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Inside Source Says Federal Reserve Is Pulling Plug on Economy – Paul Martin

Friday, July 14, 2017 14:46
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And this will be looked at as the good ole' days.

And this will be looked at as the good ole’ days.

Urgent Announcement: The Federal Reserve is hiring an economic hit man to bring down the economy through deregulating the Federal Reserve.  Former Federal Reserve official, Walker Todd, has leaked the pertinent information which is contained in the video below.

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  • Everette

    Like the baby said this is bull crap ! Why ? Because the federal reserve has set up a criminal system . They printed money the governments borrowed but never printed the interest money that they charge to pay the loans back . So what does this do ? It crates a system that can never be paid back . Loan after loan the interest compounds , then they compound the interest on the interest . Remember the interest money was never printed . So how the hell can we pay off this or these loans ? We can not ! So we begin selling off our previous metls like Gold and silver . Then we begin scrapping everything that is not nailed down . The criminals get in on the deal . The products that working class people worked hard to get , criminals are now stealing while we lay asleep in bed . Even grave yard brass flower pots are stolen . And the crazy thing is the junk yards buying them know they have stolen them from the grave yards . The country then begins scrapping their war ships like America did under O nut case idiot . And possibly even the key fighting planes O stupid one grounded and put into the hangers . Then after all of America has lost almost everything including jeweler and guns stolen out of hard working people’s houses the scrap yard is given the message metal prices have dropped . Now we must find something else America owns that can be got . So O butt face starts selling out our factories like Chrysler , Smithfield Ham and many others to foreign entities. Land is sold for pennies on a dollar to foreign entities . Toll roads are bought by foreign enities and suddenly tolls start doubling and tripling . Water rights was put on the table for foreign governments to buy so they can charge Americans money on using their own water as in water ways creeks , rivers , lakes and drinking water , even out of our own wells . Catching rain water was labeled as a crime in order to force all people to buy water with set up meters . And we could go on and on with what would be needed to pay of the criminal set up system made by the federal reserve that is not an American entity . They are owned by members of the NWO , natzi , vatican , UN and banking elite . America has been criminally set up in a system that was designed to fell so it could be taken over . It was planned by these negative blood reptilian entities , the pope , the queen , Rothschild , Bush family , Clinton family , Obama , Hitlers daughter Angel Merkel and all the other negative blood reptilians in high offices . Now check into what I have written ! These are your criminals that have set America and other world countries up for the fall ! It’s time to send the drones out ! Trump declare all Americans debt free because of the failing set up made to do so by the federal reserve ! America has had crimes set up by these entities to totally own the government of the world by their criminal system ! Our Constitution told us plainly to coin Gold and silver and never stray away from the system . But the federal reserve set up by the shadow government established in 1871 began rounding up our gold and silver . They then melted it into bars and later stole some and evenly forced us to pay for the criminal loan that could not be paid for because the way it was set up . Our gold is now in under ground vaults that are over seas . America is broke ! They have stolen our gold . We need to declare war on them if they will not ship our gold and silver back into America . They need to be tried for their crimes against humanity ! Our Constitution tells us they are to die for such crimes if proven guilty ! Had America hung the president that took our coin system out of order as our Constitution told us to do ,we would not be in this mess now . Just one example of the value of a gold coin weighting one ounce . It would yield a price around $1209.70 today . That far out weighs our paper system with pictures of dead presidents on them that was supposed to be backed by gold , but is not because of criminal actions of this federal reserve that has stolen our gold and silver . Their doors need to be closed and America declared debt free . And any opposing it bomb the hell out of them . We have given away trillions of dollars to all the countries in the world . We Own them if need be . But we gave it to them . So for them to charge us is criminal ! We could say write it off for what we spent on your asses and we will call it even ! Or you could start paying back the money we spent on you ! Even China !

    • beLIEve

      I was under the impression that …..Nefariousness & Duplicity…. that serve as the BASE for a so-called…….
      :evil: CONTRA-act :evil: ….NEGATES the …”deal”.

      The so-called “loans” are all BOG-US.
      Stating that “currency” was lent and MUST be…. RE-PAID :idea: …..when….
      1. The “loan” was…….THIN AIR……and/OR
      2. The “loan” was …..PAPER…aka…processed WOOD PULP embellished with soot/ink…..RUN off THEIR PRINTING MACHINES ……but must be RE-PAID with “currency” ….EARNED….with the sweat of of ones LABOUR is……FRAUD !

      FRAUD ….NEGATES…..a contract.

      Notice the word RE-PAID..does it not indicate a DOUBLE PAYMENT ? :idea:

      PAY ONCE ….. then…..RE-PAY ? ?

      * * *
      Uberrimae Fidei Law and Legal Definition

      Uberrimae fidei is a Latin phrase meaning “utmost good faith” (literally, “most abundant faith”). Uberrimae fidei contracts are made in utmost good faith. There is no concealment or deception in such contracts. If one of the parties to a contract has a special knowledge, he/she must disclose such knowledge relevant to the contract. Although all contracts are to be made in utmost good faith, insurance contracts are very strict in this regard. Failure to disclose these facts will make the contract voidable.

      * * *

      13.2 The Parol Evidence Rule

      Void or Voidable Contracts

      Parol evidence is admissible to show the existence of grounds that would cause the contract to be void. Such grounds include illegality, fraud, duress, mistake, and lack of consideration. And parol evidence is allowed to show evidence of lack of contractual capacity. Evidence of infancy, incompetency, and so on would not change the terms of the contract at all but would show it was voidable or void.
      * * *
      What Makes a Contract Invalid?

      * * *
      Five vitiating factors that undermine a contract

      * * *

      The Commercial Lien Strategy – Background

      Faced with corrupt lawyers and judges, no litigant can expect to win in court by simply playing defense. TO BEAT THEM, YOU MUST BE ABLE TO SCARE THEM. You must be able to make them respect you, and that means you must be able to take the offense — attack them personally.

      Unfortunately, judges, lawyers, and other government officials enjoy various levels of personal immunity provided by both law and “professional courtesy.” How do you sue a lawyer for malpractice? You hire another lawyer — if you can find one who’ll take the case. How do you sue an IRS agent for violating your Constitutional rights? Only with great difficulty. How you sue a judge for railroading you in court? You don’t.

      As a practical matter, private citizens can’t sue the President of the United States, a Governor, judge, or even an IRS agent for failing to obey or enforce the laws. If we try to sue in court to compel our government officials to obey the law and perform their lawful duties, the judges routinely ignore our petitions and laugh us out of court.

      Because legal and de facto immunities shield government personnel from being sued for committing crimes against the People, the public is legally disarmed, unable to aggressively sue the government or its agents and compel them to obey the Law. As a result, the public’s legal posture is fundamentally defensive: we try to duck, dodge, and hide in legal loopholes to defend ourselves against the government and the courts. We try to escape, evade, and avoid, but WE SELDOM COUNTER-ATTACK AGAINST OUR ANTAGONISTS, LARGELY BECAUSE WE THINK THERE ARE NO LAWFUL WEAPONS TO DO SO. However, it appears that a powerful offensive legal weapon may now have been discovered, tested, and proven for common Citizens — the commercial lien. We don’t try to sue a government official for failing to perform his lawful duties. Instead, WE SIMPLY FILE A LIEN THAT ENCUMBERS THE OFFICIAL’S PERSONAL PROPERTY AND CREDIT RATING like a ton of bricks UNTIL HE VOLUNTARILY SATISFIES OUR DEMAND TO PERFORM HIS LAWFUL DUTY, AND WE, IN TURN, VOLUNTARILY AGREE TO EXCISE THE LIEN.

      * * *

      This is not simply a situation of cancelling FRAUDULENT “debt”.
      A …FORENSIC ANALYSIS….needs to be conducted in order to establish the extent of the …ASSET STRIPPING ..of the people by the …….GENETICALLY INSANE ……inter dimensional A-LIEN commando “joo$” …….whose presence on Earth is UNLAWFUL :idea:

      Rabbi teaches that Jews are interdimensional alien commandos sent to conquer earth

  • Pink Slime

    The whole gist of this is WE got LAZY and TOO TRUSTING when we shouldn’t have. The nail in the coffin is when they took your Bible away. You lost your identity and they were all too happy to offer your liberalism in it’s place.

    TO BE GODLESS AND LAWLESS. So you can be like the TURD world nations around you. THEN, they can rule you with an iron FIST!!

    Now you know why they are importing the Muslims, the Mongrels, the Migrants and the Megroes, hoping you wouldn’t notice. :twisted:

    • Don - 1

      When a PRIVATE company [Federal Reserve] prints money….that country is doomed. The fake Federal Reserve is a private criminal racket. Only a lawful, legal government should print money.

      The US dollar is basically worthless. Its backed by thin air and a lot of finger crossing.

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