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Ryan Care: Is it Really Better than ObamaCare? Thanks Obama for the failed system! By Dr. Phil Taverna

Thursday, March 16, 2017 9:46
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Ryan Care: Is it Really Better than ObamaCare? Thanks Obama for the failed system!

By Dr. Phil Taverna

First off there is no hurry. Once President Trump removed the mandate there is absolutely no hurry. And you really should let the people decide. They keep preaching Democracy, but it seems we always have bureaucrats jamming bad tasting  stuff down our throats all the time.  Presently, those on ObamaCare Medicaid are still covered.

Come up with at least three plans. Please let me present the Taverna plan. First off, these idiots want to come up with a program. Programs are for liberals. And before you know it,  it is expensive and has lost sight of its main and original purpose. Like Social Security.

Doesn’t need to be an entitlement. Again another program and we need to pay thousands of workers just to administrate it. The Obama exchanges was his great job creating feature. He was shovel ready. I am ready to shovel dirt on all of ObamaCare. Let the insurance company administer it, they end up with the money either way.

I would start with catastrophic insurance. Or calamity insurance. Basically this kicks in at $1,000 a person per year. And anything over $20,000 is fully covered. What does this mean for the folks in Rio Linda.

Everyone pays a $1,000 a year. If you are subsidized or on Medicaid, the government sends the money to the insurance company for you. No voucher games. We know there will be  tons of money paid to the insurance company and you are covered.

So if you get a splinter or a pimple on your butt, you are not covered. So you sit on it. Sorry couldn’t help that. I know keep your day job. So you either pay for it or buy a supplement package like the losers on Medicare. By the way Medicare is about $6,000 a year and we have been paying for it for a long time. That is what we call a program.

Now God forbid you become seriously ill. The catastrophic insurance kicks in until you are well or reach room temperature. And if you can’t work, the government pays the annual $1,000 fee. So this deductible or co-pay is a little different. Big difference!
If you show up and it is obvious your care will exceed $20,000 annually you are 100% covered. Isn’t that great. Pre-existing condition which was eliminated under Clinton would apply to the supplement. If there is no disconnect in the coverage, you are covered for pre-existing conditions. Having your children covered under ObamaCare was not real special. It still cost you more to cover the adult child. So all adults pay $1000 per year. And children should be pro-rated. So to simplify covered situations would be categorized. There would be exceptions, but procedures like cancer treatment, heart surgery would automatically be completely covered by the catastrophic insurance. No $20,000 deductible like ObamaCare.  Nothing to bankrupt you!
If you have a chronic illness that exceeds $20,000 a year you are covered. Prescriptions as well if related to the illness.  Those with serious illness should be put in a different pool and the government takes care of them. This will help to keep the annual fee for catastrophic at a minimum. You want that so everyone pays with delight.

Now that sounds great to me. There is no penalty. If you don’t pay the annual fee in year one and two and show up the third year you get the pay $3,000 or the government does if you have been on Medicaid. No penalty. Just pay what you owe.

The liberals have funny math, but more people die who have insurance then don’t.

Under Obama they reclassified Medicaid as part of ObamaCare. As far as the catastrophic part, Medicaid recipient should be covered as well as long as the government pays the $1,000 for each participant.

And tell the greedy politicians, if there is a surplus, keep your hands off it and let it roll over to the next year. This plan is only for citizens. If you are not a citizen, you are on your own. Should be a plan/program to send them back to the country of choice if they are ill. Politicians should also partake in the same plan that the citizens are in.

The loons will want to get the best insurance supplement for those on Medicaid. The government pays for it not the subscribers! And any other person that wants a supplement goes to the marketplace and negotiates the best deal for the most custom made package.

Goofy Ryan wants to give tax credits. He is a political jerk. Tax credits are easily abused. What most working people don’t know is tax credit is money you actually receive from the government. It is not a tax deduction. So Ryan wants me to go out and buy insurance and he is going to reimburse me the full amount up to $14,000. What is he nuts. I can see the geniuses out there buying the insurance. Then canceling it a week later and getting $14,000 from goofy Ryan per person.  They do this with financial aid already.
And there would be no controls on the cost of the insurance. It would skyrocket because of the tax credits!

Remember Ryan. right now we have a semi-conservative government. In ten years we could have another commie like Obama at the helm. Once you have a  program and someone like Roberts on the bench, you can change a “program” in a heart beat. You could have ObamaCare II in no time. Maybe just an executive order away.

If you really have to, then give folks a tax deduction on the catastrophic and or the supplement. That is ok. Then it is not a government handout. But quit spending money you don’t have. Unless you are Kasich. He brags about a surplus. But if you don’t pay down the debt, and spend it, it is not a surplus. Just a poorly applied budget.

Back to the vote. Put together 2 more plans beside the Taverna plan and let all the people vote on it. This way if it is a failure who is at fault. If Ryan chooses, then it is the Republicans that are at fault and rightly so. And no matter how great the economy is and the healthcare there will always be someone that the NY Times will tear  apart.

This is how to deal with Medicaid. The states get a block grant equivalent to a certain amount. So if you make less that $5,000 you get Medicaid. So the Feds would pay half in a block grant and the state matches the funds. Now in  a magical place like California or NY may want to pay for people making under $15,000. These are just arbitrary numbers. So the Feds still pay the same previous amount. And the State pays the difference to the insurance company.

So people, the real system suckers will flock to places like California so they can take advantage of the liberal generosity and they are the ones paying for the extra Medicaid not the federal taxpayer who has no say in the state business.

Comment about interest rates going up. The liberals waited around while Obama added about $10 Trillion Dollars to the national debt. I wonder if we should not call this ObamaDebt. Like ObamaCare. Obama is responsible for most of the national debt. Thanks Obama! Point is if the Feds raise the interest rate, they should be impeached. This would raise the national debt annually a great amount. So large it would be difficult to pay the interest alone. Thanks Obama. And Obama has nothing to show for it.

The same with the CBO. I thought these clowns were a bunch of bean counters. Now they are predicting abortions and births. Shame on them. Out they go. They said ObamaCare would reduce the national debt under Obama. Just like Global warming. Don’t need facts. Just some wild imagination and the liberal media will buy into it.

So people should be allowed to vote for three plans. The Ryan plan, The ObamaCare plan or the Dr. Taverna plan.

Betcha the Taverna plan wins.



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