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Chilling Bombshell! The Collapse Confirmed! Prepare for the Imminent Economic Collapse: National Banks Preparing! (Video) Ron Paul

Monday, May 15, 2017 12:43
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Is 2017 the year of the economic ruin? Will the US Economic Collapse Happen in 2017? The economic forecast for 2017 is more than bleak, and there is more than enough economic data out there to show there really could be an economic collapse and stock market crash in 2017. 

From The Economist

The Collapse Is Confirmed! Prepare For The Imminent Economic Collapse 2017 Stock Market CRASH!


PANIC As Wells Fargo Makes Dramatic Move – Prepares For MASSIVE Crash!

Josh Sigurdson sits down with author and economic analyst John Sneisen to talk about Wells Fargo’s most recent dramatic move as the crooks attempt something incredibly reminiscent of what banks did just before the 2008 recession. However, this time it’s going to be far bigger.

Wells Fargo has begun making mortgage deals that were shunned following the 2008 crisis.

Mortgage backed securities were a massive part of what shoved individuals into debt and poverty in 2008. It’s a move a bank often makes when they foresee an inevitable crisis. With collateralized debt obligations out of control once again, following BMO’s similar move recently, this is just one more of many signs that we are on the verge of the inevitable fiat collapse and the bubbles in the artificial markets are ready to burst.

Collateralized debt obligations (CDO) are packages of countless bad mortgages, mixed with a few good ones so that they can rate the packages by the top brass, giving them triple A ratings. This is fraudulent and destructive and something the people of Detroit know all too much about.

If this doesn’t make you angry, we don’t know what will.

In this fiery report, Josh and John break down exactly what’s happening and what it will lead to.

All fiat currency eventually reverts to its intrinsic value of zero. Always has, always will. While the fundamentals are off the table due to the level of manipulation and we can’t truly put an exact date on the crash, we know it will happen. There’s no way around it. A debt jubilee will help but it won’t stop the force of the storm.

This goes for the markets as well. When markets are manipulated into oblivion, eventually a bubble forms and inevitably bursts causing mass panic. This is just another reason why we need free markets and a free monetary system, free of manipulation, central planning or coercive abuse. Debt slavery is the goal and the individuals must resist!

Stay tuned as we continue to cover this alarming development!   SOURCE

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  • Debbie

    Bush bankrupted our country, took us form the worlds biggest creditor to the world’s biggest debtor…Obama came in and moved almost the entire middle class into poverty and expanded the welfare state while expanding the number of countries we were bombing and the rebuilding….these communists spent money with wild abandon as if they wanted to bankrupt America…because that is exactly what they wanted…they stole trillions for themselves…the bank bailouts bailed out not just bans here but bans across all of Europe…the money that was swindled from American taxpayers has been in the trillions…we do not owe this money…the 1 %ers owe this money….our government is a criminal money laundering operation…

    • wiseoldlady


  • Bob DD

    Debbie, You are essentially correct, We the People do not owe this debt money, the politicians spent us into bankruptcy under the guidance of global big boys. The bailouts of 2008 the money was stolen. When banks get bail-ins, that will be further theft. And, the Congress passed a bill, think it was Dodd-Franks, which saddled We the People with $1.5 QUADRILLION in bankersters debt swap derivatives. While 911 GWB ran deficits of $500 Billion, Barry Soetoro, Sobarka, Parks, Obama’s was about $1.2 Trillion annually causing the National Debt to double from $10.6 Trillion to $20 Trillion. Isn’t it nice, our friendly politicians are watching out for us!

    • Laura

      Absolutely TRUE!

  • Pink Slime

    I have been hearing this for 30 years.

    Since then the economy has exploded, the internet has gone triple digit, more billionaires and millionaires than EVER before, more cars, more freeways, more malls and shopping centers, and now we even have e-commerce convenience, more people making 6-digit incomes, more professionally educated, more people traveling intercontinental, more food choices and restaurants and more modern convenience than we ever had before.

    But on the opposite side our nature has not changed and, aye… that’s were the rub is. In many cases it has been exacerbated by the above. :roll:

  • Anonymous

    It is amazing about this ridiculous website. You can go away for years, come back, and the headlines of imminent disaster haven’t changed. The collapse is coming tomorrow, WWIII is already in progress, whatever. Click whores, luring the suckers into YouTube views with absurd, baiting headlines of little nexus with any known reality in the universe. That idiot at the X22 Report is, what, well over a thousand videos, announcing the collapse upon us? And people are still chasing that fraud on YouTube? Einstein was right about a lot.

    “Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.” – Albert Einstein



      Doesn’t the fact that you’ve returned looking for a different result quantify you within the realm of that other famous Einstein quote?

      • Anonymous

        Possibly. On the other hand, I haven’t made a career of it like some people, BEEF SUPREME. One can only suppose your excessively sorry rear has been here nonstop.

        You’re like the freaking town drunk, ripping into me for stopping by for a beer. Physician, heal thyself.

        • BEEF SUPREME

          You had better keep right on moving, O Righteous one…

          This isn’t a good place for softies or other exceptionally touchy quitter jellyfish.

          • Anonymous

            Touchy? Au contraire. To be touchy, it seems you’d first have to actually take something seriously.You seemed to have overlooked the most fundamental case of those with a low threshold of tolerance for lame excreta of a thousand bulls and boredom with the moronic, once the entertainment value is spent. Of course, I don’t fault you this omission, as you would have to be able to cognize this experience to understand exactly what I’m referring to. But let us reason together, albeit oxymoronic around here, still, as it were, after all I’m also one of greatly diminished expectations of the world, zero with regard to BeforeItsNews, pragmatic this way. But I do stand advised, will bow to your unchallenged expertise and epignosis of jellyfish, and will say this: you do live up to your name, BEEF SUPREME.

            Just an aside, you really ought to watch who you call righteous! After all, I suspect just having a login here may be a sin. Surely.

            Romans 3:10 as it is written, There is none righteous, no, not one… 13 Their throat is an open sepulchre; With their tongues they have used deceit: The poison of asps is under their lips [re: BeforeItsNews].

            Mark 10:18 And Jesus said unto him, Why callest thou me good? none is good save one, even God.

          • BEEF SUPREME

            “Of course, I don’t fault you this omission, as you would have to be able to cognize this experience to understand exactly what I’m referring to.”

            Laboring to impress folks with your brilliance and wit through ostentatious terminology will not set you apart here in the BINs. Plenty of folks with bookish acumen haunt these halls. You’ll need actually to connect a few meaningful dots if you ever hope to make your mark.

            “…I’m also one of greatly diminished expectations of the world…”

            Awwwww. Is you jaded? How original.

            “…zero with regard to BeforeItsNews…”

            (That’s regard ‘for’ per both context and construction) Only because you’ve failed to recognize the true utility of this place. The intended purpose of the BIN is surely a waste of time – as is the lion’s share of what transpires around here. But you haven’t looked hard enough before you started complaining. At times, opportunities abound around here.

            “…pragmatic this way.”

            Pragmatism is nothing to be proud of, Παραλαμβάνω.

            “…will bow to your unchallenged expertise…”

            What fun would that be?

            “…and epignosis of jellyfish…”

            Another five dollar Greek word, eh? Lucky for me μελετώ ἡ Eλληνική.

            “…you do live up to your name, BEEF SUPREME.”

            We does what we cans with what we gots where we is.

            “Just an aside, you really ought to watch who you call righteous!”

            Why? If the shoe fits…

            Scripture? You want to get into the Book with me Παραλαμβάνω? I’m your huckleberry. That’s just my game.

            :lol: :lol: :lol:

          • BEEF SUPREME

            [Make that τἡν Eλληνικήv. No predicate nominative.]

          • BEEF SUPREME

            [τὴν. Grave accent over the eta, not a rough breathing. What was I thinking? So, to be clear: μελετὼ τὴν Eλληνικήv. Omega gets the grave too.]

          • b4

            i just like to come on here to give the insane evil self righteous bible thumpers a little of their same bullshit..hell… those maggots take up too much of proper peoples time and money thinking they speak for god–they speak for satan–bunch of devil worshipers pretending to be one with god like lucifer because god has nothing to do with a book written by primitive insane men–the bible is mans word,not gods–god will never read it–never will-not written by god either

          • BEEF SUPREME

            Back in your cage, little bee four. No one gave you permission to interrupt. You see the adults here are having a conversation and you haven’t been invited.

            No biscuit for you.

  • Everette

    We have borrowed money made out of thin air by the federal reserve an entity that is not American . They have set us up . They make the paper with a no gold to back it . Once the loan money was printed , they then charged interest . But they never printed the interest money . How can we pay off a loan that has interest but no money can be found to pay off the interest because it was never printed . Then they charge compound interest . So the country starts selling off its presicous metals and gems . Then it looks at other options that they will except as payment . The country is litterly rape by this foreign banking elite entity . This is Treason! Our Constitution plainly told us never to allow anyone to remove our gold , silver coin standard . Why because it stood for the value of the goods or service rendered . We must declare everyone debt free because of this criminal actions . Then bomb the hell out of these criminal bastards for doing and setting us up like they did . If we don’t their next plan is to put us into the computer system . They are keeping record of everyone’s debt in Crystal Virginia so when the crash happens tgey can pick up where they left off . Then at any time they wish they can wipe out anyone’s savings or checkings accounts with the push of a button . Then they own you . Look at the hacked computers that are now hitting over a hundred countries with hacks happening today . Is this the direction we want to head ? Hell NO ! Trump must start coining gold , silver and other presicous metals to stop the caious that is hoping to happen once these bastards pull the plug on everyone . This is to move us to the next step getting us closer to them owning us as slaves ! But they did it using criminal actions . They rounded up our coin system in the early 1900 with the shadow government set up in 1871 . They then melted the gold and silver coins into bars . Today they have stolen our gold and silver and transferred it over sea and put it underground in vaults . Our army needs to find the locations of our gold and bring it back . If they try and stop us bomb the hell out of them . Our Constitution told us if anyone tries to change the gold standard system hang them from the nearest tree ! But no one said nothing . This is why we are in the mess we are in today ! The NWO Vatican thinks they own everyone in the world because they killed a child and stripped the skin and wrote their incyclical on it , in other words demonic or satanic spells claiming their desires . This is also the ones ( Esau bunch ) that GOD in Malachi 1:1-4 states that HE hates ! The only people I ever read that GOD says HE hates them ! The old saying all roads lead to Rome ! Wrong ! But they think so or have tried to set it up so it does . Now you know where to find your gold and silver ! The banking elite are tied to them . They also have some of your gold and silver . When this foreign entity was first pushed on America , the People ( the government ) should have rose up and killed everyone that was involved in the cations of changing our system ! The people today need to demand Trump to declare everyone in America debt free ! And then back them up with our army which is of the people ( our sons and daughters ) . We must free ourselves of this universal system . The one world beast system must go ! We do not want another Hitler system !

  • dj dawg

    Get your money out of the bank and buy ammo and you’ll be fine

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