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A Hidden America: Living in Cars, Tents and Cheap Motels *Video Report*

Tuesday, November 29, 2011 15:22
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Mac Slavo
November 29th, 2011

The following must-see 60 Minutes segment further highlights the deteriorating economic conditions across the United States.

It turns out some families are losing their grip on the motels and discovering that the homesless shelters are full. Where do they go then? They try to keep up appearances by day and try to stay out of sight at night – holding on to one another in a hidden America, a place you wouldn’t notice unless you ran into the people we met in the moments before dawn.

There are millions of Americans right now that are struggling to keep a roof over their heads. Inevitably, as things get worse, many more will join those who have already been forced to abandon their old lifestyles to live in short-term low cost motels, homeless shelters, tent cities or in their cars. To be sure, some of those living on the streets made mistakes and poor decisions that have brought them where they are today. Others, however, are the collateral damage from a government run amok and the decades long unfettered sociopathic thievery of law abiding hard working Americans.

The longevity of homelessness continues to rise. So people are running out of resources. The unemployment runs out. Their savings run out. The family that lent them money does not have it anymore because they are looking at economic hardship. And, before you know it, they find themselves living in their car because they just ran out of all options.

For those whose timetable for economic collapse lies at some arbitrary time in the future, take a serious look at what’s happening around you. Millions have lost their homes. Even more have lost their jobs. Those who are still spending are doing so with the money they have left in their savings or the available credit left on their charge cards. Record numbers of people are living in poverty and the same is true for those seeking food assistance from the government. The collapse is here. It’s staring us in the face. It can’t be ignored. And, it’s not even close to being over.

None of us will remain untouched by the events playing out in the world around us. We can take steps to prepare to the best of our abilities, but circumstances may get the better of us. If and when hard times befall us – and there’s a strong possibility they will – and the seemingly uncontrollable feelings of helplessness and failure take hold, we can only hope to have the strength, optimism and realistic perspective of the 15 year old girl featured in the 60 Minutes story:

It’s not really that much of an embarrassment. It’s only life. You do what you need to do, right?

Hat tip John Rolls

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  • grasscrown

    Occupy WAR! Eternal WAR! That’ll fix ‘em up!

  • Anonymous

    So tell me how many good paying jobs have been sent overseas. MILLIONS. How much money is burned by the military to put our noses in other countries business? Trillions. How many dollars are used to support ILLEGAL aliens. Trillions

    RON PAUL 2012

  • Anonymous

    Hey all you JEWdeo ANTI-CHRISTians out there.

    Let’s have three cheers.

    Oh sure there are Americans living in hovels; going without food..

    WHO CARES! The US government just sent another 300 million to the Chosen Nuts in ITS-A-REAL-LIE!

    Yippee and praise the chosen nut’s g-d!

  • Anonymous

    The plan for a New World Order and One World Government is now going forward at break neck speed. For five years at least, Alex Jones, Celente and others have said this day was coming. Give me the right to print money with no oversight and no accountability and I will buy your country back for you if you can keep the bankers from murdering me.

  • Anonymous

    Well, these same Edomite/Khazarian jews murdered Jesus after HE had the nerve to overturn their banking tables in the Temple.

    These same creatures murdered Lincoln cause he had the nerve to print Green Backs outside of the jew-owned banking cartel.

    They destroyed Germany once Hitler kicked out the Jewish Banksters.

    I could go on…

    Needless to say, I don’t think I can protect you although I’d be willing to try.

  • Anonymous

    Now all they need is for people to start rioting in the streets because they have simply had enough…..the perfect excuse to install rule of martial law and start filling up the FEMA camps. Anyone who can’t see that the US is being systematically raped and dismantled from the inside out is either blind or in denial.If you want to put a stop to this there are two things that must be done. Get rid of the Federal Reserve before they completely suck the life out of the US and get rid of the bought and paid for congress and the Obama administration before those traitors completely sell out the American citizens!!!

  • Jdunk

    I saw that story Sunday night.. It was very sad to see how society doesnt want the scruff around them. American citizens appear to be such snobs… Is it us, or just our local govts?
    You ALL have spent the last 2 decades buying into their system. Getting all your material possessions so you can appear wealthy and better than everyone else. I think all spoiled americans should be homeless for a year. It would do our country some good.
    Yes, kill the fed, kill the govt. Its not a question of good and evil, the real truth is function vs dysfunction. Oganization vs disorganization.
    EVERY oganization on the earth is used to seperate people from one another. If you stand for something, you are standing against someone else. God did not invent churches, govts, or ANY Organization. His method of teaching was an apprenticship program. Did Jesus set up a seminary school. NO. JESUS did not join or support ANY organized group of people when he was on this planet. In fact when his “chosen” people tried to organize several times in the bible, he punished them.
    There is the truth. Stand against NO one, stand for NOTHING!!!

  • Anarchialdesire

    Religion is another slavery tool Jesus is as real as the Easter Bunny. Christianity is just a pagan adaptation of Sun Worship. Another method of keeping the sheep in line by convincing them that Jesus, Mohamad etc will come to their rescue thus keeping them under control. They actually have convinced people that God can become man to save man but man can’t become god to save themselves. Besides have you ever met christian who wasn’t a murderer or supporter of murder or one who doesn’t speak in condemnation of those who don’t believe in Jesus? besides you want to praise Jesus just look up in the sky for the Sun of god.

  • Anonymous

    Ignorance must be bliss where you come from.

    Tell me, how many archeological digs have you been on?

    How many ancient manuscripts have you examined?

    There is no doubt that Jesus existed. Whether you want to believe HE was GOD made flesh or not, is up to you, but HE did exist.

  • Anarchialdesire

    You are no doubt a really foolish person. Jesus is imaginary people who believe in imaginary gods are delusional. Read your bible lately? Talking about ancient manuscripts, why did they change Elohim which means Gods plural to God singular? Besides Old testament was taking out the 7 tablets of creation from Sumeria which predates the bible thousands of years. The bible is plagiarized and so is the story of Jesus. I live off grid no mortgage, I don’t support troops, murder, slavery can you so called Christians say the same thing.

  • Anonymous

    Anarchialdesire, you’re the one that’s delusional. Living “off-grid” is not really going to do you any good. You may feel better about yourself but, when the SHTF, you will be found. If you are found alone with no civilized protection, you will be pillaged (and a gun is not protection. Someone ALWAYS has a bigger one…..ALWAYS). It’s as simple as that. Hopefully you have a support group of others’ that will come to your aid when trouble strikes.

    Also, making out of context statements about the veracity of the Bible on a site such as this is specious and useless. People can say whatever they like but the points can’t be argued. I have a compendium of information that you are wrong but cannot present it in this forum due to time and space limitation.

    Go troll somewhere else.

  • Anonymous

    We all know the U.S. Fed coddles the illegal aliens 7 to 8 milllion illegal jobs. It is time the U.S. Fed pays American citizens for the ilegal use of the U.S.A. the U.S. Fed does not own (the whole big illegal alien economic engine based upon illegal use of the land (the U.S.A.)). It is also way overdue that the U.S. Fed remove all illegal aliens just like the first great depression using tools that are proven to work.

  • TimOsman

    It woke up my dad who was unaware of the collapse of USA

  • TimOsman


  • Anonymous

    Please listen, Mr. X government document files exposed,
    He was murdered before he could reveal any more.

  • Anarchialdesire

    More disinfo a nation of delusional sheep, parasites if you will.

  • Anonymous

    mR. x was interviewed by project camelot go to youtube put in ‘project camelot interview with Mr. X, I just can’t tell you in which one he says that we were created by aliens and they have sent Jesus to earth to teach Humanity spirituality and no greed but love.


  • O. Ryan Faust

    There is an interesting insight in Charles Dicken’s classic “A Christmas Carol”.

    When confronted by the ghost of christmas future, he was warned “Beware these children, poverty and ignorance, for they spell doom” (from memory).

    A chief component of the strategy to bring down America is poverty and ignorance. The fed and the IRS has arranged the former, and the department of education has accomplished the latter.

    Poor people don’t have the means to resist tyranny, people conditioned by state brainwashing are trained to respond to propaganda becoming useful idiots of tyrants.

  • DaisyDuke

    Anarch – Your right, Jesus is imaginary, never lived. There was a man though named Yahshuah who fits a similar description as Jesus, and he did live back in “the day”. Yahshuah was Jewish, and learned man in all Torah. Jesus is a hippie looking dude who through Torah out the door = fictional character to say the least, and your right! Kudos to you.

  • Anonymous

    Yahshua was not Jewish.

    The word Jew is not used in the Greek. It is Judean in ever single instance.

    Many people lived in Judea and not all of them were Israelites.

    There were Romans, Greek, EDOMITES (who are most of those claiming to be Jews today) and true Israelites, which was what Yahshua was.

    But Yahshua did not live in Judea. HE lived in Galilee. Yahshua of was of the Tribe of Judah and a citizen of Galilee.

    In fact, Yahshua would not enter into Jerusalem except during religious Holy Days and that is because all the other TRUE Israelites who remained in that area, also went to temple. He was safer among the crowd.

    The Edomites were in control of Judea, just as they control the US, GB and all the other ISRAELITE nations of the West.

    Revelation 2:3 and 3:2 both warn us against these people who say that they are of Israel, but lie and are of the Synagogue of Satan.

    Most Christians cannot understand scripture because they keep trying to make the Jews out to be the true Israelites. They have to contort and pervert scripture in order to make it all fit.

    Well, I don’t because I know who all the players are, both the jews and the TRUE Israelites.

    These Edomites were descendants of Esau, who married into the Hittites, who were descendants of Kenites who were of Cain, whose father was the devil, who seduced EVE.

    As Yahshua truly said to these “jews”. You are of YOUR FATHER the devil. You have murdered every righteous prophet from ABEL to Zacharias.

    Cain murdered Abel. These people, who had taken over Jerusalem’s government (just as the jews have today) are of Cain whose father was literally the devil.

  • DaisyDuke

    Anonymous – valid point about Yahshuah not being “jewish”. It is a newer term society has slapped on folks who live in Israel, and come primarily from the tribe of Judeah.

    As for your comment about the jews being their father, the devil, your off your rocker. Not everyone living in Isreal, who are called a “jew” by society, is from the tribe of Judaeh.

    You also have no proof whatsoever regarding Israels government (which is the same as “Jerusalems” government, remember Jerusalem is the capital of Isreal.

    You ALSO have no proof of Yahshuah entering or exiting Jerusalem only during the times you state, its pure speculation on your behalf.

    As for “religious” holy days – - those days are like christmas an Easter. I dont believe that folks of that time period celebrated pagan holidays (who were hebrew, serving the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, etc) I do know however that they did celebrate Yahovah’s feast and set the 7th day aside and new moons regularly, and these are not man-made religious holidays.

    Again, you make alot of assumptions that have no evidence for backing.

  • Anonymous

    During the 400 years of missing history between the old testament and the new, many things happened.

    When the very small remnant of Judah/Benjamin and Levi returned from Babylonian captivity, they found Edomites and various Canaanite tribe living there.

    Thus ensued a war between the people of Canaan and Judah in an effort to remove them from the land.

    Finally, Judah won under the leadership of John Hyrcanus, but he made a terrible mistake. He told the various Canaanite tribes that they could stay in Jerusalem IF they promised to obey the Law of Moses and were circumcised.

    They agreed to this.

    After many years, the Edomites had gained control of the Temple and the seat of government; murdering the Israelite priests and even murdering Zacharius, the last true High Priest of the temple. Zacharius was none other than John the Baptist’s father.

    By the time Yahshua came on the scene, the temple was corrupt and the Edomites had set up a usurious bank within the temple itself.

    Once the Edomites had solidified their rule, everyone under their control was henceforth called Judaens (from which we get the modern term “jew”.

    Most of the true Israelites had been driven from Jerusalem proper and were living in Galilee (where almost the entire tribe of Benjamin lived).

    This is why Yahshua spoke in parables.

    All of the Apostles were from the tribe of Benjamin except Judas of Escariot (which means “Judas of the red” and was a town in what was formerly Idumea (Esau))

    Judas was the money holder from the group and he always complained whenever he thought Yahshua was spending money foolishly as when HE was rubbed with expensive ointment.

    Yahshua called the Canaanite woman a dog! HE told the Pharisees that they were of their father the devil.

    HE also told them that they could not hear HIS words because THEY WERE NOT HIS CHILDREN.

    I have TONS of proof, but there is no need to go any further if your eyes and ears are not open.

    I also know where most of the tribes of Judah, Benjamin and Levi (along with the other ten tribes went) and it may not be where you suspect.

  • Anonymous

    Yahshua would not enter into Jerusalem “for fear of the “jews”".

    Yahshua did enter the temple when there were Holy Days. He rode in on a Donkey when the TRUE Israelites had gathers for the feast.

    The crowds cheered HIM.

    Later, the Edomites were screaming that HE be crucified.

    Two completely different crowds with totally different motivations. The Edomite were EXTREMELY upset that Yahshua had overturned their banking CARTEL.

    They were mad at Kennedy when he was going to sign legislation to abolish the jew run Federal Reserve.

    The murdered Hitler and destroyed Germany when Hitler had the nerve to kick the Jewish Banksters OUT.

    The murdered Lincoln when he issued Green Backs and intended to keep it that way.

    They tried to murder Andrew Jackson for the same reason.

    BILLIONS of true Israelites have been MURDERED by those creatures of hell over time.

  • DaisyDuke

    Anonymous – Its fabulous that your information is gleaned from various websites, so where are your true facts? Wheres your references, because again, most of what your saying isnt historical fact, is assumption and opinion based on your view.

    It sounds like you’d really like to see all the “jews” just banished from the face of the earth. You lump them all into the same mold, which is ridiculous and unfortunate because its folks like you who start wars.

  • Anonymous

    If you knew who the jews really are, you’d want the same thing. That is assuming that you are a true Israelite to begin with. (And no, I do not mean jew)

    My information comes from MANY sources and almost all of them are ancient.

    Start with Flavius Josephus’ “Antiquities” and Herodotus “Histories” for starters.

    EVERYTHING I state is historical fact and I would not state ANYTHING that is not historical fact.

    I am a historian and have been at this for many years.

  • Anonymous

    And I do not understand why you think I should spoon feed you when most of the information I have provided (with the exception of the 400 missing years) can be found in the scripture itself.

    Are you jewish. Do you not read scripture?

    You must “study to show yourself approved unto YAHWEH; a workman who needs not be ashamed, RIGHTLY DIVIDING The Word of truth”.

  • Anonymous

    Of the seven churches of Revelation only two were found COMPLETELY acceptable to Yahshua, the others were in danger of loosing their place in the Kingdom.

    Only Smyrna and Philadelphia were granted such high status with YAH and the ONE THING they BOTH had in common, was that they were “jew-aware”.

    JEWdeo “Christians” are neither Smyrna nor Philadelphia and they all run the risk of loosing their place in the Kingdom.

  • DaisyDuke


    1. I am not Jewish (from the tribe of Judah)
    2. I have read Flavious Josephus Antiquities
    3. I have read the Torah and Prophets twice
    4. I have read the Messianic Writings a handfull of times
    5. Yahweh is not our Creators Name, it is יְהֹוָה
    in Ancient Hebrew (since you study history you should recognize this)and pronounced as Yah-ho-vah emphasis on vah sound allocation/pronunciation wise.

    As for pounding on the “jews” of times past, and putting the past of a small group of people onto the heads of current “jews” how about letting go of that and looking towards the future. For all you know, you might be a jew, and how would you like it if you continued to be slandered because of something your ancestors (may) have done! Such and ignorant approach to take in life, and very sad…

  • Anarchialdesire

    Hey anonymous leave Daisy alone. And stop criticizing people for their beliefs typical religious fanatic

  • Anonymous

    I will speak the truth. It doesn’t matter if you like it or not.

    If Daisey cannot take a debate, then Daisey should refrain from making false statements, whether intentional or out of ignorance. I will correct it.

  • Anonymous

    pronounced as Yah-ho-vah

    You are using modern Hebrew to come to that conclusion; not Paleo Hebrew. So in essence, you are wrong, but I will not debate the matter. Christians usually call HIM simply GOD and I am sure YAHWEH knows the difference.

    And Daisey, try not lying about your expertise in these matters. It is OK not to know a thing, but it is pure folly to continue in ignorance because you want to hold on to your dogma.

    The Jews are not now, nor have they ever been, Judah or Israelites.

  • DaisyDuke

    Anonymous: Yes, I wrote it out in Modern Hebrew because my computer does not write in Paleo Hebrew. However, ancient manuscripts [if you'd like to read them, but you may not have time since your working on eliminating the "jews" per se and that takes all your engery I am certain] is where I’d begin to ensure you have correct information on the “god” your talking to. It would be a travesty to find out “your god” isnt really “the god” and what then? I guess you’d be in the same boat as the “jew” then eh? Eliminated – POOF!

    I can take a debate, enjoy it quite it bit, but thanks anyways Anarch – I’m not a religious fanatic and RUN from churches because they mostly fill your mind with a bunch of garbage.

    As for the truth you speak Anonymous, its YOUR truth and does not hold water with everyone. Sorry to burst your bubble your living in…

    Peace out!

  • DaisyDuke

    BTW Anonymous

    Your theory has a little flaw in it.. arent there “12-Tribes” that make up Isreal, who are “Israelites”…

    Lemme see:


    Oh ya…there it is, I even asteriked it for you… Judah. Wow, the “Jew”. Crazy how that works eh, so I guess some of your “truth” was just debunked. Your going to be okay right? Now finding out that “the Jew” is an Israelite – shhhh…dont tell anyone okay! Keep YOUR truth to YOURSELF!

  • Anonymous

    By their fruits, you will know them.

    Here are the fruits of the jews.

    We killed Jesus, we’re proud of it

    Jesus Is Magic – from a jewish comedian’s perspective:

    Yeah we killed Jesus. f’n “A” we killed HIM!

    Jesus was gay! Oy vey!

    Their own words convict them.

    Their own actions condemn them:

    The leaders of the homo movement are jews!

    The leaders of NAMBLA are jewish. Young boy love association is a jew org. designed to make pedophilia legal in the US.

    NAMBLA, Just Another Filthy Jew Operation

    Jewish GLBT Children’s Book Writing Contest!

    jews were behind the Women’s liberation movement which DESTROYED countless non-jewish families

    jews are behind the usurious banksters and THE CAUSE for our current financial crisis. It was inevitable. A ponzi scheme like that cannot do anything but collapse unless those under its demonic oracle do not rape, pillage and plunder other nations and steal their wealth to keep it afloat. This is why the US is in a constant state of war.



    From their Talmud:

    It is OK to have sex with a girl under the age of three. It is like poking them in their eye.

    It is OK to have sex with boy under the age of ten.

    And there is soooooo much more.


  • Anonymous

    Perhaps I will expose Jewish Ritual Murder next.

    What say you?

    Is it any wonder that jews can MURDER Palestinian children without regret or remorse?

  • Anonymous

    I even asteriked it for you… Judah.

    Judah is NOT the jew.

    Judah went up over the Caucasus just like the rest of the tribes of Israel.

    First, when the Assyrians attacked taking ALL BUT THE DEFENSE CITY OF JERUSALEM.

    Secondly, after Babylonian captivity when only a small remnant returned.

    Thirdly, before the fall of Jerusalem in 70AD.

    Queen Elizabeth II is a member of the tribe of Judah and she is NOT jewish.

    For as long as the stars, moon and sun shine in the sky, there shall NEVER lack on to sit upon the throne of David.

    Jews have neither a throne nor a king or queen.

  • DaisyDuke

    As I said before Anonymous, your truth is your very own truth. Good luck with that!

  • Anonymous

    No, my truth is THE REALITY and I didn’t have to use one GOY to expose it. The jews do a fine job of that themselves.

    Then shall the son of perdition be revealed.

    Prophecy is fulfilled.

  • Anonymous

    In response to the story posted above.I’d like to quote the Marx’s brothers.When they said,”I’ve worked myself up from nothing to a level of extreme poverty!”

  • Anonymous

    ANONYMOUS May god bless you.

  • Upaces

    JDunk, I don’t know about the rest of America, but here in Texas and the South, people are friendly and go out of their way for others. We are not snobs. Bless your heart. Where in the world did you hear that?

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