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Archbishop Tutu announces retirement after TRC fraud allegations

Saturday, July 24, 2010 14:37
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Capetown, South Africa — At 3:04 pm on July 22, 2010, the Desmond Tutu Peace Center published a news report Archbishop Tutu to retire, effective as of 07 October 2010.

 Less than 48 hours had passed since Archbishop Tutu had personally been notified of the Radical Honesty-RSA Amicus Curiae lodged with the Constitutional Court (Citizen v. McBride) that alledges TRC fraud.

The Amicus includes an overview of ecological carrying capacity principles, referred to as EcoLaw 101, including legal precedents for the importance of carrying capacity and a healthy environment, as a sine qua non, for all other rights. Put differently any legislation or jurisprudence such as the TRC Social Contract, which professes to advocate on behalf of human rights, peace and social justice, while ignoring their ecological basis – a stable human population at slightly less than the eco-systems carrying capacity – is endorsing and practicing legal dishonesty and hypocrisy; i.e. fraud.

Furthermore it alleges that a psychological integrity environment is the sine qua non for relationships of honesty and trust, for relationships founded on deception, lies and hypocrisy are not a foundation for healthy relationships in families, communities or elsewhere.

The Radical Honesty-RSA Amicus also includes detailed evidence how sincere forgiveness affects individuals psychological integrity independence and ability to resist peer pressures to conform to politically and racially correct ideologies; with reference to Solomon Asch’s conformity experiments and Stanley Milgrams studies on obedience.

It concludes that the TRC met neither of the two sine qua non requirements, it did not even make any effort whatsoever to try to. To the contrary. The Amicus includes the following examples of how the Archbishop and his TRC Commissioners deliberately and intentionally laid the groundwork for relationships of hate and mistrust, and the ecological environment for violence and racial resource wars.

The Radical Honesty – RSA Amicus is supported by Expert Witness statements from: (i) Dr. Brad Blanton, founder of Radical Honesty, former ‘Honesty in Politics’ candidate for U.S. Congress from Virginia in 2004 and 2006, and bestselling author of the Radical Honesty series of books, and (ii) Dr. T. Michael Maher, author of the study How and Why Journalists Avoid the Population-Environment Connection and an expert on Media Framing and Salience of the Population Issue.

The Radical Honesty – RSA Amicus alleges among others, the following:

1. The TRC Acts are deliberately vague and obsfucastory deliberately providing no definitions for key concepts.

Tutu had accused apartheid of providing vague definitions to enable legal repression, and then remains silent about a social contract for a multicultural country that provides no definitions for key concepts whatsoever. A truly double-think social contract of Orwellian Pharisee terminology.

 2. Truth and Reconciliation were not seen to be done.

The TRC did not live upto its mandate to contextualise the gross violations, including the perspectives and motives of the perpetrators, as well as any antecedent factors contributing to violations. It contextualised the actions of the ANC, and provided no context for the IFP or State, simply depicting it as a criminal state, totally disregarding the State’s perspective, about the importance of law and order; or the IFP’s perspectives and motives. The TRC deliberately ignored the People’s War, TRC findings were frequently unexplained, “its investigation and research appears … one-sided”. It concentrated on the States Security Council, while ignoring its ANC equivalent the ‘Political-Military Council of the ANC’.

For example, the TRC avoided any enquiry into the ANC’s Prison camps, such as the one at Camp Quatro where ANC dissenting members were sent to, many tortured, some executed, women raped, etc. It also made no enquiry into what was referred to by young African women as ‘operation production’, where they were forcefully raped and impregnated by ANC ‘young lion’ cadres, to produce cannon fodder for the ‘struggle’. No contraception was allowed. 

 3. The TRC participated in the Falsification of Apartheid History

 The TRC ignored how Hendrik Verwoerd’s Apartheid “launched the greatest programme of socio-economic upliftment for non-whites that South Africa had ever seen,” which raised poor blacks living standards to the highest in Africa, granting them greater self-determination under Afrikaners, than any other minority black tribes in Africa, under majority black rule. While ‘racial inequity no doubt existed, and full democracy was absent, social, health and material provisions — the best in Africa — existed for black people’ under apartheid.

This did not sit well with the OAU who founded the OAU Liberation Committee, allegedly to benefit Africans ‘self determination’ from colonialist whites; while “rejected post-independence claims to self-determination in Biafra, Katanga, southern Sudan, Shaba and Eritrea”, and the Sahrawi people’s right to self determination. But the OAU’s chief mission was to rid Africa of the white Apartheid goverment that treated poor blacks better than any black goverment.

For example: In 1961, then foreign minister of SA, Eric Louw presented to the UN a factual comparison of the living conditions of blacks in South Africa compared to other African states. He proved that Blacks in SA had a higher per capita income, better educational opportunities, far superior medical and social services and altogether a higher standard of living than anywhere in Africa. In response, the OAU engineered a motion of censure against him (first of its kind) and his speech was struck from the record, by “mob-like censure” campaign on the part of the UN.

Afrikaners in South Africa, not only treated blacks better than any black goverment in Africa, but Afrikaners even treated blacks in South Africa better than Communist Russia treated whites:

 ”At the height of Apartheid in 1978 Soweto had 115 Football fields, 3 Rugby fields, 4 athletic tracks, 11 Cricket fields, 2 Golf courses, 47 Tennis courts, 7 swimming pools built to Olympic standards, 5 Bowling alleys, 81 Netball fields, 39 children play parks, and countless civic halls, movie houses and clubhouses. In addition to this, Soweto had 300 churches, 365 schools, 2 Technical Colleges, 8 clinics, 63 child day care centres, 11 Post Offices, & its own fruit and vegetable market. There were 2300 registered companies that belonged to black businessmen, about 1000 private taxi companies. 3% of the 50,000 vehicle owners in 1978 were Mercedes Benz owners. Soweto alone had more cars, taxis, schools, churches and sport facilities than most independent countries in Africa. The Blacks of South Africa had more private vehicles than the entire white population of the USSR at the time.” (Opening Pandora’s Apartheid Box – Part 9 – The lies about the Townships, Mike Smith Political Commentary)

 4. TRC Falsification of History Ignored how Apartheid was a Just War for Afrikaner Demographic Survival.

SA Demography: 1868 - 2001 The founders of apartheid believed that due to the numerical superiority of black peoples, they had two choices: forced integration which would mean white afrikaner suicide, or seperate development, where all cultures could maintain their own racial, cultural and religious identity and rule themselves: As stated by Dr. Malan’s National Party in 1947: 

“The choice before us is one of these two divergent courses: either that of integration, which would in the long run amount to national suicide on the part of the Whites; or that of apartheid, which professes to preserve the identity and safeguard the future of every race, with complete scope for everyone to develop within its own sphere while maintaining its distinctive national character.”

According to English social geographer, John Western in Outcast Cape Town, had Apartheid ‘managed to avoid its massive problems of demographic surges and attendant unemployment’ the outcome may have been very different. No matter how much socio-economic upliftment the Apartheid goverment provided, they ‘could hardly keep up with the Black demographic realities of rural-urban migration and absolute population increase. At immense cost, they as it were ran as fast as they could, only to stay in the same place.’

Even an economics teaching lesson for Grade 12 children on, details the horrific socio-economic consequences of misery, unemployment, poverty and resource war violence, that result from communities with high population growth; but Tutu’s ‘Truth and Reconcilation Commission’ preferred to ignore all these realities; in favour of labelling Apartheid a crime against humanity.

Race Relations Reports compiled by the South African Institute of Race Relations repeatedly document the Apartheid goverments concerns about the rapid black population growth:

In the 1989 SAIRR Race Relations Report, we are informed that the Chairman of the Council for Population Development, Professor JP de Lange, claimed that population growth was South Africa’s ‘ticking time bomb’, and South Africa within two decades South Africa would find itself in a dilemma where its resources and socio-economic capabilities would be insufficient for its population, which would give rise to total social disintegration, unemployment, poverty, and misery which would become unmanageable, even in the best of constitutional dispensations. He urgently urged a birth rate of 2.1 or less children per woman per year. The Population Development Program recognized that a direct relationship existed between standard of living, an effective family planning and population growth.

 5. Farm Murders, demonstrate not a Rainbow-TRC-Peace, but Racial-Hatred-War Reality.

Over 3000 farmers have been brutally murdered in Tutu’s Proudly South Africa, allegedly living in reconciliation peace. By way of comparison:

  1. During the 1950′s Mau Mau War in Kenya, the official number of ‘European settlers’ killed was 32, of which a dozen were said to be farmers.
  2. During the 15 year Rhodesian war, 260 white farmers were murdered.
  3. In South Africa, between 1970 and 1994, in 24 years, while the ANC was “at war” with the white minority goverment, sixty white farmers were killed.

The Amicus concludes that a Truth and Reconciliation Commission with no concern for impartial truth, or the sine qua non carrying capacity and psychological integrity requirements for harmonious living; has little concern for the thousands of ‘racial hatred’ motivated murders, such as that of Alice, 76 and Helen, 57 Lotter, by their gardener.

Archbishop and Truth Commissioners accused of Fraud and Racial Double Standards:

Hendrik Verwoerd’s Apartheid “launched the greatest programme of socio-economic upliftment for non-whites that South Africa had ever seen,” and was reviled.

Tutu’s TRC launched the greatest propaganda campaign for Afrikaner cultural extermination, since the Anglo Boer War, and is rewarded with 30 pieces of silver.

In the TRC’s Soul-for-Sale Asch Paradigm, black babies die of starvation with a smile on their lips, because the ruler who starves them to death has a black skin.

Archbishops Response to Receipt of ‘TRC Fraud’ Amicus:

The Radical Honesty-RSA Amicus was provided to Archbishop Tutu personally, on 20 July 2010, with copies also provided to other TRC Commissioners, such as Rev. Alex Borraine (International Center for Transitional Justice), the Nelson Mandela Foundation and the F.W de Klerk Foundation.

Less than 48 hours subsequent to receipt of the Radical Honesty – RSA Amicus accusing the TRC of having committed fraud, Archbishop Tutu abruptly announced his intended retirement from public life.

Note: White Refugee (Andrea Muhrrteyn) is the author of the Radical Honesty – RSA Amicus, herein referred to.

Sources: [CCT 23-10: Radical Honesty - RSA Amicus (PDF)] [White Refugees] [Crime of Apartheid] [Mike Smith Political Commentary: Opening Pandora's Apartheid Box] [International Court of Justice: South West Africa (Liberia & Ethiopia v South Africa)] [Tutu Peace Center: Retirement Statement]

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