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Dave Hodges’ Message to Glenn Beck

Friday, September 23, 2016 12:11
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Dave Hodges’ Message to Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck was one of the pillars of the truth movement. His TV show on Fox News was the most exciting show of its type in TV history.

Beck confronted everyone from Rockefeller to Obama with an uncommon boldness.

I am not much of a TV watcher, but I used tape every one of his shows. Then, there was the turning point. Glenn announced he was going to do a show on FEMA camps and it sounded ominous. However, he never did the show and became critical of anyone who saw the issue of FEMA camps as being important

My reason for pointing out these things is not to criticize Glenn Beck, but to encourage him. Glenn Beck is a gifted broadcaster but his support of Ted Cruz, despite all the revelations, was disturbing.

We live in a time of unparalleled horrors. Our future could be filled with hope and promise or, it could be filled with horror and extreme tragedy. This is the time for all good men to stand up and be counted.

In these troubled times, we need all hands on deck.  Here is my message to Glenn Beck


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  • I knew GB was losing it when he refused to criticize the Negro several years ago and lambasted Mitt Romney instead. Who threatened him I thought? Or did he make a deal with the Devil?

    That’s the only way I can explain it. :twisted:

  • b4

    rumor is that he is back to drinking

    • If GB is drinking, his comments are useless.

  • Glenn is going into too many directions, he is looking for this or that and gets lost along the way. He needs to just go back to who he is..let others do the story telling, the history..our country is in danger.

  • A message to both of them: You both suck.

    • You sure do have pretty lips. Just saying. TBBP. DGIT.

  • One zio-fag to anther. Add Alex Hicks, presto you have a zio-fag orgee. TBBP. DGIT.

  • At every turn you just cant stop insulting Ted Cruz can you or big mouth Stew or Texe or Gordie or Glenn C. You need better friends. So sick of the lies. There was NOTHING disturbing about Beck supporting the amazing Ted Cruz. A far superior and honest man in comparison to anyone in this 2016 arena. The great Constitutional conservative fighting at every turn to protect OUR freedom. And you and your friends are too stupid to see it.

  • Actually Beck had some shill on from Popular Mechanics and the ‘debunked’ the FEMA camp concept. Of course that was a put up job. The footage is at the end of CAMP FEMA (Mike Franchi/William Lewis). Then Beck and the PM guy basically made a joke of anyone who thought there were actual FEMA camps. Beck sold his soul or was told how it was going to be if he wanted to stay plugged into the money spigot.

    I think most of these guys have turned the patriot/truth movement into a business for themselves. I’d really like to see more people work for a living and donate their time to liberty. There are quite a few that are; and they’re easy to find. They’re statesmen/women and public servants in the true sense of the word. We don’t even realize how far we have fallen.

  • Glenn Beck has taken “the Mark” somewhere along the line, and all of us (former) listeners could detect it very clearly. There is hardly a product out there that is not buying Beck’s endorsement, and hardly a media field he is not trying to produce in. He has become like a whore with allegiance available for the asking. His anger, raves, and rants are too tiring to continue to contend with and seemed to parallel the financial failures that made news in the media of his “empires”. Then, establishment hit men entered his life and made all the boo boos go away, with most all of his loyal employees. And those of us who he awakened understand why that is. Many entertainers have paid that same eternal price for their fame or fortune. And Glenn reeks from it–physically, mentally, and spiritually. So, do not expect any meaningful conspiracies to be unveiled or expounded upon any longer. Glenn is all for himself. Again.

  • I think that there is a real possibility that GB is a tool of the JE$UITS like Alex J0nes. I used to watch Beck, first when he was at CNN and later when he had his show on Foax. Back then I was much more ignorant about the ways of the world and the NW0 power structure. It seemed like he really knew what he was talking about, he had everything story boarded on his black boards and it all seemed very convincing. The problem is in regard to his research on the NW0, he would take it everywhere except where it needed to go which is in the direction of the R0man cath0lic church, */atican and the JE$UITS. Beck would go on and on for hours and days about Van J0nes and the Ap0ll0 Alliance or Ge0rge Bernard Shaw and the Fabian S0cialists, Cl0ward and Piven, Ge0rge S0r0s BLAH BLAH BLAH. Of Course if he would have fingered the */atican and the JE$UITS as the real force behind the NW0, he would have been shut down immediately. I haven’t paid a bit of attention to him since he went off the air at Foax. He is not alternative media as far as I’m concerned, the Blaze, Drudge report, Breitbart, all sort of cater to the same crowd of conservatives that want their news sort of in between Alt. and MSM. As far as the Beck- JE$UIT connection goes, there IS a real connection, first of all he was raised R0man cath0lic and attended a R0man cath0lic school in Mount Vernon Washington and later attended a JE$UIT prep school Puyallup WA. Now I know that he converted to m0rmonism, but he like many other JE$UIT educated people seem to always avoid talking about having been JE$UIT educated, and it’s interesting how these people seem to always rise to the top of politics, media and business positions like cream.

  • Amen, I used to subscribe to Glenn’s web site and listened to him on the radio but he changed and I quit listening to him. One of the main reason is he is always bad mouthing Trump like he is obsessed with him. I think he thinks Trump snubbed him and he can’t get over it. I think he lost a lot of listener’s. He also got caught up and so involved with his theme park or whatever it was he was building. He just lost his appeal….

  • The best of people can be threatened into subjugation. Threatened with death, death is not the worst thing that can happen to someone. They can be told that they will watch their loved ones go first – after being raped and tortured. This will be proved to them, starting with their pets and then their grandchildren and then their children. Of course, the object is to not just silence the targeted individual, but to provide an object lesson to anyone who might follow in his/her footsteps. I suspect many good people have been silenced in this way.

  • Glenn Beck, and Michelle Bachman, are CIA paid control operatives! The guy who’s motto was “question with boldness”, was the last thing he wanted you to do if you dare question our govts role in 9/11! Mr. “question with boldness” Beck but you are a tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy nut if you dare question Sandy Hook Hoax or the impossible and immediate explosion of conveniently timed mass shootings that were happening in progressive runned handful of States right after the 2012 re-election of Obama! Oh, and Mr. Question With Boldness shows how Acorn helped rig the election for Democrats in 2008, BUT the day after the 2012 elections that left everyone stunned how Obama could pull off the impossible that no other president with such high unemployment could pull off was won without voter fraud playing any role despite 99 precincts in Ohio alone showed 99.9999% voted for Obama! Beck came out in almost congratulatory form telling his followers that Obama won fair and square despit reports of democrats bussing illegals and paying off people to vote straight democrat tickets!!!

    Beck is a paid shill! He’s made millions off trusting conservatives, when all along he was working for the CIA (thus why he has known CIA on his staff as well as former huff post writers)! He’s a con man and traitor!

  • This would be the Glen Beck (nice Jewish boy) who showed up at the US-Mexican border with a Teddy Bear to greet the Central American children the US government was bringing into the country at US taxpayer’s expense.

    Glen Beck is solid Controlled Opposition and he always will be. Dump him now!

  • Why Did Fox Terminate Glenn Beck?

  • Glen Beck showed up at the US-Mexican border with a Teddy-Bear to welcome the Central American children the treasonous Obama administration was transporting to America at US taxpayer’s expense. Beck is completely Controlled Opposition, has always been and will always be, period.
    Fox News is no better than CNN. They tell the same lies and are controlled by the same bankers. Wake up!

  • I used to the Glenn Beck program was the greatest thing ever. Then the Blaze hit he internet and was even better. Then Mr. beck started doing strange things like putting an obama bobble head in a bottle of piss. Then he comes out and says that it is “Fake Pee”. Well that really made it okay then,,,NOT! It was juvenile, disgusting and well below the standard of what considered a acceptable. Then the gaffes kept coming and coming. Smashing Cheeto’s in a bowl and rolling his face in it in an attempt to make his face the color of Donald Trump. That was completely ridiculous and not what his audience wanted to see. He had plenty of things he criticize Mr. Trump over that could have been done in an adult manner. I may have disagreed but at least i would have respected him. So as Glenn Beck’s audience begin to leave in droves Mr. Beck became even more unhinged. Beck’s audience was right to follow him in the beginning and they are right to leave him now that he has chosen to take a different and unfruitful path. I suspect that the fate of Glenn Beck will be tragic.

  • No question about it, Beck wants to stay alive! Don’t know if he was threatened or if he had a personal come to Jesus moment, but I noticed some time ago that he was light footing it round certain issues! Jesse Ventura, loudmouth, meal worm that he was and is, tore into the FEMA camp issue before he was dumped by the network he was on! He was right on the money! I have never seen a FEMA camp, but I don’t think have ever seen have Lord either. I don’t doubt His existence, though! Evidence to support the existence of the camps is overwhelming, and the more they deny, the stronger the case FOR them becomes! Obama is being proven t be a liar more every day, why would ANYONE believe anything the gov’t says?

    Beck is scared, plain and simple, with good reason! It’s easy to be a patriot when all is well, the money is rolling ion and everyone likes you. Much harder when the chips are down. I think someone once called people like this Sunshine Patriots, or front porch commandos!

  • GB claimed to have a brain tumor or something… that he was dying.
    Any thing coming out of his mouth is highly suspect.

  • Glenn Beck has always been a Zionist shill boy. He attacked anyone who questioned 9/11…..anyone who recorded his shows is a moron or a company man.

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