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These people are brutal, and need to go to jail, Chinese, Iranians, and Our Own Citizens Target American Citizens; are you shocked?

Thursday, November 3, 2016 21:04
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These people are brutal, and need to go to jail!

Chinese, Iranians, and Our Own Citizens Target American Citizens; are you shocked?

Among all of the celebrations on Tuesday November 8, 2016, whomever wins to become our 45th President Of the United States of America, I can only hope and pray that this new president and either his or her’s Administration will look at my serious problem as being a targeted american today.  Of course, I want all targeted americans to be helped. We Americans have a serious problem on our hands today as a nation.  Our president must come up to the plate, we can not continue to turn our backs on this seruous issue of TI, in the  United States today. Here is my story for the last 2 1/2 years in the America as a TI.

No one ever thinks being a targeted individual could happen to themselves. It happens to other people not me. Still, thousands of Americans are being targeted today right here in the United States of America.

 I am a sixty nine year old woman, born in Upper State New York, in area known as the North Country.  Here I was orphaned at age six.  My dad died of a blood clot hitting the heart after surgery when I five years old.  My mother became ill with in a year and was unable to care for us.  I was raised by an elderly grandmother and then two different foster homes.  You must be saying to yourself it wasn’t easy, to you my dear reader it wasn’t.  I  missed my family very much, and that loss has affected me in numerous ways over the years. But, somehow I struggled, went to therapy, started meditating, and stopped social drinking at age 32.

I graduated from high school, and turned 18 in the same month.  With a few dollars in my pocket, and small trunk with my few belongings I went off to warmer weather.  I went to Florida.  Here, I stayed with an older brother for two weeks.  I found  a wonderful roommate, a young teacher who had just graduated from college, and was in her first year of teaching.  God, was really looking out for me, way back then, for he gave me such a wonderful friend, and roommate. 

I stayed there for a year, and when unable to find a job, I relocated, eventually ending up in Southern California. Here I met and married a Four Star Admiral’s son. His mother, and father were wonderful, and accepted this third daughter inlaw warmly into their family.  I was their sons third wife by the time he was only 27 being a terribly immature 19 when I met him, and I made the mistake of marrying him.  I wanted a family, and I certainly found a great family.  The trouble is my husband physically abused me for the total 10 years of our marriage.

It was a crazy marraige, I was living through the late 1960′s, bell bottom pants, marijuana which my husband loved. I tried it, but it wasn’t for me. His father the Admiral knew, and never approved.  Eventually my daughter shared her grandtathers rath about her Dad’s smoking habit with me.  So even with my former husband’s secrecy from admitting that he smoked marijuana from his Dad, Dad knew.

After the divorce, I went back to the career I had during my marriage, as a dental assistant. I continued working as a dental assistant for another twenty plus years. 

At age 27, my daughter came to acquire a severe form of MS. Sammie, was given three years to live, but with her determination, and will to live she lived until she was 39.  In 2010, after a long hard illness, no longer able to speak, hear, see, or eat Sammie past on to heaven.  I miss her, whenever I hear a young woman say, “mom”, I stop, and listen and hear Sammie calling out to me.

Did life get any easier after the tragic death of my daughter. I must say no, I now wonder if I haven’t been a target individual since I left my former husband?  Still, even with the  ruptured appendix, and the bloated sore tummy I thought all was normal. I was just getting older. 

Until the day I realized my food was being tampered by the business partner.  Then my life partner, and I  moved a few miles away renting an apt in the neighborhood of million dollar homes, in a now Iranian neighborhood.  I have since been informed of Iranian gang activity focusing on credit card fraud as well as real estate fraud schemes.

This move did not make a difference, in fact this time, the real nightmare begins.

Robberies , chemical agents dumped into our apartment, through a kitchen vent, and a continuation of our food being tempered with. All this  along with the 24 hours a day stalking.  Our car is oblivously monitored.  On our vacation in 2014 on Christmas Eve a car went into our bedroom in our vacation rental.  Now, Monterey, is about 375 miles from where we live in LA County.  So this gang, had some wide tenticles and money to be able to set up the monitoring and ultimate car accident coming into the wall of our bedroom in the guest unit.

We cut the vacation short, and arrived home on December 26, 2014. Did these thugs quiet down, not by a long shot. It simply escalated. The organized  assault on us was simply racheted up. They started using EMF’s. Some people such as myself our very sensitive to this radiation. I hired and electronic engineer, and have the proof of the EMF.

The following day, my life partner, and myself took action, we drove miles over Los Angeles County where we found mylar paper, along with a few cans of paint I had bought, we were able to prevent much of the EMF’s from entering our aptartment.  Aluminum foil will also work. These methods require proper grounding to be effedtive, typically the ‘earth ground of an electrical socket will do nicely. 

This continued then with chemicals being dumped through our kitchen vent in to our apartment.  I had severe pain in my body as a result. 

Last spring, my business partner died of cancer. We moved back into the condo, but nothing ever stopped. The following continued, This time using our bathrrom vents, in the bathroom, and kitchen as a dumping ground for their  chemicals.

I persistently have tried to get help with my problem. Putting it on line and even attempting to get help from our politicians to no avail.  No,help from anyone, as the gang racheted up their war on me.  Now, with Bio Warfare. Spraying crap filled with probably pesicides, fungi, and parasites.

Doctors have basically been eliminated for me.  In Jan. 2016, I went to a chiropractor, where he proceeded to make my ailment worse.  While in his office inferring to my life partner who was in the room that I was a prositute.  Amazing isn’t what a gang can do to another human beings body, and reputation.

But, now I need to back track readers a bit to the spring of 2015.  April, of this year I decided to have plastic surgery done, I wanted to feel better about myself.  Being an older woman, I had a face lift done.  By, the son of a former plastic surgeon whom I had known before he past.  I thought I would be in good hands.  For his Dad had asked me to be his son’s patient after he was no longer here.

The day before the surgery, when I went to say a prayer, at the blessed Virgin, and St. Jude. Two women were there with their camera’s. Taking pictures of me as I entered the church.

The following day, before the surgery I told the doctor, I had been stalked for the last eight months. He did not say, anything in reply. The surgery was brutal. Lack of medication, the doctor bragged that I was awake for not an hour, but three hours.  The pain was horrible.  When I needed help because I need to go to the bathroom, he  ignored my need for help. He let me simply lay in my feces for three hours.

The post operative experience was just as gruesome.  I was left in a chair without any help.  I needed a blanket, and water.  None of this was offered until my life partner arrived to take me home.  Then all of a sudden I now had a blanket and water.  The worst part of the post operative experience was a “crown of thorns” like device that these people placed directly on the sutures.  This without a doubt was the most horrendous experience I have ever experienced.  I did not deserve this!

Later, that night after the surgery, I was unable to hear. There was dried blood impacting both of my ears, it took the doctor and his assistant 4 hours in the emergency room to remove all of the dry blood from my ears.

I saw this doctor two more times. I was so afraid of him. But, I did tell him both times to go to the police.  Which he never did. 

Two months later, after 6 weeks of a bad cold, I realized that he had left an implant on my chest bone. Apparently the impacted blood in my ears were the result trying to shove this device on to my chest.  It is 1 1/4 inches oval. I have had three seperate x-rays of chest area.  None of these x-rays were the same, nor were they of my body.  The three x-rays indicate differing stages of osteoporosis, I do not have osteoporosis. Alternatively, I did have a thermagram done and it shows something foriegn being there. 

Fast forward to more recent events, I had a major real estate company do a comparable market value report on the condo. Interesting it showed that my now deceased partner had bought into the condo the month I bought it in 1994. The county shows I purchased it solely. Is that not strange?

Also it appears that someone may have taken life insurance policy on me in 2014. It shows I died in the fall of 2014.

Another piece of paperwork is in the puzzle of paperwork in the audio if you have not already seen all of it, Wells Fargo is changing the account number on my loan after all these years.  I thought perhaps a new buyer for mortgage paper, but thats not it, Wells is not selling the loan. Even Wells Fargo employees find this unusual.

Personally, I think there has been tremendous looting of our condo’s, via the board and a gang of thugs. This building generates over a million dollars in income. They have not painted or done work on the property in 22 years. Where did all the money go?

We suddely had a tremendous influx of Chinese in approximately 2009.  They had some major foreclosures of homes, and they were never brought out to market for the Americans to buy.  No signs, simply all of a sudden we had all of these vacant homes belonging to all these Chinese.  They simply came out of no where.  I went to Congressman Brad Sherman’s Town Hall Meeting one afternoon in 2010, a valley real estate agent asked Mr.Sherman, why the real estate offices were not getting these listings. He told her she had enough to sell, and forget about these foreclosures.  Recently, I found out the rules of ownership have been violated in the complex, and that there are big investors involved in owning multiple units. Many of them are Chinese investors.

Over the last 10 years, I have discovered many Chinese, have broken the rule within the complex of having more then 10 percent rental to owner occupation ratio in this condminium complex. The management company states we are at 50%.

These two hundred units sit on five acres of land. The way they cram these units on land today, can you imagine what they can build today. 

These people are brutal, and need to go to jail!

D G Wendt

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