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FBI Whistleblower: Pentagon, CIA, NATO and MI6 Were Masterminds Behind 9/11

Thursday, September 11, 2014 7:08
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“As Far As People Who Ran The Show, It Was The Highest Levels of NATO, the U.S., MI6, CIA And The Pentagon”

Sibel Edmonds has just released her fantastic spy thriller, The Lone Gladio (available on Amazon).    Here’s our review, comparing it to the best of Clancy or Ludlum … but with a twist.

In the real world, Edmonds is a former FBI translator who translated terror-related communications for the FBI right after 9/11. In that capacity, she read communications between terrorists and other radicals.

Edmonds has been deemed credible by the Department of Justice’s Inspector General, several senators (free subscription required), and a coalition of prominent conservative and liberal groups.

The ACLU described Edmonds as:

The most gagged person in the history of the United States of America.

Famed Pentagon Papers whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg says that Edmonds possesses information “far more explosive than the Pentagon Papers”. He also says that the White House has ordered the press not to cover Edmonds:

I am confident that there is conversation inside the Government as to ‘How do we deal with Sibel [Edmonds]?

The first line of defense is to ensure that she doesn’t get into the media. I think any outlet that thought of using her materials would go to to the government and they would be told “don’t touch this . . . .”

Even Paul Newman praises Edmonds, saying:

Sibel Edmonds would not let an intimidating FBI shut her mouth, and as a result, suffered grievous consequences, but she has persevered and we are better off for her sacrifices.

Edmonds is the founder and president of the National Security Whistleblowers Coalition, a group of high-level national intelligence and security officials.

To understand why Edmonds’ information is so explosive, we need a little background on “Operation Gladio.”

Background: “Operation Gladio”

The former Italian Prime Minister, an Italian judge, and the former head of Italian counterintelligence admit that NATO, with the help of the Pentagon and CIA, carried out terror bombings in Italy and other European countries in the 1950s and blamed the communists, in order to rally people’s support for their governments in Europe in their fight against communism.

As one participant in this formerly-secret program stated: “You had to attack civilians, people, women, children, innocent people, unknown people far removed from any political game. The reason was quite simple. They were supposed to force these people, the Italian public, to turn to the state to ask for greater security” (and see this)(Italy and other European countries subject to the terror campaign had joined NATO before the bombings occurred).

This was codenamed “Operation Gladio”. And watch this BBC special. And see this for the big picture background.

Operation Gladio Continues to this Day

Edmonds told Washington’s Blog that she wrote The Lone Gladio because the FBI classified 100% of her previous book, Classified Woman. When she found out that she doesn’t need to get pre-publication approval for “novels”, she decided to write a novel.

So Edmonds decided to write a work of fiction based on the real-life operation- ‘Operation Gladio B’ – as the context, and with fictional events and characters in the novel The Lone Gladio.

[WASHINGTON’S BLOG]: You’ve previously claimed that Gladio was not terminated with the fall of the Soviet Union, but has continued up until today … the so-called “Gladio B”.

[SIBEL EDMONDS]: Yes. The title “Gladio B” was given by the FBI, because we don’t know what they really call it.

NATO, MI6, MIT (the Turkish military and intelligence service), and the Pentagon, also some outside rogue elements connected with Gladio.

[WASHINGTON’S BLOG]: Did you see – when you were still with the FBI – source documents about this so-called “Gladio B”? In The Lone Gladio, you have a “fictitious” set of memos that have players from NATO, the U.S. State Department and high-level terrorists meeting together. Did you see documents like that when you were at FBI?

[SIBEL EDMONDS]: Yes. I reviewed over 5,000 documents. Not only from FBI’s Washington office. A lot of documents came from FBI’s Chicago office. The document were from the period 1996 through February 2002. There were written documents, and audio translated by FBI translators.

[WASHINGTON’S BLOG]: Were NATO personnel actually mentioned in some of the documents or transcripts you saw as being part of these Gladio B meetings?

[SIBEL EDMONDS]: A number of generals were involved. Both U.S. generals and British generals and other generals involved with NATO. And many recognizable, public names with the U.S. State Department.

Most of this involved people from and State Department and the CIA. These are at the top levels … you’re not going to get operative-level involved with this.

Edmonds explained that the State Department doesn’t just deploy “soft power”, but is involved in many “hard power” operations, often coordinating through well-known “Non-Governmental Organizations” (NGOs).

Specifically, Edmonds explained that numerous well-known NGOs – which claim to focus on development, birth control, women’s rights, fighting oppression and other “magnificent sounding” purposes or seemingly benign issues – act as covers for State Department operations. [Background.] She said that the State Department directly places operatives inside the NGOs.

As one example, Edmonds said that – during the late 90s and early 2000s – perhaps 30-40% of the people working for NGOs operated by George Soros were actually working for the U.S. State Department.

Edmonds also said that Osama Bin Laden – and several other members of his family – were working with U.S. agencies as part of Gladio B right up until 9/11. Edmonds notes that Bin Laden and his family members were helping the West set up terrorist groups in Chechnya up until 9/11.

Edmonds also said that the FBI failed to prosecute any of the criminal activities occurring in the United States as revealed by these documents.

9/11 Was Part of Gladio

Back to our interview …

[WASHINGTON’S BLOG]: In terms of 9/11, what’s your opinion about whether there were countries involved, or whether it was rogue Gladio personnel?

[SIBEL EDMONDS]: You have to separate the pawns from the main players. There might have been elements involved within countries. For example Prince Bandar in Saudi Arabia, or Turkish people at the MIT.

But the people who ran the show at the top were NATO and Gladio. And Gladio was under the U.S. It was – and is – an operation under the U.S., for U.S. empire.

As far as people who ran the show, it was the highest levels of NATO, the U.S., MI6, CIA and the Pentagon.

The Goal: Control of Eurasia, Oil and Other Resources

Edmonds says that the entire focus of the U.S. and these related groups is to control the world’s resources, such as oil and gas pipelines in Eurasia.

She explained that many of the people in Eurasian region speak Turkic languages. For that reason, Turkey and its intelligence service – MIT – has been a major conduit for Gladio operations. And since a lot of the resources are in former Soviet countries, a lot of Gladio’s focus has been in those countries.

Postscript:  Edmonds has previously stated that Bin Laden – and his number 2 Al Qaeda lieutenant – Ayman al-Zawahiri – worked with the U.S. government for 3 months AFTER 9/11 to coordinate destablization in the Caucus region.

And she previously told Washington’s Blog:

For the past 11 years I have been emphasizing that my State Secrets Privilege & Gag Orders had to do with the FBI files (covering period 1996-2002 February) on covert-terrorist operations in Caucasus and Central Asia backed, managed and armed by US actors. These US-NATO directed operations in the region involved Bin-Laden and mainly Zawahiri …..

The FBI documents contained damning evidence (audio and written) collected between 1996-2002 tying these terror operations directly to the U.S. persons in the State Department/CIA and Pentagon. Also, how the State Department got Congress to grant huge amounts of funds to “front’ NGOs and businesses (mainly Turkish companies in US-listed/members of ATC) to funnel money to the terrorist cells in this region.

If you want to hear Edmonds name names, watch part 1 and part 2 of her interview with James Corbett.

FBI Whistleblower: Pentagon, CIA, NATO and MI6 Were Masterminds Behind 9/11 was originally published on Washington’s Blog


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  • upchuck





    • YouGuysAreIdiots

      Moron. Utter moron. Your mama would be so proud.

      • Busta Myth

        Actually he’s right and you are the moron, all you have to do is look up the top people in power of politics, intelligence, military and media in Europe and America and see where they are educated, they are more often than not, Jesuit trained

        Karen Hudes worked as a high level attorney in the world bank for over 20 years and she also says the Vatican Jesuits runs the Banksters, the intelligence agencies and the so-called Jewish Lame Street Media, yeah, Mr Media man Murdoch the phone hacker is also in Knights of Malta

        She also says that most of Americas taxes get sent to the Vatican

        all in the following video interview with karen hudes

        World Bank Whistleblower Karen Hudes Reveals How The Global Elite Rule The World

    • Kent

      Sionists killed Tsar Nicholas 2.
      Sionists blew up Statue of Liberty.
      Antichrist is a flying Jew with red eyes.
      Read the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Sion.

  • MG

    The only two words you need to know about 9-11.


    9-11 was Cheney’s response to Richard Greer and his 400+ nsa agents who were opening congressional hearings into , MISSING MONEY, BLOCK OPS, and SUBVERTED TECHNOLOGY.


  • Timothy Buck II

    I’m sure Mo$$ad had their greasy jew fingers all over this.

  • Robert Fallin

    Did MOSSAD slip your mind, Sibel? Don’t forget the “dancing Israelis”. Maybe you should read VETERANS TODAY.

    • The Real Deal

      There are a lot of Israeli gatekeepers on this site. They’re really trying their level best to distract the sheep from Mossad, the TRUE perpetrator’s of 9/11. The dancing Israeli’s are proof positive of clear prior knowledge. the Odigo messaging system telling the jews to stay out of the towers that day is more proof of prior knowledge. America should have went after israel, but since israel has infiltrated our government & media, they control the flow of information.

  • Sean

    Controlled by the illuminalti..That is Not George Washington on the Federal Reserve 1 dollar Note the 1st link is what George Wasington really looked like in the 1st Picture..the Face on the 1 dollar note is Adam Weishaupt .

    Adam Weishaupt illuminalti ..sorry about the Language you can use google translator for english..thats what i did.

  • Paul Gilbert

    must be more Whistleblowers in the world than people

  • peterrocks

    Sibel Edmonds is entirely correct. To understand this you need to study three blogs. First go to a blog by Professor Claude Fischer titled: A crime puzzle; violent crime declines in America
    Next scroll down the comments till you come to the last comment by Peter Martin, click on the link within that comment or go to my blog: ciaandbritainssecretdeathsquads
    Go also to a blog by Andrew Warnsley titled: A crime mystery; crime has fallen and nobody really knows why
    I smashed a global assasination squad October 1999.

    • James Smith

      Mrs. Edmonds is provably…. not entirely correct…. because that’s not what Mrs. Cynthia McKinney said: I quote her; every congress person must swear an oath only to israel? What the hell? Does the bush saudi crime family ring any epiphany bells? Who’s got the most gold and who’s got the most oil? I would give the “bush crime family mass murderers” that top billing? Nice try with the Vatican approach…. but major fail.

  • David

    The important thing to take away from all the whistleblowers is that the bad guys outnumber the good guys by a very wide margin.

    Whistleblowing is a death sentence for the professional career of people. People who witnessed events that don’t conform to any given “official story” frequently will not talk due to the consequences.

    It’s time to flush this solid-human-waste from our government and the media. Now. Right now. Later simply will not do.

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