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Fuku Mutation? Two-Headed Whale Washes Up On Baja, California Beach! (Disturbing Video & Images)

Tuesday, January 7, 2014 8:02
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(Before It's News)

By Susan Duclos

Are we starting to see more than just sea life die-offs and strange behavior from the massive radioactive water dumps into the Pacific ocean from the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant?

Are we starting to see the mutations that are associated with radiation?

In my video below I show photos from a couple places of this mutated baby whale, two heads, two tails, which looks like two whales had been fused together.

With all the strange behavior of multiple different sea creatures as well as the dead sea life scattered along 98 percent of the ocean floor, are we now seeing more proof that the Fukushima radiation is destroying us by air and by sea?

[Update below the video]

[Update] Via Pete Thomas Outdoors:

It might be the first documented case of conjoined twin gray whales. (Conjoined twins have occurred in other species, such as fin, sei and minke whales. A database search at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County did not reveal published instances of conjoined gray whale twins, or what might also be referred to as Siamese gray whale twins.)

The video below was associated with the article linked above








Cross posted at Wake up America


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  • I’m sure that this has NOTHING AT ALL to do with FUKUSHIMA… in fact, this is a normal thing….it happens EVERY DAY…you should go away with your ‘fear porn’ Susan…there is NOTHING WRONG with the Pacific Ocean…Fukushima is a BEAUTIFUL THING and we should welcome radiation into our lives as a new family member…one that will be here to stay…one that we can’t get rid of…When American children are born with two heads, will the MSM and US GOVT take notice or have Americans ALL become brain dead?

    • Wow, nice snark!!!! I wanna be you when I grow up!

      • A retort equally as unintelligible as the article.
        Wild, uninformed speculation, and basic IT and english skills do not make a journalist.
        I hope no-one paid you for this tripe.

      • I just wish you would grow up!

    • Well, two heads ARE better than one. Right?

      • Death of the CRAB

        Meaning what?
        Get the idea that you have half a head (brain).
        Who dat idiot dhere?

      • Jajajajajaja that’s true… :lol:

    • quick way to find out….biopsy the whale for signs of accumulated radiation. Irradiated snow is falling in Missouri and other Midwest states. Gov has ordered 14 million doses of PI….

      Sad fact is, they could and apparently would, irradiate millions and blame it on fukushima. They could be Chemtrailing the stuff on us all and since “chemtrails” “don’t exist” according to the liars that be….

      It’s just another crazy act of mother nature.

      That is how close we are to the conclusion of our intergalactic court case.

      “I will shorten those days lest no flesh remain alive upon the earth” – Yahweh

      “I will bring to ruin, those ruining the earth” – Yahweh

      Blessings in Christ Yeshua

      • Radiation doesn’t make you grow an extra head, it makes your kids grow extra heads. A radiation-free biopsy of the offspring wouldn’t prove anything.

      • My thought exactly, they could just start spraying uranium waste material into the atmosphere and claim it was from fukashima, how would we know?

    • LOL
      The Govt. wiill come out with a new jingle or something for the Kiddies..

      Singing lalala
      “Radiation.. Radiation.. is good for you. Eat it up yum!”

      *rolling eyes*

    • spiritk9

      Between Livefreeordie and wakeupamerica, you should couple up and go die somewhere together before your tinfoil hat stupidity becomes contagious and the entire population drops dead from stupidity overload.

    • its all global warming. is there anything that is NOT due to global warming???
      JFK was killed by global warming…
      just like the following-

      meanwhile, Fuku rads have crossed the equator and are off the coast of the ENTIRE Pacific rim countries now, and in their atmospheres. have been for some time now.
      WHERE IS THE UN, who are ready to micromanage every aspect of our lives, including the size of our apts? (UN Habitat Project) WHY HAVE THEY DONE NOTHING?

  • mammals have conjoined twins…it has always been like this…..stop trying to blame everything on Japan….

    • Wow. Really?

    • Taken in the context of everything else happening in the Pacific…the sealife dying from Peru to Alaska, the irradiation of the water with what is being said is 300 to 600 tons daily (a fraction of the real number given Tepco’s track record for honesty and transparency. ), and radiation readings across the country, these conjoined animals are not like what has always been…what has always been is over my friend.

    • another one of those “conspiracy theories” gone wild, right? no connection to Fuku, its just Japan is being scapegoated and victimized and blamed. those who make logical connections are just paranoid, right???

      the eruption of porstate cancer has nothing to do with men keeping cell phones in pants pockets adjacent to their genitals? nope. only conspiracy freaks would think that.

    • Geeper said:”Radiation doesn’t make you grow an extra head, it makes your kids grow extra heads. A radiation-free biopsy of the offspring wouldn’t prove anything.”

      these whales are obviously some adult whale’s kids. autopsy with DNA workup would show alot.
      FANTASTIC find Susan, thanks. this is an indictment of Fuku no matter what the dingbats say.


      • No-one is saying that the Japan issue is a good thing, But at least TRY to be aware of other things that happen in the world besides the fear porn posted here on BIN.

        Conjoined twins happen to all mammals, not just the ones PT Barnum made money off of.

        The fact that there are a few milli-REMS of radiation extra in the water doesn’t mean that is the root cause. It’s totally wrong to jump to that conclusion.

  • kind of hard to come to a conclusion. They did not say what kind of whale, so how can one determine the age. There is blood in the water that seems to stream from the head area. Over the years there have been livestock that have gave birth to young with2 heads. They never survive long. Why are there eyes like bulged as i do not know, :?: parden my typoss parrot stole key covers from laptop

    • Update identifies the type of whale.

      • Does your update also identify the scientific evidence you based your conclusions on?

    • Chemical pollutants are a far more likely cause to produce genetic defects like this

    • It was a gray whale, and according to other sources it was premature & did not survive long. As for “radiation” there is no mention of that only that this has been seen before & that the gray whales migrate to this area every year.

  • Top Reddit comment currently pegs it as a grey whale and goes on to say…

    “It’s likely this has nothing to do with Fukushima at all, since low dose radiation has never been shown to increase conjoined twins. Conjoined twins are something that does happen in the wild in both live-birth species and those that hatch from eggs. It’s uncommon, but only just as uncommon as it is in humans, so it’s nothing to freak out about. If we start finding dozens of them, then I think we can start to worry, but this is probably something that happens once in a blue moon, just like human conjoined twins, but we never find them since they would likely sink to the bottom of the ocean after birth/death.

    Source: I’m a marine biologist.”

    • The update identified it and makes it clear this is the “first documented case” with this type of whale, as I said n the video,I could be wrong, but when one looks at the big picture and all the other anomalies happening with sea life in the Pacific and mutations being an effect of radiation, I would like to see proof it isn’t from Fuku radiation before assuming it doesn’t.

      As to Marine biologist, I could claim to be a president but I am not. I don’t believe everything on the internet.

      • The update does not make it clear, it just says it MIGHT be the first documented case. (You even quote the “might” yourself!) You seem to be believing things which aren’t even written on the internet.

      • thank goodness for the likes of geeper, pix.. and… ??? not sure if i can even name any more here that are not completely off their rockers!

        btw people, take note, all people who comment on these pages reveal their email address to anyone who wants to right click on the page and view page source.

        a problem that has been pointed out and not only ignored, but has resulted in bans and deletions. and they want you tyo trust them with secure messaging? ha!

  • I’m not entirely sure this isn’t just a conjoined twin whale. Humans have had “siamese” twins where there were joined parts, whether it be ribs, hips, or a whole side. Mammals have these happen because of the way the ovary splits when it’s conceived. It can sometimes have incomplete splits, which causes conjoined twins. It’s not necessarily a mutation. If I were to describe a mutation, I’d say 2 different species joined to form one, or a deformation of some sort.

  • There is no proof this has anything to do with anything other then a natural occurrence . While it is possible Fukushima is causing this and many other problems, there is no proof that it is definite.

  • The only way to shut the disbelievers up if this starts occurring more and more often till they are inundated with Fuckushima monsters like in the movie the PODS that made that actor famous, Kevin “something”, then they will say, (like idiots) gosh, well we never knew, we didn’t know, etc., well, because they are idiots!

    • Merkin

      Fukushima Deniers.. They are everywhere.

      Even if you could elicit Kevin Costner to aid in the cause these deniers would just stick their double heads in the dead sea creature covered sand.

      2014 – Kevin Costner directs and stars in

      “Waterworld 2 – Return of the Human Caused Global Warming Fukushima Deniers”

      • GreenBottles

        Its not called Global Warming anymore. Its called Climate Change.
        Why do you think they changed the name of their communist carbon-credits flagship?
        Cause guess what the last ten years it has gotten colder and the icecaps have gotten bigger and the populatioon of Al Gores polar bears have gotten bigger.

        What I want to know is what the hell are they spraying the planet for?
        Let me give you a project cause I already know the answer – Go and study the skies of all the locations in the world of the elite. For examp,le Florianopolis here you never see contrails that look like chemtrails. They act like contrails and dissipate quickly.
        Why? THIS IS a refuge of the global elite.

      • Merkin


        I’m reading what you are putting down Brother. My facetiousness is not always obvious.

        The Climate is in a constant state of change and ALWAYS will be. AGREED :!:
        These pimps have figured out another way to tax our bottoms and fill our heads with fantastical lies.


        Great lead. I’ve been wondering the purpose myself for some time. Some have “guessed” that the “metallic particles” in chemtrails allow the saturated earth and air to behave as a better transmitter. For what ??


  • Conjoined mammals are born all of the time around the world, but we just don’t see many of them. So, naturally conjoined whale twins isn’t impossible. I am not saying that Fuku *isn’t* having an effect on the Pacific because it IS. But this more than likely is simply a rare case of conjoined twins, and a mothering whale could never provide enough milk and nutrition to feed this pair of calves.

  • This is disturbing, but there’s no evidence this is any sort of mutation caused by radiation from Fukushima. Although unusual among whales (probably because twins are rare), conjoined twins are not unheard of and are, in fact, fairly common in most mammal species.

  • tired of fuku. Get another life.

  • I live on the west coast. Despite countless BIN articles talking about die offs of animals and people getting sick and having 2 headed babies, it hasn’t happened here yet.

    I see bald eagles, hawks, deer, coyotes, just as much as I always have. No birds fleeing the area, no friends kids being born with deformities.

    Take your fear porn somewhere else.

    I’ll believe it when I see it.

    • GreenBottles

      Well buddy you know its a recession when your neighbour loses his job but you wont recognise a depression until YOU lose your job.

    • Merkin

      I’ve lived on an island in the West Coast for the last 10 years. Can see the water from this window. Things seem eerily normal other than the unseasonably warm weather.

      My wife’s family lives on one of the very small islands off this one where some of these news articles are reporting the mass fish illnesses. This is a very small community. Last time I asked, her family did NOT hear anything was abnormally wrong with the “water-stock” other than the poor fishing yields which have been going on for decades. I can ask again. In a place that small it should be the talk of the town.

      I don’t know what to think re: safety and health being here.

      The recent Department of Health and Human Services order for iodide pills ( 14 million dose ) February delivery makes me cringe.

  • This meltdown is sickening! Imagine what it will be doing to our children soon. I wonder if this will wipe out our beautiful coral reefs too. I hope these people can repair the damage they’ve done to all of us.

  • I already see more “over speculation” from the tinfoilers. One whale is all the proof they need. Instead of in-depth research or more findings, one is proof enough. :lol:

    Oh man and I’m sure the Groxt, Quayle, and Leahz will tie this into bible prophecy.
    Probably something like the “Revelation Beast Rises: The Abomination of Fuku radiation.” (has a ring to it) :lol:

    Give it a break already.
    Pretty neat find though, shame it had to be dead.

  • Seriously messed up photos. In order to keep people calm (on land), I found this slideshow that depicts a live, real-time radiation monitoring network: (Not trying to spam, it just gave me a lot of peace of mind). I check it often!

  • This is very poor journalism, exceptionally poor. You really should be ashamed of yourself for this level of scaremongering.

    For a start, Polycephaly – – is a well known condition within the animal kingdom. Secondly simply shouting “it has to be Fukushima, it had to be Fukushima” without a single shred of scientific basis for such is as relevant and me shouting “it has to be aliens, it has to be aliens”.

    If you wish to be taken as a serious contributor to this sort of debate, this sort of conjecture and baseless assumptions needs to be dropped. You are only making yourself look utterly foolish.

    Are there studies that show levels of radioactive particles in the atmosphere have increased since the Fukushima incident? Yes, there are and sadly this is to be expected. It happened at Pryp’yat (you would know this as Chernobyl) as well. However it takes a long time for data to be collated and analysed and jumping to conclusions before they are simply does the subject no justice what so ever.

    Your article is the equivalent to a pre-historic human looking up at the sky and assuming the Sun had disappeared because it had set. A viewpoint which might be entirely valid to the holder but with no actual basis in truth.

    The irony is that this site is called “Before it’s news”, as it’s quite clear this is not news but just very (very) ill informed opinion.

  • Not sure what to believe these days, we certainly live in the “land of confusion” … It’s possible that Fukashima could be entirely fake or a digitally created incident by the control system for psychological manipulation in an agenda that works to appear as the status quo, while the truth is nothing but. One thing I will say… I undertand there is a vast mount of water in the oceans, but if 98% of sea life was covering the ocean floor just 120 miles off the pacific coast, THE WATER WOULD NOT BE CLEAR… It would be littered, merky with an hundreds of thousands, if not millions of tons of particles from the decomposing aquatic life. Maybe not all the time, but certainly 98% is a phenomenal amount considering theirs more abundance of life in the oceans then on land… it would very evident during the high tides every day on the west coast that something is seriously wrong… Out off all the people who live on the west coast, I’d doesn’t really seem like the people are noticing much… But then again, we are dealing with the same majority of the population that can’t see the chemtrails that form grids over their heads or notice how the stars move around at night either….

  • It appears to be prematurely born, although conjoined. Now if my Spanish is any good, I believe the tag line above the photos reads “baby baleen with 2 heads”. Interesting find. I’d be interested in the necropsy reports if they are even ever posted.

  • Radiation does not cause conjoined twins.. It gives you super powers… :lol:

  • You need to get your facts straight.. You said that 98% of the Oceans floors are covered with dead animals~ We haven’t even researched 50% of our Oceans, so that fact is in accurate. If we are to believe the information on this sight please validate the information you are putting out there.

  • Wow. Way to use ignorant fear tactics to get more clicks. Conjoined twins are NOT a mutation. They have nothing to do with radiation. It’s due to stem cells. An zygote replicates itself and stem cells from both copies bond with each other. A lack of scientific knowledge does not automatically mean a conspiracy. Also, Fukushima’s “leak”; in reality; is nowhere near what sites like this try to lead you to believe.

    (“An International Warrior from Iceland, a real time hero, has been to Fukushima at least 100 times since accident helping locals with provisions and getting back in homes. He said not once has their state of art equipment picked up dangerous radiation. He said mis-information like this hurts their ability to simply help Good Japanese people suffering right now – BTW: TEPCO is simply a subsidiary of GE – The “right” thing is support efforts – like CA’s San Onofre reactor before a tsunami hits either.)

    (There’s much screaming and shouting from the usual suspects about the new radiation leak discovered at Fukushima, the stricken nuclear power plants in Japan. What they’re not telling you is that the radiation leakage is around the same as 76 million bananas. A fact which should help to put it all into some perspective.)

    And the best one for in-depth facts:

    • Techtom75: I thought we’d disposed of the hoary old saw that bananas give off IONIZING radiation …. they don’t. Nuclear waste does… So fear not, you can let the kids have a banana. However, the issue that most of us are concerned about, is not the science you’re so fond of quoting, but the organizations deliberately misusing it. You seem to have a blind faith, that when a scientist has to choose between truth and eating, eating comes last? Your trust is dangerously touching…. Susan has raised an issue that needs to be honestly explored, but lacking the laboratory and staff, she must rely on the work of others. However, the concerns could have been swiftly allayed, had there been full disclosure as to the cause of death including a DNA investigation. The problem stems back to a lack of trust, caused by criminal industry lobbyists, bribing equally criminal politicians, employing dishonest scientists. It’s people like you, who, as someone pointed out, will never acknowledge disaster until it actually overtakes them, who are the tin hat brigade. We are 2 years into a disaster than should never have happened, and you have the effrontery to abuse someone trying to do something about, not only Fukushima, but the other potential disasters right here in our own back yard. And to top it all off, you offer the National Geographic as a reputable source of information …. Hmmmmmmmmmm

  • Nothing to see here sheeple, move along. Fresh sushi(whale meat) just up the road.


    More like conjoined twins.

  • The SARCASM quite stenches this topic I see!







    • “God” picks his nose and “Devil” picks his sphincter which are both attributable to ET Aliens. Where do you think the first two fictional characters came from? Is it: A)- Nose. B)- Sphincter. or C)- Both. If you answered ‘C’, you’re correct, attributable to ET Aliens of which ancient brains of cave-men saw came down from the sky and worshipped.
      The REAL culprits of the Fukushima incident were in fact not the Japanese, but the cabal Globalist scums with an agenda. A huge cover up, big time.

  • My wife is a wildlife/marine biologist and works in Encinitas, CA for Pangea Biological. This is not from radiation. She laughed so hard when she read this. Worst piece of _____, she’s ever read with science being concerned. Susan, please get educated, and if you are educated then you need some mental help. Stop wasting peoples time. This line is the only thing true in this article if you can call it that; (It might be the first documented case of conjoined twin gray whales.)

  • I dont know if it had to do with Fukushima, but is kind of a shocking pic.

  • Susan on your web site, ..the whale you showed being so curious and gentle I’m sure is this one, the markings look the same !

  • Show me a visible tumor from a resulting radiation on a deformed Quasimodo and l’ll believe it. Any joined twins without a single tumor-on-a-deformed-Quasimodo effect don’t count.

  • It baffles me that everyone is so quick to jump on Fukushima and blame radiation after only 3 years and PRETEND to care about the pacific ocean. When the real problem that has been happening for over 20 years is plastic in the oceans. That is the real problem and everyone has been using fear mongering to blame japan for it when its EVERYONE’S problem for whats happening to the oceans. Stop using plastic instead of being fear mongers on the internet about radiation.

  • Where do you buy your crack, it’s some great stuff your getting?

  • Conjoined twins has been born in all species, including the human species throughout history. This is nothing new.

    Conjoined human twins have existed long before men started playing with radioactive materials.

  • why are all of you good people beating around the bush and talking about this messed up stuff every day trying to sympathize with yourself. Go get them! You all have talked enough! Let the people who don’t understand be blind, but not you – the good people! There is no use in talk, get rid of them!

  • Firstly, conjoined twins don’t happen to whales. Ever. So obviously the pictures are a conspiracy that everybody from the 3 year oplds at the beach, to the beach cleaners and all the sun bathers, surfers, and photographers, plus the other hundred people such as the people driving by and the local grocery keep, who all didn’t know each other must have agreed to take part in.
    Even if it were possible, it would require radioactivity or chemical teratogens to affect the deformity, and we all know there’s no radiation coming from Fukushima. So it must be that mommy whale took took many sleeping pills while she was pregnant. I mean, what else could it be?

  • WIld speculation? Such a cowardly comment to make and disable the reply button. Perhaps if one takes into consideration the melting starfish, tumor infested salmon deformed and missing shellfish , the frequent sightings of dolphins and sea lions, as welkl as otters and polar bears with bloody lesions and sores, whakles with large tumorous growths, sardines with black and green puslike contents in the intestines,, and I’m just scratching the surface, how could this be “wild speculation”. Especially as tepco has been admitting to levels opf plutonium release thousands of times higher than previously admitted, plus contaminated water releasing thousands of trillians of Beq per hour into the pacific for THREE YEARS!
    Wild speculation? If you think it’s so safe, move to Japan…

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