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McDonald’s Is Not Fit for Consumption – Ten Horrifying Ingredients

Saturday, January 14, 2017 9:20
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by: Amy Goodrich

(NaturalNews) There’s no doubt that most hard-working Americans like their fast food. Even though they know the bare facts – fast food is high in fat, sodium and sugar and can cause diabetes, heart disease and obesity – they still eat tons of it every year. A 2013 Gallup survey reported that eight in 10 Americans eat fast food monthly, and almost half confessed to eating it at least once a week.

While most of us are aware that every mouthful of a McDonald’s meal contains fat-promoting ingredients, we often don’t realize how many chemicals are in there too. Let’s look at 10 horrifying ingredients that should flip your appetite for a Big Mac. (RELATED: Learn more about toxic food ingredients at

1.      Ammonium sulfate

Ammonium sulfate is an inorganic salt used as a fertilizer and flame retardant, and it is also added to Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide. But did you know that ammonium sulfate can also be found in a burger bun? This nasty chemical has been associated with irritation of the gastrointestinal tract, diarrhea, nausea and hormone disruption.

2.      Silicone oil

If you are a chicken nuggets lover then you are a regular consumer of dimethylpolysiloxane, also known as silicone oil. Silicone oil is a synthetic material used to make contact lenses, caulking, silly putty and lubricants. The use of this non-biodegradable oil has been decreased in breast implants due to safety concerns.

3.      Cysteine-L

Cysteine-L is an amino acid synthesized from human hair or duck feathers. It is used to flavor meat and soften bread and pastries. Consumption of cysteine-L has been linked to constipation, diarrhea, vomiting, rashes, fever, headaches, drowsiness, low blood pressure and liver problems.

4.      TBHQ

TBHQ, or tertiary butylhydroquinone, is a petroleum-based additive found in cosmetic products and 18 different McDonald’s menu items. Although the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has classified this chemical as totally safe for human consumption, long-term use can result in aggravation of ADHD symptoms, stomach cancer, damaged DNA and death.

5.      Propylene glycol

Found in anti-freeze, e-cigarettes and fast food, propylene glycol can cause damage to the central nervous system and worsen existing allergies and eye and skin conditions.

6.      Prescription drugs

Researchers at the Johns Hopkins University found alarming levels of antidepressants and other prescription, over-the-counter and banned drugs in chicken feed and chicken products from fast food restaurants. Because McDonald’s doesn’t use organic chicken, their chicken products very likely contain traces of prescription medications or antibiotics.

7.      Dimethylpolysiloxane

Dimethylpolysiloxane is often added to cooking oils used to prepare McDonald’s filet-o-fish, chicken nuggets and French fries. Besides being found in most fried fast foods, dimethylpolysiloxane is also utilized in the production of silly putty, contact lenses, caulking, shampoos and conditioners, breast implants, cosmetics, polishes and heat resistant tiles.

8.      Carminic acid

Carminic acid is a red food dye synthesized by cochineal beetles. It is often added to fast food meats to give them a more vibrant and appealing color. Until 2009, carmine, cochineal extract or natural red 4, were classified as “natural dyes.” These days, however, the FDA requires carmine and cochineal extract to be explicitly identified in ingredient lists because they can cause severe allergic reactions in some people.

9.      Cellulose

While cellulose may be a natural product produced from wood pulp, who wants to eat lots of indigestible wood fibers? Cellulose is added to nearly every fast food item as a way to add volume. It can be found in cheese, salad dressing, muffins and strawberry syrup, among many others. You name it, and chances are wood pulp is in there.

10.  Silicon dioxide

Also known as silica or industrial sand, silicon dioxide is used to make glass, optical fibers and cement. The fast food industry often adds it to meat and sauces to keep them from clumping together. In an industrial setting, workers handling silicon dioxide wear hazmat suits and masks. Nonetheless, the FDA sees no harm in adding this industrial chemical to your burger bun.

Still lovin’ it? Next time you are looking for a quick meal, you may want to think twice before heading to the closet McDonald’s restaurant.



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  • zak1955

    L-cysteine has very high preventative potency in helping to prevent major degenerative illnesses such as Parkinson, A benefit of L-cysteine. Yes this ingredient is listed as being in the bun.

    Cysteine is able to fulfill several important functions in the human body due to its specific structure including sulfur and contributes significantly to the general well-being.

    Especially when the individual has chronic conditions, cataract or arthritis he or she will greatly benefit from the appropriate supplementation of this semi-essential amino acid.

    Also illnesses of the intestines usually increase the needs for L-cysteine, because many nutrients simply cannot be absorbed and get lost as a result of the digestive system being compromised.

    Environmental factors such as stress or extreme physical strain will also lead to an increased demand in L Cysteine…… SO NOW WE KNOW THAT SOME OF THE INGREDIENTS are not bad for us at all. I’m sure homemade food would be more healthy, but when you are in a hurry I don’t think Mcdonald’s burgers are going to kill or make anyone sick if we eat them now and again…… Maybe you should also check out the other ingredients listed above if you believe this story that the ingredients are all poison to us?

    • Fokofpoes

      Wait, L-cysteine is basically a synthetically derived product from human hair. Uhm, somehow I don’t think I need to eat human hair derivatives sold in pizza, pastries and shit.

      • Fokofpoes

        Also, apparently bird feathers. I dunno, somehow I’ve never felt the need to eat bird feathers.

    • trashman

      bull sh !t bull sh!tt! yummy chemicals are good for us yummmy. lets add some yellow dye no.5 too add some flavor yummmy!! How about some red no 10 ? or is it 12? yummy !! I know this! When i eat Mc Donalds i get sick! I went 4 years not eating mc donalds and decided one day too eat it. Well after 1 big mac i got sick! I felt sick! I am proud too have only eaten 1 big mac in 10 years!!!

      • srsly1

        Well, I’ll continue eating whatever the hell I want, and I bet we will both die within 2-3 years of the same age. But go ahead and act like you’re holier than though for what you eat.

      • srsly1

        Oh and I guess you would never eat pussy either? Since…you know…it contains a chemical call prostatic acid phosphate. Did you now phosphates can cause kidney disease, heart disease and high blood pressure? I’m sure you knew that already. So have fun being gay.

  • Fokofpoes

    Most of that stuff is pretty much crap, but the cellulose and silica (which a lot of people lack, and in the right forms have useful benefits) I have to wonder about.

    You should be FAR more worried about caseine and gliadin.

    • Fokofpoes

      Casein, sorry. That term been conflated somewhat though. Anyway…

  • Pink Slime

    I don’t think carminic acid is kosher. One should NOT be eating unclean foods much less food made to be preserved, ironically, that is labeled “fast food”. :cool:

    • westgate

      I’m certain that Krispy Creme or Dunkin Donuts are MUCH healthier for you…… :razz:

  • ripamerika

    Pig food for the pigs. Eat up, filthy swines.

    • Fokofpoes

      But I mean, only 75% of the american diet is wheat and (abusive) dairy crap. Surely that doesn’t mean anything, especially if you look at what gluteo and caseomorphins are and do.

      But hey, opiates for the masses, diabetes and cancer correlation? No fucking way.

      I could draw a parallel with say hallucination and, I dunno, moldy bread? But that’d seem like wizard woo.

  • Redlist Renegade

    As Ronald McDonald would say ; “You deserve a Break today (and Forever) from McGONELD’S” !!!

    • Fokofpoes

      You have real clown traits? I know some McDonalds clowns, they’re dead and gone.

      • Hi NSA, kiss my artichoke

        I remember a cartoon in ( I think, ) a dirty magazine years ago… Late 80′s.
        Ronald with his suit open… He was a skin covered skeleton.
        Can’t even eat their fries without a gut-ache.

        • Fokofpoes

          I don’t read much. But it sounds like it’s probably MAD.

          • Hi NSA, kiss my artichoke

            Might have been that too.
            Had a few of them around as well.

            Damn! I miss Spy-vs-Spy!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

          • Hi NSA, kiss my artichoke

            Though, I think the one I miss most is “Fat Freddy and the Freak Brothers.” :twisted:

          • Fokofpoes

            You’re saying, you still playing chess? Nah, why would I bother.

  • Elva Thompson

    All this so you can eat a corpse!

  • Counter Analysis

    Just look at the huge drive-through lines at fast food places around dinner time. It’s sick and scary to think about all the people who use fast food as the staple diet for their families. All these toxic ingredients need to be banned from food. A slightly higher cost for food will be more than offset by the savings on healthcare.

  • VirusGuard

    It all comes from a cow, ball sack, anus and all

    100% beef they call it and it’s true

    • Fokofpoes

      Would you trust me if I said I’m selling *100% Bullshit?

      *100% Bullshit may or may not contain traces of truth.

    • Andy

      cows have ball sacks? what alot of bull :wink:

  • truthseeker4809

    FDA should take random samples of all the fast foods from different chain restaurants and inspect the presence of human DNA in their meats as well as all the other harmful chemicals.

  • Elekwense

    Anyone who still needs to be told this should probably keep eating it and do society a favor.

  • Thom V

    I don’t go to McD’s. I have a good and tasty meal at Culvers even tho the cost is higher. Good food and service too. I don’t go as often as I’d like, but it’s always a treat.

    • Andy

      many moons ago i replaced my McDonalds with sushi – cheaper, more food, better tastes, OODLES better for ones body, supports local small business,,,,,,,,

      eating intelligently isn’t rocket science, eating poorly is nought more than laziness

  • vintagenxer

    Human meat included?

  • breck

    We are swine are we you nazi bastard! Suck my red apples Not the ones growing on the trees either. Had your mom last night in the backseat at Micky Ds :lol:

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