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Beyond PizzaGate…What Else You Should Know – The Legal Child Black-Market Exposed! (Whistleblower Comes Forward)

Monday, May 15, 2017 21:24
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This is for all the mothers out there who for one reason or another…are without their children this Mother’s Day. 

As I start this I feel the need to mention that this is something I am only barely able now to do even after the ten years since my own great loss.  

But why did I chose Mother’s Day of all days to share such a sad emotional story?  Well… because even after all this time I thought today would somehow become easier over time. But it has not.  If I wait for the perfect time..that time would never come because my heart will never be able to handle it… and this story is all about being a Mother.
I told so many people that I would write this down.  But I’ve been unable until now and I wanted to give my own mother something real this year.  You see… I’ve been avoiding Mother’s Day like the plague for these many years now… so she lost not only grandchildren but her only daughter on a day that used to be a joyous one.   Sad story as it is…my Mother is the woman I strive to be… so I borrowed some of the strength I value so much in her and so I dedicate this to her…and begin to write.

I won’t bore anyone with details but I was one of those girls who grew up placing a lot of importance on my own future family.  But darkening those girlish dreams was a fear that it would never happen for me.

But that fear was swept aside when I found out that I and the man I’d gone through so much to be with…were going to be parents. 
I had no idea who this little person was who grew inside of me but there was one thing I was sure of…I wanted him to know how very much I already loved him.  I made a journal and started writing to him as he grew…I may have been sappy but I held nothing back as I poured out my hopes and dreams for him and told him about all the amazing things I wanted him to see and for us to do. 

I’d always wanted a May baby so I was ecstatic when my water broke early one May morning.  Little did I know that our son was in no hurry to get here and it would be another day plus before we would meet him.  

I was progressing very slowly and was placed on strong medications to ramp up my labor… but 37 hours later I heard the best news ever…they were going to give me a c-section…I could have kissed the doctor at that point and nearly did!

I was afraid as I lay awake behind the surgical blind…my body felt like lead and all I can remember is my body being jerked from the rough movements of the doctors but I focused on my husband.

Not very long after, the doctor comes around the blind and there in his hands in this chubby little boy with a head of hair akin to my own when I was born.  All the nurses were in love…and so was I.

His Name was Jordan after the river Jordan….a place I had been as a child and which had greatly moved me. He was my life from that moment on.  

As a young mother I began to pine for my own mom back in the United States, so my husband and I started making plans on coming back home while Jordan was young.  We decided that I would fly ahead with our son and settle in and that my husband would stay behind long enough to tie up loose ends and say good bye to family.

That was the hardest summer/fall I had ever lived through. 

You see Jordan was born in May…my son and I flew alone from Sweden to Boston Airport in July of 2001 to await my husband’s later arrival.  Little did we know that just months later in September I would be sitting in a little cabin in Maine listening in horror to the news as they told us that an airplane had struck one of the two twin towers.
I clutched my son to me in horror as I heard the borders closed… I wondered how safe it was for my husband to travel and if my country would even let him in.

Lucky for us he made it safely to us and we took him home where he and I were officially married in time for Christmas…that night unknown to us…our second son was gifted to us.

My oldest son would only be 16 months older than his sibling, so I was a little overwhelmed but overjoyed that my small family would bloom so wonderfully after so many fears.  But this is where my story starts taking a darker turn.  

My first mistake was thinking that American pregnancy experience would be anything like my Swedish one.  In Sweden…coming motherhood was celebrated and assisted.  In America I was sent to my local “Natal care” center  whose first priority was to spend the first session berating me for not aborting or using birth control.  I was a married woman with a child…not a child myself.   I found it extremely offensive… I spent the next 9 months having to deal with people who made their disdain of me clear.  But I did not care. 
Now because my first son was a c-section and it being so close to my last c-section my Doctors were unwilling to let me try a natural delivery.  So I and the rest of my family knew well ahead of time that September 6th would be the magic day.  I counted those days down like a kid waiting for Christmas and did all I could to get my first son ready to be a big brother.

On September 6th Mikah was born.  He looked so much like his father while Jordan had looked like me… Seeing the two of them I felt complete somehow.  The 4 of us…this was right. This was all I’d dreamed of growing up.

Things had been rough getting on our feet and learning to be parents of what soon seemed like twins.  Everyone mistook them for twins so we even started dressing them alike…though to me they looked nothing the same.

We had a hard time getting on our feet but we were beginning to do just that.  My husband had been the only one working…me choosing instead to spend their youngest years as an at home mom.  I felt that would give them the best start.

But as they got closer to school age I knew I’d have to start helping out sooner or later and having no real way to provide that, I decided to go to a local 2 year college and study Graphic Design…which I was already very good at.

I held my breath while I waited to see if I’d be accepted.  I never thought I’d be a mother and I never thought I’d have a real career either.  But I was accepted…Now I only had to wait until school started…just a few long months away.

And so begins my nightmare…my horror story.  Every word I attest is true and documented proof is available… but despite it all… no lawyer.. media…judge or anyone else saw it fit to even notice my plight…even though this is not the first time I write all this.  No… I first wrote it in the desperate attempt to get some kind of help while anything could still have been done.  But it never was.  This will be the last time I write all this down as well as I can’t do this to myself anymore for no reason.

My husband and I were getting ready to do our weekly shopping.  It was early and the boys then 2 and 3 were still in their morning diapers after having had their favorite breakfast…Fudge poptarts and sippy cups of milk.  I was busy mopping chocolate off of the boys and everything while my husband got their clothing ready. 

We hardly have company and I had no reason to be afraid of opening my door…but  that is one time I wish I never had.  I open the door to seeing 3 people I’d never seen before.  At first I thought they might be connected to some kind of church or something but they quickly stated that they were from Child services and asked to come in.  

I was stunned and instantly the horror stories of these people flashed through my head.  I had nothing to worry about, or so I thought, so my mind figured the quickest way to get rid of them was to invite them in and show that to them.  It was the biggest mistake of my life.

They acted all sickly sweet and asked unbelievable and upsetting questions that left us shaking with anger.  It seems there had been an anonymous report about us that included us putting our sons in cages…which they saw was all nothing but a lie… so they smiled apologizing for the intrusion and said that they were satisfied and left leaving us with a sick feeling in our guts but fully believing that the strange and upsetting ordeal was over with.

We took a little time to gather our emotions and to stop visibly trembling… less than a few hours had passed when again the knock came at our door.  I was panic stricken as I look outside and there stood 3 different women.  But these 3 did not look so nice.  

Then the tall young one spoke up demanding instant entry into our home.  When we mentioned that we were about to go and were hesitant to let anyone in after the incident of a few hours before the woman stepped forward in challenge…she told me that if we did not let her in that she would come back with a warrant and if she had to do that she would take the kids.  

She then pointed to a stocky and very manly woman in a men’s suit behind her and told me that she was a cop.
So they barged their way into our home with threat and instantly started berating me in front of my husband and kids.  My parenting choices and so many other things came up in this meeting. Things I have no idea where they came from having only just met these people.

I literally sat in tears at our kitchen table and cried in front of my kids as my husband sat on the sofa as still as a statue with his nails dug deep into his palms.  She went as far as to tell me that ” I had no idea what kind of trouble I was actually in.” as I sat in tears. 

They were at it for a good while before making unacceptable demands based on unfounded accusations and leaving promising to return.

After they left I was in bad shape… My husband was shaking in a way I’d never seen him do before.  My kids were inconsolable.  They had verbally attacked us in our home…in front of our children!  I was in no shape to go anywhere at that time but we both decided we needed to get out of the house before we freaked and we decided to shop anyway…but the whole ordeal had upset my oldest son so badly that halfway to the store he started barfing all over the van so we had no choice but to return home.

The rest of that night was hell… but by morning I and my husband had combed the net and talked enough to have decided we were going to put up a recording device.  We also posted on our door and on our wall that all conversations within our apartment may be recorded for our own safety. ..and we thought we were not only smart…but somewhat safe and we waited.

Not long went by before the same sharp tongued woman and cop showed up with their nameless backup.  They saw the sign on my door and I told them that their last visit upset the boys so much that I was not going to let them in.  So they went around to our back yard and demanded we bring our kids OUT to THEM!  

We wanted to refuse but did not know our rights so my husband warned them that because what they put us through the time before that all conversation was being recorded.  He had the glass door open so the recorder could catch it all.

At that point the she-cop demands to know if what my husband was saying was true….that they were all being recorded?  She then demanded that he turn it off or she would arrest him…which my husband politely declined to do… informing them of how sick they had made both me and our children during their previous visit. 

Her reply?  She puffed up and darted over to our door…reached in and proceeded to yank the cord and recorder from the wall.

At this point they decide to press us legally and inserted themselves irrevocably into our lives for the next 5 years.  They would show up at any time and started micromanaging our family.

We had already started potty training in a way that was working but they wanted me to stop and do things differently because the training has started before they got involved and they needed us to “work with them” making plans for OUR family. 

Here are some of the things they demanded…

I was to remake my sons their potty training plans to include them.

I would put them in daycare even though I was an at home mom…

I was to change my mind about being in college…I was to quit.  They told me my continuing school despite them (the dcyf) showing up in my life showed irresponsibility.   

They knew my husband’s work hours yet showed up while he was either sleeping for work or getting ready to go to word. Including causing him to miss work all together without warning and near losing my husband his job…which they eventually DID do in the end.

They went as far as to show up just before work one day and rush us as was their normal routine…I was changing my youngest sons diaper and he was dealing with a VERY small rash issue.  He has always had sensitive skin.  She reached down and laying a hand on my sons penis she shoves it out of the way to reveal the tiny spot on his inner thigh.  She left and called within minutes stating she had taken the liberty to sign my son up with an emergency visit with THEIR doctor…now.  My husband was to just up and quit work to take our sons to this doctor immediately.  

We did and the doctor said there was NOTHING WRONG with my son but a small bit of COMMON rash that did not fit the dcyf’s concerns !  He later testified to that as well!

They demanded we take drug tests which we passed…mental tests which showed nothing…After so long of us fighting and jumping their hoops it became obvious they were looking to simply lynch us any way they possibly could.

So let me back track a bit here.  They got the law involved real early.  They made sure we were represented by separate lawyers who never communicated.   And my lawyer…who turned out being a joke…was the only one we ever saw dealing with our case outside of court.

They got the law involved to force us to do all the things listed above that they demanded of us…despite our innocence which we came to that first court visit to prove… no one had any intentions of seeing justice done that day.  Not our lawyers and less so the judge.

You see…at the first meeting I had with my lawyer right off the bat I knew there was something seriously wrong when he told me…and I QUOTE!  

“They want you to sign a CONSENT WITHOUT FINDING and I think you should do it…because I know this judge and he is basically known for siding with his real friends at the dcyf.”  He looked around sheepishly and continued “You see…guilty or innocent he’s not interested because it’s no skin off his nose to find you guilty…just to be safe.  Take the deal.”

I later found out that I should have had him fired on the spot for bad council.  Because from that moment forward the dcyf were basically free to do anything to us they wanted…as long as they wanted and even our “proof” was inadmissible due to our forced agreement!  Later the Omsboardsman told us they could have helped us but that that “consent without finding” tied their hands.  We had nowhere to turn.

Soon they assigned us a Gala who was the worst thing to ever happen to us though she was supposed to be our help.  This woman spent the next few years taunting us and falsifying records.  We can prove it.  Like coming to our home out of the blue one day and telling me that her neighbor had given a bunch of clothing away and she wondered if I wanted them.  I’d showed her all the bags and bags of clothing my boys had but being a mom and knowing how fast my sons were growing I thanked her kindly and accepted.  The next court date the woman told the Judge  that she “Even had to supply us with clothing because we had none.”  We had photos to prove otherwise but our lawyers said nothing.

So anyhow…We wanted nothing more than to end the hell our family was facing so when we were handed a list of court ordered demands…we checked them off studiously and quickly.  The last 3 things on the list were things the dcyf were tasked to doing.  Approve my Daycare choice…Set up parenting meetings for us to attend and one other thing that was all on them.  

As the court date got closer…this was with over a month’s time to get ready…we kept calling our “worker” and found her always out.  I left messages…My husband left messages.  And at the time our phone WAS our computer.   We recorded EVERYTHING.  All calls that came in were listed… who and when and how long.  We even recorded voice.  We never got a reply.  

So with a little more than a week to go I was getting quite upset and called my lawyer to demand HE do something to put a fire under them.  His reply was that he could not contact them either!

We have also been informed that upon our next visit to court that they (dcyf) were planning to charge us with failure to follow court orders.  Though we had.  Our lawyers had nothing to say to us.

So I was expecting court to be rough and had called on a good NAVY friend of our family to watch our kids while we were in court.  While my husband slept and the friend sat up in the kids bedroom watching them.  I sat with my earphones on preparing our case for court.   I had proof that they had not called us and that we had called and left MANY messages over the previous month.  We even thought we had my lawyer who also said he could not “reach” them.
My sons had each come down to see me already with questions that I tended to and hurried them back upstairs so I could work.  But… at some point our worker had decided to show up just that morning.  She is KNOWN for being a very soft knocker so it was not a shock to learn that with my earphones on…I could not hear someone patting softly at the door with calls blaring in my ear…I’m not the only one who did not hear her knock.  My sleeping husband and the sitter upstairs had no clue either.  But my sons sure noticed.

You see…despite my growing hate for these people and what they were doing to us…I still put on a strong face in front of my children and made them seem like friends.  Like they were people to trust.  I did not want my kids as scared to death of them as I was!

Sooo…when my son saw the nice lady at the door…despite the locks…they opened up the door for her.  And instead of her coming in…or shouting in…or knocking louder…or sending them to GET someone… she let my boys…undressed….out into our front yard.  She did NOTHING to stop them from going out.

She calls the cops JUST as I removed my headset and realized that my sons voices sounded like they were coming from a funny place.  That’s when I noticed our front door wide open and rushed out…to stand face to face with HER.

She was on the phone and with a smirk informed me she’d already called the cops and that…she had ONLY come over to say good bye because she thought they would lose the case today and she wanted to say GOOD BYE!?!  BUT…Now she is changing it to petitioning having them to remove my kids immediately.
Needless to say we got to court and our proof was never mentioned as they made us sound like demons instead of what really happened!  The judge called us NAMES!!! and ordered my sons removed!

They followed us home from court and ripped them from my arms…the night before we had celebrated the 4th of July and the paper from the sparklers we’d wow’d them the night before with lay under their tires in a crumpled heap as they took them away…I joined the paper for a time and can’t remember the rest of that day.

They came back soon after asking us if there was anyone who could “take our kids” for us.  They knew we had no one.   But my husbands parents from Sweden offered to fly in and take them…which without even looking I was told on the spot that US And Sweden have no diplomatic ties in that way. So no.

So the dcyf’s games continued…but now they have our sons as collateral.  Their hold on us deepened and I started becoming very sick and had no idea what was causing it.  I assumed it was stress.  They would make meetings for us to see our kids and consistently not show up and make us reschedule.  And always always with the demands.  Now between everything my perfect grades were getting hard to keep up and deal with dcyf.  The same held true for my husbands job.  They seemed to set stuff up deliberately to mess with his work or my school.

Before long I had gotten so ill that I was admitted to the hospital and diagnosed with Crohn’s disease.  A condition  that feeds off of stress.  They had caused it to trigger in me…After losing a week of school…being ill and dcyf I was forced to quit college with only 3 months left before I would have graduated.  I was a 4.0…I had multiple awards and was going to accepted in my colleges rarely awarded apprentice work program because of my potential.  All gone.

As the stress built my marriage soured badly.   Our amazing fairy tale story marriage…  the couple that never fought… began to fall apart quickly.   I got so ill that I could no longer get out of bed and was taken by our Navy friend to the hospital in his area because.. lucky for me… it seems it was the leading hospital in the US when it came to Crohn’s research… and that my Dr. was the guy who literally wrote the book on the condition!

They kept me in hospital for 2 and a half months on dual PIC lines and no food.  My small 5ft frame put on 60+ lbs in that short time as I was drugged up and mindless and states away from NH where my kids and husband were.   He could not be with me because the court told him he was not allowed to leave the state too.  Then they began to question why I was not showing up at court during my hospital stay…and why I was not calling my kids from there. 
You see…We would call the people who had our sons and they would continuously feed us stories about why they kids were “too busy” to talk to us.  Or worse.  Even though we did call and called often they told the courts we never called…yet we also pestered them often with these calls and were inappropriate.  I’d sent my sons a Christmas card…they did not like that.  They kept all the boys things we gave them as their own…tossing things we gave them…so we started to keep the toys and gifts from birthdays and family at home waiting for them. 

The dcyf went as far as to say they believed I was lying about my condition and all my lawyer could do was tell me I HAD TO PROVE IT by getting ALL my Dr’s to sign a statement concerning my care and condition. Which was demeaning!  But then after hearing over and over from people that they were waiting on ONE Dr to sign it so it could be sent and that he was busy busy…to busy to prove to the court I was really sick.  It took me to go against my Dr.s order and walk myself with TWO PIC lines down 4 floors to the dirty billing office to demand they make the Dr sign because I was being charged with lying to court about my condition and that me and my sons livelihoods were on the line! I got LIP for insisting!

I’d been in the hospital over a month already and had been sent over 2 hours away via ambulance to another hospital to help me.  They at that point told me I was too ill to help and they were HORRIBLE…this was YALE!  I told them that with their horrible care that if I was spending more time in the hospital that I wanted it to be closer to where I knew folks and the nice hospital I had been in before.  They refused so I told them I I would leave without permission and get a ride back in a dirty car..with two PIC lines…and check myself back into the good hospital.  Which I did.

I was there only a short time when they decided there was no more they could do and slowly started weaning my off my pain meds to send me home…when I noticed the new pain.  They looked..thank God. Because my guts had ruptured. It was a march of time at that point… I needed the operation now or I’d die.  The next day I went under the knife for the first time for my condition.  

When I woke they “Informed” me that they had also taken the LIBERTY of REMOVING MY FALLOPIAN TUBES!  I was now sterile.  When I looked shocked and started to tear up, the Doctor looked coolly at me and said…you can always do invetro.   OMG!  A poor Christian mom EVER being able to afford invetro and that is IF I decide to believe my faith has no issues with the notion. Which they do.

My operation was over and I was in bad shape but I guess my welcome in the hospital was over.  They rushed me out the door as fast as they could telling me not to travel.  But by then I had finally laid hands on the Dr. signatures for court and I was going to make the 300 mile drive home to see my kids and set the court right regardless.  

I was back home within a day after release giving papers to my lawyer and demanding a visit be set up with my kids.  These visits were set and we’d put it all aside to go and time and time again we would be met with a blank look when we’d show up for CONFIRMED visits just to be told we’d come for nothing.

You see they had changed their plans AGAIN with me in the hospital.  With my struggling for life and even though I rushed there as fast as I could… even though my husband was there and went time and time again to these meetings that no one else showed up for! We were now being charged with abandonment!  Even with the hospital papers in my hand and the proof and witnesses that could have proven our many attempts to see our kids that THEY never showed for!

Our lawyers were useless…We demanded that our case be taken before High court.  Our lawyers again said NOTHING and let the judge shame us and send us back to family court where they promptly continued their plan to take our sons because now the family who lied about us in court wanted to keep our sons. And the dcyf intended to let them have them. So just a short time before Christmas in 2008 our long drawn out battle was lost.

Our lawyers did nothing as we were forced to sign away our children… while the judge and the dcyf side laughed…joked…and made Christmas plans WITH EACH OTHER!!!  Then the judge wiped the grin off his face and proceeded to berate us good one last time before telling us to get out of his sight and his court.

I felt like I’d have killed myself there and then if I’d had a way of doing so… then the nasty gala woman who did the most harm dared to come up to me and ask me if I wanted free counseling and to call her to set up a time to say good bye to my sons forever.

How could I…They would have arrested me if I’d been allowed to see them again…and the last time I saw them before that was before I’d become ill. 
Now it’s been 10 years… my oldest has turned into a man of 16 without me and every moment of every day of every year that passed has cut just as sharply as the first time.  

My life was ruined and so was my husbands.  But that is NOTHING compared to what was done to my sons! How they would beg me to take them home EVERY TIME THEY SAW ME!!! How knowing that I could not tore me and made me sicker and sicker.

This is only a very simplified version of the events…most of the real emotional stuff I left out…but it will never go away.  I can’t explain the extent to which my life was ruined.  I can’t explain how hard it is to go on living every day.

Days like today…Mother’s Day…Father’s Day.  Their birthdays…any holiday. Just simply getting older knowing no one will be there to love and care for me.  No grand babies…no future…because it’s been stolen from me.

I know for a fact these people are taking children from poor innocent families and trumping up charges to give these kids to well to do families who are seeking a tax credit and the Dcyf gets the same bonus.

In a world where there are real kids out there who need help and end up dead or in the hands of loveless mongers…and a loving family is torn in two.  They can do ANYTHING they want and NO ONE can do a thing about it due to No liability laws!  

How many innocent families have been destroyed and are torn by this yearly?  I won’t tell you more than it’s in the thousands YEARLY… you’ll have to see it yourself to believe it! 

Look up lawyers like Paula Werme in NH who was fighting the dcyf before she was hushed into silence JUST as we were seeking her help in this.  She still has info that talks all about it yet NO ONE DOES A DAMN THING!!!

We are worried about kid porn by government officials and give no care whatsoever for kids kidnapped by them!!!  ”No we can’t/won’t help you.” parents are told by lawyers…media and many more that they refuse to fight child service because it’s impossible to get anything to stick on them!  Proof or not!  So that is why I sit here years and years later and nothings been done.
If this has effected you at all…please share it with folks with kids so they know to NEVER let those people in their homes unless they have a warrant!  And if they do to get away from them as fast as possible… leave… move….run…don’t wait for them to come back… go!

If I can save any parent from dealing with the life of hell I face my efforts are worth it…and I still pray after all these years that justice will find us… and that before it’s too late…there could still in some way be a happy ending.  But I’ve been waiting a decade for that.

Again…this is not the whole of what was done to us… the torment spans every year I am away from them.  I blame the DCYF and the State of NH Dover/Rochester for EVERYTHING!  I’d sue you all for everything if I could only find JUSTICE!

How about you DO something about THAT @Mr.Trump

D. Jardstam

Follow the link to learn more about corrupt Child Services…

Please please share this and get the word out… help me bring awareness to other families and perhaps help me answer thousands of desprate prayers by doing so and get thee wod out there.

If you are media or are interest in follwing up this story…please contact me Maria Vox at… and let’s put an end to No liability and other laws that keep these ciminals safe.

Thank you and God bless you all.

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  • watcher

    In my opinion, if these monsters were flat out killed right up front in the beginning, the world would be a safer, happier place for families especially the children. Fortunately I don’t have a family to worry about myself. Now I’m glad.

    What I have noticed is that the monsters are fearless in their crimes while the prey tremble and attempt to “comply” with crazy demands. The monsters only wish to destroy the innocent but want to play with them before the unavoidable destruction and this is an example of just that.

    Once the victims start becoming fearless and equally ferocious in their justified wrath … these crimes will cease if for no other reason than there are fewer monsters, regardless of whatever title of authority they choose to hide behind, on the prowl in my opinion.

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