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Real Mt. Sinai of Moses discovered in Saudi Arabia [Video and Photos]

Monday, January 9, 2017 19:51
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(Before It's News)

[ZurichTimes] In 2016 we discovered the answers to many questions and this year we will find even more truths that will affect our future as in the shifting of timelines and future possibilities.

In this context we present some information that has not so far been discussed on this site so far the best of our understand. The Real Mt. Sinai and the Exodus from Egypt was not to Israel, but rather to the ancient lands of the Midian as in Medina as in Saudi Arabia. 

Of course any such claims need to be backed by evidence we would not make such claims without proper evidence. Hence these videos and personal testimonies from people that were in that region of Saudi Arabia and who have photographic and videographic proof of their claims. As always it is up to the reader and listener to discern this information and arrive at conclusions.

The Real Mount Sinai Found in Saudi Arabia

What is the Truth and what has been recorded as History?

Of course any such claims need to be backed by evidence we would not make such claims without proper evidence. Hence these videos and personal testimonies from people that were in that region of Saudi Arabia and who have photographic and videographic proof of their claims. As always it is up to the reader and listener to discern this information and arrive at conclusions.

Evidence based discussions are best, therefore we must consider the evidence before we dismiss it outright with any consideration.

Forbbiden Pictures Revealed Saudi Arabia Mt. Sinai by Dr. David Kim

The highest point is truth, but truth requires information and in fact the complete truth requires “all of the information.” Which as Humans we can never achieve or have. So truth in that sense is itself a falacy. Because it can never be attained without “all of the information” and since we can never have “all of the information” in this body and with this mind as this container this vessel is inadequate to the task.

We can only have a degree lesser than truth that can called “faith” and “belief” because we can believe only to a certain point of certainty because that is as much information that we have, can process and can understand.

We are limited by this body and this mind. It is not to say that “faith” and “belief” are not important or significant, but rather to say we need to have a wider perspective on the meaning of information, knowledge and understanding.

Our History is about to be challenged and changed and that is a process we either fear or ignore or dismiss. If we shy away from this challenge and these changes we are the ultimate losers and it will be our children and future generations who will also suffer as without the “right information” we often make “bad decisions.”

The Famous Quote by Gandhi based on the work of Arthur Schopenhauer;

This year 2017 will mark the discovery of new information that will challenge Bibical truths and many of the stories contained therein. We have been lied to about so much that now the container is breaking and the dam is about to be breached. In Antarctica, discoveries will be made that will change the course of Human History and the Human Story as History books will have to edited to incorporate the new information.

An entire new Alt History educational system will have be to developed to account for the new physics, the new sciences, the new languages, and the new technologies that will emerge from this region of the “New Earth.”

We are about to discover a “New Earth” if the entire Hidden Antarctica Theory is true and what is being hidden there from Humanity then it means that there are lands beyond the ice wall or that there is an ice wall. Either way NASA will be revealed to be a total liar and so will the credibility of the entire United States Government and all of the 14 countries named below whose citizens will revolt with disgust and shock when the truth finally comes out.

Brace yourselves because we are getting closer to the “truth” and if you have not prepared yourself mentally and physcially then the adjustment process will that much harder.

For explanation again we turn to the “Hollywood Magicians” for a better understanding because it shows the extent of our dilemma on that one hand as we are dependent on them for revealing the truth and also simutaneously it is their Sponsors and Financiers who have been hiding the truth. This conundrum was the extent of our dilemma.

Hollywood has shown us in “Code” that is hiding in Antarctica with films like The Truman Show, Prometheus, Superman and the Day After Tomorrow.

What is common in all of these movies are “discoveries” that change History and lead to an Alt History of Humanity. Which is where this 2017 timeline fits in and where we find ourselves today. There is definitely something significant buried underneath all that ice. Perhaps it is the “Engineers” from Prometheus and their Pods and Ancient Technology that is now coming back to life as the Ice Melts.

The Engineers and their Holographic Hall of Records

Perhaps the “Global Warming” and the changes it catastrophic earth changes it will bring is really a veiled reference to these changes that will come when Humanity finally discovers that lies underneath and beyond Antarctica.

Truman discovers the End of the World aka Ice Wall aka Snow Globe Dome called Earth and realizes his entire life has been a lie and he has been living inside a Prison Planet and breaks free…

Don’t forget to watch for the hidden in plain sight Snow Globe Dome called Earth next to the “The Creator”.


Lois Lane discovers the Truth about Superman

The Global Warming Earth changes in the Day After Tomorrow

Coincidentally the Larsen B was mentioned in the movie and now Larsen C is now cracked and the rest of the shelf in the process of cracking as well.

If Hollywood references do not suffice for some readers and listeners then perhaps this “scentific” paper will be taken into consideration and which essentially points to the same premise in the movie Day After Tomorrow.

The central premise being that Global Warming is melting the frozen Arctic waters both North and South and that this melt water is changing the salinity of the oceans and thereby affecting the Gulf Stream and other Weather Patterns leading to a global mini Ice Age.

An example of the Mini Age in London, England from 17 called the Maunder Minimum when the Thames used to be frozen. The piece of evidence missing from these “scientific” explanations is that it is the Solar Cycle that determines a major part of the Global Weather and when you have a decline in Solar Activity it marks the start of a Global Climate Changes.

“In case I don’t see you; good afternoon, good evening and good night.”
Good luck and God speed.



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