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When’s It Time To Leave West Coast And/Or The Northern Hemisphere Due To Fukushima Radiation?

Tuesday, December 31, 2013 13:46
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(Before It's News)

According to several recently released stories, within the next few days a toxic cloud of radiation could be arriving upon the West Coast of America, necessitating that a radiation alert be issued while a Fukushima warning to the world has also gone out. While the mainstream media has nearly completely ignored the unfolding Fukushima tragedy, various alternative news providers have stated that these warnings are not necessary. We disagree completely and have the following reasons laid out before us as facts showing the signs and symptoms of a Fukushima radiological tragedy unfolding before our eyes here in North America and upon the West Coast and throughout the Pacific Ocean that lead us to conclude that Fukushima poses a direct threat to all life.

The Destruction of Our Food Chain:

Bald Eagles, like human beings, sit at the top of the food chain. Due to that fact, chemicals and environmental toxins that accumulate in the lower food chain reach their highest quantity, able to do the most damage, when they arrive as food on our, and the bald eagle’s, tables. West Coast bald eagles are mysteriously dying in droves in Utah and Idaho and experts are finally coming around to saying that it may be due to Fukushima radiation. An alarming decrease of salmon in Alaska and along the entire West Coast also worries experts who further warn that radiation will recirculate for many generations in the Pacific Ocean food chain.

A sailor who left Japan shared that ‘it felt like the ocean was dead’ after they left Japan with no signs of visible life for miles. Meanwhile, we learned that ‘something very odd is happening in the Pacific Ocean’ while only 145 miles off the coast of California, 98% of the seafloor was covered in Fukushima death. These few incidents don’t take into account the unexplained mass die-offs of sea stars, sea cucumbers and sea urchins nor the countless reports of mass deaths of other Pacific Ocean sea creatures being reported over the last 2+ years.

The Radiation is ALL Around Us:

We learned this week from ENENews that plutonium and uranium from Fukushima can be deposited in far away places and may enter the human body through such various ways as dust, rain, fog, food and water, things that ALL of us run into and use EVERY DAY in our daily life and survival. At Before It’s News we consistently find that RADCON 5 Alerts have been issued across America, from the East coast to the West, proving that radiation from Fukushima has invaded our shores and none of us are immune to this invisible and toxic poison which often takes years to accomplish its deadly effects.

How do we get our information?

Without any REAL news about Fukushima from our mainstream news media and our government, who have been PROVEN to be covering up the tragedy at Fukushima to prevent a public panic, how will Americans learn when a toxic radiation cloud from Fukushima comes into our vicinity? Should we trust the same government that so aptly protected members of the US Navy recently when they volunteered their services to help the people of Japan? Will the American public have the opportunity to be notified of a toxic radiation cloud the way Alaska Air workers were notified recently? How long should such a ‘radiation alert’ last for? How will we learn that it’s ok to go back outside? Thankfully, people like Arnie Gundersen, BeautifulGirlByDana, Leuren Moret and many others throughout YouTube and alternative media have been picking up the slack.

Most ‘awake’ Americans are absolutely sickened by what has happened at Fukushima and the nightmare now unfolding. While the MSM and general public are quick to agree that an earthquake caused the Fukushima nightmare, there are many others who believe that Fukushima was a MAN-MADE event, caused by HAARP or an ocean placed nuclear weapon, and a DIRECT ATTACK upon the people of Japan AND North America by a ‘NWO’ syndicate bent upon depopuation, an UNNATURAL disaster that may soon be used to evacuate the West Coast and the end of a lifestyle that millions have grown to love, leaving the properties, homes and families of millions totally worthless and a vast nuclear wasteland for potentially hundreds of years.

The videographers below examine the Fukushima situation from the point of view of ANYTHING BUT the mainstream media and the government. Are what these videographers suggest POSSIBLE in the near future? They certainly are when you take Arnie Gundersen’s worst case scenarios about could POSSIBLY happen at Fukushima into account. Will these scenarios play out? Only time will tell if we’ll have to evacuate the West Coast of North America or possibly the entire Northern hemisphere, but with the track record of TPTB, who’s going to tell us when ‘it’s time’?

For those who think that ONLY the alternative media believes that the West Coast may soon need to be evacuated, the following video is for you.

The outstanding artwork below from Chris Katko and New World Order Cartoons.

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  • How ironic!
    America bombed Japan in 1945, quick death. lingering death. Talk about radiation!
    Now the tables have turned. America is suffering a slower kill, as Fukushima radiation chokes the life out of Her.


    Unfortunately, radiation knows no boundaries and does not recognize international borders.

    Japan is taking down the world.

    If someone says: “Gee, you hive a nice glow about you today”, it may not be a compliment.

    Keep smiling folks.

    • I hear life is easy for the simple fools. Blaming an entire race or nation for the actions of a few is pure foolishness. The people responsible are never the ones who suffer the consequences.
      Open your eyes.

    • The Gov just put in an order for 14 million doses of potassium iodine..That is not for us, Just the Gestapo, and elitist.

    • Folks re-pack your emergency kit, add potassium iodine, or cold water kelp tabs. Also back plenty of cayenne pepper-min 40,000 heat-unit type.
      You can get the thyroid support tabs= B6,folic acid,b12,iodine,zinc,selenium,copper,l-tyrosine,Guggul, aswagandha. Plus I am sure you have the other vitamins, and needed herbs.

      I am not sure how bad things are going to get, but I am going out, and covering my mulch containers. If all else fails I would be able to make an below ground garden systems, and hydroponics. I am really upset, because we are not getting the truth, and there is a news blackout going on.

      I can always get the chickens into the hen house, and cover their door, they go in on their own when it rains.

      I had mostly cover crop growing in the garden for the winter to put nutrients back into the soil……
      I will prob now have to dig it up dispose of the contamination, and cover the entire area with plastic…….anyone got any answers?
      people on the west coast should evacuate, Why the news Blackouts, they need to be handing out Mask, and potassium Iodine to these people, What in the world is going on?
      Folks we got insane people in the driver seat…..they are destroying the earth, and want us to rely on them so they can suck more money from everyone. They will pretend to help……….They want to destroy everything.

    • yes you are so right, the radiation knows no boundaries.

      The sad part is, people try their best to just mind their own business, grow raise their own food……getting very clear that the Agenda 21 program is a global issue.

      I do not fully understand it, and learning more everyday. Although it amazes me how the masses do not care. Some do not even have a 1 day food supply, and totally rely on the assumption that the stores will always be stocked.
      I have been growing my food my whole life. Also I am into a lot of other things, grafting, Plant propagation, etc..I have a huge seed bank, self pollinate plants, etc…….This radiation is killing the bees along with the herbicides the GMO’s are using.
      I even grow sugar cane. It just makes me sick, all the insane people in charge.

      I have to get busy, and check the animals, and just go do some thinking about what I can construct to try, and overcome the fallout.
      Everyone Be Aware……..Do your part, and wake people up……These people in Charge are Insane, using the disasters to make more money………spread the word.

    • So right. Snow is the best delivery system imaginable. Its dusting penetrates everywhere; swirls up and around and into cracks and deposits into crannies- and then it adds a double whammy when it melts. The East Coast has the snow rad “blizzard” deployed against them ‘just in time’ with the dropping of those Fuku isotopes.

  • It is either a HUGE lie. Or, it is the end. One of the two.

    • Seems to be both – the event is real, so that’s no lie – the huge lie is in the denials of the truth about the event…experts like Arnie G are so overwhelmingly creditable – who can possibly argue with them – in fact who really has? There is no factual ground to stand on in opposition to the truth Arnie G and the others are shouting out! So it seems logic does you factual analysis to determine that the end may very well be nigh.

      What’s more is the fact you can not see radiation only the results thereof and therein lies the problem with the MSM and general population of sheeple. Out of sight – out of mind! :sad:

      • Let me try again, there is logic in the factual analysis to determine the the end may very well be nigh…(it was a long day)

    • Also I would like to add> Shop at a store that tells you where their product come from.

      Also Stock up on your staples…………this is going to be a rough ride… can do it if you stay calm.

      Do not be a burden on others……that smart phone is a sign of weakness………you better ditch it when the S hits the fan…….people see you with a smart phone, they will know right off the bat that you been sitting in front of the TV, and texting on twitter, and are a FB fan, and most likely will tell you to go down the road.

  • This is not going to end well, not at all.

    Rev 8:9 And the third part of the creatures which were in the sea, and had life, died; and the third part of the ships were destroyed.

    • These are just the Horsemen of the Apocalypse but they’re announcing the Apocalypse.

      The Revelation aka Apocalypse is to reveal the Antichrist Obama.

      The proof is there and that is the heaven-sent omen of 666 marked Obama: in Chicago, his hometown, the lottery drew 666 on the day after Obama’s election so he’s got the Mark of the Beast 666 upon him and that’s his money that he’s forcing upon us all by his spendings.

      • 🌐Hey!.. What’s Up King of Shambhala / I Know UReally Really INTObama thePOWER
        🌐& LOOK-A-LIKE An eXpert on The Dark-Matter Of Fact Subject / So lET Me Ask U please
        🌐Do U Think Obama Can Control big-humongous ASSTEROIDS & CME:flares:justwondeRing:

      • Obama’s marked by 666.

        He’s cursed.


      • would you SHUT UP with your assinine garbage?

      • What, you don’t want the truth out about Obama being the Antichrist?

        Google it:
        Michelle Is Chosen By Satan? She Married Obama Satan (Video) Obama’s Marked By 666. She’s Satan’s Bride. She’s Vampire-Wife of Satan; the Bride of Lucifer, the Antichrist

  • Obama’s the Antichrist. The Fukushima Apocalypse is now.
    Obama Is A Demon? Reptilian? (Video – Pic-Gallery/)


  • Shhh … Keep this quiet. If the west coast commies, freaks and sodomites hear about this they might panic and move east. We don’t want them coming to our state and contaminating it like they did Colorado.

    • yeah your exactly right….Colorado is now like Calif…….These people are on a very heavy daily fluoride intake. They now can register their kids in school as any gender regardless of their birth gender. This is the biggest mind control, and DNA manipulation on a Grand Scale Never before seen, this is orchestrated by the Elitist. They have done something to the kids…It is insane mad scientist stuff, something you could not even imagine….They have convinced theses people that it is normal… could this be? sounds more like DNA manipulation. This is not the fault of the individuals, no one knows how they feel…….This is the insane people in the driver seat causing problems. What is next, this just like out of some SCI FI movie

  • there is no technology to play pick up sticks with fuel rods , just a matter of time

  • do an underground nuke so the whole contaminated facility & 4 reactor cores along with the spent fuel rods…

    will get swallowed up in the huge crater left from the underground nuke detonation… simple answer

    • they said dig a tunnel underneath it and fill it with cement.

      Then flood it with water and make a big swimming pool to size of Fukushima.

      Cement all around it like Chernobyl but fill it with water..

    • I like it. Prove it wont further exacerbate the problem and I’m on board.

      • that’s the job of the engineers & nuclear experts… it may take two demolitions…one deeper than the final one to create a crater some 1000 feet deep… then contain that water & dirt mixture so Fuku is deep in the ground

    • I agree. They could use the tunnel boring machines they used to create the D.U.M.B.S. in North America. Create a cavern and then a massive sinkhole filled with boron and concrete. Drastic times call for drastic measures. Where are the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth on this? This is a far bigger issue than the B.S. surrounding 9/11!!

      • Arnie Gundersen said it’ll need 500 billion $.

        Fukushima reactor must be entombed: Michio Kaku

      • great initial points…usefuleater…but, whoa, baby, when you get to ‘the b.s. surrounding 911.’ – you better not be dissin’ we truthers, pal! :lol:


      • Not dissing the 9/11 Truth movement at all. Just wondering, where are the Nuclear Engineers for Fukushima Truth, that’s all.

      • that wont work. Fukushima sits too near the deepest undersea trench on earth. in fact the 311 quake move the island closer to the edge of it. in very worst case scenario- too much weight/pressure could shove the entire island “into the sea” ala edgar cayce? we know Illuminati is working hard to fulfill book of Rev, but they are also working off of other prophets’ visions too, as noted in how they co-opted his claims about the madrid fault into the US navy maps

    • The ground is nothing but sand, there is nothing there solid enough to contain this. They can not dig any holes, it would just collapse. Matter of fact, I will tell you this……it is all going to wash out into the sea, all of it…… hear the truth………….you mark my words, it is all going to fall into the sea…..
      It has already killed the plankton, and the marine Biologist know this is very serious…….Plankton is the life blood of the Oceans.

      • Imagine they cement the ground all around Fukushima to make a wide flat pancake-like surface and buttress that on it’s periphery with heavy pillars.

        Then they start digging underneath just like working on a metro tunnel or like working on a basement of a mall or a highrise.

        First build a ceiling where the Fukushima plant is fastened by cement and then work under that.

      • Fuku sits atop a RESERVOIR and underneath its entire acreage are FLOWING RIVERS fed by daily mountain runoff. it sits at the base of a mtn range, which is why the 400+ tons of water flow under the complex daily. Fuku was built on quick sand!
        then you have the cores which are already who knows how far under Fuku? the water pollution is even graver than the atmospheric poisoning. it can not be stopped, unlike Chernobyl

        1. a system of damns up on the mountains would have to be built to interdict those rivers and divert them around Fuku’s radiation, then spilling those waters to ocean.
        2. Henning Kemner idea of hydrogen bombing the entire thing to change the isotopes and halt the relentless, cululative meltdown with a definitive explosion

    • from what i gather on one of those videos, dropping a hydrogen bomb on it, would solve the problem, rather speedily…i’m game!…anyone else in?…now all we need is a hydrogen bomb and a plane…too bad my cousin henry stimson wasn’t around (deceased and I am not kidding – he really was my cousin), as he could get that together in a jiffy.

  • Surely our government knows the truth , why are they not informing us what is wrong or is there no problem.

    • because they don’t want us to panic. They would rather we keep our noses to the grindstone and that we keep making money for them to steal :mad:

    • it’s called ‘panic’, my dear…and it’s called shock an’d’ awe, not what you have there…duh.


      • If they’re heading for panic then this means it’s the Apocalypse.

        At some point it’s beyond their grasp.

        they lose it.

    • our government was BEHIND 311. just like 911. when will you’ll WAKE UP?
      this is to fulfill Rev 8:9 and to depopulate the planet. why else would they have already confiscated the NATIONAL supply of potassium iodide months before Fuku “happened”?
      all of the deaths from Fuku are EXACTLY what they planned. how else do you reduce the planet 90% ?
      AGENDA 21 is the policy and IAEA even suggested they dump all the radiation into the Pacific.

  • The Duck Dynasty disaster was bigger, no?
    Seriously, besides worry what can we do?
    TPTB are playing their hand close to the chest, and are doing everything they can to act like they are looking the other way. Most likely, they won’t ever evacuate anyone, just raise the allowable radiation exposure limits as things roll along.
    Then they will watch the population thin out.

    • Real depopulation begins when one the U.S.’s nuclear plants has an earthquake Ours are old and are in bad shape too.

  • The kill off of Plankton is enough to create such a chain reaction like no one has seen……It is happening right now…….We actually live on a tiny planet within our solar system. The Earth itself is a living planet.Yes very much alive. Now the earth has mortal wounds. Technical advances are being suppressed hidden, so the Corporate elite can make these disasters happen in the name of energy. So they can make huge profits selling electricity, oil, etc……..
    Next time you go past a new car dealership look at the gas guzzlers they sell you every day…..NO MPG….All along they have the tech to produce vehicles that get upwards 100 MPG, and even more.
    I am not talking about a stupid Hybrid vehicles, you may as well be using a fake iphone. Hybrids are a scam.
    I knew when they came out with the smartphones it was another ruse, a tool to distract the masses, and tool to collect your data.
    You hear this now…..This data being collected…….there is more to this….can you even begin to imagine everyones words thoughts put into a huge supercomputer program? Yes an AI Artificial Intelligence program.Also they are working on AI’s Biological DNA attached right to the circuits, or CPU’s. Just reading several years ago, this info was on the net, now most of it is being pulled off, they do not want you to see it. This is coming your way…… interact with AI’s prob daily.
    Good Luck

    • I agree. Why else would TPTB make it illegal to live without a direct connection to the power grid?

      Alternative living and “independent of the collective” living is a no no. So that their information collection job is easier.

  • They won’t evacuate Japan, what makes you think they would allow the evacuation of North America? Where would North America Evacuate too? Evacuation is not going to happen folks. Get over it.

    • That’s why Halliburton wanted that big job building and guarding that big fence down on the border…so WE can’t leave.

      • You’re a moron.

      • @ Dooley

        Really? Ever tried it?

    • I think the only thing left for us to insure our passage to heaven now.

      Reveal the Antichrist.

      We’ll go to heaven that way.

  • Think about it, long, and hard. The BP oil spill, and toxic chemicals used to hide the mess have killed the gulf coast. I have not purchased gulf seafood since. Now FUKU disaster. Soon they will have to be growing food in special green houses, with hydroponics, the air, and water will have to undergo a special filtration process, and still will not be safe.
    Look at all the people that grow their own food……NOW WHAT….

    Can you see what they are doing???????
    The Corporate Elitist are going to use these disasters to make more money for themselves…Yes they are going to create so many disasters, and make money as they pretend to be helping.
    Can you imagine how much food will cost?, and who will own these special farms to produce the foods?
    The technology for these systems are already in place, and being used,
    Think hard, if they own the only means to grow food, what then…………these people that are in charge are Insane.

  • Got to thinking about that couple from Russia, “Irradia” who grew up near Chernobyl and have developed a real hunger for radioactive food. They claim their bodies adapted to the radiation and now require it as food. Their eyes have a blue glow.
    The story is long so here’s one link if you’re curious.

    Whether fiction or fake, “Irradia” will be the next great hollywood movie.

    Nappy Yew Hear

    Yappy Hew Near

  • Never. It’s all idiotic ignorant hysteria.

    • What are you saying……..Go to the Fukushima site, and report back to us.
      If your saying Fuku is some made up story………well then you should know that people are Aware of the Disinfo con Artist, and all your doing is waking up more people…..and if they pay you to spread Dis-Info they should bill you, because you just blew their cover……..Thank you for opening up another Million of people eyes to the Dis-Info propaganda campaign

  • it’ll be time to leave when the media tells us it’s time to leave..

  • 🌐thIS A DITTO COMMENTing / I Repeat Eat & Sleep aka:.. Rest & Motion…
    🌐iThink thIS All just The Holographic-Universe thing aka: “Project-Beam-Me-Up” :cool:
    🌐BUTT Hey iS for Mister ED & The Virgin Mary / Have AiT aka: “Project-Sunlight”

  • 🌐Hey!.. What’s Up Too anyOne can Answer / I Know UReally Really INTObama thePOWER
    🌐& LOOK-A-LIKE An eXpert on The Dark-Matter Of Fact Subject / So lET Me Ask U please
    🌐Do U Think Obama Can Control big-humongous ASSTEROIDS & CME:flares:justwondeRing:

  • And they ran round like headless chickens not knowing which way to turn or who to believe or trust, little knowing that all along they have the power to create the world they want. Believe in the world you want to see and it will happen, believe in the fear and you shall create fear and succumb to the darkness. Stand strong in the wind and believe with a whole heart that all will be ok. Have faith, the universe is waiting for us to evolve. Peace and love.

    • womble, it’s time wasting to try and tell this to these people. Fear gives them the kick they crave. It’s an addiction with them.

      • They know there is no solution to this. They built this reactor along the coast line. The site/ground is not stable. There are already cracks in the ground in every direction.
        This is why they have to lie to everyone, because they have no solutions.

        Same with the BP oil spill they had no solutions, just sprayed toxic chemicals on the oil to make it sink to the bottom, it is still there, and washes up daily…..It should scare you to see the deformities of the sea life, and the people suffering from the toxic chemicals.

        Oh yes, they wish they could pour concrete over the FUKU site, although they know it will not work. The entire site is constructed on the coast line.

        If anyone should have feared anything, they should have feared building something like this on the coast line. They knew what could happen, and was warned. They have no option/solutions for containment…….The entire sight is slipping in the coastal waters. Any drilling/construction would just speed up the process, and release more plumes of radioactive material.

        Insane people in charge, that is what we should fear….

    • This is not about fear. This is about being Aware, and helping each other as friends, and Neighbors.

      You on the other hand are the type that has to be lied to, many different types in that group. They just cannot handle the truth, and must be lied to…Some get scared, some riot, some steal, and loot, some would hurt themselves, and other around them, basic Chaos.

      Most people on this site are well informed, and are far from being scared/No Fear. Knowledge is the key,
      Although you are free to live your life in the dark, and be lied to. Sorry to hear that you do not like the truth.

      • Bronson, truth is what you believe it is. We get what we believe in and speak out. This article screams out fear and panic, but does not provide a solution.

  • DK

    The answer to the headline is when President Obama takes his children to a beach in Honolulu, where they are filmed after bathing eating fresh prawns, Pacific tuna on a beach perviously hitting 1500 cpm for public reassurance. i.e. CPM and radiation dosage.
    “Days compared with the avg. annual human exposure (U.S.)
    207 (at 100 CPM)
    42 (at 500 CPM)
    14 (at 1,500 CPM)
    2 (at 10,000 CPM)

    Days to receive chronic dose for increase cancer risk of 1 in a 1,000
    432 (at 100 CPM)
    86 (at 500 CPM)
    28 (at 1,500 CPM)
    4 (at 10,000 CPM)

    Days for earliest onset of radiation sickness
    25,937 (at 100 CPM)
    5,187 (at 500 CPM)
    1,729 (at 1,500 CPM)
    259 (at 10,000 CPM)”

    The higests readings so far are 500 CPM and they have gone up not down, you will get radiation sickness if exposed to 1500 CPM for 6 years. It’s an old allusion, when the PTB go out on a limb to say nothing is wrong it is time to run.

  • Does anyone know of people on the West Coast who are experiencing symptoms that are atypical? It would be interesting to find that out. The nature of this being a ‘slow kill’ makes it incredibly difficult because the symptoms most likely will mount over time, making it difficult to ascertain at the beginning or within the first few years.

  • How many people have noticed something is not right…….everyone has senses, and for a reason.

    I do not want to scare you, I will say this I have scared myself before, and been 100% right, on things that I had no knowledge of. Call it a coincidence,

    Although something is not right………I have had this gut feeling for some time. I even been called in before by top brass, and questioned on how I knew certain things, down to the details…….I could not explain it, they told me to keep quiet.

    They do not want chaos… stay calm…….

    So just pack your emergency packs, like even the GOV tells you to do.

    • Actually Bronson, I believe you are tapping into the collective knowledge of humanity. Some of us will experience this more intensely (as you have) and I believe that is due to the level of their enlightenment.

      Humanity’s veil of ignorance is slowly being lifted, granting access to vast amounts of wisdom and knowledge. Those of us who have done the work to self-reflect and grow psychologically and spiritually, will glimpse the Truth before others do.

      But the knowledge is there for the taking, one just needs the right ‘eyes’ to see.

      Also Bronson, you may possess psychic gifts.

      I am in the same boat as you.

      Peace brother.

  • Eagles: West Nile virus, not radiation.

    ENE News: who are the mysterious people behind the website? Could it be the oil industry or alternative green energy folks?

    Arnie Gundetsen is a known shill of wind turbine companies with a fake, inflated resume.

    In short: your sources have no credibility. Why aren’t you exposing them?

  • Common sense and free thinking tells us this video carries a lot of truth … yet what will be will be .. I often say … if this wasn’t the end of days having that hope of deliverance at the hand of GOD … it would be the end of days for sure, with no hope wrought by the hands of diabolical man …

  • how to control a population of peasants..
    keep them in fear

    just saying…

    go spend 300 bucks, get a nice geiger counter.. go down to the ocean.. and see no results

    • thebluecadet

      Its not that simple….. You can not detect Radon Gas that can kill you with a Geiger Counter.
      A scintillation Counter might but who is going to pay Thousands of Dollars to find out that you can not protect you against the inevitable.
      A Geiger counter is no Protection but will tell you what you already know.
      Lets face it we are slowly dying like the lower level on our food chain does right now.
      Pray to God and Christ for salvation as this is your only option.
      Move away from the West Coast? Next thing one or more Nuke Plants in the Mid west or East Coast will melt down.The Elite could have allowed Thorium Based Plants that could be shut down very quickly and do not produce all the Waist products that are killing us now.
      Sorry cant do that it does not produce Plutonium for our Bom*s
      Look at it from their prospective,they want us dead and who knows they may already have a contingency Plan for their People that can take over all our posessions…. not going to work,but its a nice dream.

  • The best conspiracies are those disasters you create… scare the world to death… and get them all so PANICKED that they will surrender EVERYTHING… freedom, family and faith to have the problem…SOLVED. I’ve always wondered what scenario could be man-made created… look like an accident… create a global crisis… and cause an entire world to cry out for a SAVIOR.
    All that’s left for this scenario is the let about 1/3 of the world suffer and die to make a point… this is unstoppable. Then, MIRACULOUSLY… somebody steps up with the “ANSWER” that saves the planet. Now, they are worshipped as a Hero or god for saving the lives of billions. I could be wrong, but physics states this RADIATION is an ENDGAME scenario for millions… but slowly over time for bigger creatures… and very quickly for small framed creatures/humans who cannot handle such high doses of radiation.
    Anyhow… this would be where a benevolent & handsome anti-Christ (very advanced being) steps in to stop Fukishima and effectively render radiation inert / safe… and cleans up the very mess they created to GLOBALLY CON folks out of their freedom, families & eternity. And then offers survivors an “innoculation” against the radiation to prolong “save” lives… indefinitely, perhaps?
    Funny thing is… this all sounds like another cheesy sci-fi movie. But since so much sci-fi has become reality… and “genetic” manipulation experiments in progress… is it so Outlandish? Laugh & mock if you will… it used to be ALL HUMANS would die. But what if a “miracle” allows you to live for centuries or millenia?
    At first, it sounds like paradise. But what if you are poor, enslaved, sickly or persecuted? How does it sound now? Or got everything… and there’s nothing left or new to do but face boredom for hundreds of years? In both scenarios, you would seek relief…But even God’s Word predicts a time when men & women will seek out death… AND NOT FIND IT. Humans they cannot die. Sound absurd?
    Folks, even the more critical eyes against “END TIMES” biblical prophecy are starting to scratch their heads and wonder ever since the prophecy of Israel becoming a nation in the late 1940′s occurred… and started the “countdown” towards final Global Armageddon.
    God loves his children and only wants him and his son Jesus to be loved in return… THAT’S IT. Throw out ALL church doctrine, teachings and nonsense. If you hate God & Jesus Christ… Fine… but at least hate them for what THEY ARE… not what falliable, sinful men say ABOUT them and PUT WORDS IN THEIR MOUTHS and MAKE THEM LOOK HORRIBLE.
    When God sends you to Hell, just remember he sent Jesus Christ (his only son) to Earth on a RESCUE MISSION to SAVE YOU. Your sins KILLED him. You REJECTED his rescue efforts. You chose to hate him and his father. You chose to REJECT THEM BOTH. You chose NOT TO LIVE IN HIS HEAVENLY HOME WITH THEM. And the ONLY place left to send you since you do want to be around God or Jesus… is the prison he built for Satan and his rebellious angels… called HELL.

    [NOTE: My sins... and the whole world's sins ALSO killed him... for all have sinned.]

    I know how crazy, radical and goofy this must sound to smart, sophisticated and upscale refined sensible people out there. But consider this… RADIATION doesn’t care. It kills everybody…EQUALLY. And smart folks have their PLAN B always ready… when Plan A (life)…ends.

  • Nonsense. The radiation will travel the ocean currents and end up in Europe as well. This is a global event, and may well be worse than anything that could have been unleashed in a WWIII.

  • talking head and some guy measuring rocks on the beach (where radiation is always high) is not a reason to leave anything.
    Did the author leave? Don’t think so! Maybe he wants to buy all the houses for cheap when people will start leaving? Real estate agent?

  • Looks like its time for all of us to start some serious treatment therapies.

    Cesium was the dangerous isotopes released in the most quantity by Fukushima. Pectin-based radiation therapy was researched and developed by EU to treat Chernobyl victims. is the product the EU developed, based on pectin. They have a patent pending process to bind to and remove heavy metals and isotopes and replenish minerals and vitamins. The result: 63% of cesium removed according to independent studies in the Swiss Medical Journal.

  • I have been thinking for days how to continue to grow my food, without the fear of fallout radiation…..Folks it does not take much fallout radioactive fallout to destroy plant crops….Plants will absorb radiation very fast, and a lot of it.

    I hope for the best, and hope they come up with solutions for containment, although I do not see any hope. The soil at the Fuku site is not stable enough for containment, and is saturated with radioactive water. I am now reading that the radioactive materials in the ocean salt water will not dilute, only create a deadly chemical reaction, Like spinning radioactive balls from hell.

    I was in Europe during the Chernobyl accident…I am not going into it to much. I will say it was not a fun experience….you see people with patches of hair falling out, and also being lied to.

  • I keep coming back to read this. This was just an awesome post, and thank you for doing this, with video and that horrible picture. Its dead on. Dear Lord, help us now.
    Just thank you.

  • Archangel Michael

    Boy, I am going to protect myself and my family as best I can!

    “Leaving it “up to God” is rather foolhardy, in my opinion.

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