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Obama Bans Gold Ownership by “United States Citizens”? So Who’s a “United States Citizen”? – Judge Anna von Reitz

Thursday, July 28, 2016 1:19
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July 28, 2016


Those of you who have been following along for some time know that the United States is not America and that “United States Citizens” are not Americans. Chances are high that if you are an average Bread and Butter American you are not a “United States Citizen” and probably never were.

A “citizen” is obligated to serve the government. A “national” is one of those that the government serves.

The Definitive Treaty of Peace 1783 that ended the Revolutionary War described the “citizens” as “Inhabitants” — British subjects left here to provide “essential government services” and the state nationals were described as “the free, sovereign, and independent people of the United States.”

Which one are you?

“Citizen” = British subject, an inhabitant “residing” here, for the purpose of providing essential government services (Article IV) and by definition these “United States Citizens” are all foreign with respect to us and to our organic states, just as we are foreign with respect to them.

Thus, while you, a man born in Wisconsin, serves in the military, you are considered a “United States Citizen”— but when you are discharged you are no longer in that political status. You are by nature and right a Wisconsinite and an American State National, owing no obligation to serve any governmental function at all.

You are not naturally a “United States Citzen” nor a “citizen of the United States” nor are you a State Citizen unless you hold a public office in the government of one of the organic states of the Union.

The truth is that though the Federales and employees of the federalized States of States corporate franchises routinely impose upon us and presume that we are “United States Citizens” instead of being American State Nationals, the fact remains that:

1. None of us who were born here went through any Naturalization process as required by the Naturalization Act, Seventh Congress, Session 1, Chapter 28, Sections 1-4 to become “United States Citizens”.

2. The only people here who really are “United States Citizens” are (a) those born in the District of Columbia, Guam, Puerto Rico or what we consider the “Territories and Possessions”; (b) federal civilian employees; (c) federal military personnel on active duty; (d) federal welfare recipients; (e) elected officers of the federal and federalized “state of state” corporations; (f) political asylum seekers; (g) African Americans who were never accorded their State National status and then, there are the “citizens of the United States” which are all (h) federal corporations.

It is this last grouping that causes all the trouble, because to benefit themselves the foreign United States, Inc. has busily created “franchises” for itself and named these THINGS after you.

Thus, there is an “international organization” calling itself by your name FIRST MIDDLE LAST and a public transmitting utility calling itself by your name FIRST MIDDLE-INITIAL LAST and both these legal fiction entities are “citizens of the United States” under the so-called “diversity of citizenship” clause the rats in Congress gratuitously granted themselves without your knowledge or permission.

They have been infringing upon the copyright of your name all your life, indebting you, prosecuting you for collection of their own debts, conferring the slave status of “citizen of the United States” on you —- their actual employers — all without your knowledge or consent. They have done this via an undisclosed surreptitious process of “registration” of your given names that happened while you were all still babies in your cradles.

Now there are some things you should know about these fictional incorporated “citizens of the United States”—- they are all bad characters. They are bankrupt most of the time, engaged in shady dealings— rum manufacturing, drug trade, firearms manufacturing that sort of thing—- and when they are charged with anything in court they are guilty by definition.

Oh, and they are also all slaves by definition and unable to own any property.

So, if you want to own any private property at all, much less gold or silver, it is absolutely essential that you understand these definitions and conventions which have been “assumed” about you and your “voluntary” political status as a “citizen of the United States” or as a “United States Citizen”.

Mr. Obama, like FDR before him, is trying to shore up these despicable presumptions upon the American people and prevent a collapse of the “United States Dollar”—- which, as you have guessed by now, isn’t American either.

Their “United States Dollar”—- a piece of paper with the “good faith of Congress” as its backing—- has been deliberately confused with our “United States Dollar” which is an amount of fine silver.

Time to wake up, Campers.

It is past time to notice what the “good faith” of the “United States Congress” has been worth for the last 150 years and note that these infernal scoundrels have been stealing us blind, maliciously infringing on our copyrights and trademarks, practicing identity theft and personage against us, arresting us under false pretenses, collecting taxes from us that we don’t owe, and other criminal acts too numerous to mention—-and doing all this while taking their paychecks from our pockets.

Mr. Obama says that “United States Citizens” living anywhere in the world can’t own gold. Mr. Obama says that “United States Citizens” are subject to indefinite detainment. Mr. Obama says that “United States Citizens” have to buy their health insurance from him and his flunkies. Mr. Obama says that “United States Citizens” have to…… spread their legs wider?

Please join me in saying, “Hell, no, Mr. Obama, I’m not a “United States Citizen” and you aren’t the Emperor of China, either. You are just an undeclared Foreign Agent here on my soil and on my payroll to provide me with essential governmental services and doing a piss poor job of it.”

Remember who you are. Remember who employs who. And make it stick.

If Obama sends any revenue agents around to collect your gold and they enter your private property and attempt to bully you after you have plainly stated that you are not acting as a “United States Citizen” just ask them to prove that you are one? Where is there any evidence at all that you ever complied with the Naturalization Act?

To see more articles by Judge Anna please visit her website at

Submitted by:  Wynter Moon

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  • Man

    this is another freemen of the land argument that has never worked in any legal setting

    • Danika

      The legal setting being the courts of the Corp. UsA, Inc., to which I a neither stand under nor underrstand. I am Natural American, not a Citizen of the United Staes Wahingvton DC Corp that is a Puerto Rico Corp.

      I pay my taxes to not overrstir the pot, st this time, but have requested my holding owed to me byinternatinal banksters that paid the Corp USA when they collateralizemy existence, making money from my birth WITHOUT my condent. There is zero implied consent from me to them and I am making my case to DC.

      YOU can be bought sold and resold, but I refuse to be any longer.

      Hoe free are you when you are collateral owned by foreign investors?

      • Man

        so basically, all summed up::

        “I can can be really free but i don’t want to.”

        how is that better?

    • Morgana Le Fay

      Yea…I’ve heard this rant before many times, and you’re right. In practice it means nothing in actual legal settings, as the courts will do what they want anyway.

  • st

    obama should be band from speaking being seen and even thought of.

  • Anonymous

    Since when did Obama ban ownership of gold? These Moon semantics seem pretty silly when an alternative is never offered. It sounds too much like the OPPT stuff that amounted to no more than a fart in a whirlwind.

  • Redlist Renegade

    Well stated !!! Politicians and Lawyers destroying mankind driving us CRAZY and robbing us BLIND !!!

  • MediaMike

    Cancel SS-5 agreement and send back SSN to void govt ownership of you. 5USC 552a(a)(13) defines federal personnel. If you have a number, your’e federal property. No number required for vast majority of those born here. 42 USC 405 (c)(2)(B).

  • MediaMike

    Get rid of the SSN if you want to be free. 5 USC 552a(a)(13) defines “federal personnel” to include those with numbers. 42 USC 405(c)(2)(B) reveals most of us are NOT required to have one

    • Redlist Renegade

      Well at least those of us that are Awake know that we’ve got THEIR Number , that’s for damn sure !!!

  • Scorpallain

    And if I am Native American, what does that make me?

    • SIF

      Depending on the person, a dang good warrior if need be. :)

    • Pink Slime

      I don’t know. But we can discuss it over a box of doughnuts. :lol:

  • Bobbyray

    WOW a story without the story and facts: “Obama Bans Gold Ownership by “United States Citizens”?

    Another BS Headline story…….. where do you people come from Mars? Welcome to Earth.

    Hope you got a night job cause as a news reporter you are pathetic.

    • smfresh82

      I keep telling people to stop listening to this “judge.” She has provided some good information in the past but do not file any paperwork or do anything she says to. She’s a plant from the vatican. She is Pope Benedict’s sister and is the vatican’s private attorney. she has a blood seal. that means blood in blood out. she does what she is told or she gets killed. like that jesuit priest who blew the whistle on the evil of the roman catholic cult/vatican/jesuit power structure.

      she calls for the arrest of Obama while her brother is wanted for raping children and ritually blood sacrificing them. SICK

  • Anonymous

    He nor the govt. can ban you from owning anything;, unless you allow it. As a free man with free will granted by God almighty I do as I please and as the Lord God Almighty would have me do. There is no power on this earth that can keep me or you from anything as long as you don’t allow it. Piss on Obammy and piss on any govt. that thinks I am its slave.

  • Cousin_Jack

    Whats for sure is that America has problems, it’d be a start if people could agree on what those problems are.

  • deano

    Benjamin Fulford……a Jesuit Apologist……that told us the gold bars are only 60% gold…..No wonder CHINA is pissed off….

    Khazarian Maffia?…….Try Afghan Puppet Pres “KHARZAI”. Ex-CIA agent in the Russia/Afghan war. The Taliban BANNED Opium production because it was anti-Muslim.(2000 -lowest crop)
    Now back to highest production levels ever ~ The Taliban Warlords, have been replaced with CIA Druglords……

    10yrs to “Smoke him out” of a cave? (BIN ladin)…….

    10yrs to wipe out Warlords & replace with Druglords……..War on Terror?…War on Drugs?…..

    TRY HEROIN CA$H needed to pay “Moderate Rebels”

  • desertspeaks

    mr ovomit can dither on all he likes, nothing he says or does has any legal ramifications on anyone.. executive orders are not an authority granted to anyone in the Constitution and are therefore illegal and unconstitutional.
    Further, NO ONE is a party to any of their CONstitutions, fed or state! Did you sign it? neither did anyone else!

    The government operates on FRAUD and a great pr campaign, otherwise known as indoctrination, propaganda, fraud and LIES!

    I would further point out that what people are told is their legitimate government is nothing more than a group of PRIVATE FOR PROFIT CORPORATIONS masquerading as government.. Don’t believe it? Open your search engine and search or dunn & bradstreet for your favorite “ALLEGED” government agency,. there you will discover that every single entity of what you have been lead to believe is your government is JUST A PRIVATE FOR PROFIT CORPORATION!

    Proving the above is easy, every single link below you will find that each one is a PRIVATE FOR PROFIT CORPORATION!

    It’s all a LIE! every facet of the government from the feds down to the very city you live in and everything in between is a PRIVATE FOR PROFIT CORPORATION! States, counties, cities, incorporated towns, supreme court, congress, senate, fbi, cia, nsa, etc etc etc etc..

  • Pink Slime

    OK, but aren’t we all fellow citizens that serve WE THE PEOPLE???

    No matter what they are called, what they do, we are all fellow citizens in this experiment and endeavor we call a Republic which has a Constitution to follow.

    There is no royalty, no king. Just elected citizens comprised of “we the people in order to form a more perfect union…”

    It’s the best we have… till Yahusha returns. The rightful King and ruler. And that is what I think our Constitution was all about. :wink:

    • Gina

      The courts tell you that the United States Constitution is not allowed in their courts. They are running / operating under a martial law system, a military occupation that is signified by the gold trimmed, gold eagle capped, or gold tassle hanging from the flag. You have no rights in their courts, as they presume under constructive fraud that you gave consent to be one of the federal employees whom they call “United States citizens”. Look at 14th amendment carefully. It defines a United States citizen for you as “all person” – in other words all officers, agents, ambassadors, representatives, etc who work for the federal government – are citizens of the United States.

      A person, under legal definition, is a man or woman who has rights and duties of their station or position in society. Who has a station in society in America? Police officers, Lawyers, Judges, Sheriffs, FBI, CIA, DHS, ICE, etc. These are all persons, acting on behalf of their corporate employers, interfacing with the public private Citizens of each State. They are the ones subject to the laws of their employer, and they are the persons protected by the 14th Amendment.

      See more info at my post (click on my name ) and look for “Do You Really Know What The 14th Amendment Says” Parts I, II, and III.

  • mfritz0

    Ok, so if you can’t own gold, own silver or platinum.

    • Morgana Le Fay

      Look at it this way; unless it’s actually in your possession in tangible form (not on paper) or you have it hidden somewhere, it’s not really yours.

  • Morgana Le Fay

    Even if all of this is true factually, it changes nothing in the practical. That would actually require the masses to care and do something about it, which most don’t—and won’t.

    • Morgana Le Fay

      But go ahead; protest and rant all you wish. Has it gotten you anywhere yet?

      • Morgana Le Fay

        Take the following into consideration when contemplating how concerned most citizens (or nationals if you prefer) are regarding their rights and the ability to assert them in practice. Over 90 percent of defendants in court cases plea guilty rather than taking their case to trial, regardless of whether they’re innocent. The justice system has effectively rendered fighting cases in court too burdensome and costly for most people to cope with.

  • Anonymous


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