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The Short Story on Cancer

Friday, November 4, 2016 18:36
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The Short Story on Cancer

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From Ken Adachi, Editor
November 4, 2016

The Short Story on Cancer (Nov. 4, 2016)

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On 11/3/2016, Achim wrote:

Dear Mr. Ken Adachi,

Thank you very much for putting together this very impressive and comprehensive collection of fine research into many matters people should be more aware of. It is only today, after 20 years in the www, that I came across your page for the first time and there are many items that I will definitely study in depth.

There is one topic however that I would like to forward to my brother – his wife has cancer and they are clinging to the toxic ‘solution’. I told him about other links, that point to the theory that cancer is actually a fungus that thrives in acid/sour environments. Your collections points to the same direction, but much more importantly offers many practical advice. Thank you very much for this and I will forward the link.

The reason I’m writing to you however os to ask you about the download link,

with the spaces. It does not work, there is no pdf available. Is this intentional or accident?

Thank you and kind regards,


Hello Achim

This will work OK

Using chemo or radiation is the worst thing you could do. You can cure cancer in many different ways using Nature-based therapies.

What kind of cancer does she have? What stage? How old is she? What has she done so far?

Regards, Ken


On 11/4/2016 Achim wrote:

Hello Ken,

Thank you very much for the quick reply and for the link, I forwarded it to my brother.

As to her condition I’m afraid I have to give you a weird answer: I don’t know.

Last time I met them was winter 2013, she just finished treatment for cervical cancer – and was smoking and drinking, and as I than found out she hadn’t even stopped with that during treatment! She is 45 btw, overweight, both heavy drinkers and smokers, she never did any sports.

I moved north a bit later, back to Germany and my brother told me in an email that she needed to go back to hospital because ‘they forgot a tool in her body during operation’. Today, that is near to impossible, as tools for operation are weighted before and after.

When I later learned that she was in treatment for cancer again, I came back heavy on him. I told him that I didn’t believe the tool story and that they have an obligation towards their daughter – And that includes doing the best to get healthy – stop smoking and drinking, eat healthy and try alternatives to the given treatments. To be open minded – and to educate themselves (didn’t have your URL back than, would have been perfect) and not believe some people just because they wear long white scrubs. My mom died of cancer 2011, and she took the conscious decision to not get treatment but die in dignity – it spooked him back than and we got into a fight about it, he wanted all possibilities to be tried. Luckily, my mom pushed her point of view through.

After I gave him my opinion on their point of view and action, he stopped writing and isn’t accepting calls anymore. None the less, I forwards links and infos to him on alternatives when I find them. As long I don’t know it is to late, it could be of help.

Maybe she is ok again, I hope she is, but I doubt it. There are matters, he should attend to and doesn’t. I will find out some day…

Many thanks again for your help – I will let you know in case it did kick off the learning path.



Hello Achim,

I see. What a pity. It’s always amazing to hear how people will simply refuse to open their eyes and look, even when their very life depends on it.

With dedication and discipline, you can cure cancer with Nature based therapies, and you can prevent cancer if you understand the basic mechanism.

To state it simply: A cell changes into a cancer cell through a gradual cellular poisoning process and a resultant lowering of cellular oxygen. When the oxygen drops below a certain percentage, the cell no longer uses oxygen to create ATP for energy, but switches over to fermentation in an attempt to keep the cell alive. Fermentation only produces 5 to 10% of the energy which oxygen produces, so the cell becomes much more primitive in function and loses its nucleus and now reproduces itself continuously. It craves a lot more sugar and carbohydrates to keep the fermentation going. The cellular voltage drops from a healthy minus (-) 1.25 volts to a plus (+) 0.5 volts and now allows the growth and proliferation of certain species of parasites, bacteria and viruses which would normally be held in check by the body’s immune system. Certain species of parasites, which always accompany any form of cancer, produce certain waste byproducts that encourage cancer growth. The ecology of the body has now changed to a self decaying process seen throughout Nature whenever organisms or cells stop functioning within the normal boundaries of growth and maintenance. The cell is now drowning in a sea of cellular waste, both outside the cell and inside the cell.

You stop the cancer process by reversing the ecology that is allowing the cancer process to take place. You zap or use herbs or ozone or other means to kill bugs that are producing the waste byproducts that encourage cancer growth. You add voltage to the body through various means. You remove the waste both inside and outside the cell and restore normal oxygen respiration in place of fermentation. The cancer process stops. The cancer cells die off and are removed by the body. As long as you don’t do anything to poison the body and give it the proper nutrients and food it needs, it will function normally and remain cancer free.

That’s the short story on cancer.

The books by Dr Hulda Clark and Dr Jerry Tennant do a good job of explaining how cancer grows and how to stop it yourself at home without subjecting yourself to the brain washed and oblivious “therapists” in the white lab coats.

Regards, Ken


Treating Cancer by Working with Nature

Dr. Robert Morse: Understanding the Critical Role of Acidosis and a Backed Up Lymphatic System in Health Degeneration (May 9, 2015) Germany Spain Netherlands France...etc

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