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Before WW3 Sets in, Enjoy Your Life

Saturday, April 15, 2017 9:47
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dont worry be happy 2

As we head to the dark side, take time to enjoy the small, but important things in life.

Here is a reminder, and we ask the question, “Can mass consciousness bring about a change in the physical world?”


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  • dj dawg

    Oh Dave won’t you be happy all your dreams and prophesy will come true even the boy who cried wolf finally gets eaten :cry:

  • Pink Slime

    You know, what you said is the same way the ‘elite, Demoncraps and liberals think of you. Yes, YOU are the problem and they think if only you would go away and leave us alone. LOL!

    If it wasn’t for you we could have communism, unmitigated abortion, free love, sodomite “marriages”, none of your “Christianity” and 100% tax.

    So you can see we are DOOMED because a house divided will fall. One side believes in doing right, the other side in doing wrong.

    So prepare, arm yourself to the teeth, keep in good shape, train if you have too, study the Bible, know G*d because you maybe be doing a lot of preying for your side when the SHTF. :lol:

    • VirusGuard

      “One side believes in doing right, the other side in doing wrong.”

      You cannot have up without down, left without right, love without pain and by the same token you cannot have “Right” without “Wrong” it does not compute, not logical and it’s all shades of grey anyway

      This bible thing is a comic book, little kids like comics but by the time they confuse it with real life, well they are “in the head” and have a virus of the mind, unable to think past what the vicor at the local church has told them when he’s not having sex with children.

      Your think happy thought trick and you will go to heaven does not make the grade unless all the bad bits were taken out of you and thrown away in the bin to leave heaven pure but it’s not like that and meat always comes with fat so start waking up and thinking for yourself why don’t you

      • Cmonsense101

        Very well said, “In a world of the blind one eyed man is King”. Does the antichrist/dajjal qualifies for that one eyed man position sometime in near futrue? Many scriptures say he does because this very generation on earth is hopelessly materialistic (they will happily worship money, fame and celebrities if you give them the opportunity).

        I myself was and still is a hardcore believer in Lord, but to my surprise I found out the hard way that all organized and abrahamic religions have been corrupted by the very privileged groups (i.e. zionist talmudic jews in bed with christian and muslim bitch ass scholars) that acts like the movers and shakers of religion in their perspective communities. I thought only hindus, christians and jews worship different variations of reproductive organs (dicks, vaginas and what not). Then as an open minded muslim I took a good hard look at those minarets & crescent symbols on top of mosques and thought to myself those minarets kinda looks like circumcised dicks, don’t they? I don’t know about others, but that so called sacred black stone siting comfortably on Kabaa looks like a female vagina to me. How the fuck all those muslim scholars and mullahs fail to see that day in and day out? My theory is when you blindly follow something without doing your diligent homeworks, unholy misconceptions, superstition and radicalism follows you. All religions on earth and their respective followers can use some good old fashioned cleansing. WW3 will probably provide just that.

        • VirusGuard

          It’s not about good/evil and ending up playing for the “Dark” team for ever and ever if you do something wrong.

          Your sole is joined to a consious unit when you are born on earth but the consious unit was just the result of a thow of the dice, sperm race and more so it’s not all the soles fault for acting the way the person acts

          The consious unit dies on death and it was just made up from DNA (computer code) and that provided the avatar and also the brain functions

          Sugar is nice, goes well in cakes but it does not go well in dinners so does that make sugar “Evil” or is it just the mix that makes it bad ?

          it’s almost like our soles are being cast as actors in a movie and they may have no control over the part they play

  • VirusGuard

    Odd post by you David when it’s not about someone is about to invade the USA but maybe thats because it’s obvious that the USA is the one whos doing the invading just now.

    “Can mass consciousness bring about a change in the physical world?”

    I am not sure because our physical world is just an illusion of the computer simulation thats put togeather in our brains and the table in front of you is just like a 4k table in a shhot em up computer game but it’s in about 16k and if the rules of the game (Physics) says that players cannot walk through the table but they can blast it to bits with a RPG then thats the way it works.

    Physics is just computer code but as any programmer will tell you they all rely on maths and the physics might change in a simulation so that a world turns upside down and no one falls off (laugh david) but the maths remains the same acrosss all simulation and even this god dude (program team) cannot play with maths

    Our soles is just data and thats the life after death bit but it’s not the consious brain so our sole is nice an safe in the cloud (Database) but our consious brain is just in memory and if anyone pulls the plug on the Xbox then the data is lost but the avatar picture might remain on the cloud but it was only useful for the earth simulation.

    Thats the easy bit

    These sole things exsist in groups (200-500 best guess) in size and are a bit like a comune but i call them home groups and they do this type of mind meld thing in the group were every thought or vision is shared in the group and thats better than any sex you have ever had.

    After that i am back to just speculation but i got the impression that there was not 7.5bn of them if you added all the groups up, much less and no one was in overall control but maybe we are gods in a way at this level and as a group these groups make things happen in our simulation. Sorry only got a few seconds worth and don’t ask me why i was shown because i was not looking and yes i knew this long before any of us knew what a computer was and worked out the rest later.

  • dj dawg

    Good advice pink slime but I think if one is well armed enough it doesn’t really matter how great of shape your in I know some scattergun packing grannys. I wouldn’t want to try and rob them

  • VirusGuard

    Yes just in case you are listening david

    We also have these guide type of things, soles with some preivlages or extra rights maybe, they look just like us and sound just the same but they comunicate direct with the brain instead of speaking words using sound waves but if you want to sugar coat it from mummy then call them angles if you want.

    I don’t know much more but in the world of the blind the one eyed man (fuck off with the gender nutral BS) is king

    • b4

      i am with you virus and commmon101–had the death and come back experience 28 years ago–all that bullshit i learned at church was just that..bullshit–but if it works for ya god doesnt care,neither do i–humans are sheep–we all have our foolish ways–i think it extends back to our tribal ways to gather for protection and have a spirit leader(even if it just pretending!)–found out there is the other side–we all get to go–its funny how religion interpets all that–religion is such nonsense–the bible is nonsense–for adult infants who cant deal with life–humans are so petty,immature,judgeMental(me included!)–to rise and be above all our human ness is difficult-the sob who cut me off yesterday proved it!–hell would already be full,with bible thumpers,christians, if salvation was not for all–god never reads the bible–never has–never will–was not written by god either–written by primitive dudes in a cave–word of men–not god–if verses of the bible fill your brain you are delusional–to be one with god fill your heart,not your brain

      • VirusGuard

        I have not seen any of this death and coming back to life stuff in a new body with part of your memory from the past but memory is just data so it could had been cloned

        Dreams can fool us all and get mixed over time with thoughts to make something seem real when it was not (the data is real) and i’ve seen a little bit of this myself.

        Our minds are funny things and our memory is not written in stone (Read/Write Accress) so when you visit a past memory you can also change or add to it and then that becomes 100% real in your mind but it’s not even if you will die saying it is.

        The consious part of you is not the boss like most people think it is and runs in a sandbox for the earth simulation so maybe it’s a tool being used to train your sole or something like that, i don’t know

  • Andoron

    When the Browns win the Superbowl, you’ll know it’s the end.

  • patann

    Prophecy Link

    -Seen to be seeing, visiting God’s Throne, Then This Silence In Heaven, That Is In The Form Of A Great Mountain and The Brightest Sun Which Spoke, All World Leaders, Nations Listen Up, ALL, and I quote Elohim, “let my people Go!.” (and the truth shall make you free, Jesus, Moses, Apb),

    -And I Heard In My Hearing, 2002, 2017, “Your’s is a Nuclear fate, fifty millions will die,” an out break of mortuary on the map, beware, Apb

    -Gog and Magog, Trump and Pence, The Fury In God’s Face, And The Heavens Rolled Back Like A Scroll

    Article…Before WW3 Sets in, Enjoy Your Life, Article.. Be careful, when Bush doing wartime encouraged shopping 2003, awarded instead was an 11 o’clock shopping lunch hour, all while their military loved ones where being pulled apart, slaughtered..dream was very graphic, Apb

    -This going on like normal, I gave a similar warning, called on all parents to get their children out of whatever buildings their children frequent. Instead, that they spend as much quality time with them as possible, parks and alike, though the urgency, celebrities all, was that they get them out of buildings. Schools, churches, days cares, even the work place, a China quake hit like days later, buried and killed mostly children in various buildings, beware.

    -Seen to be seeing grandparents burying their grandchildren alive, they looking at one the other and their grand parents burying them alive, …right before the Haitian quake

    -I saw this lately, this safe day, mayday as a fun day in the park with the Clinton’s, with the Clinton’s now, they themselves this Hillexit. The same Clinton’s whose name coupled with Obama’s, and other warring western leaders, Trump as Truexit now included. All such warmongers cast upon a funeral reef, fasten upon the handle bars of a paper route, as so a date of Nov. 4th, a pending death-render that tore high into the heavens above, just this immeasurable death toll.
    -Apostle keep forewarning, if said movement, yes even your children isn’t toward the building and getting to repentant alters all else is vanity, this reaching for the wind, still. A day of horrors unimaginable, down to the actual month of September vastly approaches, and God will not relent of it. Elohim, 1986, has shown His very throne turn with it’s back toward us, those abominable lives, lands and churches, these men sick with detestable pleasures. This their America, even Israel, refusing themselves to repent so now the reaping, tens of millions scheduled to die, then Jesus. this Bride’s Millennium descended into it’s reign, I witness this, Beware, Apb, The RAM, see more here, and

    Listening To, I Just Seen Jesus,

    • b4

      patann-your insane

      • Central Scrutinizer

        ^^^ *you’re insane

        You’re Welcome! :mrgreen:

        [And EraserHead, you are still Maroon #1]

        That is All. As you Were.

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