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George Soros Has Told Me How to Survive the Coming Economic Collapse

Sunday, August 28, 2016 7:18
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econ collapse prep

The United States is teetering on the edge of financial disaster. The conditions are so severe it could happen by tomorrow, next week, or next month. Everywhere we look, the economic news is grim.

Earlier this year, the Royal Bank of Scotland is telling clients that 2016 is going to be a “cataclysmic year” and that they should “sell everything”.  Deutch Bank failed all of its stress tests as has every other bank.

The collective market value of companies listed on the S&P 500 has dropped by a trillion dollars since the start of 2016, and panic is spreading like wildfire all over the globe. RBS is on the record saying that the only logical thing to do is to “sell everything” except for high quality bonds. Our largest bank, J.P. Morgan Chase, is “urging investors to sell stocks on any bounce”

If we are witnessing the world’s free fall into a major global deflationary crisis, the price of oil needs to get back above $50 a barrel. Yet, Dallas Federal Reserve Chief,  President Robert Kaplan, recently stated that the price of oil is going to stay very low for the next several years.

The life is being sucked out of the economy as total business sales are 15% lower than they were in late 2014. Both businesses and individuals are going broke. In April of 2016, commercial bankruptcies were up 32% and Chapter 11 filings were up 67% on a year over year basis. Nobody is safe.

The statement “collapse is imminent” is an overused phrase. However, collapse is imminent. I look for banks to begin to steal people’s money.

Last week my wife and I were dealing with a safety deposit box issue in one of our banks. Through the course of the conversation with the bank’s Vice President, I stated that I knew that when people deposit their hard-earned money in the bank, according to judicial rulings (2012), the deposited money belongs to the bank and all citizens with bank accounts are now considered to be unsecured creditors. I went on to say “it is not likely that the banks would steal people’s money, unless there is a run on the bank. And if there is a bank run because of dire economic circumstances, the banks will steal all of our money including my safety deposit box.” The bank officer’s face turned white as a ghost and I thought she was going to pass out. The look on this bank officers face told me everything that you and I both need to know about the condition of the bank and the economy in general. The collapse is coming and my strong advice is to not leave anything in the bank that you cannot afford to lose.

Is there anything that the average person/investor can do?

Economic Self-Defense Measures

When in Rome, do what they Romans do. Since most people in the know are aware that the economic collapse of America is a planned demolition orchestrated by the criminal elite, it would be prudent to look at what they are doing in order to not fall victim to the same trap they have set up for you and me.

Both Warren Buffet and George Soros have done very similar things with their money since 2014. We would be wise to pay particular attention to George Soros. He may be a sorry excuse for a human being, but he is an economic hit man of the highest order. He perpetuated the Arab Spring and numerous other financial troubles in nearly every western nation. When Soros moves his own money, the world should be paying attention.

By observing the criminal elite (e.g. Soros), I have come to a number of conclusions that I have implemented into my financial plan that I want to share with the readers.

Soros’ List of Winners and Losers

By using Soros’ money movements over the two years as the blueprint on what to do and not do prior to the economic collapse, one should keep in mind the results of the Soros list of do’s and don’ts and then act accordingly,

Soros’ List of Don’ts

1. Avoid the Stock Market like the plague. If your 401K or other retirement plans are tied to the Stock Market, you would be better off, in the long run, to liquidate your position and take the 50% hit from the Federal government for doing so before the age of 59.5. Half a loaf, is better than no loaf at all.

2. Get the bulk of your money out of the Federal Reserve banks (all banks). The obvious question is what to do with your money once you have obtained possession. This is covered in the next session under “Do’s” with regard to your discretionary income.

3. Avoid American real estate investments. Let’s not forget that the Federal Reserve, until recently, was purchasing $40 billion dollars of mortgage backed securities every single month. Then the Federal suddenly stopped the practice after they realized the error of their ways. George Soros is not investing in American real estate.

Soros List of Do’s

1. Buy gold and lots of it and I am speaking of real gold that you can actually touch and handle!

2. Buy silver. Same caveat as gold

3. Find a way to pay off your mortgage, because after an economic collapse, you will have no means to do so and MERS will be there waiting. If you are unwilling to do this, then you should sell your home and rent because you are throwing away your current mortgage payments.

4. At least in the near term, invest in Chinese hi tech stocks associated with their money movement. There are two very troubled considerations with this move. First, the Chinese would obviously move their money away from troubled American investments prior to the collapse of the dollar. Soros’ move to follow this pattern signals the end of the dollar.


By default, George Soros is my economic advisor. Rattlesnakes do not commit suicide and George Soros is a rattlesnake. If you do what Soros is doing, you just might have a chance to economically survive what is coming.

On a more ominous note, Soros could be telling you who is going to lose World War III, or maybe he already has. Why? Because he is not investing in the U.S.

If the U.S. was slated to win World War III, wouldn’t Soros be investing in the American based banks, the US dollar and the American stock market? Instead Soros is investing in the Chinese money movement over the U.S. dollar, its banks and the American Stock Market? And finally, he is hedging his bets by acquiring physical gold. Collectively, Americans have a lot of variables to consider.





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  • Ross

    Why is it better to pay rent than a mortgage?

    • ItsEverywhere

      I don’t see the difference either

      • VirusGuard

        Renting money is much like paying rent and what people call home can be taken back by putting interest rates up or land rents up.

        Slave tradders want people to think they own the mud hut, they don’t because they don’t own the land or they would not be paying rent on it.

        £250k loan for a cardboard box is the bigest ball and chain i’ve ever seen and wage inflation like in the past will not help you to pay it off early

    • sallyboy6

      The mortgages are all electronic …..The local counties in your state have no idea who owns what anymore …. I own my home and can’t get a clear title or deed from the bank or county I live in …..My bank sent me a letterhead with 4 sentences saying I don’t owe them any money for loan # 8888888 . They have sold loans over and over thru MBS ….. It’s a scam …… Scary shit ….

      • P

        I recently called the “bank” to whom I pay my monthly mortgage and asked it to send me either the deed or the title (as a previous article suggested) and what did they do? Sent me a copy of my “mortgage”- I’ll not pay again until they send me the deed or the title! Yes, I’ll call them in the morning!

  • Bradley Dueringer

    I agree that greed is the biggest problem our primitive species has. We are a failed species in this vast universe. I actually look forward to WWIII. Too many dumb selfish humans need it to wake up.

    But all in all we will pass from this place, of this I am sure. Fukushima along with all the nuclear contamination man has created has insured our extinction. Radiation counts all across America have been steadily rising and it will soon be so bad that all people will get cancer.

    People!, don’t you realize that the rising rates of cancer since the 40′s is a direct result of all the bomb testing and nuke plants. The governments could never admit this due to liability issues. It’s estimated that the fallout so far has been reponsible for 170,000,000 deaths worldwide.

    WWIII or not …..we are done…..thirty years at the most are left……I feel sorry for young children, they have no future other than one of sickness, serfdom and early death.

    • The Clucker

      So you are copy/pasting that comment on multiple articles? See my response to you in a different one. I’m not going to re-type it or copy/paste it around on every article. Check the one Idiot in the Machine commented on. Thanks.

      • Mr Lightbeam

        umper eater umper eater oompa oompa stick up yer jumper

        big clucker speak with fork togue :razz: :mrgreen:

        • Mr Lightbeam

          missed out the N :roll:

    • Gryphon

      @ Bradley
      Well, I have never seen your comment before, friend – and I agree 100%!
      Humans are a plague upon this beautiful planet, infesting it like a very bad case of fleas…
      I mean seriously, we irradiated our own atmosphere!? How indescribably stupid is that?
      Meanwhile, America watches its TVs, its Sports, and its Hollywood Movies LoL – and relentlessly invades, bombs and destroys other sovereign nations around the globe.
      Knock knock – democracy comin’!
      Meanwhile, in truth Russia is today more of a democracy than USA is, heheh…
      It’s all just beyond pathetic. Embarrassing to be a human.
      Come quickly Lord, we need you.

  • Anonymous

    My goodness what a simple solution–be as wealthy as a multi-billionaire. Why didn’t we think of that?

  • Anonymous

    Whats coming is something you will not survive, those that survive the longest will suffer the most, and beg for death, this was written long long ago. What you want to do is die a man on your feet taking out as many evil ones as you can. If your meant to die and there is a bullet with your name on it, consider it a blessing.

  • DK

    The Royal Bank of Scotland never advises its clients to ‘sell’ it will move its clients assets into another RBS fund upon request with a greater return, telling them to sell up means they leave the RBS which is state owned at 62% of all shares therefore underwritten by the UK government telling clients to sell en masse would create a run on the bank as confidence plummets.

  • Hatterasman

    Fuck George Soros, and fuck anyone who thinks Soros should be a legitimate source of useful information.

  • truther357

    And you believe anything that this foreign national, Marxist, ‘WAR’ criminal says..Why would he say anything to help save any ( LEGAL) American when he, his Democratic ‘Socialist’ Party, Hollywood, FBI, DOJ and his ‘race-baiting’ ‘cop-hating’ (AP)+ ‘left-stream ‘ Media are out to destroy it!

  • Pink Slime

    George Soroass will be laughing as he watches the people try to eat gold and silver.

    My Aunt Bea said to invest in doughnuts. Last forever, taste good, and everyone wants one.

    Did I mention it is a good calorie source??? Eat one and you can hike all day. Not too mention a moral booster after eating dead survival food. :lol:

  • vaalix

    Didn’t soros bet billions on the crash last year? That guy has been playing options since 2009 and hasn’t won yet..

  • Solar)Geometry

    Horrible advice from one of the biggest hucksters on BIN.

    • FAT AXL!!!

      That is aptly-stated, madam.

      And huckster has a nice ring to it.

      Hoggie the Huckster.

  • VirusGuard

    Markets are not crashing even if they should be and shares are trading at silly prices and are not connected to price earnings anymore so whats a trillion drop in prices if not just a piss in the ocean these days.

    Sore-ass lives in fear for his life like many jewish bankers do as the house of cards starts to wobble and his escape plan is to live in a bunker as the world goes up in smoke but when bombs start to drop then Americans will soon want to start talking peace and will turn on the bankers and off the corrupt system they run.

    A few brave men are needed, you already have the laws of treason to deal with all the members of Congress and then we can have a real investigation into 9/11

  • You People Are Nuts

    “George Soros Has Told Me How to Survive the Coming Economic Collapse”

    There seems to be a little misunderstanding Dave.
    What he meant was How you can survive him charging you for coming inside you until you collapse.

  • chin1161

    damn u to, hell he (soros) call me last nite and gave me last minute instructions on monetary preparations

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