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Why Has Barron Trump Been Isolated by His Parents?

Monday, November 21, 2016 19:03
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Rick London is the founder of Google & MSN’s #1 Ranked Offbeat Cartoons and Funny Gifts. His Webcomics site has 5000+ cartoons and 250,000+ cartoon gifts & has lured 8.7 million+ visitors.

Isolation Of Autistic and/Or Disabled Children: Who Will Be Elected To Live Alone On The Top Floor?


If anyone doubts that Trump will conduct war crimes, I assure you he will. Any parents who would isolate their disabled and/or Autistic child in an attic or solitary floor is creating a scapegoat. That will be Barron’s lifetime role. The torture it induces, neuropsychologists generally agree is similar to a captured soldier of war. Maybe this is why Trump thinks John McCain is “a loser” for being a prisoner of war. That’s a weakness, a strong message sent to Donald by his father Fred.

Being Autistic but somewhat high functioning in some areas, my social-climbing parents built an “attic bedroom” aka “isolation chamber” for me to live when I was 6 until the age of 17. I was “at war” with my family, and didn’t have a clue.

My cries usually went unheard. The worst part was the isolation (this same isolation has been banned for grown trained military every Geneva Convention). Like Barron, I was far away from the core family unit. It was important that other family members did not see or hear what was being told to me.

At age 6, when I cried for “an answer” as to why I couldn’t live normally with the rest of the family, the “excuse” was “I was a very smart/loved/creative child and “needed that kind of space”.


This is very similar behavior to what Melania Trump told Parenting Magazine regarding Barron alone on the top floor.

Truth is, they encouraged and finally endorsed my own siblings to bully me as did they. It was more of a warning. If they didn’t, they could be next.

Today I learned that Barron Trump is probably Autistic. This was no surprise to me as I could see many common traits.

I also learned that he, too, is being isolated on his own floor at Trump Tower (with Melania on the floor below him) according to Melania’s interview in Parenting Magazine.

I was an embarrassment to them and inconvenience as I imagine is Barron to his. I was gaslighted by my parents in the “isolation chamber” as they were creating a “human garbage can” aka “Identified Patient” (a black sheep was born); Black Sheeps don’t just happen contrary to popular belief, they are created by NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disordered) parents. Autistics and/or other disabled are usually chosen to be the “black sheep” bad kid.

My prediction is they will have one or two more children but they will be “golden children”, and Barron will often be compared to them and everything that goes wrong in the Trump’s life will be Barron’s fault.


A lot of press is now coming out about Barron’s plight. The very fact that he would live in the White House and leave his son is beyond cruel. It is true torture. He is a “prisoner of war” at Trump Tower.

I don’t like the word “Symptoms” as Autism is not a disease but a condition, but here is a video that shows it, and GOPs shouting at him for “misbehaving”. Running for office is probably the cruelest thing one could do to their son, moving him alone to a large floor is beyond cruel.

Trump is also a “vaxxer” believing the already debunked crap that vaccines cause Autism. Michaelangelo, Isaac Newton, Beethoven, Jefferson, Mark Twain, and many others had it (before vaccines were invented).


It makes Trump’s non-apology to the disabled reporter even that much more repulsive. He is truly a sociopath. A “father” who does not defend his disabled child from abuse is not worthy of description. A mother/apologist who agrees with “Dad” is not any better.

I post this not as a “feel sorry for me” as I’ve told my story before. I don’t feel smarter than anyone else for “recognizing it”. My wife also recognized it before I did (in Barron’s case too…I only suspected it).

This is a “get ready for a rough ride”. When NPD parents will do this to their children, what in the hell will they do to those not related to them.

Rick London is Autistic and founder of Londons Times Offbeat Cartoons & Funny Gifts 

Londons Times Cartoons
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Verified Twitter Account: @RickLondon


BIN NOTE: If by now you haven’t figured out that Facebook and Google are in cahoots with the corrupt government, then I feel for you, but for those who are well aware of the issues it’s high time you switched over to It is a website that is similar to Facebook but without all the censorship.


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    Sick bitch! Take your sick assault on a kid and go shove it up your collective sick *ss! I hope BIN bans you for posting this sick dribble. Have you leftist freaks no low you won’t stoop to? Leave the kid alone. Damn! Ain’t none of your business – anything to do with the kid. Don’t talk about him, don’t make up crap about him. He’s got enough stress being the son of a president. You wanna talk about autism or children with special needs, go find one that really has it and write a story about them.

    • Josie

      I agree, that was an ugly story. He is a beautiful young man.

    • Wheezl

      I totally agree! What in the f$$$ is this!!!?

    • GWNguy

      100% agree!!!

    • 1 darkstar

      Agreed. The author is autistic and therefore ASSUMES that Barron is autistic.


    I have reported this story and the contributor to BIN. Please take a moment and do the same. One voice has little value but many might be heard. Hate Trump all you want but do not post sick crap like this. It’s just so low and sick I can’t even put words on it.

    Report them here:

    • 1 darkstar

      I don’t think that the author meant to be low, he is just PROJECTING.

    • Anonymous

      I dont think that the author is autistic, he seems to be too conniving, I think that he is a trouble-maker
      just hoping to start ( or stir up) a conversation with someone (s) the likes of himself. Dont put any energy in this for him to continue on. Just tell him ‘thanks’, and move on. But really, who asked him for an opinion on Barron for that matter? Stupse!!!


    Another hot steaming pile of shit.

  • Gibbs

    This story is utter garbage, written by a moron. That kid is so loved, and he is never alone.

    • True News

      Great to see our commenters standing up for Barron. He seems like a great kid!

  • oncefired

    Me Thinks the Writer that penned this one has a definite Drug Problem and mostly likely doubled his dose before Writing it!

  • Communist Propaganda is Putin Me to Sleep

    No facts, what a waste of time. I hope Barron has a great life and feels free to do whatever he wants to do in the future.

  • gottaluvitt

    The poor kid was probably scared to death of all of the people there and really didn’t know how to he was suppose to act. not everyone can be in front of thousands of people and feel comfortable. Give the kid a break, and so what if he is autistic.

  • kom

    I wish my parents had isolated me from my 8 younger siblings get over it ya fucking pantywaste
    Sick of all the fuckin crybabies!!

  • Bunker Radio

    What a scum bag fool you are London Times Cartoons, you have managed to offend us here and so we are not going to forget this. Why don’t you be constructive and make fun of the pedophiles run rampant in your government in the UK, we here they might even go all the way up to your Royalty? You got allot to say here don’t you? Actually you are not contributing much to anyone so move on find another job.

  • tessla

    More dribble from George Soros. Isn’t he dead yet? Or is this just another minion from the Clinton foundation or BLM. Get a job Looney Toon

  • Mayhem

    From the article…

    “Running for office is probably the cruelest thing one could do to their son,”

    … which begs the question was Obama running for office different for Malia and Sasha and if so how is that not grade A sexism?

    Further more young master Trump is what 10 yrs old, sheesh, cut the kid some slack will ya?

  • Anonymous

    A unverified sick hoax story like this most likely written by Hitlary’s gangsters gives a very bad name for BIN “fake news”. I think you should immediately remove it.

  • DemoCRAPS

    Another fake news columnist. Targeting a defenseless autistic kid like pedophile leftists racists do. Barron Trump will grow up to be an intelligent, successful, charitable and kind hearted young man.

    Go back to your mother’s basement so a real journalist who NEEDS A JOB can replace you.

  • oh brother


  • oh brother


  • Eggzactly

    Provide Proof or Evidence OR PULL YOUR GARBAGE POSTED NONSENSE! :mad:

  • Pinto Beans


  • 1 darkstar

    The fact that vaccines cause problems is not debunked.

    • Brandon

      MSM Enough Said! And Vaccines are NO GOOD!

      • Sean

        If you think Vaccines aren’t any good , don’t look into Chemtrails then 24/7

  • Room With a View

    Yep, lets focus on this little boy who sleeps in his own bed every night under the care of loving parents. Really we need to because all this Pizzagate stuff and children being tortured and raped in the basement of a pizza joint frequented by statanists and politicians, that is too nasty. It does not fit with our candy cotton fluffy bunny love and tolerance we expect from people in an ‘evolved’ society. Yes, we must get our priorities straight.

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