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Say NO!!! to a FLU shot.

Monday, February 20, 2017 11:50
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The Flu. 

NEVER GET A FLU SHOT. EVER.   Here is why,

Those words invoke a terror of its own making.  No one wants to feel the effects of the VIRUS.  So, lets get a few things straight.

The common cold, like the flu virus CAN NOT be contracted by going outside and getting cold, or not wearing socks on a bare floor.  The common cold is a disease just like any other.  In fact the common cold is a virus.  The common cold CANNOT be cured by antibiotics, chicken soup, or over the counter drugs or any other wives tales.  Making your body vulnerable or suceptible to infection by lowering your tolerances can lead to being infected more easily.  Chicken soup, over the counter drugs make you feel better, only while the virus runs its course. Viruses are NOT affected by antibiotics, only bacteria are.

The common cold is a virus.  It lives as a parasite in the host.  You are the host.  You get infected by this virus because you came in contact with someone who has the cold already, or something they touched where the virus was left behind.  This can be a phone, a door knob, a spoon a cup, a pen, or ANY object an infected person touched after they exposed their hands to the virus.

A little anatomy here;  The human body’s defense mechanism causes several normal reactions to expel a foreign invader: a cough, a sneeze, an itch, unusual frequent urination, or even diarrhea.   So, if a person coughs into their hand or fist (like the mom’s warning to cover your mouth when coughing) their hands are covered in common cold virus with the single goal of staying alive.  The only way for this virus to stay alive, is to find another host.  It stays alive in the minute droplets of moisture from the bodily fluids of the previous host, until the next host comes along.

Just touching the contamination is not enough.  Your skin does a great job of protecting you.  Your skin is the body’s largest organ, and has a big job to do.  Unfortunately, we human’s are our own worst enemy, and the viruses and bacteria  of the world are counting on this. 

Here is your example, you are feeling good, and you come across someone who is coughing and hacking, with red eyes, and a sore nose from using a lot of tissue.  You avoid them like the plague.  However in the infected person’s wake, there are untold numbers of left behind little visitors just waiting for the unwary host.  You unknowingly touch something that carries the cold virus.  No big deal, your skin is protecting you.  As long as you do not rub your nose, eyes, or lick your fingers, or scratch an itch with the infected area, you are safe.  If, however, you introduce the infected area to a place where it can get in, you just caught the common cold virus. This includes kissing, or sexual contact of bodily fluids. Same goes for 99% of viruses.

OK, back to the “FLU”  The flu is a virus.  It wants to live.  It knows (theoretically since no one has ever had a dialog with the flu virus) that it does nasty things to the host.  But why?

Your human body is a truly miraculous organism.  However it became in to reality is not the subject of this article.  So, out of the body’s  many systems (circulatory, pulmonary, digestive), how does the disease fighting system work?

First, it is called the LYMPHATIC system.  It is designed just like a firefighting program in a big city.  There are little disease fighting stations all over the body.  Just like there are fire stations all over the city. The body’s fire stations for disease fighting are called  LYMPH NODES.  These nodes create white blood cells.  The lymphatic system stores the disease fighting blue prints of every bacteria and virus you ever came in contact with to date.  This way, they can manufacture the right ones for the disease that entered your body.

I am getting ahead of myself.  Although the actions of the disease fighting mechanisms in the human body, (so too are for any mammal) seem simple enough, the background for why it does it very involved.

A lot like when you press a key on a keyboard and that key value appears on the screen, there is a lot going on behind the scenes. 

When you are born, your mother imparted to you some basic genetic disease fighting instructions.  If you were lucky enough to breast feed, she also imparted to you colostrums.  This is a survival mechanism to aid you In survival until you can fight the little bugs on your own.

As soon as your own lymphatic system gets into gear, it works something like this.  There are cells that are continually monitoring your body for cells that do not belong there.  It considers these foreigners are infections, because that is what they really are.  (We are going to restrict our discussion of the lymphatic activities to simple viruses, and omit the ones that trick the body into believing they are friendly, like the AIDS virus)  The lymph nodes continually produce T-Cells who are the police officers of foreign cells.  If a T-Cell detects or suspects an infection, the T-Cell reports back to the lymphatic system that it detected an anomaly, and the T-Cell tries to infect the invading virus or bacteria. 

The T-Cell’s job is report back to the lymphatic system what the genetic makeup of this invader is.  If the invader’s genetic blueprint is already in the system, you will likely never know you were infected.  Even if the invader has slightly mutated (changed its genes to survive) the basic blueprint is still close enough so that the T-Cell and the lymphatic system can dispatch it with very little effort.  By means of white bloods cells are created SPECIFICALLY to fight that genetic invader. Your lymph node may swell a little as it creates the appropriate antibodies and you might feel a little under the weather, or your nose may drip, or you may even have a slight fever, but these go away in a day, and you fell right as rain the next day.  You just won the battle against a foreign invader.  Congratulations.

While the fight was on, your body is storing the invader’s genetic information for any future confrontation.  If a T-Cell reports back that same genetic infection again, the lymphatic system will just pull out that mold, and create the correct properly designed antibody, and poof goes the invader.

We all wish it were that simple.  Every organism on this earth has a single imperative.  Survive.

In order to survive, organisms mutate to adapt their environment.  Even from one host to another.  There are 17 known HA subtypes and 10 known NA types.  If they combine freely, then, there could be up to 170 different subtypes.  That is a lot of different types and the mutations are even more numerous.  This is just a simple statement to demonstrate how the bugs are clever.

Why do we get immunizations?  Great question.  Some of the bugs we get are too strong, and our bodies can not overcome the ravages of their changes to our bodies as their host.  We need help.  Instead of treating to the invaders AFTER being infected, scientist have discovered a way to make synthetic or weakened viruses to teach our lymphatic systems the genetic code of the viruses so the mold can be pulled out quickly.  This applies to all of the shots you had when you were growing up.  It also includes tetanus, tuberculosis, and a slew of other diseases that you need boosters for.  You get a booster because of the mutations.  It is not as critical as the flu or common cold because you don’t normally get injured that frequently.  But you could catch the flu or a cold several times a year.

So scientist create this vaccine for the most prevalent (the strongest of) flu strain for that year.  If you think about it, the previous year’s strain may NOT be the next year’s strain.  It is an educated guess scenario.  I applaud their effort, but statistics are NOT in favor of the recipient.  Only a certain percentage of the vaccine’s content will be effective against the current strain, which will have several variants of the subclasses (mutations) of the previous year.  So getting a vaccine for the flu is like trying to hit a dart board with a dart with no point, after being spun around ten times and blindfolded.  The chance of hitting a bulls eye is not impossible, but your chances are not good.

Now, it is flu season, and the advertisement are out.  GET YOUR FLU SHOT NOW!!!!!

I say, don’t you dare.  In years past, before you ever got a flu shot, you probably contracted the flu.  Therefore as described above, the flu virus genetic code is still in your system.  You already have to the potential to fight it off as if it were any other virus.  Your body systems are like your muscles, you don’t use them, they atrophy (get weaker).  As you get the flu virus injected into your body, you are getting other things in the content. 

I do not know the content, sorry, for some reason that is a closely guarded secret.  I can say this, when you look at food labels from your grocery store, are you appalled, confused or simple dumbstruck at the amount of things they put in your food?  I am.  Most of it is for preservation, color, and flavor.  If that is what they put in your food, and they TELL you about it, just imagine what goes into that shot and the call it a secret.

Your body is already doing the same thing the shot is supposed to be for. In fact, after you get your flu shot, (if you read the fine print) you can still catch the flu.  PLUS, your body will be fighting all of the other foreign materials included in the shot.  Things that you CAN NOT take out.  You voluntarily took it in. 

I know that sounds very conspiratorial, but if you even think a little bit, you should be scared.  I know I am.  Yes, I immunized my children when they were born, and all through school.  I did NOT get my daughter  vaccinated against the HPP virus that then governor Perry mandated.  (Good call on my part I now know).  I was informed, and knew it was a bad idea. 

This little bit of information just scratches the surface, but if it save a life, it is worth it.  We now all know, the Unites States Government  bows and panders to huge pharmaceuticals.  So, how are you to know?  Knowledge.  

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