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The One Billion Pound Gorilla Bearing Down On USA: America’s Immigration Predicament

Tuesday, May 13, 2014 14:18
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The one billion pound gorilla bearing down on USA: America’s immigration predicament in this three minute video


By Frosty Wooldridge


Legal immigration drives America’s population from 300 million to 438 million by 2050—a scant 36 years from now.  You need to do something for your children.  Watch the video.  Take action by joining: and to magnify your voice to reduce all immigration to less than 100,000 annually instead of 1.1 million to 2.0 million if S744 amnesty bill passes.

This 3 minute video educates:


By the year 2050, census estimates predict that our population will reach 420,000,000 and by 2100 may exceed ONE BILLION. Behind China and India, the U.S. is the third most populous nation in the world. According to the Census Bureau our population was 303,146,284 on January 1, 2008 an increase of 2.84 million in only one year. We are already seeing energy and water shortages in some areas of the country. If you think we have problems now just wait a few years.

Immigrants don’t travel by covered wagon anymore, the majority congregate in our cities. The demands on our cities are overwhelming. Anyone who lives in a large city can see the results of overpopulation on their roads, schools, hospitals, courts and jails. While many reasons are given for water shortages, electrical outages and the high price of energy, the root cause (usually not stated) is simply overpopulation. The amount of energy we require is largely a function of population. Just as two people require more water than one person so it is with energy in a modern society.

Environmentalists should be leading the fight to control immigration; instead, they are sitting on the sidelines.  It is intuitively obvious to even the most casual observer that people produce pollution.  Rising populations increase pollution and deplete natural resources.  Many ‘greenies’ are not afraid to say you should live in a cardboard box, drive a Yugo and read by candlelight yet they lack the intestinal fortitude to speak out on the real cause of pollution—people.  Environmentalists are on a fool’s errand if they believe we can be ‘green’ without reducing immigration.

Every wave of immigration, legal or illegal, pushes black and other low-income groups further down the economic ladder as immigrants will almost always work for lower wages.  Many immigrants fight their countries wars from our shores.  This fragments communities along ethnic lines and is not in our best interest.  Every day state and local authorities are forced to deal with a Babble of languages yet politicians are too timid to make English our national language.  Language is the glue that binds a nation together.

·        When calling in to a talk radio program one illegal immigrant said, “What a country! For fifty dollars you can buy documents that let you get food stamps and money to make babies that become American citizens. When the baby is older, this allows the rest of my relatives to come and make their babies.”  Unless we elect politicians who have the courage to reduce immigration levels and cope with real problems, the future is grim—there’s a one billion pound gorilla waiting in the wings.

Reader comment:
Anyone who believes exponential growth can go on forever in a finite world is either a madman or an economist.
                                  -Economist Kenneth Boulding
Ultra liberal immigration laws are creating a Fifth Column within our borders.
                                 -Anonymous DHS Investigator-
Please circulate across the USA.
Jo Wideman
Executive Director
Californians for Population Stabilization (CAPS)
1129 State Street, Suite 3D
Santa Barbara, CA 93101
(805) 564-6626 FAX (805) 564-6636
Please tell your friends about CAPS!
Escalating human population growth threatens native species and California has the largest number of native species in the country: 51 native species of amphibians, 84 native species of reptiles, and 197 native mammal species.The Central Valley alone was once one of North America’s most productive wildlife habitats, a 450-mile-long expanse marbled with meandering streams and lush wetlands that provided an ideal stop for migratory shorebirds on their annual journeys from South America and Mexico to the Arctic and back. 95 percent of those wetlands are now gone, and the number of migratory birds has declined drastically.



Frosty Wooldridge
Golden, CO

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  • 7979barb

    Illegal immigration. Do you get the first word? Illegal ! The victim of this crime? Your children. You do not stop immigration with guns and fences. You stop immigration by teaching them how to fish. JC said feed a man for a day or teach the man how to feed himself. That is what is wrong with immigration. Nor can you teach your neighbor when your own home is full of traitors, liars, thiefs, and groups and individuals engaging in sedition. If we do not stop these individuals and groups and hold them accountable and responsible for their criminal activities than I assure you that your children, your grandchildren futures will look exactly like the children’s futures who live on the south border of america.
    This is what makes immigration a crime whereas all the people are victims. Do you not understand that this was a planned event to create a race war all along our southern border? Do you not realize that our Attorney General of the United States of America Eric Holder refused to charge the bank who admitted to laundering 7.5 billion in a drug cartels money and not one person went to jail? Yet, the number of american citizens charged with drug related offenses are given multiple years and locked in a cage. Those citizens are your children and grand children. Maybe not today, but do know it is coming to your home soon. This same attorney general gave weapons to the same drug cartel. More people south of the border have died at the hands of the drug cartel’s, the police in mexico is in bed with them along with their government. Ringing any bells america??? Though there are some farmers in Mexico who have armed themselves and are protecting their land. Imagine that. Do you not understand your criminal government sees we the people as the enemy. Have you ever wondered why Johnson insisted that the papers in america quit using the terms mafia and mob? Do you not know they wanted these men’s identities hidden from the public because they intended to have their children in power in the future. Guess who is in power in America? None other than Nazi’s, mobsters, criminal bankers and bought and paid for treasoness elected officials.

  • Apolitical Blues

    Demographics and declining birth rates are driving this governments decision to allow the continued illegal influx of immigrants. The taxing bodies are drooling over the prospect of more cash cows to extract their pound of flesh from.

    Social Security will be used as a good reason to allow more of these illegal invaders to pitch a tent and stay awhile…but, wait, we give them housing, SNAP cards, cellphones, free medical, etc., etc. how do you walk away from a deal like that! Leave it to government for the most twisted logic.

  • TombRaider

    I completely agree with both of you!

    This has been an initiative for a long time. In order to ensure a parties dominance, allow the flow of illegals into this country, give them all the government aid they want, make them citizens, then enjoy 25,000,000 additional votes…

    Remember, when 51% of the voting base if on government assistance you no longer have a democracy…

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