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7 Steps To Survive The Coming Economic Collapse From Water Shortage to Cannibalism

Friday, June 10, 2011 13:04
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You may deny it all you want just like the mainstream media and the government is doing. The truth is with the mounting national debt and annual deficit rising it is mathematically impossible for the US to not head for a collapse. The 7 deadliest sins the US has done are to blame for the coming collapse. These are “sins” that the government committed which the people now has to suffer from.

Many economists and successful international investors are warning the people that the worst is yet to come. Even though the stock market has shown an increase and the gold price has dropped to below the US$1,200 an ounce level, investors such as Jim Rogers and Marc Faber do not easily buy the good news. The have not changed their opinion. The ultimate economic collapse IS still coming.


Forecasters such as Gerald Celente has been warning the people and urged them to forget about hope and change and immediately switch into survival mode. What you can do now is to dream on and hope that the government is going to save you or anticipate for the worst and prepare for your family’s survival through the coming economic storm.

If you think it is wise to prepare for survival, read on. Below are 7 steps for you to take:

1. Get rid of your debt and downsize

The reason why the credit crunch is happening in the first place is because Americans have incredibly out of control spending habit. Whether it is the government that is spending money on wars they can not afford or the individual that is living on luxurious lifestyle that they can not pay for, the spirit of greed and consuming is great there.

If you want to survive the economic collapse, you will need all the money that you already have now or will be earning in the future. You will not want to be using your money to make already rich people richer, such as your lender or the designer stores, while you struggle to get food on the table for your family.

Before the economic storm comes, which will be very soon, make sure you fight your way out of debt. Once you have gotten rid of all your liabilities, learn to live within your means. Cut down your spending and don’t throw your money on things unnecessary. As much as you can find ways to save your money, such as selling your car for something that is much more fuel-efficient, or using tools at home that are more energy efficient which will save you money in the long run. Here is a website I found informative to help you find ways to make your home more energy and money saving. Click here.

2. Spend your money on essential things

The video below shows an event not so long ago that should be considered as a “preview” of the coming economic collapse due to hyperinflation. Sit down with your family and watch the video with them together. Discuss with them what essentials you should be spending on when a collapse like that happens in the whole country.

A very informative video I have attached at the bottom of this post suggest that you spend your money only on essentials such as food, water, blanket, soap and duck tape. It is also a good idea to invest in a water purification system, first aid kit and fishing tackle. If you are paying rent for your housing, you might want to consider moving back with your parents and consolidate, share the cost of living and use less of what you are used to using now.

3. Grow your own food

There will be times when there is food shortage. It may also happen that food is available but there will not be any money to pay for it. What you can do now is start your own little farm to grow your own food. Can your food as much as possible and buy food that can be easily stored for a long time. If possible you may also consider living near a river or forest where you can fish or hunt.

It will be difficult for you to grow your own food if you live in the city. When there is food shortage people living in the farming states will be the ones who will survive. The people in the cities will most likely see food riot and violence amongst the people, fighting for food. Desperate measures may have to be taken during these times, so consider ways to protect your family.

4. Bond and unite with your neighbors – Cannibalism alert during food shortage

It is easier to buy locks and guns to protect your family during desperate times when there is food shortage. But what lasts longer and keeps your neighborhood safe long enough for you and your family is to bond with your immediate community and unite to cooperate and watch each others’ back. Crime rates will increase during this time and you might want to ally with your neighbors to defend your neighborhood from criminals instead of shooting and killing each other for food.

Be also forewarned that because of food shortage and starvation, cases of cannibalism will also emerge. History teaches us that great famine and starvation has triggered people to feed on each other.

  • Between 1315-1317 in Europe, it was a period of great famine marked by extreme levels of crime, disease, mass death and cannibalism.
  • During the Starving Time between 1609-1610, colonists in colonial Jamestown in Virginia resorted to cannibalism as the food supplies diminished.
  • A group of American pioneers, known as the Donner-Reed Party, who set out to California between 1846-1847 was stuck in a winter of starvation and hunger, causing some of the settlers to resort to cannibalism.
  • Between 1920-1921 during the famine in the Soviet Union, hunger caused its people to eat each others flesh which eventually led to a widespread cannibalism.
  • If you read the Bible in the Book of Isaiah chapter 19, you will also see that famine has caused the Israelite to eat their own daughters and sons.

The best thing you can do is bond with you neighbors and watch each others back. What you want to avoid is fighting and shooting each other instead of fighting criminals and cannibals.

5. Prepare your first-aid kit

Put together a basic first-aid kit for emergencies. Include bandages, pain relievers, cold packs, and alcohol, and keep the kit in a secure place. You will never know what will be and will not be available in stores during the economic collapse. Knowing that you have your first-aid kit ready in your home, will give you a peace of mind.

6. Sell everything that is unnecessary

If you look around you and pay attention to the things that you have bought and are sitting in your home, you may realize that there are a lot of things that is and will be unnecessary for you to keep. What Americans have in their possession is usually way more than what they actually need. In the coming greatest depression you will come to a point that all you really need is to have food on the table. Nothing else will matter.

While things are still bearable, sort out the things that you don’t need that is in your possession, sell them and exchange them with things that you will need the most in the near future during the economic storm.

7. Exchange your paper money with more valuable asset

The US dollar is losing its value and at some point in the future it will be only worth the paper it is written on. Although you still need to keep some cash in your hand, it is important to invest in precious metal such as gold and silver but also in vegetable seed and commodities. Personally I prefer to buy physical gold or silver but it is also necessary to invest in your own garden to grow your food.

I have found an excellent video that sums up the 7 steps above in a 1-minute video. Watch it below:



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  • Anonymous

    If you read the Bible in the Book of Isaiah chapter 19, you will also see that famine has caused the Israelite to eat their own daughters and sons.

    I think the above statement is incorrect. It may be somewhere in the Bible, but not Isaiah:19 At least it isn’t in The Geneva Bible which is the same Bible used by our founding fathers.

  • Anonymous

    I just read Isaiah:19 and I don’t see “read the Bible in the Book of Isaiah chapter 19, you will also see that famine has caused the Israelite to eat their own daughters and sons.”

  • KingofthePaupers

    Jct: Set yourself up a P2P UNILETS-compatible online timebank account so you can swap work when there’s no money. shows how I set up mine. In 1999, I paid for 39/40 nights in Europe with a timebank IOU for a night back in Canada worth 5 Hours. Set up your own P2P timebank account page too. My page to practice what I preach and demonstrate how it works by using it.

  • Azriel

    What is more important is this, gold, you buy it now even if it were to go down to $100 /oz, who is going to get their monies worth in trade for gold? You can not eat it. Can not even wipe yur bum with it (well, you could but I think paper would work better and feel better too). Even silver has limitations for trade. Now, durable goods that folks need is trade-able. Buy heirloom seeds as these will reproduce the same seed over and over again and again. Hybrid seeds do NOT breed true and some are now GMO seeds that will not produce sproutable seeds anyway . Medical supplies are a good one. Blankets, fire wood that is cured. Even waste oil and waste vegetable oil is a good commodity. Livestock, provided you have the means to feed them without hurting your family’s food reserves. Work at getting off of the grid now with solar and wind turbines (not those expensive wind mills they call turbines but Sevonious Rotor turbines that can drive two generator / alternators at once and need no tail). Barrels for collecting rain water and even establish a pond for water reserve and raising fish. Can feed the fish scraps off of the table, bugs in the garden, trapped mice and rats. The Crappie is the fastest growing fish of north america and eats anything that is dead or small enough that is living. We eat only kosher foods so anything we can not eat, the fish do and produce more fish for us. There are also many wild edible plants in your area and you might go online to your state’s web site on edible plants and mushrooms (MO has several online sites). You will be surprised at what is out there that is healthy eating that others will not even look at.

  • Anonymous

    Okay, the truth is America and Great Britain have been bankrupt since they abandoned gold as their reserve.

    All debts are faked, you are entrapped in debt, by the banks from the moment your birth is ‘registered’. In legal parlance you have just given you child to the State. Like your vehicle, you register it and become the keeper, and have to pay tax to run it.

    I suggest that firstly you look up, Get to know your Strawman, Lawful rebellion, and Freeman on the Land. Once you realize how you have become the chattel of the Banks, you can start to set yourself free. Believe me you do not owe any Bank or any financial institution, including the IRS a dime. It’s a fraud, smoke and mirrors.

  • Bassboat


  • allan454

    that’s true,however,I will stick to gold ,guns amd ammo.when chaos hits,they will take all those edibles from you…

  • Azriel

    This is where neighbors who all have guns and ammo along with their gardens are going to hold up just fine. In the cities is where it is going to get really bloody. and for those who have no food but only gold and guns /ammo, well,,, I hope it fills your belly as when you use your guns on us out in the county we will fill your belly full of lead!! That is why I moved out in the country in the first place, knowing ahead of time what is happening to this nation and the mentality of the americans who live in it. And hey,,,, what you going to do with all the islamists who are already banded together and armed to the teeth?? They are organized where as most americans are busy looking to fight their next door neighbor. Most of you out there show,,esp those in the cities, why you are the ones the government will use as canon fodder to thin out the population of both you and the islamists. Create an artificial financial meltdown and let the foolish in the cities kill each other off….. sounds like a good strategy to me!!! Meanwhile, us out in the countryside,,,we sit with the attitude of “no liking them city slickers!!”

  • refuse2lose

    I don’t see why everyone is so pessimistic about our economy…. we only owe 600 trillion worth of derivatives out of the 1.5 quadrillion. I’m sure we can find a way to pay all of that plus the 60 trillion worth of unfunded liabilities and other debts we have.

  • johnprewett

    “For by faith the men of old pleased God” …. “if you had faith like that of a mustard seed” …..”take no heed what you’ll eat or wear ,… see birds ,…. aren’t you more important than a bird” ….”yea though I walk through the valley of the shawdow of death….”

  • Anonymous

    This article is just over-dramatisation. Fact: USA’s empire has ended and it will downsize as many other empires did in their own times like France, Spain, UK, Ottoman, Japan, etc, but today France and the UK are among the most enjoyable places to live even if they are no longer empires.

    USA will go back to where it should be in terms of economic strengh: proportional to its population. This does not means that the world will come to an end and I hope blokes there show enough wisdom to not become criminals when times get more difficult.

    The problem that might send USA rapidly to a disastrous collapse would come out of the fact that Washington continue to waste taxpayers’ money on huge military spending. The US people can no longer afford their army and they should just start by massive cuts right there and put their money on useful projects instead.

    As I can read through the comments, it is very sad to see that there is a bunch of aggressive people who only think that guns are the solution. You have seen too much of the Hollywood rubbish propaganda. What is wrong with you guys ? Can you do like other humans are doing in other areas of the world and show some generosity and solidarity instead, like Christians should do ?

  • Anonymous

    Now, this article makes recommendations that are just pure common sense and wisdom. Points 1 through 6 are the safest way to a sound life and people should apply these anyhow in any circumstances (do not wait until disasters strikes).

    I have confidence that there are enough wise people in both the EU and USA to avoid full economic collapse.

    However, the collapse that could bring mankind into deep trouble is more likely to be the environment changes which will be so dramatic that will make a tsunami look like a joyride. If we do not start immense energy policy changes moving away from fossil fuel within the next ten years, we will get it and hard.

    So, go trade your SUVs for hybrid small cars and use mass transit transportation like electrical trains and fuel cell based buses. Install Dr. Nocera’s ideas on your house and start running on water and the sun. And finally, more energy can come directly from the ionosphere using an adapted HAARP or very soon cold fusion is about to free us from the greenhouse nightmare.

  • turfangel

    there won’t be any food air or water that is not poisoned and deadly. All animals and any crops you try to grow will die-any water or food or gold or weapons you have -will be taken from you and you could be killed or imprisoned if you don’t give it up. Only the military people will survive and go rouge-only they will have the necessities to survive. The dead will be the lucky ones-those who do survive will become something no human being should become-but the police and soldiers have earned that hell. Think about it-these things are karma-they are results of your former choice-nature is not random or accidental-the time to change what is coming was a long time ago-now you must live with the consequences of your choice-do not blame nature-blame yourselves-and learn from your mistakes and change from destructive selfish ego-centric greedy people who care only for themselves and ignore the suffering of others-to someone who brings only good to themselves-by giving only good to others.

  • Anonymous

    anonomous said: “Can you do like other humans are doing in other areas of the world and show some generosity and solidarity instead, like Christians should do”
    You mean like in the Middle East and Sudan? Or do you mean Christians are suppose to cower and succumb to a police state? Where is all this this generosity and solidarity that you speak of? The anti-war crowd has been strangely silent since Obama became the war monger.

  • Anonymous

    Great article!

  • Anonymous

    For anyone who is going to grow your own garden make sure you buy specific kinds of garden seeds. Stay away from GMO seeds. Stay away from Hybrid seeds. The ones you want to buy are called Heirloom and NON-Hybrid.

    Heirloom and NON-Hybrid seeds will actually allow you to save the seeds after each and every harvest. This means you can actually use the seeds year after year after year. It’s an endless supply! If you buy GMO or Hybrid seeds – it’s one and done. That means you have to go back to the supplier (like MONSANTO!) and buy more seed each year.

    We just stocked up on a 60,000 seed kit at www . SeedsNow . com

    Seed shortages have already been recorded across the states. Corn and soybean farms have already been destroyed along the Mississippi.

    The writing is on the walls – do what you want with it.

  • Azriel

    Actually, hybrid seeds will sprout, but the problem is that they are a combination of cross pollination of up to five different kinds of the same plant to get specific characteristics. One you plant seeds from the hybrid plant, for the most part, the seeds revert back to what they were in their individual specifics of their origin. Some of the originals are worth keeping, some are not,,,but that would be up to you once they have grown. But heirloom are the best way to go,,you get uniform types every time. Also too, once they have been grown in your area and are now acclimated to your climate, soil, light and rain fall, as you grown them each year and if you feed your soil organically, your crops will improve with each passing year.

  • Lou Va.

    It’s a damn shame we have to contemplate starvation because an undocumented worker was handed the keys to our country. And the f*cking media has the nerve to say he will win re-election in a landslide. It wouldn’t surprise me if he wins all 57 states with 125% of the vote. The SOB better be in jail before that even gets here. Super-Power taken down by a 160lb retard from “who the hell knows”, Canada.

  • V

    You can’t end a sentence with a preposition.

  • KingofthePaupers

    Kathy Lewis: I have been trying to live on a barter system as I have resources to share with others who have resources that I don’t. Since people are used to other “systems” its difficult to sustain this. I have achieved it with two people and things ar…e going well with them. I believe we get more of what we truly need, overcome isolation and enrich one another’s lives. Finally I am able to sustain a supply of food when I cant often get out to get it myself, without feeling beholden to anyone who is doing me a favour. The expression “Beggars can’t be choosers” is painfully true and I dont like being a charity case.
    Jct: So Kathy, please go set up your own facebook timebank account like I did and be the second person on the planet with a P2P account. Sure, there are lots of online databases of time-traders but only one P2P for the past 12 years. Take the 5 minutes to change your info page to list what you want, what you offer, and ready to input Time given and Time received. Do that and then I’ll show some neat ways of using it. is my original instructions to set up. It’s amazing how people just won’t help themselves.
    5 minutes ago · LikeUnlike.John KingofthePaupers Turmel You’ll never feel like a charity case again if you acknowledge the Time received in public so the Time giver can be recompensed by others whom you may someday serve. I’ll never forget the kid in New Zealand who told me belonging to his LETS made him feel “empowered.” Opening up your P2P timebank accounts lets you trade with anyone who has an email address if they agree! And who won’t take an IOU for a night in 60 countries around the world?

  • Joseph Zrnchik for 5th Estate Media Email:

    There is only one solution: Revolution

    But, we will have to wait until more people are homeless and starving.

    What bothers me is that even having seen the economic ruin the political elite have caused, there will still be people who continue to trust the state and who will betray the true American patriot.

    The traitors are perfectly willing to allow the elite to force people into starvation.

    We will never correct the situation so long as people continue to worship the state and believe the forces destroying their lives is an act of God and nature as opposed to being the cold calculations of scheming men.

    Google: “Day of Rage in D.C.”

  • Azriel

    Very well put Joseph. I fought against this corrupt system as a patriot way back in the 60s through the 80s to figure out that most americans are happy to sit and complain and not do a thing about it. It is not nature’s intention to throw all this bad weather at us, it is the greedy manipulation of this planet that has brought all of this on. And God may allow humans to mess things up but He sure is not at all happy with the way humans have done the creation that He gave to us as a gift. We could have turned this planet into a garden of eden had we been good stewards of it and not greedily raped it till it is now ready to barf us off of her. And as the government keeps on giving the big corporations what ever they want at the expense of the people and the planet,,then guess what?? There will soon be nothing left to fight for except to survive. It is long past time for a revolution in this land,,and most americans still don’t get it!!

  • Anonymous

    Human beings are very adaptive. It’s how we survived this long. Revolution? Maybe but what kind? Violent? Well, how many tanks, jet fighter planes, inteligence gathering devices and other ordinance do civilians have? Not to mention training, payment and unification. The days of swords and flintlocks are long gone. No violent revolution will get off the ground more than minor short-lived skirmishes doomed to failure within days. There are no countries to support that as teh USA etc has done in Libya, and no reason for them to. They are mostly all in the corrupt system anyway.

    So what would a peaceful revolution look like, one that woudl be successful with little to no bloodshed and be effective within a few months? Well, think about it. What provides the power to the powered elite? Right you are, MONEY.

    Stop paying them. Essentially firing them. Stop buying the big corp products adn services, most of all an organized committment to stopping paying income tax would bring the system down almost immediately. Here again, people will not do it because they are cowed adn lack unity of purpose.

    So what’s left? Or, what’s right? The “power of the vote” is proven ineffective. The thing is that most people are sheep needing a leader. Thousands of years of enculturation has produced a mass of followers and very few leaders with the best interests of all at heart.

    I’ll tell ya what I think…each person follows whatever path to freedom they deem appropriate. All of the suggestons and observations here are viable. Some will do one thing while others do another. The basis of all actions presented is the basic human need to be free. When each person follows their own path, indiviually and in community with others of like mind, everything sorts itself out. Most thinking people agree on basic tenets. Most people are good. The bad ones will be disposed of by the majority, which are essentially well-meaning. The challenge is to remain calm, cool, and collected. People can do this as evidenced by grass-roots responses to calamities such as floods, tsunamis, earthquakes, etc. that have and will continue to befall us.

    In practice it can be like plowing a field of weeds under and planting a crop. As imminent need arises, so does the means and the people awaken and arise to the task. Have faith in the perseverance of humanity. Most of all, fear not. Fear is the tool of the dark forces. Have no fear, knowing you are a supreme being and yo uwill be supported, you will be in the right place at the right time with the right stuff…always have been always will be. There is no death, the core of all fear. Be willing to die, knowing that the essential You is eternal and cannot die.

    If you are to die, bodily, let it be in service to life, to others. Iin them you live on. Who was that man Patrick Henry? And others like him? Who are you? Who are you willing to be?

    Just as pertinent today is this speech ____

  • CosmicKiwiPerth

    I wouldn`t argue about it,nor bother to write christian lectures about it. We`ve had that for 2000 years. It comes down to the fact that you are fast progressing to what has occasionally happened during riots & hurricanes. Panic. So avoid it by calmly buying a water tank, not too big a one. Buy seeds, plant a garden, get good manure to get it going.Stock up on dried beans & put them in a container so you can add water to them as necessary. Buy tinned food, a cooker. A cooker that runs on kero & buy a small drum of kero. Have camping & associated gear handy. Go to the markets/swap meets & buy 2nd hand books on vege growing. You have to have stuff to get by for weeks. Plus be prepared to move & still be able to get by. I`m in Western Australia & it`s hot 7 months of the year. Ok we don`t get any snow except occasionally on the hills down south in Winter. Eastern States get plenty but we have the heat problem to deal with. Anyways simply be prepared & you wont worry as much as the people who have not prepared. Its not that long ago that ppl had chooks etc. I still do.

  • Lou Va.

    WE got fried chooken! LOL. I was like wtf is a chook? Chook is slang for a chicken. Used in Australia and Canada.

  • CosmicKiwiPerth

    Here chook chook chook… Oh yeah winter is your fall…

  • Lou Va.

    And when we call Obama…Here crook crook crook…

  • CosmicKiwiPerth

    Well I thought he was going to be the disclosure president but now I am certain he will be. He will disclose to you Fema camps when ppl realise the secret govt running the show as well as nasa. All illuminanti have the rising sun theme in their election campaigns.

  • CuresRiches

    A very sarcastic no worries, they’ll make a WW3 to get things going again. Unless you complain directly at the problem. Bunga bunga Silvio

  • Anonymous

    The actual situation of the US economy is the result of two main problems :
    1- too much military spending which fuelled and still fuels most high-tech companies in the USA;
    2- outsourcing to countries which practice slavery and I mean the totalitarian China and the cast-based India.

    Now, USA may stay away from collapsing by just reverting to a sounder economic structure based on producing quality goods in certain sectors where they stay the best. Scandinavia, Canada, France or Italy have done it, why not USA ?

    Obama is not the problem and like most former US presidents, he is just following orders given by the establishment. So, if you want to make a point, just tell it to people who call the shots in NYC. The same people who meet in Davos every year as a kind of world government (un-elected and surely not people oriented)

    In order to stay away from revolt and violent revolution like scenarios, the US people have to start asking for true social services paid by cutting defence spending massively.

    Now, I do NOT want to see the collapse of either Europe and America (including Canada) since I have a lot of friends in those countries and I like to spend time in many of those places.

  • Anonymous

    Why are you hung up on a terrible life in case of a devastating cataclism??No electricity,no shelters (maybe underground canals or in the woods),no food,no water,no medicine,no NOTHINK.Instead darkness, disease, pain, hunger, thirst,the danger of being attacked anytime, anywhere by those many who overnight(as in case of wars)become wild beasts without the slightest trace of humanity…Can you call that for “life”.Waiting to be eaten alive or dead (has any importance?), or eat others, or seing how own family being rape.On both cases it became a beast that does not have to live to perpetuate such a life here on Earth.How long must the people stopping the evolution of this planet through their involution? Stop clinging this life,because NOW is the time destined by God and this planet must to EVOLVE.

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