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Americans Are Rejecting the Globalist NFL in Large Numbers

Saturday, November 26, 2016 8:05
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nfl crime

Presently, we are visiting relatives in the San Diego area and a story, near and dear to my heart, has caught my attention. The San Diego Chargers are likely playing their last National Football League game in San Diego.

What If There Was a Funeral and Nobody Came?

There was a time when a professional team was going to leave a city, it was a very big deal. The 70,000 fans that go to each home game and the millions that watch across the country would be distraught. When a city is forced to leave its home city, it is a significant event, a “disturbance in the force” event.

The topic that has captured my attention is the National Football League’s failure in this wonderful city by the sea.  The future of professional football San Diego is in real jeopardy and the NFL team, the San Diego Chargers are looking for a new home. San Diego has played host to the Chargers for almost 60 years (1961). The team’s success has been mired in mediocrity, punctuated with some exciting season. However, the team has always had a loyal fan base that has tolerated the abuse of the fans by the NFL, while remaining loyal to the team and their favorite players.

San Diego Voters Embrace GLEXIT and Reject the Globalist NFL

San Diego voters overwhelmingly defeated a new downtown stadium plan for the San Diego Chargers in this last Tuesday’s election.

The Chargers’ stadium measure failed, 57% to 43%, after all city precincts were counted. Nearly 169,000 residents voted against it, and 127,000 voted for it, with provisional ballots still to be counted.Under California election law, the measure needed two-thirds of voters to approve the measure because it’s a tax hike for a specific purpose. And, now, it appears likely that the tam will leave San Diego for Los Angles and share a stadium with the LA Rams, a team that run out of St. Louis because fans stopped funding the owner’s demands for more of the public’s money to fund expansion.

The NFL Is Becoming a Victim of GLEXIT

What is GLEXIT? The term is a take-off of the term BREXIT, Britain’s exit from the EU. It is also a term also associated with the term Calexit, which is California’s attempt to exit the United States. The term GLEXIT, is the populist notion that globalism is inherently exploitive and evil and the rising tide of Trump-inspired nationalism.

Make no mistake about it, the NFL is a globalist organization and it is just as marxist-socialist and exploitive as any country in the world.

The NFL Receives Special Favor From Congress

Nothing is infuriating the country more than special favor for the 1% and this is what, to a large extent, the NFL is all about. And along these lines, the NFL does not pay taxes.

nfl tax exemptI know you are wondering if you read the preceding statement correctly. in that the NFL does not pay any tax? That is correct!

Did you know that the NFL made $9 billion dollars last year? Did you know that the NFL is a tax-exempt corporation and paid no tax on their $9 billion dollars of profit? What is wrong with this picture? Between state and federal taxes, most small business owners pay 45% of their income in taxes while we watch Warren Buffet, David Rockefeller and the NFL pay no tax. And now, they want us to pay billions for the privilege of watching their teams play as the owners watch from their million dollar luxury suites?

The NFL or the TSA, What’s the Difference?

The NFL has become the new 4th Amendment-violating TSA as they presuppose everyone attending a football game is a terrorist and is subject to enhanced body searches.

nfl tsa same thingPlease remember, as I have reported before, this is the same NFL which is participating in the violation of our constitutional liberties through TSA-type searches. My question to all NFL fans, do you have such low self-esteem that you would subject yourself to this unwarranted humiliation to watch a game? What is wrong with you?

The NFL An Accomplice to NWO Tyranny

OMGIn the commission of a crime, if you drive the getaway car and get caught, are you going to jail? You are darn right you are going to jail. Shouldn’t we expect the same of a sports league in which select owners thinks it is OK to aid and abet in the act of kidnapping a child from his or her elementary school.

In Operation Mountain Guardian, we should remember, that this is the same NFL that allowed FEMA to bring school children to the Denver Broncos Sports Authority Field after they were illegally removed from their elementary schools without parental notification or permission. To date, there has been no apology or explanation given. The same thing took place at the New York Giants Stadium as well.

Why would anyone support such an organization?

The NFL Backs Gun Confiscation 

“Give up your guns”

Who will ever forget sportscaster. Bob Costas, ranted at an NFL game l when he called for gun confiscation. The people who overpay for the game tickets are not paying to hear the NFL tell everyone that they should give up their guns. Does anyone think it is an accident that the NFL is cooperating to allow their venues to be used as detention centers in times of national emergency?

 When the citizens of San Diego County voted against a new stadium, they voted against funding the newest version of FEMA Camps.

Don’t these fans realize that they are cheering for their own demise? Yes, in 2012, every major league entity and their stadiums, ball parks and arenas agreed to let their facilities to be used for emergency FEMA camp detentions in times of “emergency”.  Talk about paying for your own demise.

It Is Time To Boycott the NFL and Put GLEXIT Into Full Force

In one sense, fans have already started to boycott the globalist NFL. Not only are the fans (i.e American citizens) refusing to spend billions of dollars on new NFL stadiums, they have already stated boycotting the product that is the NFL. Take a look at the TV ratings this season.


Kick Them When They Are Down

nfl boycott 2







With fans embracing GLEXIT and rejecting funding stadiums and unwarranted tax exemption, the people are saying no to globalism. It is time to go after the NFL and their elitist status.

How does one go about boycotting the NFL? Pretty much the same way that one would boycott anything.

1. Not that it will do any good, but write to your Congressman demanding that the tax exemption for the NFL is revoked.

2. Press your State Legislators to pass laws forbidding the use of tax payer money to support corporate welfare for the NFL The billionaire owners can build their own stadiums.

3. Write to all advertisers of NFL televised games and tell them that you will not buy their products as long as they advertise at NFL games.

4. Obviously, everyone should refuse to buy a ticket to an NFL game.

5. Do not buy NFL merchandise

6. Contact your Congressman and demand an end to the tax-exemption enjoyed by the globalist NFL.

I would encourage all to keep embracing the spirit of GLEXIT. The only form of globalism that mankind should embrace is the acceptance of the fact that all of humanity are children of God and that government is manifestation of evil on this planet.


Congratulation to the voters of San Diego County for rejecting GLEXIT and embracing good common sense. What sense does it make that the working class should continue to pay tribute to billionaires for the right to watch millionaires play a child’s game?

I am not boycotting football, I love football. I played high school football and coached at the high school level before moving on to coach college basketball.  Football is a brutal game played by tough men. I learned a lot about life and discipline from my football coaches. If you are like me, you do not have to get your football fix from the NFL. Go to a high school game where the competition is genuine and the love of the game is why the athletes play.

Like so many of our institutions, the NFL is a globalist-serving, civil liberties robbing organization and they need to put in the rear view mirror of our history.

Most people who use social media have figured out that Facebook and Google are in cahoots with the government, for those who are well aware of the issues it’s high time you switched over to It is a website that is similar to Facebook but without all the censorship.


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  • Morgana Le Fay

    There are too many stupid people who have made a religion out of professional sports and worship athletes like a pantheon of gods for this to matter or make a difference.

    • Morgana Le Fay

      To all the bible-thumping zealots on here who rant about things like idolatry…well HERE YA GO!!! Yet I bet most of you won’t forgo watching your precious football games.


        You show daily what an idiot you really are.


    When you have an NFL that demonizes Christian players like Tim Tebow and Adrian Peterson but exalts Black players who run on the field with their hands up for Black Lies Matter and has useful idiots like Costas telling is to give up our 2nd Amendment rights for the sake of the Illuminati NWO they can kiss my football loving ass! I gave up football that i loved my entire life when my eyes were opened 8 years ago.

  • artichoke

    Note that among the steps for the boycott, he did NOT say we should stop watching NFL on TV. It doesn’t affect the NFL unless I give up the whole sports package.

    As long as it’s there, I’ll watch it now and then. NFL on TV is a great product — the camera work is amazing, the effects (projecting the first down line on the field realistically, etc.) are cool, and a lot of the performances by players are spectacular. It’s like watching gladiators. I am not above it, as long as it’s this cheap and convenient.

    But I’ll never go to another NFL game in a stadium.

  • Hayduke

    I bet sports for a living including the NFL but even I can’t stand watching it on TV.

  • Rexx

    Well, they pay taxes now:

    After over 70 years, the NFL has reportedly given up its nonprofit status and will begin paying taxes, starting with the 2015 fiscal year.

    Commissioner Roger Goodell explained the decision to the NFL’s owners in a memo tweeted by Bloomberg’s Scott Soshnick, calling the league’s tax-exempt status a “distraction.”

    It’s a bit confusing why the NFL is tax-exempt in the first place. Normally, we associate the concept of a “nonprofit” with charities, religions, and schools — organizations that are supposed to value making the world a better place rather than earning cash. Meanwhile, the NFL is a billion-dollar behemoth that has almost perfected the art of money-making and pays its commissioner almost $50 million.

    • ElOregonian

      Well, one of the obvious reasons to me is a quid pro quo by producing professional football events during customary Sunday church services times in order to remove the males from the pews (now it is the women being removed also).

      The New World Order desires to blow up the family-unit and remove the male family members from leading their families in their christian walk by removing that responsibility to do so.

      The direct correlation between today’s decaying civility and disrespect for one another lines up with the downward spiral of reverencing God, and their religious moral upbringing.

      Now with the FEMA designations of these stadiums just goes to show the collusion between these multi-billion dollar tax-exempt sporting franchises and the gov’t, and the New World Order participants, all becomes very obvious.

      Know who, and what master you serve.

  • Fox Maine

    I have not watched a single football game since that first over paid jerk player disrespected his home nation. It didn’t take long for that crap to spread from the pros to college, and now I don’t watch either! I have no plans to watch any time in the future. Maybe somewhere the PTB will finally and financially get it, only then will this stupid disrespectful exhibitionism end.

  • sitrep

    Those Evil Upper Echelon Demonic Elites,
    Have turned the NFL into another exploitation Platform.
    They use Half Time, and Commercial slots to perform Black magic Rituals, and using Black Magic they are Attacking People with curses.
    They are Evil Bastas, you will know when they are close, one can smell their putrid Stench as they approach.

    Yes, and take into consideration that the “Elite” think they are totally above everyone else, there are many reports the Elite have some special bloodlines.
    The Elites go by many names to list a few; ( The Secret Upper Echelon Democratic Elitis Foundations, The Unknown, The Old Family, Shadow Government, Cabal, Clinton Foundation, Open Society Foundation, StenchBastas,etc, etc.

    I will now take time to write one or more examples of some of the many-many ways they (Demon Upper Echelon Elite Democratic Foundations, and their Silicon Valley Sultans are creeping up and taking over to control, and create much Carnage in your every day lives.

    Please before we get started, I would like for you to think about your “Time”, and Rights,Yes Your Time, and Rights!!!!, to include your choices, options, respect, Options,etc.
    Do You Value your Time?, Do you really Value your Time?, I highly Value my time, and I hope you Value yours. I also Respect others time, and like to have respect for my time, Right!!!

    Also, Think about your Rights, Your decisions, your choices, your options!!!! This is an important issue, because these evil So called “Elites” are stripping everyone of their Rights, Choices, Options, etc.

    As an example; Many Many people have spend their hard earned money on a Smart Phone, or some other Mobile device.
    The Elite, along with their Puppets, The Silicon Valley Sultans have been using your devices as a Exploitation Device, a platform to Manipulate, and control you.
    Here are some things to think about>
    When using your Mobile Interface device (Smart Phone, Tablet,etc), and your visiting a site do you have ads filling your screens?, you scroll up-down, and more ads pop up? if the Answer is Yes, Can you say “Virus”. Yes, those adds are virus bots designed to lay eggs hidden on your device and morphing to cause severe chaos/damage to you, and your device.
    If you do not receive all this distraction Chaos on your Smart Device, it could mean you are totally in line, and have bowed down to the Evil Elitis, and have sold your soul, so to speak.

    No matter how well you protect yourself, the Evil Silicon Valley Sultans whom are controlled by the Evil Elite Demonic Dem Forces, Foundations, are sitting in their lavish offices laughing at you as they have full teams of Lawyers, and programmers scheming up new ways to exploit you. Yes to control your actions, to limit, and to block you from the truth.

    I am sure you notice how when you visit sites, they hide the bottom line, but most want your credit card info, Ehhhhhh Right.
    Do you also notice how the Recommend items for you, yes usually some Bundle with added BS bogus exploiting tools to further track you, Right!!!!
    Yes, Bundle of useless BS, and they call is “Recommendations” , yeah Right, what BS.
    They have taken away your ability to choose, to think for yourself!!! Why, because they think you are Low Life Scum, and are here to serve their Masters (Evil Elite).

    You already purchased your Mobile Devices, and Computers, over time some have learned to turn off unwanted Bogus tracking Software, and the AI interface Bot that is spying on you, snapping photos, videos, and recording your every move, and words, conversations, etc.

    ****Remember They already have your money, and are filthy rich, and hire lawyers, and programmers,
    So you turned off their tracking bots.
    Oh these Evil Bastards have already planned for this.
    So they setup Internet hacking, and Major Attacks across the Internet, then tell/scare you to download the software update/patch to fix security issues, Ehhhhh Right!!!!

    So, by auto-mode or you choose to download their BS bogus exploitation updates/Patches, etc.
    Next you are confronted with thousand of pages of electronic contract, agreement, and disclaimers.
    Now, remember these Filthy Rich Bastards already have your money, are filthy rich, and hire teams of lawyers to write all the bogus crap up, and it sole purpose is to be used against you.

    So do you read all that documentation-The Contract, The Disclaimers, Contents of said update/Patches, etc? Well Do you????
    What choice do you have, Ehhhhh Right?
    If you do not agree they will shut you down, Right?
    These Sultans at the top are in together on these schemes, and are not allowing any new Company Startups, Thus they buy out, or attack New Companies forcing them to sell, and or go out of business even before they can startup.
    So as you can see these Evil Bastards have no real competition, and YOU are being exploited by them, and left with no real Choices.

    *****People Please Wake Up,
    I have much info, and this will be updated, look for it in other post on this site.
    I was going to start a Magazine, with info that people can use, and ask for a small donation to cover creation expenses, although I would prob be heavily attacked by the Elite Bastards in the process.
    Thank you for your Time.

  • Gamma Rat

    Vote with your wallet and Stop watching

  • Pink Slime

    The globalist tried to control Americans via the NFL. Negro Football League. Hollowood is doing the same thing but they use ugly Negroes to make fun of. Started in the 60′s. They use the most annoying ugly Negroes nowadays.

    The last handsome one was that Shaft guy. Then he got too cool and Hollowood scared Negroes might takeover started to switch to ugly, annoying ones as heroes and smart guys. Oxymoron.

    Are Americans catching on to what is happening at the NFL? Overpaid Negroes, overpriced merchanise, overpriced tickets and what do you get in return? Racist negroes insulting your National Anthem, pat downs for the privilege of watching, then you find out the NFL don’t pay taxes like you do!!

    Globalist making fun of you idiots. Playing you for what you are. The bread & circus act they learned from the Romans. Plus you get to worship Negroes. Setting you up for obama – the negro sodomite. :twisted:

    • DemoCRAPS

      I have nothing against the black folks, but I’m sick of the social engineering they’re put through. If you’re black, you grow up thinking you’re going to be…

      * A ball player
      * A rapper
      * A drug thug
      * A “gangsta”
      * An inmate
      * Carl Winslow
      * A cross-dresser / transgender

      That is all they are ever portrayed to be in major media. From NFL to SNL. Ice-T actually plays a special victims unit investigator, but that’s probably because he’s half white.

      Fun fact : Almost every record label leads back to Koch Records / E1 Music. Whether it’s rap, metal, jazz, mo-town. Whether it’s Interscope, Road Runner Records, TVT Records, etc. From 2Pac to ZZ Top, most likely it all falls under the same E1 Music umbrella.

  • Air Quotes Shill Air Quotes

    I think your adding in extra politics here.

    People are broke.

    Tickets are expensive.

    The amount the team wins or loses also plays a part. For example, the team here, the Chargers, lost 3 games in a row recently, and have lost over half their games this season.

  • Richard

    If these so-called grown-ups want to turned into Zombies then this game is perfect. The ball itself lends it self to being several sexual symbols. Probably did not notice that with all those exciting things flying through air, being grabbed, run off with, rubbed in action. Oh dear Lord, I figured this out in 1960′s, as a teen.

    At which point STOPPED wasting my time and retreated to books of knowledge. Let, children play games (not this one for safety) that allow them to partake in them. These dumb you down sports are the “big joke” of why we are going down the sewer. Greatness does NOT COME from playing with yours (or others,) balls. Your rulers figured you all out early in the “GAME”!!! Same who tell YOU , THEIR NEWS!

    • Air Quotes Shill Air Quotes


      I dont even like football but you guys are f@cking Looney Tunes around here, I swear to god, the crap that falls out of some of your guys mouths is HILARIOUS.

  • DemoCRAPS

    Somewhat on-topic;

    The Phoenix Coyotes (AZ hockey team) pressed for tax-payer funding to build a stadium. While some thought it was a stupid vote, enough people voted YES on funding the building of said stadium.

    Fast forward to today; the stadium is built, they’re trying to sue the city and threatening to move to another area.

    Build your own stadium, with your own money, or GTFO! I’m so sick of government subsidized bread and circuses.

    (Also, I believe the NFL dropped their tax exempt status a few years ago. Not that it makes me like the NFL more, I already hated the organization. Might want to double-check and update the article for accuracy if that is true.)

  • Man

    Dave, you already posted the article under a different name…. it was about a conspiracy that NFL was in league with the NWO

  • The Real Deal

    Pro sports is fixed anyways. It’s a racket. Read the book, “The Fix Is In” and wake up. There’s no point in watching a game that has an obvious fixed outcome, so why do it? The same reason people watch pro-wrestling… they’re slow, and are unable to disconnect from the fantasy. Most people are easily transfixed. They’re like infants in a crib looking up at, and captivated by, the mobile hanging over.

  • Anonymous

    NFL fans get played like brainwashed violins. From the little pink booties that brainwash the sheeple into sending money to the phony cancer society to the sickening way they take advantage of gullible servicemen, the whole over hyped game now smells bad like greed and programming.

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