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Should Pot Be Legal? Several States Voting on the Legalization of Marijuana

Friday, October 7, 2016 14:52
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Several States Voting on the Legalization of the Recreational Use of Pot

Several states are voting on the legalization of marijuana. Private prisons are making money hand over fist and many of the prisoners are marijuana with no other criminal record.

I don’t use pot, but this is such a no-brainer issue. The details are in the video.





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  • Anonymous


  • Pink Slime

    I can tell you one thing about POT.

    I know everyone that uses them have become LOSERS in life. EVERYONE of them I know. So yeah, POT SUCKS so don’t inhale.

    And I bet if you hang around a POT store you’ll see nothing but LOSERS. Almost like being around a Hillary rally or a Wal-Mart sale.

    The guy that still lives in his mom’s basement, the pot bellied loner, the hippie that doesn’t know it’s over, the socially awkward geek – they will be all there! :cool:

    • Before It Was All Pop Ups

      Did Jesus tell you that? Grow up.

    • Mayhem

      I guess you don’t know any of these folk…

      … then.

      • Pink Slime

        Yeah, all the attention getters, the phonies, the whackos. You just made a list of all the people I really don’t admire and nearly all I loathe.

        Let me put it this way, I would rather spend a day hiking than spending 10 minutes with any of them.

        And Sarah Palin?? I thought you LOSERS hated her guts and made fun of her??? :cool:

        • Mayhem

          And what about the DEA Chief Administrative Law Judge?

          Oh and 50 famous people yet you couldn’t find any you’d respect!

          Your prejudice is showing.

        • Mayhem

          What about the likelihood that the anointing oil, which Messiah was covered head to toe in, being 50/50 olive and cannabis oil or the incense found in ancient tombs containing cannabinoids?

        • Mayhem

          Either way, Pinkster, next time i’m thinking of defending you against accusations of racism i’ll try to keep in mind you think i’m a loser.

          Which is a pity given i thought we were on the same page biblically speaking but i guess it’s true that you don’t really know what people think of you until you disagree with them on something.

          • Pink Slime

            I don’t know what racism is. Only a racist would know.

            As far as pot smoking this is what I have observed. Call it uncanny, but the rate is 100% and I can’t shake it off. :cool

    • Rockledge

      This has got to be the most ill informed silliest things I have ever seen posted on the net.
      The pot smokers I know are mostly educated professionals who are quite successful in life.
      They are well informed productive people.
      A number of them are using pot to treat physical problems ( which I do, I do so in order to stay off of drugs, which seems to be the doctors only remedy for such things as deteriorating joints and arthritis).
      Of all the drugs I have used to help my arthritis, it is the only one that not only kills the pain and lets me get a good nights sleep, it acts as an anti-inflammatory that gives me a few days of pain relief after the day I smoke it.
      Among the biggest losers on this planet are those who recite what they hear rather than speak from experience.
      You obviously have no experience in this area, and I doubt you have much contact with pot smokers. OR more likely, you have plenty of contact with them and assume that your doctor, your lawyer, the guy that carries the mail that brings you your welfare check, and perhaps even the preacher at your church are not pot smokers, but they really are and just don’t think it important that you know about it.

    • Anonymous

      I discovered pot in 1968 after watching the movie “Reefer Madness”. Since that time I missed a grand total of one day of work in 28 years and that was to play golf. I made over a million trading stocks and retired at the ripe old age of 50. After I retired, I went into sports betting and am currently making money hand over fist while paying NO taxes while living in southern Nevada. I am not telling you this to brag Pink Slime but I tell you this to let you know that you are a dumb ass for gerneralizing because all people aren’t the same. And well, I don’t live in mom’s basement but I live on the 8th hole of a beautiful golf course in southern Nevada and life is GREAT. Still smoking and betting baseball every day and enjoying life. Slime, I hope your life is this good.

  • Mayhem

    “Marijuana in its natural form is one of the safest therapeutically active substances known to man. By any measure of rational analysis marijuana can be safely used within a supervised routine of medical care. … It would be unreasonable, arbitrary and capricious for DEA to continue to stand between those sufferers and the benefits of this substance in light of the evidence in this record.”

    DEA Chief Administrative Law Judge Francis L. Young, Ruling in the matter of Marijuana Rescheduling Petition, September 6, 1988

  • Lissy

    I wish they would legalize it. My doc actually volunteered the info to me, without me mentioning it, that I would be a great candidate for medical marijuana for my migraines. So yes, I hope they do! I need all the help I can get!

  • Martus

    Instead of opening people up to the demonic world by smoking Marijuana or other drugs why not just give them lobotomies and castrate them as that will have less damaging effects on society then society thinking that these types of drugs are harmless. Alcohol is causing so much grief in society why not add to it?

    “Family says dad killed mom because he got too high on weed candy”etc etc.

    Heaps more story out there from this drug but those that smoke it are not capable of comprehending this because of their addictions or the demonic influence on their lives.

    :shock: Soul came out of my body and I saw a demon who wanted to join me in my body, refused it and then it said it will kill my family and friends. Told it that God will protect them, pray the Lord’s prayer and my soul came back in my body. True Story!

    I wonder how many got sucked in and let the demons into their bodies to run amuck, those hearing voices in their heads, corrupting their thinking, making them fit for hell and when they have permission killing them off and taking them to Hell!

    • Rockledge

      You didn’t finish school, did you?
      Does the coffee you drink open you up to the demonic world?
      Or how about the aspirins you take?

      After all, Gomer, drugs is drugs.
      I have known many born again very “Christians” who smoked pot who were just as annoying with their constant judgementalism of the behavior of others as you are.
      I have never, in my very long life, seen anyone commit any kind of violent act while smoking pot.

  • Rockledge

    What is truly amazing is that you see commercials for very dangerous legal drugs that doctors are pushing all the time, and the commercials always end with a rapid fire description of intense debilitating side effects that are as often as not more damaging than the problem the drugs are supposed to be masking.

    If they advertised pot, what would the side effects part of the commercial consist of?
    That if you smoke every day and abruptly stop you might have intense dreams and have a week of waking up a lot, and very minor irritability during the day for a few days?
    That if you smoke too much of it you fall asleep?

    It is insane that something that was sold by pharmacies up until the 1940s as a cure all for a host of illnesses that has no overdose potential, no hangover, little dependency potential, and grows wild on 6 of the 7 continents is illegal to possess.

    It is even more insane that we spend God knows how many gazillions of dollars a year keeping people in prison for possessing it, when the jail time is far more damaging to their lives than pot could possibly be.
    And keeping it illegal keeps the price up and stimulates other criminal behavior in those who smuggle it.
    I have a friend who is 77 years old and has smoked pot regularly most of his adult life, and is fit as a fiddle.
    After retiring the company he worked for talked him into going back to work because his talents were important to them. In other words, at 77 years old he is still fit as a fiddle and works.

    On the other hand, everyone I know who is taking dope doctors prescribe for them are having a hell of a time surviving on a daily basis.
    The old people I know ( me being one of them) who shun man created drugs and use only natural substances and diet to deal with health issues are strong and healthy.
    I don’t advocate making any substance the center of your life, be it drugs like alcohol or tobacco, food, or mind altering substances. OR doctor dope
    But pot being illegal is one of the stupidest moves our government has ever made.
    It should be legal for casual use as well as for medicinal uses , of which there are quite a few.

  • Air Quotes Shill Air Quotes

    LOL, who cares?

    It’s so easy to get regardless.

    In my state it’s legal, I can go buy it easy peasy at any number of stores.

    But want to know whats funny? Before it was legal I didn’t even have to goto a store.

    I made a phone call and had it delivered. Now that it’s legal I have to actually go to the store.

    Eh, either way, quality is way more consistent now, that’s the best part about it.

    Cigars, cigarettes, and Wild Turkey 101 are legal in this country, it’s pretty moronic that pot isnt. Of course if you look up the history about how it was all done, so that big pharma and the paper industry could keep scamming the nation, you can see the real reason why.

    Typical government all about the $$$$ crap.

    • Rockledge

      I am glad it is illegal too, being illegal seems to be keeping the price competitive.
      The minute the corporations get hold on it God knows what kind of dangerous chemicals they will add to it to make it addictive, and most certainly they will demand highway robbery prices for it.

      • Air Quotes Shill Air Quotes

        No, right now its still grown by small local growers.

        • Rockledge

          That may be true, but that is only because it is only legal in individual states, it is still federally quite illegal.
          Which means that if we get another right wing extremist nut in the whorehouse he could easily put a crimp in the states attempt to regain states rights by enforcing the law on a federal level.

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