at the influence of the sun. Scientists, who have known for some time the magnetic field has a tendency to flip, have made advances in recent years in understanding why and how it happens. The field is generated by convection currents that churn in the molten iron of the planet’s outer core. Other factors, such as ocean currents and magnetic rocks in the earth’s crust also contribute. The Swarm mission will pull all these elements together to improve computer models used to predict how the magnetic field will move and how fast it could weaken. Ciaran Beggan, a geomagnetic specialist at the British Geological Survey in Edinburgh, said studies have also refined our understanding of how the field reverses. They have focused on lava flows. When these cool and form crystals the atoms in iron-rich molten rock align under the influence of the magnetic field, providing a geological memory of the earth’s field. But that memory looks different in various locations around the world, suggesting the reversal could be a chaotic and fairly random process. “Rather than having strong north and south poles, you get lots of poles around the planet. So, a compass would not do you much good,” said Beggan. While the whole process takes 3,000-5,000 years, latest research suggests the descent into a chaotic state could take as little as 500 years, although there are significant holes in scientific understanding. “Although electricity grids and GPS systems would be more vulnerable, we are not really sure how all the complex things that are linked together would react,” Beggan said. –Reuters


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  • Anonymous

    Suggestion: Stay away from the Extinction Protocol site unless you like the Establishment colleciting your IP address.

    Fortunately the EP’s time as an earth changes web site may be coming to a swift close as many will realize that it is Planet X causing the earth changes. After the U.S. announces Planet X is real it will probably occur to many that Alvin Conway of EP fame’s explanation is totally bogus. Who will want to read the EP site when we all know Planet X/Nibiru is real?

    The Zetas of fame completely exposed what is really going on at the EP site. Now they are coming to BIN to look for more people to read their earth changes stories that never, ever (I mean never) reveal that it is Planet X/Nibiru causing almost all the earth changes? The EP site was set up to LIE to and CONFUSE the public about what is really causing the earth changes. The EP site also, now, addresses signs in the sky although Alvin Conway’s “explanation” for everything cannot possibly apply to signs in the sky!

    The truth about EP is well covered at the site they were set up to oppose:

    The Extinction Protocol: Exposed!!:

    There have been a number of disinformation schemes that we have identified – the Horizon Project, Project Camelot, NASA emphasis on the Sun and denial of Planet X, all the 2012 authors denying that Planet X is in the vicinity, and recently the Extinction Protocol to name but a few. The problem with fingering them early, when they are first showing their hand and trying to gain popularity, is that at those moments it is not obvious what their nature and agenda is. Thus, this paints the picture that ZetaTalk is paranoid, making unproven claims. Better to let them ripen and flower, showing their agenda, before the accusation is made.

    Like all sites run by the establishment, names are collected. It is not just the comments, which clearly are edited to remove any reference to the true cause of the Earth changes or any reference to the ZetaTalk website, but the IP of visitors. This has long been the accusation made against popular websites like GodlikeProduction, which was purchased from the original owner by an individual with clear connections to black ops. But rather than fret about being watched and tracked, we have advised that the public realize that the establishment cannot keep up with the burgeoning curiosity of the public. They simply don’t have the resources, and this all will fall to the side as the Earth changes increase.

    Likewise sites that speak the truth, well known and popular as ZetaTalk and Gerard’s ning are, will not be taken down as this in essence throws gasoline on an already roaring fire. The establishment knows that to do this is to call attention, on the Internet, to these actions, and that the public would conclude that the sites were speaking the truth. They would kill a truthsayer but give birth to a monster, a hydra, and thus the choice is to try to counter the truth of ZetaTalk with disinformation from NASA and the like.

    The Extinction Protocol seems a contradiction – it presents many fact about the Earth changes, yet consistently refuses to focus on those facts that prove the existence of Planet X nearby. Are not the obvious editing lines on the SOHO and Stereo images, the almost daily capture of Moon Swirls and Winged Globes with drifting tails facts? Is not the twisting of the Earth’s magnetosphere, as shown on the Magnetic Simulator, a fact? Is not the regularly timed global shuttering, as presented on the live seismographs, indicative of a fact to be considered? Is not the fact that the sunrise and sunset for Europe are too far to the south a fact noted by many? Why are these facts exempt from examination?

    Is it that the Extinction Protocol only reports, and does not speculate or present theories? Hardly, as they are happy to wend off into speculation. The site purports to be intelligent and aware, yet consistently ascribed the Earth changes to something other than the obvious – the near presence of Planet X, aka Nibiru. That would be too close to the truth, and to pointing the public to ZetaTalk, which brings us to the real reason for the effort put into this website.

    Boasting that it features “2012 and Earthchanges News events”, the Extinction Protocol hopes to capture the curious public, and hold them there. This site was designed by the establishment, to be an attractive alternative to websites such as the popular ZetaTalk and the Pole Shift ning. If it only reported the news, then it could be considered just another news site, but in that it proposes alternative theories for the Earth changes, it has openly identified itself as an arm of the cover-up, servicing the establishment.

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