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Military Control of Washington via Obama Arrest, POTUS Theft from Trump, an NWO Scenario

Thursday, January 5, 2017 12:06
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A possible scenario is that Obama, aka Barry Soetoro, is privately given the go ahead to remain in office after January 20, 2017, and then double-crossed, with the military arresting him for remaining in office – and at or around the  same time the military does so, the NWO pulls off a false flag of sufficient magnitude to justify bringing the nation military martial law so that the military that arrests Obama then takes control of the federal government.  


The rulers of the US military have been doing their ISIS thing, they did their 9/11 thing and they are not going to be thwarted by Trump the casino/real estate billionaire coming into office as president expecting to bring USA back to the days of economic prosperity for the middle class.   The NWO intends to further impoverish the US middle class, to trash the US economy.  


Trash the UK and European economies too, and re-Nazify Germany and turn the Nazis loose on Europe.  Terrorism, disease and famine, mass deaths is the NWO’s plan for the common people of USA, UK and Europe.   A lot of pundits claim that Brexit was a blow to the NWO, a populist thing.   If that is the case, why did the NWO not jump on the opportunity to overturn Brexit?  British PM Theresa May’s administration came against in Court those who sought to have the British parliament vote on Brexit before proceeding with invoking Article 50 of the European Union Treaty, which is the process of the UK formally extracting itself from the European Union.    If Brexit was not desired by the NWO, they could have overturned the vote, as the majority of the members of the British parliament would have rejected Brexit.  But the NWO refused to allow parliament to vote yes or no on Brexit.   Brexit is what the NWO wanted, and what they got.   Pundits are also lauding the movements of other European nations to secede from the EU Treaty, and yet behind these movements is the NWO as part of their plan to bring down USA, UK and Europe economically, and cause social chaos. 


And so Brexit is part of the bringing down of UK economically, as the NWO desires.  After all, the NWO aim is that China is to be made the economic engine of the world, and USA, UK and Europe to be the cabooses to China’s engine.   But not only the economic engine, but also China is to dictate world policy, as the USA now dictates world policy.   The USA shadow government is what dictates world policy and policy in the USA , and they would do the same in China to the degree China allows them, and they want, unnegotiably, full control of China’s currency.  But if China refuses to let the NWO have its way, the NWO intends to use the military of the USA, UK, Japan, South Korea and Europe to fight China.  North Korea’s nukes are the possession of the NWO, as Vatican’s Knights Templars of Switzerland are the true controllers of NK.  Switzerland was founded by the KT’s in 1291.  Switzerland houses the central bank of western central banks, the Bank for International Settlements, which sets the banking rules.   The NWO vision is of the Vatican and her Swissy Knights Templar do control the central banks of the west.


The NWO visionaries planned and had their minions carry out the destruction of the New York world trade center buildings, which was the kick off to the US/Nato wars in the Middle East and the never-ending war on terror, as the NWO plan is to diminish USA, UK and Europe in the world and make China the imperial power of the world.     USA, UK and Europe are to be Nazified under the NWO plan.  An ever encroaching police state around the people of those nations in the name of protection from terrorism.   The taking away of freedoms in the pursuit of ‘security’ from terrorists.   Also, the climate change hoax is another avernue of control the NWO intends to bring on the people, which will also serve to diminsh them.  Since the NWO visionaries have the knowledge of how to bring about adverse weather conditions, including droughts, they intend to use that knowledge to force populations off their lands and concentrate the people in cities.  California was on course for that, and the migration would have begun under a Hillary Clinton presidency.


The NWO has quickly back-tracked on their planned forced mass migration of Californians, which would have been made necessary due to the NWO-imposed drought on California.  In October 2016, more rain fell in California than the previous three decades.  The knowledge of how to bring about drought, and how to relieve drought is in the possession of the NWO.    The NWO cannot do that forced migration now because the NWO knows they must fight Russia, and possibly China too.    


Russia’s president Putin was not always outside the favor of the NWO, but is now and has been for a while.  What Putin did to the NWO in Syria is devastating to the NWO and the NWO figures Russia must be taken down, being Putin has made his nation an obstacle to the NWO’s world control mission.

The NWO emanates from the Vatican, and there are many in power that are in league with the Vatican, including Obama aka Barry Soetoro.   Soetoro has said that he is the most Catholic president ever, and that means he does whatever the Vatican wants him to do.  Clinton would have followed the Vatican’s wishes as well.   The Vatican is pro One China Policy, which entails among other things, that Taiwan is China’s possession.  Trump called Taiwan’s president, something Soetoro and Clinton would have never done.   China was angered that Trump called Taiwan’s president.


Can the NWO deliver for China the One China Policy and can the NWO disarm the people of the USA, which China wants done?   Can the NWO deliver for China that economic engine position still when Trump seeks to bring back the US manufacturing base that was handed to China by the US shadow government?   Can the NWO deliver for China disarming of the US population, when Trump is pro-Second Amendment right to own weapons?  Can the NWO deliver for China usurption of Washington consensus with Beijing consensus?   Not with Trump as president, the NWO cannot deliver on any of those things.  China sees the NWO not having the grand power they claim to have, being that Trump was elected president and not Hillary Clinton.   Now China sees Trump stacking his administration with people who are anti-China in regards to trade policies; they will not grant China that power that the NWO seeks to grant to China.  


The NWO is wooing China to take the imperialist seat the NWO is offering them, and they have handed a lot of the USA manufacturing base to China, something that began under the Nixon administration, as part of that wooing.  A Trump presidency means that the NWO cannot continue to deliver USA into the hands of China.   And so the NWO must make its desperate move to prevent such a thing from occurring.


What that move will be, it will soon be known.   I speculate here one way they may do it, as stated above.   If Soetoro remains in office when Trump is supposed to take that office, then expect he shall be removed from office by the military and the military takes over the federal government, Trump never given the office.   


The US intelligence agencies are before Congress January 5, 2017 to make their case that Russia threw the US election to Trump, and the allegation is thrown out by the NWO that Trump is beholden to Putin.   The NWO says that Putin is a thug.   Trump is going to be made out to be unfit to take the office of president because he refuses to heed US intelligence agencies regarding Putin/Russia and because he is made out to be a Russian agent or unduly influenced by Putin to a degree that is threatening US national security.   The groundwork is being laid for the scenario that Soetoro is privately told by the US shadow government to remain in office beyond his term, because US intelligence agencies fear Trump is a Russian agent, a Putin lap dog – and then the NWO double-crosses Soetoro having the military arrest him; and then a false flag event of sufficient magnitude to justify the military taking over the Federal government.   So once the military takes the move of arresting Soetoro, they remain in control of government by decree of nation-wide military martial law as a result of a false flag event.  Then it is world war three, with USA and its allies fighting Russia, and China. 


The USA military might will not withstand.  Russia will take over European nations and China will occupy the Middle East for a time.  This is when the Jews of God get their Jerusalem Temple back (Daniel 11:14-19).

The Temple services shall resume in accordance with the Torah.    After a few years, the Vatican (from which emanates the NWO vision) gets a king to do its bidding.  So the king and his army enter the Middle East peaceably, even making a legal agreement with the powers there, but the king breaks the agreement and his army does ransack the Temple, causing the Temple sacrifices to cease and sets up an abomination in the Temple.   Once the abomination is set up in the Temple, the Lord says to flee to the mountains (Matthew 24:15), because the wrath of God is imminent (Rev. 6:12-17).   


And there is another thing that occurs at that time, the gospel of Christ is given as a witness to all nations (Matthew 24:14).   The gospel of Jew of Satan Pharisee Paul has already been witnessed to all nations, for quite some time now.    It is Jews of the Lord who shall witness to the nations the testimony of Christ:


Daniel 11:33  And those that understand among the people shall instruct many ….


Note that this ‘instructing of many’ occurs just before the end.  The end being when God begins his judgment unto victory.  Once God’s judgment of the world begins, it ends with the kingdoms of this world becoming the kingdoms of the Lord; and then it is everlasting righteousness and justice, as the Lord rules the world.    Daniel 11:33 occurs when the vile king and his army (doing the bidding of the Vatican) are committing murder and mayhem in the Middle East, including murdering and capturing Jews of the Lord.  Daniel 11:36-45 are speaking of that vile king, with Daniel 11:45 stating the vile king dies.


Next is Daniel 12:1, and Daniel 12:1 is Revelation 6:12-17, the beginning of God’s judgment of the world that ends with this world becoming ruled by the Lord.   


Matthew 24:14  And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached as a witness to all nations and then the end shall come.


That preaching of the gospel of the kingdom is in Daniel 11:33, the understanding that is witnessed to many before the end comes.


The Christian Paul convert dogs can never understand, being that they among the wicked. The wicked never understand (Daniel 12:10).   The children of Hell Paul converts believe in Pharisee forgeries 1 and 2 Peter, and they believe in man of Satan anti-Christ Paul.  Paul tells them the good people are raptured off the earth (1 Thessalonians 4:16-17, 2 Peter Ch. 3).  The Lord says the evil people are raptured off the earth and the good people are left on earth to inherit it:

Matthew 13:41   The Son of God shall send forth his angels who shall remove all evil people and all offensive things from the earth


Matthew 5:5  The meek [good people] shall inherit the earth.


Awaiting the Lord removing all evil people from the earth, and all offensive things.  Until then, it is as the Lord says:


Revelation 22:11   Let him that is filthy be filthy still and let him that is unjust be unjust still.  And let him that is righteous be righteous still and let him that is holy be holy still.


Of course, the dog Paul converts, which includes CIA Alex Jones, claim it is God’s will that his people stand up to tyrants.  That is a lie because the Lord says evil people are not cut down by God until the Lord sends judgment unto victory.  Gone are the days of the prophets preaching ‘repent or wrath’ (Matthew 11:13).  The message of John the Baptist and the Lord is to repent because … the kingdom of God is coming.  Not until the kingdom of God comes does the Lord cut down the wicked, every single one of them to be taken off the earth. The Lord says evil people and good people are to exist until the harvest (Matthew 13:30).  The harvest is as stated above, when the angels remove all evil people from the earth (see also Isaiah 66:17).   Until then, there is no wrath of God upon evil people – as the Lord says:


Matthew 13:30  Let the good people and the evil people coexist until the harvest.


The good people have no need for a world that accepts them, they know the world hates them.  But the evil Christian Paul converts needs a world that accepts them because they operate church altars, and must have approval of the powers-that-be to have their church buildings.  And a large portion of this world loves Christendom, and the world does embrace Christendom.   


But the world does not embrace the Jews of God or those Gentiles who espouse belief in the Lord and disbelief in liar Pharisee Paul:


Romans 3:7   If the truth of God is being spread by my lie, why am I judged a sinner


1 John 2:21   … NO LIE IS OF THE TRUTH


And so the founder of the church altar, church masters and church lay is judged a sinner because he teaches LIES!


Revelation 22:15  For without are dogs … whosoever loves or makes a lie


Matthew 7:22-23  Many shall say to me in that day, but Lord Lord, we did many wonderful works in  your name … And I shall tell them, I never knew you.  Depart from me, workers of lawlessness.


The Christians claim to obey the Lord, but the one they obey is Pharisee Paul the anti-Christ.  And the Lord calls them ‘workers of lawlessness’, because that is what their master teaches, no more law of God:


Romans 8:2  For the law of the spirit of life in Jesus Christ freed me from the  law of sin and death.
The “law of sin and death” is anti-Christ Paul’s euphemism for God’s commandments:


2 Corinthians 3:7  Death, written in stone ….


But the Lord says of his law:


Revelation 22:14  Blessed are those who do God’s commandments ….


The risen and ascended into heaven Son of God is in John’s Book of Revelation, and the 325 AD Council of Nicaea altered parts of that writing.  But they did not alter the doctrine of that writing so that the risen and ascended into heaven Son of God speaks the same doctrine as he did on earth, teach and do God’s commandments (Matthew 5:17-20, Rev. 22:14).   Liar Pharisee Paul claims the Lord changed his doctrine upon rising from the dead and ascending into heaven. The dogs prefer to believe the lie, and they get what they deserve:


Matthew 25:41  Then he shall say to those on his left hand, depart from me, you cursed people; into the lake of fire prepared for Satan and his angels.


Revelation 22:15  For without are dogs … whosoever loves or makes a lie


Romans 3:7  If the truth of God is being spread by my lie, why am I judged a sinner?


1 John 2:21  … NO LIE IS OF THE TRUTH.


The Lord knows who among the Christians is good but deceived.   Every convert to Paul’s gospel, however, is a child of Hell and because they love Paul’s lie, they end up with Satan, the father of lies.  Every Christian church master is a Paul convert.  It is only among the Christian church lay that some are good but deceived, they have not converted to the gospel of Paul and would come out of Christendom if told the truth of who Paul is:


1 John 2:18  You have heard that the anti-Christ shall come and now there are many anti-Christs.


True apostle John says he saw the rise of the anti-Christ in his life time, and with the anti-Christ having come, John then saw the rise of many anti-Christs.  These are the converts to anti-Christ Paul’s lying gospel.



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