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Red Alert: World’s Biggest Gold Storage Company Dumps US Citizens

Friday, February 22, 2013 8:51
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Reporting From: Sovereign Valley Farm, Chile

ViaMat, a Swiss logistics company that has been safeguarding precious metals since 1945, is literally the gold standard in secure storage.

They have vaults from Switzerland to Hong Kong to Dubai, and they count among their clients some of the largest mining companies in the world. They know what they’re doing.

And now they’re dumping US citizens.

ViaMat does a great deal of business within the United States. As such, the company is heavily exposed to the insane US regulatory environment.

As an example, the 2010 Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act turned into more than 500 pages of regulation! The costs and risks associated with compliance simply became too much for ViaMat to bear.

This matter-of-fact letter from ViaMat management explains their decision:

“We are currently experiencing rapid and substantial changes in the general regulations within this business. The changes mainly relate to the tax structures and taxation systems of various countries. As a consequence of these changes VIA MAT INTERNATIONAL has taken the decision to stop offering this service at its vault [sic] outside of the US to private customers with potential US-tax liability.”

 RED ALERT: Worlds biggest gold storage company dumps US citizens

This is huge. I can’t possibly overstate the potential ramifications.

For one, the big gold depositories like Gold Money and Bullion Vault ALL use ViaMat as a primary secure storage provider. So it’s only a matter of time before ViaMat’s decision cascades across these other firms.

I have written extensively about this to subscribers of our premium service, Sovereign Man: Confidential; most gold storage firms are all essentially different varieties of the exact same product. They are retail marketing channels that ultimately use ViaMat to store their gold bars. If ViaMat has US exposure, THEY have US exposure. It’s the same risk.

Now, if you’re in the United States in particular, one of the most important (and cost effective) steps you can take in international diversification is to store precious metals overseas.

Gold remains the most effective ‘anti-currency’ out there, a bet against a corrupt financial system and debt-laden sovereign governments. But remember– governments have an unblemished track record of plundering their citizens’ wealth. So if you store your gold in the US, you might as well ask Barack Obama to keep it under his mattress.

If history is any guide, storing gold abroad is critical. And it’s one of those things that you won’t be worse off for doing.

The thing is, it’s equally critical to work with a service provider that has no US exposure.

There are very few options out there. Again, most of the big boys use ViaMat, which has heavy US exposure. Or Brinks, which is a US company.

For nearly a year, I’ve been encouraging our premium subscribers to store their gold with a Singapore-based company that has the most advanced, transparent operation on the planet.

They are 100% Singaporean, and their US regulatory exposure is effectively zero.

They’re also one of the only firms on the planet that actually tests the gold it sells (and stores) through three different methods, including X-ray and ultrasound. This way you know that your gold is, in fact, gold… and not tungsten.

Best of all, they’re launching a new service to receive your existing gold at their facilities in Singapore. So if you’ve just been shut out of ViaMat, or you want to transfer your gold from another facility that has heavy US exposure, these guys will be able to do it.

They are, without a doubt, the best solution out there. And Sovereign Man: Confidential members have received unprecedented discounts and exclusive access to new services offered by this firm.

Storing gold overseas makes sense no matter what happens. And it’s critical to choose a reputable partner with no US exposure. If you agree with this premise and are serious about taking action, I’d encourage you to get started right away with a premium membership. Get the actionable intelligence you need, all backed by our risk-free guarantee.

Simon Black is an international investor, entrepreneur and permanent traveler. His daily letter is both educational and entertaining, and we suggest that those who want unbiased, actionable information about global opportunities sign up for Sovereign Man’s free, actionable newsletter at

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  • Mark Brander

    People need to forget about gold, give away everything you have and turn to the Lord. Store up your treasure in heaven. The great tribulation is roaring to life and people are going to serve the Lord, or they are going to serve Satan, their is no middle ground. Gold is not going to save anyone, the mark of the beast is coming to one and to all, it is written and it is going to take place exactly as it is written.

    If people would repent of their addictions to television, sports, porn, drugs and alcohol, things would begin to turn around and the Lord wouldn’t have to bring the Chinese and Russians over here to destroy North America.

    Read the Obama prophecies, he is about to turn into the world’s biggest monster.

    • Psalm56


      There is nothing wrong with gold, but people would be wise to not put their faith in it.

      Christians, now more than ever, must get the Word out to the masses while there is still time.


      Don’t follow the advice of MB for he is a preacher of Pharisee doctrine. And he is preaching a lie of “REPENT OR WRATH” when Jesus said the course of history from his time on earth forward would be nation rising against nation, and kingdom against kingdom and

      Matthew 13:30 “Let both grow until harvest ….”

      The mark of the Beast does not occur until well into God’s judgment unto victory. DO NOT sell all you have, do not think it a sin to own gold. No one knows the day when God’s judgment begins, but it is near when the abomination of desolation takes place.

      • LightOfTheWorld

        Put your faith in Jesus alone. Repent and turn from sin and confess the Lord Jesus Christ the son of God as your savior. To be ready for whats to come, you must have Jesus first in everything and sin must not be in your life. Fight the good fight of faith until God calls you home. Your gold is part of this world and the bible clearly states not to store up treasures on earth but in heaven for they are eternal. The gold and silver will be thrown into the streets, the important thing is to pray continually and seek the lords will and not our own. Does God will us to store up gold and silver? This world is going to become the bestial system and they will force you to take a mark in the forehead or right hand and no man may buy or sell without it. Regardless of your gold if you are not apart of the system you will not be able to use it, and those in the system trading with you will be labeled terrorist and be hunted relentlessly. They will be damned for taking the mark and will be awarded for exposing outsiders trying to trade. Faith in Jesus alone, God bless.

    • mekkwarrior

      ok you first!

  • Amess

    Why would a father put his children through hell and turmoil if he truly loved them? Just never understood that logic…..

    • Yochanan

      If you mean God.

      Well, he didn’t. He said don’t do this and the children did it anyway. Free will. What kind of love, is loving a robot?

  • True News

    No place in the world is “safe”. In fact, the whole world is being persecuted.


      Since this is the quickest way to get a response….

      Do you know why my articles are having their numbers Lowered on purpose? The first time I didn’t say anything but now it’s getting ridiculous as I have now resorted to my next move being to videotape the numbers just to prove my point.

      I’ve never had an issue with none of the admins on this site,and I am complying with the terms so why all the sudden attacks?

      • True News

        No one is tinkering with the numbers, there are just differences between the way the various servers in our page servers are updated. That’s why it might read 100 at one time, then a few minutes later it might read 80. At the end of the day, they are accurate and we do have accurate stats, it’s just very difficult to keep them current in near real time. No conspiracy here to keep your hits down! Best, CK


    Not just US citizens, but any one who has exposure to US tax liability. And the exclusion applies only to vaults that they operate outside the US and this is most likely to prevent forced audits of their vaults outside of the US.

  • StavoV

    Yeah….let them cry about regulatory rules……but when push comes to shove, they pay less taxes than in any other nation on planet earth. Always something….. :lol:


    oh by the way….

    —800 pentagon workers were just Laid off

    —- There is a new bill that REQUIRES “EVERYONE” from 18 to 25 to join military forces or else . H.R. 748 would require everyone from 18-25 to join:

    —Vatican members are now praying at the tomb of John Paul II hoping he would come back from the dead just like the book of revelation says

    —The antichrist just ordered obama to give ISRAEL the 7 year peace treaty

    — Israel sold jerusalem to the vatican

    —nasa says we are all gonna BURN to death from a solar flare

    now see this one

    It’s the end of the world folks. REPENT TO THE LORD TO ESCAPE What’s coming. :shock:

  • Htos1

    But what about the 1938 shipments from China.We got it all save for one ship the Japanese took.That’s a LOT of gold from the beginning of history for China. :wink:

  • stompk

    Secret, the US in now drafting legislation to make it illegal to physically own gold.

  • Hang all drunkdrivers

    Sounds like a scam to me. Better to keep your gold hidden in america than in some overseas company.

  • Anonymous

    Attempted to verify the information in this article, no luck so possibly dis-info/fake/sales scam. Discretion advised.

  • Anonymous

    The debt that the U.S. government has racked up has put TREMENDOUS pressure on taxation to repay this debt – the ultimate consequence of government debt is skyrocketing taxes. The problem is that people just stop producing at a certain tax rate, and that leads to the destruction of the economy and national default. This is a sure sign that America is fiscally and morally bankrupt.

  • Mo Money

    We are heading into something… the entire world is shaky…protest everywhere…wars,earthquakes,floods…Ameirca is in debt badly…since we are the world currency, its not gonna be pretty…

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