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God’s eye, Planet X, or dimensional portal: strange sun pictures may solve the mass bird and fish die off

Saturday, January 8, 2011 22:28
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(Before It's News)

by Monica Davis

A photograph of the sun is being compared with ancient images going back thousands of years.  The so-called “Winged Disc” has made its way from Middle Eastern religions to corporate logos such as Chrysler. These are ancient symbols of power, which cross many cultures, from ancient Egyptian, to modern electoral politics and campaigns.

The alleged appearance of this sun symbol in the sky are shaking all kinds of lunatics, theorists, and doom mongers from the shadows,  Are they right? Is this real? Does it have a connection with the great bird, fish and bat die off?  The answer could lie in these photographs of the sun, which show a strange halo surrounding Sol. 

Is this “halo” magnetic, does it interfere with biological processes on Earth? Could it be the source of a magnetic disruption which destroyed or altered the navigational abilities of the now dead birds, bats, and fish? 





ImageCorporate Logo…..


Christian Wing Disc


Obama bandwagon


And then there is the Activist  Post, which scours a few mainstream and conspiracy theories about what is going on: 

Mainstream Explanations:Lightning, hail, mid-air collision, power lines, and New Year fireworks for the birds . . . but disease for the fish.  This is even rolling eyes in the mainstream media.  Birds are incredibly sensitive to their environment (think Canary in the coal mine), and the thought that they were caught by surprise, or that they “fowled” up their flight pattern is patently ridiculous.  And where are the roasted birds from this lightning strike?  And what about fish dying in the same region?  Just a “disease” coincidence.  One mainstream headline has to be enshrined as the saddest attempt at sensationalism, while revealing an obvious natural conclusionFalling Birds Likely Died From Massive Trauma.  Really?

Meteor showers: We are in a period of intense seasonal meteor showers, and several perennial YouTubers reported hearing sonic booms in the area that could have indicated a local shock wave.  This would be one non-conspiratorial, natural cause that actually makes sense, but it is hard to connect to both birds and fish, unless it produced a disabling frequency.  There were indeed other sound anomalies according to the report highlighted above.  


New Madrid Fault Line:  An excellent article by The American Dream collated data about the recent earthquake activity along this fault line that runs along the mid-eastern section of the U.S.  Combined with gas fracking, the immense geological activity in the region, and the BP oil drilling disaster, which off-gassed the dispersant, Corexit, into the atmosphere, and we should be wondering about any mass deaths in the region.  Nevertheless, this has turned into a global event, so the above could be a side effect of something larger, or a direct contributing factor. 

Government testing: The long history of government testing has been exposed by manyresearchers.  The strange component to this die-off is that only certain species have been affected, but within the entire region.  And some reports have indicated that the organs of these birds were liquefied, which could indicate a possible virus. Could this implicate species-specific bio-weapons? It is on record that discussions have taken place about race-specific bio-weapons; perhaps this is a test of delivery capability?


GMO mutation: Mike Adams of Natural News sets forth an interesting theory: this latest event is local, but the die-offs are happening across species as bee populations and bats are also declining.  Adams points out that Monsanto has a corporate office in Arkansas.  Just wondering.

Geoengineering: Could spraying in the area have caused this type of fallout?  Perhaps something new added to the mixture? Chemtrails have quickly moved from conspiracy theory todocumented fact.  So much so, that the powers-that-be have had to admit to the program, but a beneficial one in their view.  Between cloud seeding and possible connections to HAARP, chemtrail fallout must be considered, especially as it is being conducted nearly worldwide.  Rosalind Peterson has been at the forefront of connecting geoengineering to GMOs as a combined source for oxygen-depleting algae blooms that very well could affect a wide spectrum of natural systems. Furthermore, some believe that the delivery system for chemtrails can also disperse pathogens.  If there is a flu or disease outbreak in the coming days or weeks among the human population in areas where the birds have fallen, the chemtrail connection could be made.  If this happens, the contagion could be blamed on a new, deadly bird flu.  A last possibility connected to chemtrails would be nanoparticles.

HAARP: Birds and fish can be susceptible to subtle frequency alteration.  An interesting YouTube post from a long-time fisherman mentioned the “pearl” plate behind the eye of the affected type of drum fish in this event.  He made a plea for anyone in the area to look for signs of damage to this plate.  Both birds and fish navigate in highly coordinated ways that indicate that they move and communicate via frequencies.  Could the HAARP array in Alaska have short-circuited their navigation systems?  Or, perhaps this is the beginning of a cascading effect from decades of electromagnetic pollution emanating from EMF and ELF waves shot around the planet via a wide range of modern communications.

Scalar Weapons:  These directed energy beam weapons can be deployed via satellite and create a wide range of “natural disasters” that can be tuned to certain frequencies.  Their radius is reported to be several miles.  Even crazier is that we have been told that the dead birds encountered massive trauma.  One of the reported abilities of scalar weapons is to create a Tesla shield of plasma, like a bubble, that could explode anything that enters its airspace.  Some have speculated that this technology is in full operation.  But what if it truly is still at the testing phase?  Remember, this ishappening in South America, too.

Project Blue Beam: Were they testing a sound generator for the global theater of alien invasion?  This one is “out there” for sure, but NASA itself has announced its preparation for such a scenario.Project Blue Beam, like its counterpart HAARP, uses the natural energy present in the ionosphere as both a visual and acoustical device.  Again, perhaps they are not at the ready stage yet, but, like Tesla, have made an unintentional misstep.  

Geomagnetic and other Earth changes:  As anyone can see from the above range of possibilities, we are facing an array of human tampering.  However, the backdrop to this are the anomalies beginning to take form with the apparent wandering of our magnetic pole, as evenNational Geographic reported that the north magnetic pole is racing toward Russia.  Add to this a dwindling magnetosphere and falling oxygen levels, and the deaths among more delicate species might portend a larger problem.  Finally, an increase in sun activity and magnetic storms might be weakening our overall natural habitat. 

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  • Phoopfist

    LOL reading this stuff always gives me a good laugh

  • muckracker1

    Laugh on: some of the so-called mainstream science is kooky as well: how many people have died because they have been told that this or that medication is safe, when the side effects create other illnesses, which in turn generate a need for still more meds. I am not a conspiracy theorist: I am a realist and I understand that there is more to reality that what is commonly purported to be “fact.”

  • Anonymous

    NONE of these scinerios totally tie anything together!, NONE of them explain why only certain breed’s of animal’s died in effected area’s!!!! Why not all bird’s in a given area?, why not all fish in a given area? why not human’s for tyhat matter? NOTHING can explain this, especially being that this whole thing has happened in less than a week!!!! SOMEONE EXPLAIN THAT TO ME!

  • Anonymous

    Birds inside was dissolved….Corexit is a dispersant (and neurotoxin) that has this specifik function: it dissolves organic matter. Corexit that comes to the surface will evaporate and be blown by the winds. It will be in blobs of Corexit ,and as “birds of the same feather fly together” it will hit
    some flocks and not others. Corexit has been brought to European beaches by the great conveyor-belt, the Gulf-stream, so that would explain the world-wide ocurences.

  • Anonymous

    this picture is of the sun shining through chemtrails or spraying from planes. I have seen it myself on more then one occasion and that is what it looks like. Great photo. right place at the right time.

  • Anonymous

    Australian Survey Buoy Anomalies Offer New Evidence That Planet X is Approaching From the South… Earth Mantle Stretching because of the approach of Planet X from the South… As the Sun Awakens, NASA Keeps a Wary Eye on Space Weather… NASA: Sun’s Nemesis:

  • Channeling Myself

    So has there been any confirmation on what this might be? Is it Venus?

  • Anonymous

    That picture was taken on Jan 4th from Indonesia. It appears to have been taken near the time of the partial solar eclipse. The bright object is Mars. I checked this through a planetarium. Although the strange wing shaped light looks cool.

  • WillEase

    It is a lens flare plain and simple. If there was such a thing as planet X, that supposedly passes through the inner solar system in 2012, we would be able to see it by now.
    Are all you gloom and doom tards going to be disappointed if nothing happens in December 2012?

  • tmikew33

    It’s a camera flare. I hate taken photos on numerous occasions and have seen the same kind of anomalies. What does one expect when a picture of the sun is taken?

  • Anonymous

    Planet Nibiru is a wrong explanation of this object. First it is a star. Other names are; Shiva, Mazda, Toyota, Ahoura Mazda, Ra, Jezus, Gud, Vader, Zeus, Tatanka, Waka Tanka… So is Ra (that is a good name) the second Sun, the by-Sun and he becomes the marks of a wild raging Bull when he’s closer to the Sun… so is he the by-Sun or Bison. That’s why the nativs called the great prairie cows and bull’s the Bisons. The star RA(radiant) is also AR (red) and he is a comet. Star RA is coming out of the Green Ocean or the southern Hemisfere, as he does for more than 4 billion years. We can espect the comet from the north, because our planet is upside down since the great flood. That’s why mankind will be suprised when he apears in the sky. I saw the comet some months ago en he rises up at sunrise together with the Sun and he goes down after the Sun… we don’t see him because the light of the Sun is too overwelming. You can see the comet RA only when the Sun is under and when there are no clouds or chemtrails… and in a few month’s when he rises to a place high in the sky. He wil be seen at daytime and in the night… The last time he was here, was when Mozes and the Isralites left Egypt (between 1588 and 1550 BC)… The Frisians in the Netherlands told their story in ‘The Oera Linda Book’ and they say that a great flood, see- and earthshakes divided the Frisian fleet and it’s enemy’s in the year 1565 BC.

  • SoulD

    This is most likely a reflection upon glass. I take several photos and I always get this from when I take pics of the sun through glass. A round light with pinkish and redish hues. It’s very common.;)Here’s a few 4 an example.

  • Anonymous


  • Redoubt

    Have you noticed how the media is rolling out the experts to dismiss this as ‘normal’?

    Xpertman: Nothing to see here citizen! Birds die all the time. So do people. If 4000 people died in a small area all at once, it would be normal! Go back to your homes and workplaces. Spend money on things.


  • muckracker1

    Don’t worry, be happy. Move along, folks, there’s nothing happening here, ,nothing to see.

  • Anonymous

    It’s a lens flare for heaven’s sake.

  • Dr. Tickles

    I think it is fascinating that people are willing to at least take a look at some of the crap going on and venture some sort of guess, but fellow Americans, that’s all we have is our guesses. Over my last 74 years I have lived past hundreds of catastrophic doomsday predictions. I even made one myself in 1988, but the world is still here. Maybe this time someone has it right, but if he or she is right what can any of us do about it? Can we stop a sun from entering our airspace or stop a planet from colliding with the earth? Can we stop a UFO from landing in DC? Can we stop God from bringing His wrath upon us for our godlessness? Probably not. I suggest for those of you who believe, you pray, and for those of you who don’t, continue scoffing. That way everyone will be satisfied.



    I don’t think “god” has anything to do with it. the wikileaks information is very important right now, because the people of the world, if they listen, if they see, will have to stop keeping their heads in the sand and realise that WE are being lied to, govts lie to their people, this is beyond “conspiracy theory” something really bad is going on globally, politically, atmospherically, and with planetary magnetic expansion and “pull” on earth data, etc, and wikileaks just proves that WE are not being told the truth about anything. Niburu or planet X is real, documented by ancient peoples, it has passed earth by before, and its current appraoch is seen by Hubble telescope as well as others world wide, etc etc.
    why did all the birds etc die? WE don’t know, WE can only guess. but you can be sure that WE will never be told by the powers that be, globally.

  • CosmicKiwiPerth

    Yes it is a lens flare. Bit like orbs appearing in photos from time to time when taking a pic with the sun in the background. Notice how they can zoom in on this red area & they can have it appear so clear, That wouldn`t happen. It`s simply been altered by more & more people wishing strange stuff is going on. Chemtrails yes, Perhaps something approaching from the south pole region yes. But if so it is curving around the sun & is not going to hit us. This red flare is like the computer generated vortex in the gulf of Eden shown lately. Even the highly acclaimed Nexus Magazine published from Australia, distributed around the world, wouldn`t get sucked in by this simple camera lens glare.

  • Anonymous

    The halo is caused by ice particles in the stratosphere that create this optical illusion at the suns rays enter the earth…..NOTHING TO DO WITH EARTHS MAGNETIC FIELD. I know this because I am a Atmospheric Science student and was told what causes this phenomena by my professor.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe the birds and the fish just has had enough of mankind and the way we treat one another and they wanted to be like the Lemmings and end their miserable existance.
    The NWO-Elites should do likewise if they are so unhappy with the state of the earth and its people. They can, if they want to, be happly dead simple by killing themselves and leave us alone. We will not miss them one bit.

  • Anonymous

    The above picture of the sun is what is calleda “Sun Halo” this is formed by Ice crystals forming in the upper atmosphere and falling at the angle of 22 degrees. Just ask any Weather person like i did.
    I actually obsevered one in florida in 2000.
    Now if you want something freaky Trying picturing that halo looking like that an NOT being around the Sun.
    Now that scared the heck out of me when i saw it over FLorida. Kinda looked like a Hole in the Ozome layer

  • Anonymous
  • sunshine

    Should not the general public living in democratic societies
    be trusted with the truth re: alien existance/activity.
    I do think that the time has come when the general public
    should be trusted with disclosure of that truth.

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