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Trump Declares War on Russia

Wednesday, February 15, 2017 0:08
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Eric Zuesse

U.S. President Donald Trump made unequivocally clear, on February 14th, that the new Cold War between the U.S. and Russia will continue until Russia complies with two conditions that would not only be humiliating to Russia (and to the vast majority of its citizens), but that would also be profoundly immoral. One of these two conditions would actually be impossible, even if it weren’t, in addition, immoral. For Vladimir Putin to agree to either of these two conditions, would not only be a violation of his often-expressed basic viewpoint, but it would also cause the vast majority of Russians to despise him — because they respect him for his consistent advocacy of that very viewpoint. He has never wavered from it. The support of Russians for that viewpoint is virtually universal. (This article will explain the viewpoint.)


In order to understand the Russian perspective on the first of these two issues (which any American must understand who wants to understand the astounding stupidity of Mr. Trump’s position on this matter), which is the issue of Crimea (which had for hundreds of years been part of Russia, but was then suddenly and arbitrarily transferred to Ukraine in 1954 by the Soviet dictator — and the U.S. now demands that his dictat regarding Crimea must be restored), two videos are essential for anyone to see, and here they are:

The first video (click here to see it) (and no one should read any further here who hasn’t seen that video or at least the first twelve minutes of it, because it’s crucial) shows the U.S.-engineered coup that violently overthrew the democratically elected President of Ukraine in February 2014, under the cover of ‘a democratic revolution’, which was actually nothing of the sort, and which had instead started being planned in the U.S. State Department by no later than 2011, and started being organized inside the U.S. Embassy in Kiev by no later than 1 March 2013. The head of the ‘private CIA’ firm Stratfor, has rightly called it “the most blatant coup in history”.

The second video (click here to see it) shows the massacre of Crimeans who were escaping from Kiev during the Ukrainian coup, on 20 February 2014, and which massacre came to be known quickly in Crimea, as “the Pogrom of Korsun,” which was the town where the fascists whom the Obama regime had hired were able to trap the escapees and kill many of them. That’s the incident which — occurring during the coup in Ukraine — stirred enormous fear by Crimeans of the rabid hatred toward them by the U.S.-installed regime.

Finally on the issue of Crimea, all of the Western-sponsored polls that were taken of Crimeans both before and after the plebiscite on 16 March 2014 (which was just weeks after Obama overthrew the Ukrainian President for whom 75% of Crimeans had voted) showed over 90% support by Crimeans for Crimea’s return to being again a part of Russia. Everyone agrees that there was far more than 50% support for that, among the Crimeans. Furthermore, even Barack Obama accepted the basic universal principle of the right of self-determination of peoples when it pertained to Catalans in Spain, and Scotch in UK, and neither he nor anyone else has ever been able to make any credible case for applying it there and generally, but not in Crimea — especially under these circumstances.

So, on the first issue, Trump’s demand that Putin force the residents of Crimea to become subjects of the coup-regime that Obama had just established in Ukraine, it won’t be fulfilled — and it shouldn’t be fulfilled. Obama instituted the sanctions against Russia on the basis of what he called Putin’s “conquest of land” (referring to Crimea), but Russians see it instead as Russia’s standing steadfast for, and protecting, in what was historically and culturally a part of Russia not a part of Ukraine, the right of self-determination of peoples — especially after the country of which their land had been a part for the immediately prior 60 years (Ukraine), had been conquered three weeks earlier, via a bloody coup by a foreign power, and, moreover, this was a foreign power whom Crimeans loathed. Putin will not accept Trump’s demand. Nor should he.


The way that this demand was stated on February 14th was “deescalate violence in the Ukraine,” referring to Ukraine’s invasions of its own former Donbass region, which broke away from the Obama-installed Ukrainian regime shortly after Crimea did, but which Putin (after having already suffered so much — sanctions, etc. — from allowing the Crimeans to become Russians again) refused to allow into the Russian Federation, and only offered military and humanitarian assistance to protect themselves so that not all of the roughly five million residents there would flee across the border into Russia.

Donbass had voted 90% for the Ukrainian President that Obama illegally replaced in his coup.

Francois Hollande, Angela Merkel, and Vladimir Putin, had established the Minsk negotiations and agreements, to end the hottest phase of the (Obama-caused) war between Ukraine and Donbass; and a crucial part of the Minsk-2 agreement was that Ukraine would allow the residents of Donbass a certain minimal degree of autonomy within Ukraine, as part of a new Ukrainian Federation, but Ukraine’s Rada or parliament refuses to do that, refuses to allow it, and the United States and its allies blame the residents of Donbass for that refusal by their enemies, and blame the Donbassers for the continued war, or, as Trump’s press secretary referred to it on February 14th, “violence in the Ukraine.” He’s demanding that Donbass stop the war, when Donbass is being constantly attacked by a Ukrainian regime that refuses even to fulfill a fundamental provision of the peace agreement that Hollande, Merkel, and Putin, had arranged, and that both Ukraine and Donbass signed. (Note: even Hollande and Merkel weren’t able to get the Nobel Peace Prize winner, Obama, to so much as participate in this effort for peace.)

A demand like that — for the victim to stop the fight — is impossible to fulfill. It’s like, in World War II, blaming the United States, Soviet Union, and UK, for their war against Germany, Italy, and Japan. It is a cockeyed demand, which requires only cockeyed credulous believers, for it to be taken seriously.

The way that Sean Spicer, President Trump’s press spokesperson, put this demand in his February 14th press conference, was:

President Trump has made it very clear that he expects the Russian government to deescalate violence in the Ukraine and return Crimea.  At the same time, he fully expects to and wants to be able to get along with Russia.

To some people, that combination sounds idiotic. In any event, it’s not merely unrealistic; it is downright impossible. It’s not seeking peace with Russia; it is instead reasserting war against Russia.

Spicer said, with evident pride: “The President has been incredibly tough on Russia.”

A reporter at the press conference challenged that statement: “To me it seems, and I think to a lot of Americans it seems that this President has not been tough on Russia.” Spicer answered by referring to the statement that America’s new U.N. Representative, Nikki Haley, had made. She said at the U.N. on February 2nd:

I must condemn the aggressive actions of Russia. … The United States stands with the people of Ukraine, who have suffered for nearly three years under Russian occupation and military intervention. Until Russia and the separatists it supports respect Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, this crisis will continue. … The United States continues to condemn and call for an immediate end to the Russian occupation of Crimea. Crimea is a part of Ukraine. Our Crimea-related sanctions will remain in place until Russia returns control over the peninsula to Ukraine.

So, Spicer said that,

with respect to Russia, I think the comments that Ambassador Haley made at the U.N. were extremely forceful and very clear that until —

Q    That was an announcement from Haley, not the President.

MR. SPICER:  She speaks for the President.  I speak for the President.  All of us in this administration.  And so all of the actions and all of the words in this administration are on behalf and at the direction of this President.  So I don’t think we could be any clearer on the President’s commitment.

Trump is continuing Obama’s war against Russia, although he had not given America’s voters to expect anything of the kind. Some voters (this writer is one) had voted for him because Trump alleged that he strongly disagreed with his opponent Hillary Clinton about that — he outright lied to the voters, on the most important thing of all. He applied mental coercion — deceit — in order to win. But as it turns out, he’s not really opposed at all to Obama’s coup in Ukraine. Perhaps he is so stupid that he’s not even aware that it was a coup, instead of a ‘democratic revolution’ (the cover-story). Maybe he’s so stupid, that he believes Obama’s lies.

At least Hillary Clinton was honest enough to make clear that she was going to continue Obama’s policies (only worse). But she was so stupid that she couldn’t even beat Donald Trump.

Anyway, all of that is water over the damn, now.

Initially, it had seemed that the only way in which Trump was aiming to satisfy the U.S. aristocracy (owners of the military-industrial complex, among other things) about increasing the ‘defense’ budget, was going to be a buildup against Iran; but, now, that war might end up playing second fiddle.

The war with Russia can only escalate, unless or until President Trump reverses course and states publicly, and provides to the American people and the world, the clear evidence of, his predecessor’s perfidy, both in Ukraine, and in Syria. Unless and until he comes clean, and admits that the problem between the U.S. and Russia isn’t Putin, but instead Obama, it will continue escalating, right up to World War III; and here is why:

When it escalates to a traditional hot war, either in Ukraine or in Syria, the side that’s losing that traditional war will have only one way to avoid defeat: a sudden unannounced nuclear all-out blitz attack against the other side. A nuclear war will last less than 30 minutes. The side that attacks first will suffer the less damage, because it will have knocked out some of the other side’s retaliatory missiles and bombs. If Donald Trump were intelligent, then one could assume that he knows this. He’s not, so he doesn’t. He plods on, toward mutual nuclear annihilation. Perhaps, like Hillary Clinton, he believes that the U.S. has ‘Nuclear Primacy’ and so will ‘win’.

It’s all so stupid. But, even worse, it’s evil. And I’m not talking about Russia or Putin here. The real problem — on this ultimate issue, of avoiding a nuclear winter — is my own country: the United States of America. To call this a ‘democracy’ is not merely a lie; it is a bad joke. The American public are not to blame for this evil. The American aristocracy are. It’s an oligarchy gone mad.

Trump promised to ‘drain the swamp’. Instead, he’s feeding the alligators.


Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010, and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.

Trump Declares War on Russia was originally published on Washington’s Blog


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  • truck driver

    Russian mob job

    • Deputy Dawg


      I seriously doubt the President would support their globalist agenda when his entire presidency is based on rejecting globalism. As far as I’ve been able to find this morning this appears to be more PHONY NEWS INTENDING TO DIVIDE AND CONQUER TRUMPS SUPPORTERS.

      President Trump has heard the Victoria Nuland tapes where she and another official are heard plotting the coup d’état. In turn Trump fired this globalist lunatic for her role in the Ukraine conspiracy.

      Hey, good try Progressives keep up the good work. Amazingly enough even some of the hardcore, life long Democrats I know are beginning to see the light. They like the Trump supporters are absolutely sicked by the party’s radical protests and riots, their blatant dishonesty, unethical political maneuvers and illegal activity. The Progressive’s irrational and seditious action has become the number one recruitment tool for Trump support.

      Beware! These Nazi boneheads will increase the attacks against Trump because they are not intelligent enough to know when to stop digging the political grave they’ve dug for themselves. As public sentiment changes, and it is rapidly do so, they will see their dream of world domination slipping into the abyss. Like the insane they will respond with more of the same. Once it is finally realized by them that they will never be able to prevail using their diabolical tactics, a tremendous escalation in violence will begin. That will be yet another little bump in the road. Once identified it wont take long for real Americans to put these communist radicals under control.


  • Wity

    Folks from around the World are lining up to bend Donald Trump Over And Tear Him A New Asshole…..Into another Obama….

    • Deputy Dawg

      This is so untrue. Trump is building unprecedented international respect by doing exactly what he promised he would to get elected. This is unheard of anywhere in the world. As the transformation back to a sovereign nation continues to gain a footing here at home, more and more nation states will jump on board with the movement. Globalism is being received by the international community with the same enthusiasm one would appreciate after quietly passing a rancid fart in a conference room.

      The Russian blame game is comical to watch. Most already know that Russia has not been America’s adversary since the dissolving of the former USSR. Russian has been used as the scapegoat for Progressive crimes and to manipulatively recreate a usable cold war fear of the nation. They are attempting to falsely label Trump and his entire cabinet Russian spies and operatives in an effort to discredit whatever the President accomplishes.

      Nobody with half a brain is buying it! The lie is so blatantly obvious a eight year old child could come up with a better one. The more they repeat this malarkey the more people are beginning to understand the tactic. Because of the nuclear war implication the America people who are not locked in a self destruction mode are questioning the validity of the Progressive’s false narrative claiming that Russia is the aggressor and NATO is the good guys.


      • Wity

        Mmmm Not a bad summation old chasp….

        Problem is the Americana Wet Dream of bringing Democracy and Freedom to the ” Little People Countries like :- here we go ~ South Africa ( Now a black anti-white socialist state with long term President ( wanna-be Dictator ) who Trump has already had coms with to make sure he still has access to the Cape Sea Route and SA’s strategic minerals etc,etc…

        seeing as South Africa has gone rogue and joined B.R.I.C.S now also big friends with Eye-ran and most everybody else that hates America….

        Strangely enough is black South Africa’s close friendship with Britain and the EU… ?

        Or the now empovrished Communist Vietnam, war factioned Lybia, Yemen , Syria , Iran 1 & 2 and Aghanistan 1 & 2 seeking control of the world Drug and Crude oil trade…..

        Trump is a false flag as any diligent Freemason must be to bring about the NWO….

        • Wity

          Mmmm love the ” Minus Marks ” Shows how the ” Truth Hurts ” those that cannot face reality….

          Prove Me Wrong Suckers…….

        • Deputy Dawg

          You’re right, America does promote “Democracy” or socialism as it is best described. Democracy is majority rule. In such a system of governance the popular views of the majority overrides the minority view unlike America whose system protects the rights of the minority, or the individual. Democracy was compared to a sheep and two wolves voting on what’s for dinner. There is a humongous difference between freedom, liberty and raw democracy. Ironically America is a Represented Republic not a Democracy as the Progressives have strategically renamed it.

          And yes South Africa has joined the Brazil, Russia, Iran and China (BRIC) alliance. This was necessary for these nations wishing to be in control of their own destiny. The United States has been involved in way too much shenanigans in South America, the Caspian Region, Africa and the the Middle East to ever be trusted. This alliance is not an indication of an opposition to America as a nation of people, but rather a rejection of self serving western policies and the dishonest means our leaders achieve their own objectives.

          Russia has made every effort to get along with America and become part of the global community. It is America ans NATO who wants Russia out of the way, to use a new cold war mentality and vilification of Putin’s to justify their unwarranted and illegal aggression against Russia.

          It has been America’s wicked actions like the creation of ISIS intending to overthrow the duly elected president of Syria where millions of innocent people have been murdered by American sponsored terrorist and mercenaries. The world is waking up to the reality that America intends to expand it’s empire at every other nation’s expense. Through maneuvers such as the coup d’état in Ukraine that resulted in the catastrophic human slaughter of all the citizens of Russian heritage America has sickened the world. The way to change the perception of the world is to stop meddling in the affairs of other sovereign nations. It is as simple as that!

          The fact that nations are developing counter measures to western geopolitical and economic aggression shouldn’t come as a surprise. Russia is scrambling to counter NATO’s encirclement of both Russia and China with NATO force, missile shields and other wartime apparatus. The overthrow of Brazilian leaders and the sabotaging of their economy was a great recruitment tool for this entire emerging economic and military alliance. Other countries will soon follow suit!

          Thing is even with the current discourse all these nations are still more than willing to work cooperatively with the west. They are legitimately tired of being steamrolled into supporting American interests over their own. It will not take much effort on President Trumps part to unite at least in principle a consensus of cooperation. He is after all the “deal maker.”

          Your ridiculous accusation stating; “Trump is a false flag as any diligent Freemason must be to bring about the NWO” is without merit. President Trump is fighting against the NWO which is evidenced by his anti-globalist posturing and directives. Trumps confidant and White House Advisor Steve Bannen’s philosophy will most certainly influence policy understanding exactly what the Administration is up against. It’s called “Cultural Marxism.” The long walk is over, infiltration successful and the final phase of the communist plan to take over America is unfolding before our eyes. Arm yourself with this important information.

          Offered out of Love,

          A Student of the Word

          • Wity

            Anon thanx for supporting the truth as some of us know it to be !

            I unfortunately have insight into Freemasonry, the Knights Templars and Euro/Brit Royalty…..

            I have it on good authority that Mr Trump is a fully fledged Scottish Mason and that on its own speaks volumes….

            May l remind you that their occupational past time is not darts or pool but world dominance and control….

            Trump shows up on radar as a third force operative just like Obama…. Who some term as the 1st Antichrist….

            References are :- The New Babylon – America, The New Tower of Babel – New York and the Purple Whore – Statue of Liberty/United Nations….

          • Deputy Dawg


            Bro, the references to president trumps Freemason lineage are not any indication of who Donald J Trump is as a man in today’s world. He personally doesn’t practice any such thing and never has. God help us all if we are to be associated with every bad decision or action done by our ancestors, family or friends. This is getting a little ridiculous don’t you think?


      • Tedx

        Trump’s international respect may have taken a fall after his UN representative attacked Russia and blamed them for violence in the Ukraine.

        • Deputy Dawg

          Ever heard the phrase “That’s politics?” Trump said what he was expected to say reserved to not prematurely let on what he knows and intends to legally act upon. He was also committed to not feeding the Fake News (ABC, CBS, MSNBC and FOX) with any ammunition to continue the Progressive Nazis false Russian connection narrative. As I mentioned before Trump is well aware of the Victoria Nuland taped conversation plotting to overthrow Ukraine. He’s not the sucker everyone takes him for! Based on what I’ve read in the Russian papers I think your guesswork is laughably beyond inaccurate.


          • Wity

            Hey Anon…
            Could not get in to reply to your ASOTW comment….

            So i will post here :-

            Just going on a guided tour of Trumps apartment was a frightening experience in everything occult…..

            Then some research on his business history really puts the wind up ones ass….

            This boy is one scary M*thaF*cker, Not the type id do business with……

  • Man

    this is some good fake news

    • Redlist Renegade

      And YOU’RE a government paid Shill “Man” !!!

    • Deputy Dawg

      We all know who you are! Time to go home to your alphabet agency bud, your voice here serves as confirmation of the idiocy of the Progressive movement. We here in this forum understand who is the real fake news. Did you honestly believe you could walk that line of poop past the BIN crowd? Sure you’ll often find bogus stories here, but the readers as a whole are for the most part well informed, intelligent people that see right through your seditious tripe.

      Perhaps when all the political smoke clears you’ll be one of the lucky ones that are thrown into prison for your participation in subversive conspiracy. That option would of course be a whole lot better than the alternative if and when you decide to radically go up against real men, men with morals and a strong attachment to what is fair and right.

      The sissified army of ill informed kids that the Progressive Nazis has successfully brainwashed isn’t much of a force against men of valor, worldly men who don’t share a Godly devotion to the “the Lord’s way of peace” that I do. Rioters and provocateur will soon be met with the same level of violence they exhibit. Groups like Black Lives Matter who impose their will violently will be met with police and citizen arrest. Yes, there is a silent army of American men ready willing and able to back this president once there is a call to action. I wouldn’t want to be a Progressive when that day comes.

      It will be a tough ride for everyone including for us nonpolitical, non-combative Christians but in the end good will eventually prevail over all nations of the earth. The Progressive Party, like wicked people, organizations and entities will not have a place in the Kingdom of God but rather have a date with fire and brimstone.


  • Knarlydawg

    As long as we continue to allow the disproportionate influence of the Luciferian Talmudic Judaics, Jesuits and Freemasons etc., to dictate the actions of our nation we will continue to careen towards our own inevitable demise. These people are demonically insane and are a stage four cancer upon humanity.

  • Philo

    It should have been clear to every sane person on this globe that with the departure of Obama sanity would not return to America . This much is clear now : If the oathkeepers and patriots do not by violent means overthrow Washington and hang the Cabal from the highest trees .There will come pretty soon and sudden nuclear holocaust upon all those he sat by idle and let it all happen.America your karma is coming to you.

  • Knarlydawg

    Once you realize that these Luciferian Judaics and their minions engineer these conflicts and create the chaos that they perform their satanic, alchemical, esoteric ma”j”ic through, you can begin to recognize their fingerprints on almost all major global events. They are supporting the supposed European/Ukrainian Neo-Nazi groups just as they did in pre WW II Germany. It’s called Controlled Opposition. They stir the boiling witch’s brew, adding necessary ingredients as needed to produce the desired “phoenix” outcome. These people are demonically driven to provoke, meddle, agitate and create mayhem in order to obtain profit and control. They cannot stand to leave things alone and at peace. They are constantly contriving wicked schemes. They are the engineers of 90% of the world’s terrorism.

  • Mica Molecule

    This great writer The Saker says it well: “Remember how Obama showed his true face when he hypocritically denounced his friend and pastor Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr.? Today, Trump has shown us his true face. Instead of refusing Flynn’s resignation and instead of firing those who dared cook up these ridiculous accusations against Flynn, Trump accepted the resignation. This is not only an act of abject cowardice, it is also an amazingly stupid and self-defeating betrayal because now Trump will be alone, completely alone, facing the likes of Mattis and Pence – hard Cold Warrior types, ideological to the core, folks who want war and simply don’t care about reality.
    Again, Flynn was not my hero. But he was, by all accounts, Trump’s hero. And Trump betrayed him.
    The consequences of this will be immense.

    • Deputy Dawg

      Believe me there is no love lost between Trump and Flynn. General Flynn will continue to be a huge part of the sovereign America movement, he will just not be part of the Trump cabinet. Sadly in his effort to protect the president from an evolving and easily anticipated negative media campaign over his benign interaction with the Russian diplomat, the good general wasn’t exactly candid with the Vice President. Or at least that’s the official story meant to squash a well anticipated left wing frenzy. I suspect the cover story was designed to protect other ranking officials from the usual mainstream media maliciousness.

      Because Flynn became a enormous distraction, an anchor around the President’s neck impeding the ability of his currently one legged Administration to get to the business of draining Washington’s swamp the diseased limb had to be amputated before the infection festered and came to a head. Many remarkable strategies are now secretly under way, cunning traps have been set and the people involved in prosecuting these communist usurps are posturing for their house cleaning counter attack.

      Those with a shred of intelligence will never under estimate President Trump. He’s a genius who is well informed about ALL of Washington’s criminal activity, the cancer that has consumed our once great nation. That is precisely why our Commander in Chief decided to run for president in the first place, he knew if he didn’t act America was lost to the globalist communists who masquerade as Democratic Progressives. Trump has children who he wants to live free, with liberty, prosperity and peace. He doesn’t give a rats behind if he is reelected or not. He is instead focused on the task at hand, delivering America back to the American people.


  • VirusGuard

    so are the nukes flying as happens in war or is this more click bait and fake news as usual on B4IN

    Trump is a banker puppet and the plan will continue as scripted regardless of who won the election unless you are stupid and think that just one man runs the show.

    Money runs the world and the jewish banking system has all the money in the world

    • Deputy Dawg

      I have to ask, are you mentally challenged? Now don’t be offended, this is obviously a legitimate question based on the really ignorant things you say. Yes, everyone knows that lust for money as well as sex motivates bad behavior and that there are those in our society who have a remarkably large portion of both, however by lumping Trump into the puppet scenario you demonstrate just how uninformed you truly are. The proof is in the pudding!

      President Trump, unlike other professional politicians is true to his beliefs. Some may not necessarily be compatible with my own, nevertheless the president appears to be dedicated to restoring American values and preventing a violent globalist takeover. On this issue I support his effort. If you read this as being something bad, there is something terribly wrong with your thinking. Sorry!


  • James R. Calvert

    And we thought that things would be different under a Trump administration. Trump is an admirer of Winston Churchill, a bloodthirsty, warmonger psychopath, who had no problem with bombing civilians during World War ll. Trump’s Secretary of War, Mattis, was given the nickname “mad dog Mattis.” Anyone see a pattern here? Trump seems to be enamored with the military. As a nation, we truly fit the definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Trump also has an ongoing love affair with big banking; he has appointed several x-Goldman Sachs personnel to his administration. It’s business as usual.

    • Deputy Dawg

      If you want to win a poker game it is always best to know your opponents. By soliciting the assistance of insiders who may be part of the problem but who also understand that there is a problem with globalization President Trump has broadened his overall knowledge regarding the inner workings of well guarded financial institutions. Ex-Goldman Sachs personnel should be considered an asset unless or until they position themselves in alliance with the banks over Administration policy.

  • Nanar

    1 – Poutine is not as loved as one can think in Russia
    2- Crimea is lost and Trump does not request it to be given back to Ukraine. first of all Crimea belonged to Russia and was given by Gorbatchev.
    3- Russia will never give back Crimea, it’s geographical location is an important military, politic and economical asset.
    4- the Donbass war is not a war, it’s a genocide committed by the ukrainian gvt backing up neo-nazi mvts.

  • Tedx

    If this report is accurate — and it appears to be well documented — Trump has completed his betrayal of America. It’s over. He must now be impeached.

    I and others voted for Trump for three reasons: Productive job growth, conservative immigration reform and a complete halt to the US drive to start WW3 with Russia and China. The last reason is the most important, as the lives of almost all Americans are threatened by war and any survivors would inherit a totally, contaminated wasteland.

    It now appears that Trump did the same thing Obama did to his supporters when he first ran for president. He told the people what they wanted to hear, with no intention of keeping his promises.

    Trump has one and only one chance now to survive: He must fire all neocons who support war with Russia, China and Iran. He must publicly blame all neocon policies and comments that have emerged from his staff as coming from enemy infiltrators who he has just fire. Otherwise, the opposition from those he betrayed will dwarf opposition from the Left.

    • Deputy Dawg

      “and it appears to be well documented” where exactly would that be, in tabloids or fake news outlets? How about a link to these well documented facts you’ve imagined. As they say put up or shut up. We have all witnessed more than enough deceit coming out of the Progressive left, I for one am full to the brim with it and I’m not even politically minded.


  • Tedx

    Observe that the first link at the top of the article, which is supposed to document the claim that Trump demands the return of Crimea, brings up a notice that the article was not found.

    The Washington Blog article with an active link to the the source of the claim that Trump demands the return of Crimea can be accessed at the bottom of the article. The significant event here is that the claim did not come from Trump, but rather from Trump’s newly appointed press secretary, Spicer. Spicer recently told the most dangerous FAKE NEWS lie since LBJ lied to the American people about the North Vietnamese attacking a US vessel in the Gulf of Tonkin. That lie caused the War in Vietnam, loss of 54 thousand US troops and bankrupted the US government, causing it to leave the gold standard and print fiat. And we lost the war.

    Spicer recently claimed at a press conference that Iran had attacked a US vessel off the coast of Yemen. Total Lie. Fortunately, a reporter corrected Spicer by reminding him that it was a Yemenite freedom fighter who attacked a Saudi ship off the coast of Yemen, thankfully before the prostitute press could parrot Spicer’s lie and cause the indignation intended to start the war with Iran that Hillary promised during her campaign. The big question remains: Why hasn’t Trump fired Spicer?

    As the Press Conference transcript on the top link in the Washington Blog article documents, Spicer claimed Trump demands the return of Crimea:
    “President Trump has made it very clear that he expects the Russian government to deescalate violence in the Ukraine and return Crimea. At the same time, he fully expects to and wants to be able to get along with Russia, unlike previous administrations, so that we can solve many problems together facing the world, such as the threat of ISIS and terrorism.”

    • Deputy Dawg

      What the White house Spokesman is saying is not at all what you contend. Your interpretation of the spokesman’s proclamation is conveniently one sided. The truth is that President Trump has discussed the subject of Ukraine and return of Crimea to Ukraine with subordinates and perhaps with Russian officials. This consideration is not a sell out to his convictions, this is Trump’s attempt to reverse the entire scenario.

      When you get information that originates from left leaning media sources you merely get the progressive’s modified view, not the truth. Trumps himself never said Russia did anything wrong in protecting it’s people there. What the president is attempting to facilitate isn’t even close to what you’ve suggested. He wants to revert back to how things where prior to Russian being forced to rescue the Russian Crimeans from the Nazis America placed in power after the US orchestrated a coup d’état. Trump wants to see Ukraine returned to a legitimate, sovereign governance and Crimea be able to go home. This war there has divided families, friends and resulted in mass killings. It’s time to get back to some point of normalcy.

      Progressives will always look for ammunition hidden somewhere between the lines. They dishonestly twist and otherwise molest every single word, expression or fart ready to jump on anything coming from the Trump Administration that might hold water long enough for the media to run it into the ground. They literally have an army of Obama’s brain-dead supporters working in unison to thwart the Trump presidency any way possible. There exist a mental depravity which motivates this level of conniving deceit, believing lies are a suitable mechanism of change. The same depraved mindset is demonstrated through the violent rioting and property destruction done by so called protesters designed to force a Progressive dominance on a public that totally rejects their communist globalist agenda.

      Let’s try to keep it real dude!


  • Canderson

    Are you writing from a underground bunker 2 miles in proximity of the white house?
    Are you Obummer? Anyway remember when they renovated the white house, they got a tunnel system under it.
    Is this tunnel system connected to the Obama bunker? Dictator Obummer?

  • Anonymous

    This article is based on facts and current news releases. It is NOT fake news. Wake up and smell the gunpowder. The global oligarchs have called for a war, and by god they will have one regardless who is elected president!

    • Wity

      Georgie old son ~ these insignificants are from an esoteric gene pool of brain dead cannon fodder.
      Used by the Americana regime to further their agendas for world occupation and domination…..
      No matter the cost…. So Sad What A Waist For A Pointless Excersize In Failure !

  • Tedx

    To put things in perspective: Political analysts like Mike Rivero of cautions that Trump may be “playing” the Senate, which must approve Trump’s cabinet appointments. Even if establishment senators secretly support Trump’s promised anti-war agenda, in order to access contributions from AIPAC, bankers and the military industrial complex, they can only approve neocons or those who present themselves as neocons. Rivero theorizes that Trump will come clean as soon as he gets his cabinet approved by the senate and will go back to his anti-globalist platform of peace with Russia.

    Nevertheless, we must be prepared for the worse, as it is possible we were befuddled into voting for another puppet of the Deep State Neocons, as men much wiser than me have considered:


    Appeasement often results in war, in this case Trump is making an appeasement to the Democrats and Republicans who think only that they as federal representatives are gods and that their demands must be met by Trump who believes his being attacked by both parties will make his tenure as president short. The issue of George Bush Junior promising the Russians before their collapse that nato would not enter those satellite countries was not kept, the fraudulent system of anti ballistic shield placed in eastern europe against iran to the russians is too easily targeting russian missiles under us russian treaty, the crimea was given to ukraine under the expectation of ukraine forever being loyal to russia, not counting the endless coups and wars the US has carried out over the last 2 plus decades. These are the things that the republicans and democrats do not weigh, those are the issues that could cause some 400 nuclear armed submarines (4,000 missiles nuclear tipped) remember with a bit more heating up korea will be aided to accelerate too, those subs will be from korea, china and russia to consider a first strike viable under certain conditions being vied for by Trumps political opponents. For certain there will be an accident that could cause a real war to quickly evolve, the republicans and democrats are sorely mistaken that russia and china weighing out the survivability and mop up process will not opt to get the whole thing over with should the republicans and democrats become to obsessive about they alone being gods. So republicans the overall 30 year planned overthrow of russia and china may require the absorption of 4,000 missiles, the US has 12 major cities thats 10 per city and they are mirved so maybe 40 per city, of course the adversary will be hit back but there will be no politicians left alive. So democrats and republicans remember the real power behind the throne would of course lure you all into a cnflict whicle somewhere in the world there may be a secret army ready to take control of the world with the big three weakened, yes big three, in the first 1 hour of any conflict europe goes poof.

    • Tedx

      And the Khazarian Mafia rules the planet from Jerusalem without the one ethnic group that held it back in the past — the Aryans.

    • Deputy Dawg

      This is what Trump is working against, it’s called Cultural Marxism.

  • Anna Lyse

    Instead of cleaning their own home which is needed more than anything else after more than 60 years of wars, the US intend to play the old game again: create war in other countries, remove their gold and other valuable assets. And Trump had apparently too little power to resist these counter forces.
    One thing is necessary above all which is that people wake up and show Trump CS that they fuly see through all the games and chicanery of a dirty war industry who create war when there is none because that is what they are good at !!!! George Carlin words were spot on. Bom them, bomb them, bomb them ….

    Is it so difficuult to understand for the US population what is wrong with their so called leaders and so called government? How can you be so blind?

    • Knarlydawg

      There are a lot of us Americans that do see the truth about our nation’s leadership. We are fighting an uphill battle against generations of over vaccinated, over GMO’d, over fluoridated, over chem-trailed, over lied to and over indulged beings that only seem to care about their own personal “la la” existence.

      We are trying to get through to them before it’s too late.

  • jknbt

    I genuinely DO NOT CARE who governs the Ukraine or Crimea. It is simply not our fight. Somebody please tell Donald that fact before he starts ww3….please?

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