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War Is on the Horizon

Saturday, March 17, 2018 20:26
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War Is on the Horizon

Paul Craig Roberts

Have Washington and its British vassal set a stage for testing whether Russia has the stomach for war?

How else do we interpret the announcement by General Sergey Rudskoy, chief of the Operational Directorate of the Russian General Staff, that “we have reliable information at our disposal that US instructors have trained a number of militant groups in the vicinity of the town of At-Tanf, to stage provocations involving chemical warfare agents in southern Syria. They are preparing a series of chemical munitions explosions. This fact will be used to blame the government forces. The components to produce chemical munitions have been already delivered to the southern de-escalation zone under the guise of humanitarian convoys of a number of NGOs. The provocations will be used as a pretext by the United States and its allies to launch strikes on military and government infrastructure in Syria.”

Don’t expect to hear anything about this in the totally discredited Western presstitute media, which is a propaganda ministry for war.

The Russian government must be kicking itself that it again failed to finish the job in Syria and instead permitted Washington to expand its Syrian presence, arm and train its mercenaries, provide chemical weapons, and assemble its fleet to attack Syrian forces in order to prevent their reconquest of Syrian territory.

The question before us is: If the information that General Rudskoy cited is correct, what will Russia do? Will Russia use its missile defences and air superiority to shoot down the US missiles and aircraft, or will Russia accept the attack and again denounce the illegality of Washington’s action and protest to the UN?

If Russia accepts the attack, Washington will push harder. Sooner or later Russia will be unable to accept another push, and war will break out.

If war breaks out, will it be a limited conventional war or will Washington use the excuse to launch nuclear ICBMs against Russia? These questions must be going through the minds of Russia’s leadership. Russia faces the grave danger that Washington’s Fifth Column inside Russia, the Alanticist Integrationists, those Russians in the political and business leadership who believe Russia must be, at all costs, integrated into the Western world, will lock the government in indecision and expose Russia to a nuclear first strike.

So far Russia has continued to defeat itself by playing according to the rules of diplomacy and international law despite the obvious fact that Washington has no respect for either. During the past week, Washington’s British vassal, a country of no military or political significance, demonstrated total contempt for Russia and its president, Vladimir Putin. In other words, the insult to Russia came from a mere vassal state of Washington’s empire. An alleged poisoning by an alleged Russian nerve gas, the very existance of which is doubted by US and UK experts, of an inconsequential former spy and his daugher has been blamed, without a shred of evidence, on Russia by the British prime minister, defense minister, and foreign minister.

The British prime minister violated law and agreements to which Britain is partner by giving Russia 24 hours to respond to an accusation for which no evidence was provided. Law and the agreements require that the country making an accusation share the evidence with the accused country, which has 10 days to assess the evidence and reply. The British government refused to abide by the agreement to which it is partner. Moreover, the British foreign minister Boris Johnson personally accused Russia’s President Putin of ording the attempted murder of the inconsequential spy. For more information on the former spy and his lack of consequence and the absurdity of the orchestrated event, see recent postings on my website.

Not content with the unprecedented insult to Russia and its President, the British defense minister of a country that has no capability whatsoever of defending itself against Russia, even with its leige lord’s help, said in response to Russia’s rejection of the unsupported-by-any-evidence charge that “Russia should shut up and go away.”

This was too much for the Russian Ministry of Defense. General Igor Konashenkov replied:

“The rhetoric of an uncouth shrew demonstrated by the Head of the British Ministry of Defense makes his utter intellectual impotence perfectly evident. All this confirms not only the nullity of all accusations towards Russia we have been hearing from London for the last several years but also that the ‘accusers’ themselves are nonentities.

“The ‘Great’ Britain has long turned not only into a cozy nest for defectors from all over the world but also into a hub for all sorts of fake news-producing agencies: from the British ‘Syrian Observatory for Human Rights’ to the created by a British intelligence officer pseudo-Syrian ‘White Helmets’.

“As to boorish words of the British Defense Minister regarding Russia, it seems that in the absence of the real results of professional activity, rudeness is the only weapon remaining in the arsenal of the Her Majesty’s Military.”

Note the total dismissal of ‘Great’ Britain by the Russian Ministry of Defence as a military and political power. From the Russian military’s standpoint Washington’s British vassal state is a total nonentity. This suggests that the Russian military is focused on Washington and is unlikely to tolerate Washington’s agents in Russian government and business circles if they attempt to leave Russia exposed by indecision.

Perhaps the Russians will decide it is past time for them to demonstrate their superior military capabilities, and they will take out not only the US missiles and airplanes but also the fleets from which the attack is launched while putting their nuclear forces on high alert. What then would Washington do? Can a government composed of bullies drunk on hubris come to a sensible decision, or would people so arrogant as to think themselves “exceptional” and “indispensable” condemn the world, including the plants, animals, birds, and all creatures who have no idea of the murderous lunatics that rule the Western world, to death?

There is no greater threat to life on earth than Washington. Constraining Washington’s determination to destroy life on earth is the greatest challenge humanity has faced. If we fail, we all die, every one of us and all creatures.

Despite Russia’s military superiority, the humanity of the Russian government places it at a disadvantage as there is no concern for humanity in Washington.


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  • Anonymous

    on the horizon? we’ve been at war somewhere in the world at least since 2002. when isnt it on the horizon?

    • raisnbran

      your math is faulty–the usa has been at war 226 years since 1776–the usa is the biggest terror outfit in the world

  • CUB4DK

    WW2 had never ceased…first Germany…then Japan…then Korea…then Vietnam etc..etc. America does have a mighty fine Military Industrial Complex indeed!…LOLOLOL! It all becomes so obvious when you do a little reading and research. Hopefully the GOOD GUYS will stop the GAMES and CHARADES of our OPPRESSORS…and bring them to JUSTICE!

    Cheers, Uncle Hexy…last drink before bedtime…her…hee…hee.

  • N1755L

    What’s the policy on this website regarding the length of time comments are enabled?

    Seems comments for the article linked below were closed after only one day?

    Maybe because no one was taking the bait? Because only one commenter was on message with the article?

    Just curious.

    • beLIEve

      You answered your own question. :smile:

      Maybe because no one was taking the bait ?

      Because ONLY ONE COMMENTOR WAS ON MESSAGE with the article?

      Expose the TRUTH and the “sensitivity” of the ZIONi$t CRIMINALS maniFE$T$ itsELF.

      The Zionist Criminal Network


      Alternative media sites that have a “good” reputation are to be treated with caution.
      In order to stay “on air” sites are “apparently” REQUIRED to post ZIONIST articles that are
      OUT-RITE LIE$….disnifo…..distraction…..etc etc.

      Finding the TRUTH is the equivalent of LOOKING for a DIAMOND in a DUNG HEAP of ZIONI$T di$INfo. :wink:

      Gordon Duff admits to VT disinfo

  • patann

    Prophecy Links

    I was visited upon three nights by the seventh angel trumpet, Revelation 17, bearing the seven vials, saying, warning so urgently January 26th-29th, no more doomsday passovers, no further delay US soil, beware the midwest, the eastern seaboard as well as the inundated with such forewarnings US/Canada West Pacific, beware, Apb

    Casting A Fury As The Days Of Prophet Ezekiel’s Rise Of Gog and Magog At Trump’s 2016 Campaigning, (“fifty million will die,” 2002-2017)

    -The greater danger here is whether God, having already for the last 190 years Christmas 2001, weighed and measured their blood guilt have the patience and stomach for more manslaughter by the Brits, the Americans and Canadians? For it is written, for everything under the sun there is a season, only I’m beginning to think this truth held to be biblically evident the come cessation of every great nation, doesn’t seem to include western civilization. All but it does, for thirty plus years this ministry, it really does, even the church age has a time gauge and believe Apostle herein lie the lifespan of especially Westworld rule. I know some yet ask but how is such a time measured? I just told you, for it is written, to everything on this planet there is season, for America, for West rule, it was the two weeks and seven years given Obama. A timetable, the man Prophet Daniel’s day, said to be dressed in linen, said to be an incarnate Jesus Christ, swore an additional time table, other than Daniel’s Israel’s, that would be into and as of Christ’s finished Cross, adopted as a dispensation of grace.
    -A set allowance spanning a time, time and a half, just the amount of time which has passed, the day of Angel Gabriel, Dan. 534, Apostle, THEY, call me, 2004. These reveals are also as of Apostle John’s description of a mighty Angel, Revelation 10, said to be Christ Himself, taking the same stance as the man in Linen, (Dan. 12), swearing by heaven’s throne, laminating there shall be time no longer. Just as I said, the exact amount of allotment now passed, this time, time and a half, when the Angel Gabriel appeared 05/15/2004, citing there shall be time no longer. I reminded lately, just as Jesus said to Rome’s Pilate, men have no power except given to them from above, then you couple that truth with their free will of choice, explaining why it is. The morning of the Hawaii Missile alert, only an hour into it’s date, I heard in my ear, shaking me awake, “one hour with the beast,” (Rev. 17), verifying all the more what I’d claimed, that as surely as Obama’s white house was pending Ancient beast reign.
    -Trump’s White house, into American lives, lands and churches is Ancient Beast reign come and except these days be shorten, just as Jesus warn, no flesh shall be safe, get ye to repentant altars of Christ. It is then on Trump’s watch come the fulfillment of a nearly two decades now prophecy that by Western policies this nation, this planet, tens of millions will die, US soil alone. Sincerely my question, when God took a measurement of America’s, West rule blood guilt, that reached far into the heavens with it, did said toll on human life include the future, pending as of this article man laughter to blood feast? And what for the salvation of men’s souls has it profit, or are men of war lead to believe the blood they spill is for the salvation of the souls of men? You cannot serve two masters, Jesus said, his was a stand of non violence, you will love one and hate the other, except the Lord build the salvational ark of Christ’s Cross, great is the mystery of godliness indeed, now come on this way, blessed, blessed Jesus, beware, Apb, The RAM, see more here,

  • raburgeson

    No it’s not, The people will fight a war to protect their country. We are damn tired of fighting for some rich guy and we get nothing but higher taxes. Spending huge amounts for fireworks and destruction of your own infrastructure is a waste of time and lives. We do not buy the propaganda anymore. All you lawless law makers can send your own children to fight your war.

    • Andy

      send the pollyticians who start the wars to fight them – win/win – no more pollyticians and no more wars

  • Takealook

    The queers and traitors of the US and UK are actually vassals of the terrorist state of Israel and as such
    will forever act as the perverts and punks that they have always been. There is no other way for neutered
    slime balls to behave. Evil is the basis for their very existence and as long as they are controlled by neutered
    queers like Rothschilds, Bush, Rockefeller, and Clinton there will always be war.

  • beLIEve

    PC-R asks…

    The question before us is: If the information that General Rudskoy cited is correct, what will Russia do ?

    beLIEve comment… are a few options…..

    KICK the $atanic ashkeNAZI khazar THIEVING BANK$TER$ “politicians” & “royalty”..where it HURT$….
    ….in the mi$er$ purse. :lol:

    FLU$H FIAT DOWN the PAN. :idea:

    I suspect Russia has had this agenda in play for a while.


    Something BIG Going On In Russia RIGHT NOW: Imminent Launch Of The Russian Silver Rouble?

    INSIDER ALERT: What’s Going On With 90% Constitutional (Junk) Silver Is Mind-Blowing
    March 15, 2018


    PC-R asks…

    The question before us is: If the information that General Rudskoy cited is correct, what will Russia do?

    beLIEve comment……Reduce the numbers of $atanic PARA$ITE$ inFE$Ting Russian territory. :idea:

    Russia CLOSES UK CONSULATE-General

    17th March

    Tensions between Russia and the UK were heightened on Saturday when MOSCOW ORDERED the BRITISH COUNCIL and BRITISH CONSULATE General in St. Petersburg CLOSED.

    UK Ambassador to Russia Laurie Bristow was summoned to the Foreign Ministry in Moscow and told of the closures as well as the EXPULSION of 23 UK DIPLOMATS in a retaliatory response to similar measures taken in London earlier in the week.


    In a statement issued on the Russian Foreign Ministry website, MOSCOW SAID:

    “The British side has been warned that in case further moves of an unfriendly nature towards Russia are implemented, the Russian side reserves the right to take other response measures.”

    The UK diplomats are expected to leave by Tuesday.

    The heightened tensions come after Russia said it was frustrated that THE UK reportedly REFU$ED TO $HARE a $AMPLE of the NOVICHOK NERVE AGENT used in the ALLEGED (beLIEve :?: attempted? murder) MURDER of FORMER SPY Sergei Skripal.

    Work with us, says LAVROV avrov

    The UK NEEDS to PRESENT EVIDENCE of Russia’s alleged involvement, the Foreign Ministry said.

    The Foreign Ministry also labeled as shocking and unforgivable suggestions by UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson that Russian President Vladimir Putin was involved in the Skripal case.


    :idea: BRITISH PLANES DROP $UPPLIE$ FOR I$I$ in Iraq :evil:

    Quotes from the P C_R article above……..

    …..the Russian Ministry of Defense. GENERAL Igor KONASHENKOV replied:

    All this confirms not only the nullity of all accusations towards Russia we have been hearing from London for the last several years but also that THE ‘ACCU$ER$’ themsELVE$ are nonenTITie$.”

    General KONASHENKOV continues…………….

    “As to BOORISH WORDS of the BRITI$H DEFEN$E MINI$TER regarding Russia, it seems that in THE ABSENCE of the real results of PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITY, RUDENESS is THE ONLY WEAPON remaining in the AR$Enal of the Her Majesty’s Military.”


    beLIEve comment…….a few “pointers” for General KONASHENKOV

    RUDENESS may be the ONLY WEAPON remaining in the $atanic a$hkeNAZI khazar AR$Enal as the THIEVING ILLEGAL aLIEn
    $CUM are; apparently, FINANCIALLY BANKRUPT in addition to being MORALLY BANKRUPT.

    Russia would be doing the INTEGRITY peoples of the “world” a GREAT SERVICE if THEY popped over to these ……
    $EPTIC $atanically inFE$ted islands……and CLEANSED them of the INFE$TATION of…uncouth $ATANIC ILLEGAL ALIEn $hrew$; …..destroying in the process the GLO-BAAL CHOSENITE agenda of $MOTHERING Earth in THEIR OWN
    inimitable EXCRE-MENTAL-IZUM. :idea:

    General KONASHENKOV’s reference to the ashkeNAZI khaZAR posing as a “British” MINI$TER of DEaFEN$E

    beLIEve comment…….THEY are N O T :idea: B R I T I S H :idea:

    “The RHETORIC of an UNCOUTH SHREW”…….yup…….spot on General. :idea:

    beLIEve comment…….as to the….. “UTTER INTELLECTUAL IMPOTENCE”….of the ashkeNAZI khazar ACTING as a so-called British DEFENSE Minister….that impotence might stem from a…….

    HYBRID/Petrie DI$H origin ….OR……DRINKING the BLOOD of one too many MURDERED children. :???:

    Rabbi Laitman Reveals – Jews are ALIENS!

    The Hidden Cult : the Jewish Ritual Murder ► full HD ◄

    Referring to the “office” of the ……UNCOUTH $HREW….as….The UK Defen$e Mini$try….might be a more pertinent description……as…..UK…..denotes……UbiQUITou$ Khazar$ …….
    Ascribing British nationality to the TRE$PA$$ING $atanic $CUM…. is PATENTLY ERRONEOUS. :wink:

    Calling $ATAN$ SKID-MARK$ British is an INSULT to the….FEW INDIGENOUS authentic British souls……..
    that remain in these islands.

    General Konashenkov’s reference to…..”…Her Majesty’s Military.”

    I have NO DOUBT that the General is well aware that…FAKE “cween” LizARD… a COMMON JE$Ter……rather than……
    so-called “royalty”.
    Although, as …..R O Y A L ……is an ANAGRAM of…….O’LYAR…maybe the reference to….maJE$Ty was informed & intentional.

    The ashkeNAZI khazar NE$T$ in “GRATE” Britain and elsewhere need to be EXPOSED & DESTROYED.

    Are enough people awakening to do that :?:
    I believe I once heard Putin say “we are waiting for you to wake up”.

    The RESTRAINT and INTEGRITY shown by Russia and it’s leadership whilst subject to EXTREME UNWARRANTED PROVOCATION…….is truly EXCEPTIONAL. :smile: Thank you Russia.

    Lobbing PYROTECHNIC$ around seems to be the only option left for the ILL-LOONati.
    AND……..exposing them$ELVE$ as complete and utter *IT$…will, hopefully expose THEIR MENTAL INSTABILITY to a
    greater audience. :idea:

    The next weeks and months are going to be interesting.
    Imho the “joo$” are starting to appear DE$PERATE, I get the impression THEY ARE; for some reason OUT of TIME. :?:

    Putin Declares “Total Independence” From Rothschild NWO Banking Cabal Which Began In 2006

    27th August 2017



    “I know thy works, and tribulation and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are THE SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN.”

    The Book of Revelation, Chapter 2, Verse 9

  • Pink Slime

    I notice PCR reports are always in the vein of “ISRAELIS ARE TERRORIST” (which he proclaimed awhile back) and this report is slanted no differently for this estrogen-flooded poodle lover.

    Except it’s America this time. :cool:

    • Andy

      israel and america are the two greatest terrorist rogue nations on earth, everyone knows that

      • Pink Slime

        We have to be, because the other nations have decided to create TERROR for America and Israel. We fight FIRE with FIRE! :wink:

        • Andy

          got it bass ackwards as usual Pink

          America and Israel have been terrorising the world since WWII, unbelievably the people they are still terrorising fought back

          • Pink Slime

            Lemme see, fighting for freedom is terrorizing people? I think you got it ass-backward. :lol:

  • Andy

    sadly, war may be the only way to rid the world of the evil that lives in washington – putin won’t want to, but when he does it will be devestating for the USA

    maybe all that’s required is one small nuke to washington D.C. – cut the cancer out of the head of the U.S.

    • Sasha

      Unfortunately if America gets it, it will be the greatest disaster ever but it will effect the whole planet, I agree the evil in the word must be gotten rid of, nut evil is everywhere in every country and hidden in plain sight, it is this evil that is trying to force these countries into a war.
      W need faith in almighty God, he is going to put an end to things, and it should be left to him to judge and punish ml The more any person starts to judge just one other person for what ever reason, that person tips the scales of balance more to the dark/evil/side..

      • Andy

        respectfully Sasha
        fairy-tale characters don’t do alot of anything – want to have faith in something? have faith in the (human) power of Love

        funny thing about our society. 90+% of people are actually good, don’t want to hurt or harm, just want to be left alone to live their life in peace

        then we have less than 10% of the population who are sociopaths & psychopaths, these people want to rule over others and actually enjoy subjugating others

        we know them as pollyticians, same schidt the world over (with a few exceptions)

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