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Mr. President, Why Are There Still Chemtrails Over America?

Thursday, February 9, 2017 15:34
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chemtrails 2


Mr. President, you way you are for the people  and we should be “winning”. Mr. President, we can’t win if we cannot breath. We cannot win if we have early onset dementia.  We cannot win if all of children get autism. A huge contributor to these conditions is chemtrails. When are you going to do something about it, Mr. President?




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  • Anonymous

    They have increased in my area since 1 week before the election. Since the election chemtrails are going day and night.

    • Equalizer

      Give the honorable presiding President a break…He is the only one who has even acknowledged that “chemtrails” exist unlike his predecessor butt-rock, let alone the bush family killing JFK and orchestrating 9/11. He’s off to a great start!

  • NetRanger

    I won’t deny that there are “chemtrails” but you idiots really don’t understand that most of those are “contrails”, condensation cause by burning fuels that output carbon dioxide and water. That is the water, vaporized. Its basically a cloud. Are you people so stupid? Go back to elementary and learn a few things before you start popping off this stuff. You make the rest of us laugh, embarrassingly, when the subject is brought up. You’re idiots.

    • bill-e-bob

      Wow, I mean… WOW. You are the dumbest phuck on this planet NetRanger. I guess in the Kingdom of the BLIND the One-eyed man rules.

      • Truthblaster

        Yes you are a complete idiot!! The contrail Ice Crystal melt in 15 minutes. Chem Trails hang in the air all day and spread out. Wake up Sheeple!!!

        • Mayhem

          Not according to the FAA, Truthblaster…

          “Persistent contrails can last for hours while growing to several kilometers in width and 200 to 400 meters in height.”

          … as quoted from an EPA report that was presented to the IPCC.

    • Anonymous

      Netranger, you must be 12 years old and never saw the sky 20 years ago before chemtrails. We had air travel but not chemtrails that always blow up into huge cloudbanks and colored blotches.

  • Morgawr

    I’ve been Hawking for ten years and I love it, Imagine my surprise when my nan visited and laughed at me and pointed out my hawk was a mallard duck, it turns out all wings are not hawk wings.

    NetRanger, how stupid do you think we are, well not so stupid we don’t see you for what you are.

    • Mayhem

      Stupid enough to believe in the flimsiest of conspiracy theories that feed into your need for victim points.

  • Josie

    That is so true, I thought it would have been a priority of his, also Haarp, that has been causing all this horrific weather, droughts, flooding, some earthquakes and volcano activation. These are all part of the depouplation agenda and it makes me mad as Hell. If only everyone was aware of this and the other nasty things these elites do they would be dragged into the street and torn limb from limb. It needs to be done and I hope one day soon we will see it happen.

  • Josie

    NetRanger, water vapor dissipates quickly, chemtrails hang around all day. Careful who you call dumb!

  • Truthblaster

    President Trump – I was with you all the way through your campaign, now show us you are truly for the American people and Stop this Military Industrial Complex from spraying our Children and Families with this Poison everyday over our heads. This is the biggest Terrorist attack on the American people ever and no Politician or Government Official will even bring it up because it is so huge. This is real and it needs to stop before it kills every one of our Children, Family and Friends. This is Geo-aerosal engineering, Chem Trails people. Wake up!!! Your being poisoned daily.

    Do something President Trump!! If you don`t we will know you are a fake as well.

    • Hi NSA, kiss my artichoke

      I am still with him.
      We have to give him time to position his forces.
      One has to admit, his first priority is simply staying alive.
      If he really is anti-establishment.
      I still say the man to watch is the AG.
      Now that the AG HAS powers, we should see soon if we got what we hoped for.
      Honestly, would have loved to have seen Trey Gowdy as AG.
      Maybe, hopefully, now that the AG has been sworn in, we’ll see those arrests parroted about the last 2 weeks, start coming true.

  • Pink Slime

    Why are you waiting for Trump to do it?

    You’re a so-called investigative reporter keyboard banger. You know Mike (self-proclaimed ISO Lab Manager), why don’t you two buy or rent some equipment and monitor the air when you see these so-called chemtrails?

    Don’t be like that old story of a guy and a storm comes and he gets his oxcart stuck in the mud then immediately falls to his knees and cries out to G*d to save him.

    Where G*d say, tut, tut, man. Put your shoulder to the wheel and give it a shove. Moral? G*d help them that help themselves.

    Get off your keyboard and go tut-tut out there. :evil:

  • Everette

    Send a registered letter to him . His staff will open it and be concerned about their on lives and take it to him . It might be that he does not know about this . Companies like codex started this manure . The head nut case was a natzi that provided the gas to gas the Jews . He went to the UN with depopulation in mind . They agreed and gave him the green light . They also are trying to destroy our heirloom plants with DNA altered plants . In doing this they will control the food supply which can give them control of the world . You can’t eat gold and silver ! These are items used to buy food . You need food and water to live . This is also why they are posioning the foods . This drives you to doctors which share profits with their pharmacies . Bach to spraying from the sky . They are now spraying sewage in our area . One night it hit our house . The next day the blue water and sewage was on the side of our house . I called a cop over thinking some idiot had vandalized our house . He said air planes are now dumping their sewage on the heads of Americans . This frees up their time on the tarmack . Those that are up holding these evils need to be arrested and tied for crimes against humanity . Our standing water now smells like a septic tank now . Hang them on the streets so all can see . How the hell have we gotten to this point where they think they are a god and we are their dumping ground . I once read that the kings of England had an ass wipe ( offical job ) that took pleasure in wiping the Kings ass for him . They considered him to be held above all other humans . His poop was even stored for historical purposes . Well I dont see them that away . Hang their asses . Asses is the same word for butts but with a stronger meaning of anger for those who want to be self righteous . It is in the same location and means the same body part . Has the same meaning as words like tail , rear end , posteria , hiney and bottom . But when the ass word is used it could have 2 meanings , anger or a word of beauty . In this case it means I am angry that these pieces of scum think that they are superior to us and have a god given right to do whatever they so please to Americans . But doing much research I find the ruling elite as they call themselves are of Esau linage which GOD in Malachi 1:1-4 says HE hates . So I feel better knowing that they are really the scum and manure of the earth . But they need to be dealt with !!! Because like manure they are stinking up the places .

    • HAPPY chem TRAILS 2 you

      Most people don’t even know what’s going on, they think that these long “contrails” coming out the back of these planes is normal, it is NOT. But your right it is criminal- chemical trespassing. I think that this was planned a long time ago, have you checked out the */atican chemtrail c0in from 1985? ..g00gle it.

  • wiseoldlady

    Get on Twitter and ask him….send Trump a tweet…

  • patriots.bonfire

    And, why is the US government about to sell the Saudi’s more weapons? Why aren’t the Saudi’s on the travel ban?

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