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Beyond Hypertension, Sodium Chloride and Auto-Immune Diseases

Wednesday, November 16, 2016 16:09
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High blood pressure from too much sodium chloride (salt) is not the only harm but also too much salt upregulates pro-inflammatory agents.  Researchers found mechanisms by which high salt intake is a risk factor in auto-immune diseases, see link.

Sodium chloride poisoning in livestock has clinical symptoms.  Some symptoms are dragging of a hind leg, seizures, deafness and blindness.    In cattle there can be knuckling of the fetlock joint which is around the hoof area.   Could chronic over consumption of salt cause joint problems in people?  It has already been shown through research that high salt intake increases pro-inflammatory factors, so the answer must be yes.  Too much salt can lead to joint inflammation, and other inflammations.   Inflammation underlies arthritis.  Inflammation underlies cancer.  Could too much salt be a risk factor for cancers other than stomach cancer?   Very high salt intake is a known cause of stomach cancer.

Copper bracelets and aspirin are among anti-inflammatory agents used to relieve joint pain.  Would restriction of salt intake relieve joint pain?  Could salt restriction relieve or ameliorate auto-immune disorders?   Though it may be unpleasant to not satisfy the taste for salt in food, the health benefits are worth the taste deprivation.   

Could too high sodium level be a cause of male erectile dysfunction?   Sodium hardens the arteries interfering with blood flow.  Also, potassium causes the release of nitric oxide, and the ED medications do work by increasing nitric oxide.  

The body needs potassium to exceed sodium in order to be healthy.   The body needs sodium and potassium and health problems arise when there is an imbalance between the two minerals and when there is inadequate intake of one or both minerals.

Shapeshifting videos by Marino Delfino and The StarSpirit 123.  Neither got it right as to who shapeshifters are.  They are not reptiles, they are not non-men and non-women.   They are men and women, teenagers, children and toddlers who are seen to be of Satan because they do shapeshift.    It is a fable of Christianity that there is a so-called age of accountability.  The Lord knows when a person is born into the world whether that person is a son or daughter of God, or a son or daughter of Satan.    Every one who is a son or daughter of Satan is shapeshifted by Satan’s kingdom.

Revelation 21:7    He that overcomes shall inherit all things, and I will be his God and he shall be my son.

1 Samuel 2:12   Now the sons of Eli were sons of Satan.  They did not know the Lord.




Every convert to the gospel of Pharisee Paul is among those who are of Satan and they do all shapeshift.


Clinton shapeshifted, pyramid-shaped pupils:

Revelation 11:8   And their dead bodies shall lie in the street of that great city, which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt ….

The two Jewish prophets of God are killed by the Catholics’ final pope, which is the Beast himself (Rev. 11:7, 17:10-11).    Vatican is likened to Sodom and Egypt.  Vatican is loaded with pyramid symbols, on and in their buildings, and on their religious clothing.   Vatican is Sodom where a celibate priesthood engages in sodomy with men and boys.   Been happening since the church was founded and continues to this day.    Vatican is Egypt, a slave system.  See Jacob’s prophecy of the wolf, the Benjamite wolves conquer their prey and steal their wealth.   Satan is for Sodom and Egypt, he wants mankind living in Sodom and Egypt.  Egypt is violence, enslavement.  Sodom is ugliness, filthiness, depravity.

Trump is evil and so is his wife, as they are both shapeshifters.

If you believe the Son of God then you know no one who rises to power in this world is of God:

Matthew 10:18  You shall present my gospel before governors, kings and Gentiles as testimony against them

Trump was not put in his position as president-elect by God, but Satan put him there.  Some Christians believe God still does ‘repent or wrath’, they believe God still brings down evil rulers when they get too wicked.  They hate God so they refuse to believe what God states.   They hate God so they refuse to acknowledge God is permitting evil people to go unpunished, (unlike in the era of repent or wrath), until God’s wrath unto victory.

The Christians ignore the new things the Lord brought about.  They look to the past where God did punish evil people in the ‘repent or wrath’ era.   They hate God and so refuse to acknowledge the Lord lives, and acknowledging the Lord lives is to acknowledge what he states:

Isaiah 42:3   Smoking flax [evil people] he shall not quench and a bruised reed [evil people] he shall not break until he sends forth judgment unto victory

No Christian can show any where in Matthew or John’s writings where the Lord preached ‘repent or wrath’.  The Lord preached ‘repent because the kingdom of God is coming’.   What happens when the kingdom of God comes to earth:

Matthew 13:41  The Son of God shall send forth his angels who shall remove all evil people and all offensive things from the earth

The new message of the Lord is not ‘repent or wrath’, but repent because God’s kingdom is coming to earth.  Cannot remain in God’s coming kingdom on earth if continue to do evil.   If not doing evil, no need to repent:

Matthew 9:13  I came to call evil people to repent, not the righteous

There are no righteous people?  So says Christianity, that evil Satanic doctrine of Jew Pharisee Paul.  The Son of God says otherwise:

Revelation 22:11   Let him that is filthy be filthy still and let him that is unjust be unjust still.  And let him that is righteous be righteous still and let him that is holy be holy still.

Christianity, being a doctrine of evil Jew Pharisees, ignores the Lord.   They preach ‘repent or wrath’, they are liars.   The Lord says let the filthy and unjust continue, let the righteous and holy continue.   When the time comes, the filthy and unjust shall be cut off from the righteous and the holy (Matthew 13:41, Isaiah 66:17).   The righteous and holy people shall continue to exist on earth, but the evil people shall all be removed from earth.

Christianity hates the Lord.   They preach the good people leave the earth and the evil people are left on earth to be burned up with the earth, thereby calling God a liar because the Lord says the good people remain on earth and the evil people are taken off the earth.   The good people are taken off the earth, says liar Jew Pharisee Paul and lying Pharisee forgeries 1 and 2 Peter (2 Peter Ch. 3, 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17).    Anti-Christ Pharisee Paul, (1 John 2:18), teaches opposite what the Lord teaches on every point, including who remains on earth and who is taken off the earth.

It is the good people who remain on earth.  The Lord did say the meek shall inherit the earth (Matthew 5:5).  

The filthy and unjust are not cut down by God until the harvest, and they are the ones who rise to power in this world.   The Lord brought in new things with John the Baptist, including that the wicked shall no more be cut down by the Lord as in the era of ‘repent or wrath’ until the Lord sends forth judgment unto victory.   Meaning when the judgment of the Lord comes, it is upon the whole world and his judgment ends with victory – the kingdoms of this world (which are all of Satan) shall become the kingdoms of the Lord (Rev. 11:15).

The Son of God never preached ‘repent or wrath’.  There is no stopping God’s coming wrath, and it is his revenge on the world for killing his people (Rev. 6:9-11, Rev. 18:20).   God’s people are going to suffer and be killed in the coming wrath of God, including for rejecting worship of the Beast (Rev. 13:15).    Their suffering and death will not be because God is punishing them.   When evil people pollute God’s Temple, it will not be because God is punishing the Jewish Temple worshipers, but because God is permitting Gentiles their final transgression against him.  Once the Gentiles commit their final transgression against God, the Lord begins his judgment unto victory:

Daniel 9:24  Seventy weeks are determined upon your people and upon your holy city to finish the transgression and make an end of sins … and to bring in everlasting righteousness ….

The Holy City Jerusalem shall be trampled by the Christians and the Beast (Rev. 11:1-2).   Right after God’s coming judgment is the victory.  The victory will bring in everlasting righteousness on earth, both this earth and the new earth to come (Rev. Ch. 21).   Once the kingdoms of the world become ruled by the Lord,  everlasting righteousness on earth will be in place.   Though Mr. Gog and those who join with him attempt their evil plan to kill God’s Jewish people, he and his band cannot carry through with their plan because God destroys them (Rev. Ch. 20, Ezekiel Ch. 38).    The Jew Pharisees altered parts of John and Matthew’s writings, including Revelation Ch. 20.    Gog is not a nation, he is a man.  The nations on earth when the Lord rules shall include Egypt, Syria and Iran.  It is a lie of the Jew Pharisees that there shall be only Israel and Gog and Magog, with all of Gog and Magog being destroyed by God.  The Jew Pharisees Satanic wish that all Gentiles are ultimately killed by God is in Revelation Ch. 20, in line with the Jew Pharisees’ Talmud where they write Gentiles are lower than animals and that Jews can treat them any way they see fit.

Christianity is a man-made religion.  Christianity is the evil lying doctrine of Jew Pharisee Paul.    It is evil Jew Pharisee Paul who teaches his suckered Gentile prey that all in government are of God (Romans Ch.13, Titus 3:1-3).  Good or evil, all in government are of God, says Jew Pharisee Paul; and he instructs his converts to obey and submit to all in government.    And so many Chrsitians believe Trump is God-sent.  Trump is Satan-sent and this world remains in control of Satan until … Revelation 11:15.

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