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Tillerson Destroys US Russia Rapproachement, Putin Nuclear First Strike

Thursday, January 12, 2017 10:50
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(Before It's News)

Trump’s pick for US secretary of state, Rex Tillerson, at his recent confirmation hearing before congress, did say about Russia:


“I think the Russian leadership would have understood that more powerful response and message that after Crimea, their aggression stops here.  Instead, I think the Russians judged our response to be weak.”   

“Unlikely to ever be friends”, referring to US and Russia.

The US stirred up Ukraine to come against Russia in retaliation for Russia’s interference with the New World Order overthrow of the Syrian government.   Tillerson is wholly in league with the US shadow government, aka the deep state.  Putin and his military advisers have no reason now to put any hope in Trump that he can buck the deep state.   Even if Tillerson is not confirmed, Trump’s alternative pick will hold the same line toward Russia as Tillerson, if not even more belligerent toward Russia.  Trump will probably not even get into office. 

In 2013, Tillerson received an ‘order of friendship’ medal from Russia.  Russia declared Tillerson to be a friend of Russia and Tillerson accepted the medal.   Now due to his comments against Russia at his confirmation hearing, it is reported that many Russians want Tillerson to return the medal.

The Russians are saying that their hope that things would be different under a Trump administration are dashed because Tillerson’s statements about Russia show that he is just another John McCain.  McCain is an NWO evil stooge of the Vatican.  The NWO wants war with Russia because of Russia’s actions in Syria, effectively stopping the NWO’s Isis stooges, being led behind the scenes by military and intelligence operators from US, Israel, Saudi Arabia and other nations.

There has been no reported acts of retribution from Russia for the actions against Russia taken by the “most Catholic president ever”, as Barry Soetoro (Obama), said of himself.    Expulsion of Russian diplomats from US, the downing of a Russian plane carrying a few of Russia’s generals and a military music band, and other acts.    Soetoro’s VP said that at the time Soetoro’s administration chooses, they shall overtly and covertly attack Russia in retaliation for alleged Russian hacking of DNC computers and release (through Wikileaks) of emails on those computers.   No retribution from Russia was said to be Putin holding out for Trump to take office, then expecting US/Russia relation to be smoothed out under a Trump presidency.  It is most unlikely that holds any longer because of Tillerson’s statements against Russia.  Russia celebrated Trump’s election, and so did some people in other nations, thinking that WW3 was adverted because war dog Clinton lost the eletion. Russia shalll conduct itself going forward as if  Hillary Clinton had won the election because, for all intents and purposes, she might just as well have won because Trump’s administration would be no different than a Clinton administration in terms of US relations with Russia.   This is evident to Russia based on Tillerson’s statements against Russia.

Currently, US and Nato are amassing troops on Russia’s border with Poland.   The NWO clown John McCain said that Russia and China would never interfere with the NWO’s Syria take down.  They were wrong.   Undoubtedly, those NWO clowns also think that Russia would never do a nuclear first strike against them, as they place their men and equipment right at the borders with Russia intending to conduct a conventional ground invasion of  Russia.   Perhaps a ground invasion only if Russia dares to intervene in Syria when US/Nato resume their attempt to take over Syria.

But Russia will not go conventional, they will go unconventional using tactical nuclear weapons against a ground invasion of Russia by US/Nato.  And there is no indication Putin willl not come to the defense of Syria if it comes under attack again, even with US/Nato forces at its borders.  The downfall of the NWO fools is prophesied (Daniel 11:14).   It may be that Russia has tactical nukes in Syria to be used when US/Nato and their Isis stooges try to invade Syria again.

Rex Tillerson is ex-ceo of Exxon Mobil, the most wealthy corporation in the world.   Those who control Exxon are among the great merchant men of the earth

Revelation 18:23   … your merchants were the great men of the earth and by your sorceries [evil doctrines] all the nations were deceived.

The Vatican has a lot of power in this world.  The great men of the earth are the merchants in the last days, which includes the central bankers.  The Jew Pharisees seized control of what belongs to the Lord, and they control what belongs to the Lord, as thieves-in-possession, and did seize that control upon his death and remain in control until God destroys them when he returns (Matthew 21:33-46).  They have great wealth because they own the Roman Catholic church, and they maintain their power in their sphere of power in the world by controlling banking and through their evil doctrines.  They have many of the common people and  politicians and judges and influential people in their power through their gospel of Pharisee Paul, that is the main sorcery by which the Jew Pharisee Vatican owners maintain power.   A second doctrine of the Pharisees is Freemasonry, which controls the rulers of the world.    There are other Pharisee doctrines in the world, Talmud and Misnah being among them.

These shapeshifting images perhaps show the pope is not long for this world, Putin using nuclear weapons and Soetoro being the Satanic stooge who starts the Vatican’s NWO war against Russia.

Pope Bergoglio’s face is a black skull in this image.  Shapeshifting is a doing of Satan’s kingdom to people who are of Satan.   Perhaps the black skull indicates his death is not long away.   Putin’s face is a fiery mess. Putin has warned the US that he will use nuclear weapons in a first strike if Nato/US were to attack Russia.  Perhaps his face indicates he uses the nuclear option.  Putin is not wearing gloves, part of the shapeshifting his hands are white as his shirt.

Bergoglio will die and Ratzinger will be put in as pope again, fulfilling the following:


Revelation 17:10  And there are seven kings, five are fallen and one is and the other is not yet come and when he comes he must continue a short space.

Revelation 17:11  And the Beast that was, and is not, he is the eighth and is of the seven and goes forth into perdition.


Bergoglio is the fifth pope king since the United Nations declared the Vatican is a sovereign nation in 1964.  Being now a nation as of 1964 and the papal office being the highest office in the Vatican nation, that makes the holder of the papal office the king of the nation, Vatican.  When Bergoglio dies and Ratzinger yet lives, that means five are fallen as kings, but of the five one remains, Ratzinger (Rev. 17:10).  Ratzinger is made pope again making him the 4th and 6th pope king, and then dies in office.  Then comes in one more man pope king before God begins his judgment unto victory.  The next one to arise to assume the papal office is the Beast himself, not of mankind but an entity of Satan’s kingdom.   The Lord says the Beast is the eighth pope king and that he is among the seven pope kings.  The Beast is on earth in spirit form,  he carries the Roman Catholic church (Rev. 17:7), and he arises in physical form (Rev. 11:7) to be the final pope king of the Catholics.

This shapeshifting image of Soetoro is recent, and subsequent to Trump winning the election.   The demonic image is partly on Soetoro and partly seen in the car window.  The image is war-like.  Satan is gathering his own for war, and though the warring factions are all of Satan, they are not all united.  Evil people in this world are not wholly united, they fight among themselves.  Only Satan’s kingdom is wholly united.  Satan and his angels do not fight among themselves.  The NWO is now in the process of placing much military on Russian borders, war is about to break out among superpowers.  It will not be just US against Russia, China will involve itself too against US.

This demonic image is war-like, with an open-mouth serpent or dragon head at top and below another demonic image, large eyes, gaping mouth with red and white tongue sticking out.  Shapeshifting images defy known science, seemingly impossible.  The car window is tinted so that nothing can be seen through the window.  The outside of the window is as a mirror.  But there is nothing outside the window that is showing up in this image, but is an image placed by Satan’s kingdom.  The image extends beyond the car window, for those who would falsely allege that the image is a reflection on the window.

And the fool Christian Paul converts, all dogs they are, they believe their false god has given them a space of time with Trump’s election so they can reach more souls with their damnable lying filthy unjust gospel of their master Pharisee Paul.     The truth is this is the time of Daniel 11:14 and it does not get better thereafter, but a time of constant turmoil, violence, war and then comes God’s judgment unto victory.  But before God’s judgment, those Jews who are of God, some of them shall give the testimony of God to all the nations as a witness before the end comes (Daniel 11:33, Matthew 24:14).   The testimony of the gospel of the kingdom, which the Lord taught (Matthew and John’s writings) is a witness to them, that they are evil.  Most will refuse to believe the truth.    Repent, stop doing evil because the kingdom of God is coming to earth – that is the gospel of the kingdom taught by the Son of God come in the flesh, born of a virgin.  But they will refuse to stop doing evil, including the evil of believing in lying doctrines (gospel of Pharisee Paul, Freemasonry, Koran, Talmud).

There is no gospel of the kingdom in the lying filthy unjust gospel of Jew of Satan Pharisee Paul.  His gospel says the earth and all in it shall be burned up, no more flesh and blood ever (1 Thessalonians 4:16-17, 1 Cor. 15:50).  Also stated in Pharisee forgeries 1 and 2 Peter (2 Peter Ch. 3).  The good people are taken off the earth and the evil people left on earth to be burned up with the earth.  

The gospel of the kingdom says the evil people are all removed from the earth by God’s angels, and the good people shall inherit the earth.  Flesh and blood in the kingdom of God on earth to come, forever and ever:

Matthew 5:5   The meek [good people] shall inherit the earth.

Matthew 13:41   The Son of God shall send forth his angels who shall remove all evil people and all offensive things from the earth.

Isaiah 66:23  And it shall come to pass that from one new moon to another and from one sabbath to another shall ALL FLESH come to worship before me, says the Lord.

Rex Tillerson is of Exxon Mobil the most wealthy corporation in the world.   Those who run Exxon are the top dogs among the great merchant men of the earth:

Revelation 18:23   … your merchants were the great men of the earth and by your sorceries [evil doctrines] all the nations were deceived.

The great merchant men of the earth are men in league with the Vatican.  They keep quiet when they have information that would destroy the Vatican, particularly the truth of Vatican’s role with Hitler and Ante Pavelic.   The Vatican Rat Lines, shuttling Nazis to safe havens after WW2 as the Vatican still had use for them in the future.   

The great men of the earth are the merchants, which includes the central bankers.   The Jew Pharisees seized control of what belongs to the Lord, and remain in control thereof as thieves-in-possession until God comes back and destroys them (Matthew 21:33-46).   The Lord’s inheritance with Gentiles is that he shall be a light for them (Isaiah 42:6).  The Jew Pharisees made Paul the light for the Gentiles, thereby seizing on that part of the Lord’s inheritance.  The churches founded by the Pharisees made them very wealthy and continues to do so, because the Gentiles were taught to give their wealth to the churches and did obey and continue to obey:

Romans 15:27  I taught the Gentiles that it is their duty to give us money because we bring them spiritual things.

The Jew Pharisees have great wealth because they own the Roman Catholic church, and they maintain their power in their sphere of power in the world by controlling banking and through their evil doctrines.  They handed to their Knights Templlar control of western banking.  Switzerland founded by Knights Templar in 1291, they still guard the Vatican and they house the central bank of western central banks, the Bank for International Settlements.  They set the banking rules for the west (Basel rules). 

Dogs like Rick Wiles (Tru News) have not got a clue about the time, because they are blind followers of anti-Christ Pharisee Paul.  CIA Alex Jones, he must be good because he exposes the NWO?  The kick-off of CIA Jones was Bohemian Grove.  The elite do not want to hide that forever, they want to do their Bohemian Grove activities in the open, just like the Roman rulers did.  The Freemason elite did make a statue of George Washington depicting him dressed like a Roman emperor.  That tells where their mind is.  And the Jew Pharisees’ deceptive doctrine of Freemasonry tells the Freemason elites that they are demi-gods, or gods..  Jones is the eye-opener on behalf of the Vatican (CIA = Catholics In Action) to condition the masses.  CIA Jones motto is:  ‘We’re on the march, the empire is on the run’, which is a lie because the ‘empire’ is not on the run, and CIA Jones knows that.  The NWO comes out of the Vatican, and CIA Jones will never admit that.   Jones is a dog, and this image of him shows who is father is, Satan – same goes for Wiles:

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