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Who Really Controls America? President Trump and America vs. the Deep State (Part 1)

Friday, April 6, 2018 9:52
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Who Really Controls America? President Trump and America vs. the Deep State (Part 1)

When John McCain and his merry band of criminal banksters, who tried to steal my land and that of 300 of my neighbors without compensation, I was not involved in the Independent Media. Since 2005, when I first began to write articles and 2007, when I obtained my first radio show and 2016 when I added my website and 2016 when I added my YouTube Channel, I was largely apolitical. However, the possibility of being bankrupted by a corrupt government can serve to wake one up. Since that time, I have written over 6,000 articles and produced over 3,000 videos. In that time, combined with my academic training, I have formed some opinions about who really runs America as well as what the implication are related to this control. In short, I would share that we are in for the fight for our very lives.

For the purposes of analysis, I have divided up the control mechanisms for our country into 10 different power structures. This analysis will consist of a three part analysis with Part One focusing entirely on control of the military and the media.

Generally, when we speak about who controls a country, we are talking about the following elements.

  1. Military
  2. Media
  3. Academia
  4. Elected Government
  5. Establishment (ie Deep State-Money and Power)
  6. The Spiritual Establishment
  7. The Hearts and Minds of the People (The Numbers Game)
  8. Core business establishment including banking
  9. Control of healthcare
  10. Control of food and water

In Part One, this article will analyze who controls America. As we see above, the control of a country can largely be broken down into 10 areas. A quick examination of who really has control of these 10 areas, will tell you a lot about where a country is headed. The purpose of this article is to provide an analysis of the first two parts of these 10 areas in an attempt to fully describe the nature of this country and who really controls America.

Operationally Defining Terms

Prior to providing an analysis of the power divide in America, it is important, for consistency’s sake, to provide some commonly agreed upon operational definitions of the various power structures that make up America.

  1. Mainstream America. This is the corporate controlled media.
  3. Independent Media. This is the new media made up of average people who have very little budget and historically, low penetration and reach.
  5. Deep State. These are people who serve in government whose loyalties predate the current administration. These are also the people with real power who control the government minions who do their bidding.


Who controls the military is a very complex question. Under Obama, the military was divided. Obama fired nearly 400 command officers. This is the same kind of purge performed by Stalin prior to WW II which significantly weakened the Russian military going into WW II. Trump inherited a very weakened, by design, American military. He has made great strides in re-establishing the strength of the military.

The Marines are clearly in the camp of Trump and he routinely uses them to provide secret service functions because the Secret Service is compromised from holdovers from the previous administrations. The Secret Service was compromised in 1963 and Trump has heeded this lesson history.

The Army is a mixed bag of loyalties. The upper echelon is beholding to the defense contractors and this makes them Deep State. However, the rank and file of the Army is clearly in Trump’s camp.

The Air Force is decidedly Deep State in its loyalties. This is why Trump has spoken openly about creating a new military branch consisting of the Space Command, the most powerful part of the Air Force. This is Trump’s strategy to negate the Deep State control of the Air Force.

The Navy is overwhelmingly loyal to the American people, most notably, the submarine fleet where so much of our powerful nuclear submarine fleet packs one of the most lethal punches of all of our military. The submarine fleet has their own code of conduct and uniforms. Obama was never able to gain control of the submarine fleet and he did not wrestle away their nuclear launch codes.

President Trump effectively controls most of the military and they are in turn, loyal to the American people. The good news for Trump supporters is that a military coup is unlikely at this time. And as long as Trump controls the military, short of assassination, the Deep State has to wait to 2020 to try and get him out of office, the old fashioned way, voter fraud. For the time-being, this is great news for the American people as a whole. However, as a caveat, the Joint Chief and the influences of the military-industrial complex, undoubtedly keeps Trump on his toes because they are entirely beholding to the Deep state.


The media used to be divided as 98% mainstream, establishment controlled media that overwhelmingly controlled people’s beliefs and values. The Independent Media controlled 2%. Today, because 65% of people are getting their news from digital sources, the Independent Media stole the 2016 election. This is why we are seeing the censorship backlash against the MSM where even 63% of Democrats see CNN as fake news. And in polls, it has been revealed 75% of America mistrusts the MSM!

The MSM has lost control of the narrative. This is why YouTube, Facebook and Twitter are trying to censor with every ounce in their being. Their efforts are backfiring. The more they censor and engage in fake news, the more America is truly awakening to the tyranny that has gripped the country for decades.

These developments have the Deep State in an absolute panic. This is what led Brzezinski to declare it is now easier, unlike before, easier to kill a million people instead of controlling a million people.

Censorship will only move the Independent Media to alternative sources of dispersing the news. People are fundamentally suckers for the truth and this is a war the MSM cannot win and this fatal mistake is why the Deep State has so much opposition.


In summary, two of the most important mechanisms for the control of a country, the military and the media are divided in terms of who is winning the power struggle between the people and the Deep State. However, on balance, the military is loyal to Trump with notable exceptions and the media is in absolute turmoil, but censorship has awakened millions of Americans and the attempted media manipulation is backfiring on the Deep State.

In Part Two, this series will analyze the nature of control for Academia, Elected Government and the control of the Establishment (i.e. Deep State).

At the end of this series, in Part 4, it will be possible to predict the strategies of the establishment of the Deep State vs. the people even down to the point where we can predict the nature of any future civil war, the strategies employed and who will ultimately win. Make no mistake about it, Civil War is where the country is undeniably headed.

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Total 8 comments
  • Rockledge

    The far bigger question is, who really controlls congress and the WhoreHouse.

  • diane

    I pray a civil war does not happen. Many of us would be killed, and in the end will right win? I have been fighting a small part of this war. The war of a targeted person, in a country of at least 3 million targeted people.

    This CIA, has been using MKULTrA methods on us for many years. Some like my daughter and myself have been innocent victims. Our politicians, and our CIA, and NSA so deeply involved. No one came to offer me help when I asked for it. Instead nothing, no help at all.

    No, these glorious elected officials simply turned away, if they were not already involved in it. Look at FaceBook look at Trumps usage of our data, what other data has he used? He broke the law using that data during the election. Truth will prevail in this time, truth will prevail. I hope I am wrong about Trump. Only time will tell.

    Good luck America we are going to need it. Good luck.

  • baba riley

    Agreed with Rockledge to a point, but is Congress even relevant anymore? Who has decided that we have a military presence (not including Embassy/Consular personnel) in over 100 countries? Connect the dots to Smedley Butler’s essay from 80 years ago and $21 trillion in unfunded money and you might have a grand idea of who is pulling strings.

    • Rockledge

      I think perhaps congress is irrelevant because they choose to be. If they can lay all the blame at the whorehouse door they avoid making bad points with the public come election time.

      If the republicans in congress would cooperate with President Trump a lot of the problems they claim to want to solve at election time could get solved.
      This cat and mouse nonsense of always being just a few votes shy with different republicans taking the fall every time is obvious.

  • Pink Slime

    Unfortunately, the governments of this world are attracted to the satanic power given to it as testified by Yahusha on his temptation. This explains the “dark” state and why routinely the most BASE of men are given it’s power. Many are weirdos, cruel men, rapist, serial adulterers and even some sodomites.

    Yes, many are UNFIT for office, but are routinely put in. And the results are utter devastation of a country. Some took a long time to seed, other showed in 8 years, know what I’m say’n?

    The conditions are flawed and one should not be surprised at the outcome. We are told to pray for our leaders, yet our leaders turn around and prey on us.

    • diane

      Thank you for sharing. Sometimes we feel as if know one other then ourselves get the problems within our country, and the president.

      We certainly have had a mixture of men as president. Sadly they have been all a disappointment since President Eisenhower. Again, thank you!

      • The Real Deal

        “Sometimes we feel as if know one other then ourselves get the problems within our country, and the president.”

        Lady, unless you’re talking about the real owners of this country, and what their plans are for Gentiles (Goyim), then you have no clue.

        Here’s some truth for you. It’s time to wake up.

  • Counter Analysis

    Whoever controls the hearts and minds of the people control whatever govt they live under or country they live in. This is true whether the hearts and minds are controlled by fear and intimidation, or inspiration. Sometimes, just maybe, the people control their own hearts and minds. To prevent that from happening billions upon billions are invested into owning and propagandizing all sources of media and education with a special emphasis on hiding truth. But sometimes, just maybe, the people can discern the truth in spite of the lies and propaganda. Anytime the people receive truth by which they can control their own hearts and minds, it is almost certainly due to some brave people who risk their lives to bring them that truth. I believe all this is the crux of how Trump got elected against all odds.

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