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Fuku Death: 98% Of Pacific Seafloor Covered In Dead Sea Creatures 145 Miles Off The Coast Of California

Wednesday, December 11, 2013 20:11
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(Before It's News)

This newly released story from ENENews is mindblowing and shares how quickly since the Fukushima disaster happened that our chain of life in the seas is dying. This information is taken from both National Geographic and the National Acadamy of Sciences and shares that as of July 1st of 2012, 98% of the studied sea floor 145 miles off the coast of California was covered with dead and decomposing sea creatures. For those who think that 98% is probably a normal study number, only a few months earlier, the same study found less than 1% of the sea floor covered with ‘detritus’.

Several up to date video reports below as well including one from kevin blanch who shares that squid are now washing ashore on Santa Cruz beaches as well as well as one from MsMilkytheclown1 who shares more about the deadly quality of the radiation we are now getting from Fukushima..:

National Geographic, Nov. 22, 2013: [...] “In the 24 years of this study, the past 2 years have been the biggest amounts of this detritus by far,”  said study leader Christine Huffard, a marine biologist at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute in California. [...] In March 2012, less than one percent of the seafloor beneath Station M [located 145 miles west of the coast of California between Santa Barbara and Monterey] was covered in dead sea salps. By July 1, more than 98 percent of it was covered in the decomposing organisms, according to the study, published this week in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. [...]  Although climate change is a leading contender for explaining the major increases in 2011 and 2012, Huffard says that these spikes could be part of a longer-term trend that scientists haven’t yet observed. She hopes to continue gathering data from Station M to try and figure it out.

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Nov. 11, 2013 (emphasis added): [...] Two major peaks in POC [particulate organic carbon] flux occurred over the last 18 mo of the time series [...] The peak POC flux in spring/summer 2011 was the highest recorded over the 24-y time series (Fig. 1D)  [...] The daily presence of detrital aggregates on the sea floor did not exceed 15% coverage over the period from 1990 to 2007. The highest sea-floor coverage by detrital aggregates measured throughout the 24-y time series occurred between March and August 2012, when salp detritus ranged from <1% cover in early March to a high of 98% cover on 1 July (Fig. 1E)


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  • No squid pictures. Just some guy flogging his art. :roll:

    • really oh no I thought that was a joke and he was showing his childs art work from school or something….if hes serious….well never mind, lol bahahahhaa

      • Your one liners sound better under your other screen-name

    • Just very short term exposer, can take years from a persons life. This is no matter to take lightly. Not sure what your talking about. Do you understand what has happened?
      Sure a lot of people are izzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzpl[

      • It might be a good idea to stock-up on Potassium Iodate tablets. Most pills are good when stored correctly for about 10 years. Probably longer if the truth be known.

  • Yeah, and a good thing we get to see all the pictures of deformed babies. Good thing they included pictures of deformities that have absolutely nothing to do with radiation exposure, but just look frighteningly sad to get attention.

  • extremely sad to hear . May god have mercy on us humans AMeen

  • I agree, in in Cali for Xmas , and have been to the coast a few times.

    I took my Geiger counter with me….started in Monterey and ended in Santa Cruz testing along the way.

    Radiation is higher in the area I live, then the area I’m visiting, I live thirty miles out of Idaho …. Yes inland

    When I get home and get all my evidence together I will post my story….until then, I will keep hitting the coast taking reading.

  • I can see from the comments people do not know much about radiation. The scientist, and people involved in this disaster know even less. Sure some articles throw in some hype, although this article could actually use some more direct points, to better educate people. Guess many do not remember the documentaries on the Chernobyl disaster. I was in Europe at the time, and lived in the local economy. There was a large crop of potatoes growing behind my castle (house) the farmers had to destroy the crops. All sorts of foods, dairy products was pulled from the shelves. Ah, but look at how long they tried to hide this disaster. Same with Fuku, they are letting everyone get a good dose of the radiation, before they admit it.
    Now this Fuku will impact a lot more than what the experts are allowed to admit. Yes, it is/has destroyed our food chain, thus started a chain reaction that will last for decades/even longer. Together with the BP oil Spill it is very dangerous to consume any type of seafoods.
    People are, and will further suffer greatly because of the fools in charge, and the elite keeping a lid on this, sucking up profits. There is more to all this..More than meets the eye, as if these disaster are of design, I do not have the answers, but something is very wrong.

    • Scatter

      Spot on, though I think the Fukushima disaster was an accident. I may be wrong though. Be it as it may, I agree that the elite is keeping a lid on the real danger that this radiation disaster caused and still causes. All in the name of profit (money money money). The true scale of this disaster will come to light eventually, sadly too late for some. :sad:

      • Well im no expert but the geological readout from when the under water quake that caused the tsunami (official story) does not support it being an earthquake.

        There is always vibrations building up to an EQ and afterwards, fukushima resembled a nuclear weapon. Which has no precursors just a massive spike on the geo equipment then nothing.

        Also the military had been working on “tsunami bombs” since the 50′s or 60′s. Which if used would explain a uk article, since the elites always like to brag and stroke their ego’s before and after the events they cause.

        Otherwise it seems weird for the MSM to publish articles about them so soon after…

      • @My Sources Tell Me No

        I’m not debating your belief but why would anyone want to purposefully cause an Extinction Level Event?

        They’ll die too and there’s nothing after death so isn’t it in their best interest to live as long as possible?

      • I’ll debate his belief, no worries. @My Sources Tell Me No, what are you on about? All attempts at creating a Tsunami using nukes failed. Quite simply the water quickly fell back into the hole that it was blown from and nothing happened after the cool water spout bit.

        Check it, your favourite search engine is bound to know all about it.

    • But look at the bright side… In a couple of million years, all this death will turn into oil. The survivors will need oil to burn to save the world from the next ice age. Eat, drink and be merry because you never know what tomorrow will bring.

      • Damn you! Tony, now i have to get a certain Monty Python tune out of my head and i’m up for a hard days labour in 7hrs 45min’s. :lol:

  • Are we given some proof, some sort of evidence to support such outrageous numbers? I’d like to see something concrete and not some ones words.

    • NewIDTest

      WTF! You want evidence? Next you’ll ask for some data. That’s not the way it’s done around here. Everything in the Pacific Ocean is dead. We don’t need no stinking radiation measurements! It’s dead. We said so. Click your mouse 50 times if you agree. Got it? The Pacific Ocean is dead, but Elvis is alive.

      • Elvis is dead, he was a passenger in Paul Walker’s car.

      • Moron!

  • Stop nucleer

  • You lemmings! Would you stop making it so easy for these scam artists, these Grifters at Before Its News to control you? Do you see the advertisements on the side of your monitor? THAT IS WHAT COUNTS. Anything that they can say to make you scared to make you stay on this page THEY WILL POST IT. That doesn’t mean you have to believe it. Every country on the globe calls America home of the most gullible idiots anywhere-including every country on the African continent. Yep, all those tribal folk could easily out score the average American on an aptitude test. The success of Before Its News proves it. They’re actually mocking us in the name. Right there in the title of this website, they’re so confident of our stupidity they tell us their stories are BEFORE the news. Before anybody figures out they made it all up, they’ve already made their money. Please do your own research. NOT ONE SINGLE WORD OF THIS STORY IS FACT. It would take all of a 60 to 70 second google search to figure that out.

    • NewIDTest

      It’s all about attracting an army of moron click bots. The comments sections are a bizarre joke. That such idiots exist is more frightening than all the fake stories, if they were true!

      • In any articles on Fukushima, we always have the trolls for the nuke lobby. Take some time and google “Pacific Ocean dying” to get the truth which even google hides. It’s not pretty. The various governments are hiding the reality; the nuke lobby is very powerful. There are numerous reports of dead and dying marine live on a scale never before seen. And it is not because of global warming. Just like Obamacare is set up to “thin the herd” so is the obfuscation, disinformation and misinformation about Fukushima.

      • OMG! This f***wit is relentless… The fact that you continuously give negative feedback on pages that you obviously disagree with just proves that you’re nothing more than a troll. MORON!

    • Dream on, buddy. Good luck finding any “news” anywhere that doesn’t have some advertising that relies on traffic. Corporate media is far worse.

      As for BIN, you’re blowing total smoke because I don’t see a single ad anywhere on their pages using an Adblocker and BIN hasn’t made me turn it off in order to view their site.

      • Same here, no problem whit any ads….I do not have a clue as to the ad comment way above. Plus I do not us MS Windows…..At one time MS Windows asked me what product I would purchase from them. I bluntly told them they could not be trusted, and they should concentrate on regaining trust, and quit selling out their customers. Windows/Gates just got so big they do not care about your privacy anymore. Watch the old Gates Documentaries, he use to be for Privacy, and protecting ones Ideas/Works……not anymore, he has sold his customers info to the highest bidder. This also goes for Google, they create bubbles inside of bubbles, tracking ones every click. Just learn to get around it, use safer search engines, safer web browsers, and for sure safer operating systems. There are a lot of free systems with better protection than MS Windows.

      • @Bronson

        to say Microsoft is selling us out, but not the rest is a joke. Everyone knows that google is at the will of the government, and the only tech company that has came out in our defense has been Microsoft, even to label the U S government as a threat just as any other hacker…..

    • Not aware of where you can get news without it having advertisements(abc, nbc, cbs, fox) …. oh wait you must get your info from pbs and we all know they have no agenda that might cause them to spin their info.

    • You have quite a bit of truth in your post. BIN has some good in it but there is a lot of alarmist “news” there too. It should be taken with a grain of salt. I sure have held my breath for some extended times waiting for a meteor to hit. I can’t lie I’m somewhat disappointed we didn’t get blasted by it, it would have given my poor pitiful life some excitement for a few seconds. Now let’s see what’s going to end the world next…

  • I dunno … could be that. But the coast off LA Basin at least to Catalina has been wasted for over 25 years from the sewage spewed out from that place plus the run-off from the San Gabriel River (read pet excrement as well…). Weird stuff has survived there. Wouldn’t surprise me if this isn’t the case with the Bay Area as well. My guess is that their sewage goes out to sea as well.

    • That’s no guess, W Willow, the world over uses the only known solution to pollution, dilution. All municipalities wait till it rains and simply open the valves at the sewerage plant and flush it all down the river and or out to sea. Further more, water quality tests are not conducted if there has been any rain in the previous 3 days.

      How much for the last fish?

  • TEPCO executives, and complicit Japanese government officials, MUST BE CHARGED with crimes against humanity. Will a knowlegeable reader please refer these charges to the International Court.
    We DEMAND action on this!!!

  • Climate change ?!?!?!

    CLIMATE CHANGE ?!?!??!



    • Well, where I currently live, the government refuses to believe in climate change. WTF?

  • The big “secret” about the Fukushima disaster(and why Japan has not sought international assistance) is that Fukushima was not a power producing plant for electricity,except for what was needed to continue their(Japan’s)nuclear “defense” program.
    That’s right,it’s only purpose was to create the energy needed to continue their nuclear (bombs) defense program! Everything there is/was super top secret. So,no one really knows if they were (or are) creating nuclear bombs there or WHAT that “defense system” consists of.
    This explains the news blackouts about Fukushima. All of this should come out in to the open,using it as an example of why the World should do away with nukes altogether. The entire World is being poisoned by this nuclear dumping,as it has not been contained AT ALL.

  • We need to put an emissions tax on any intestinal flatulence based on the decibel level of the escaping gasses! Monitoring stations could be created that would contain high amp microphones that would pinpoint any abrupt animal discharges of methane gas. NSA could oversee the technical operations and Homeland Defense could then arrest the miscreants and round up the animals. Studies have shown that most of the methane flatulence comes from Washington DC! We need to tax the government first until they cannot print anymore money and then every living thing that breaks wind.

  • (98% of the studied sea floor) does not mean 98% of the pacific ocean,the difference is unimagnable :shock: the intention of the heading has been achieved.

    • I was thinking along the same lines. Heck we’ll be lucky to have looked at even half the ocean floor in all of our history.

      There’s also the indisputable argument that once all of the radioactive material has been diluted by the vast Pacific Ocean this all won’t be no big thing.

      Check it out for yourself that the math shows the accumulated radioactivity will amount to less than 1% of the considered safe drinking level. In other words if 100 Fukushima’s went poof we might get close to needing to be a little concerned.

      It’s only catastrophic for those living nearby.

  • what people forget about fukishima was , not only was the power plants core exposed and damaged, that particular plant was storing all! the spent nuclear rods above the cooloing waters, if i recall the original reports japan admitted to having close to 20,000 rods stored there. thats the story that everyone forgets to question

  • California Residents Should Start Taking Potassium Iodine Tablets As A Precaution!!! :cry:

  • If you’ve been holding out,All kidding aside.It’s really time to make your” peace” with GOD.or Don’t. It’s up to you. If you hear something over and over again and don’t pay attention…That’s on you. All of these web sites mix truth with lies to keep you off balance and skeptical. That way they can at least say you were warned. I guess that clears their conscience. Wake up ! These things are taking place.even the supposed “Free news”,”we’re on YOUR side!” news shows you find here on the net are mixing Truth and lies and only telling you things we’ve known for years,maybe you didn’t know, but it was gradually leaked to us.So we could gradually absorb it.and it not “taste” so bad.We keep expecting the next guy to do something about it. We’ve been sold out !! it’s the “WAS THE U.S.A.”Look around you.The powers that be are fluffing their nests while looking to kick you down for the long fall. Make your peace with God, for you ,for your family.The Good guys will win.but not like you expect.God is Insurance,get it.

  • However these deaths doesn’t mean they occurred due to the Fukishima fallout, consider for a moment the increase in tectonic plate movement world wide and on the West Coast. Cracks from even minor earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, release carbon dioxide and methane gas into the atmosphere and into the oceans.

    With over 3,000 active volcanoes on the ocean floors and another 1,000 to 1,500 above ground and an ever increasing amount of earthquakes, there have been record amounts of fish kills, bird kills and even mammals world wide.

    The Powers That Be have always been prone to doomsday scenarios as a way to spread fear and control the sheeple, Fukishima is no different. Remember that those in power tend to play both sides of the field and have since ancient history as the age old ‘Divide and Conquer’ maneuver.

  • we are doomed by the corporations, soon raids will take us all fast or slow, this is a shame a fuku shame.

  • the stupid ass paranoid scientists even now at this end stage are apologists for the NRC and IAEA.claiming could be, should be, might be, must be climate fukushima for the past 1000 days has bled incredible amounts of radio isotopes into our beloved the NRC THE IAEA TEPCO THE JAPANESE GOVERNMENT THE US government..they are all traitors to humanity..they have sold us out to probable death all for their 30 pieces of silver..idiotic subhuman lapdogs of the inbred blueblood aristocracy

  • It is staggering to consider that the entire Pacific Ocean has been poisoned. 98% of the ocean floor covered in decomposing marine life is unimaginable, especially when 1% or less was the norm. Just imagine not being able to walk outside without stepping on something decomposing because 98% of the ground was covered. The fact that the scientists are completely unwilling to even mention Fukushima(that everyone knows has been pouring highly radioactive waste into the Pacific for several years now) as a possibility just shows how corrupt the whole thing is. There is no way that the temperature of the Pacific waters have changed so drastically that they could have caused this(it is the politically correct speculation to make) and then she goes on to say that maybe having 98% of the ocean floor covered in death is part of a never before recorded natural cycle??? Unfortunately this likely will be the new norm as long as monkey hear and see no evil is the protocol for dealing with this disaster.

    The most disheartening part is that the worst is yet to come because people are in complete denial. Fukushima is being ignored because they don’t know what to do with it. Where are the people who actually care about the environment(instead of the hired voices)? All of the worlds attention and many of its resources should be focused on this catastrophe.


  • Rob

    squids are mammals?

  • Wormwood. and a third of the waters, and a third of the rivers became bitter. And a third of the fish, died. Wormwood also translates to radiation.

  • “So long and thanks for all the fish” may take on a new meaning to the third most intelligent species on the planet. This looks to be the final act, grab your towel but please DON’T PANIC :!:

  • I do think that this is terrible…extinction method.

    I wish we had real pic’s…
    I think there is enough realistic danger without the phony stuff

  • instead of endless pictures of that claimed sea floor filled with dead creatures you post images of humans, seek help! :cool:

  • Fukushima – the next great hoax after global warming. Implementing world government didn’t fly with Gore’s scary children’s fairy tale, so they had the up the ante a bit.

  • I wish Japan would just DIE! :evil:

  • Ok. Now I am pissed. I want a picture of this guy on the bottom of the ocean Mr Gambino!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Did you even read the article, Live Free? The reason that the sea floor has more debris is because of earlier massive blooms of plankton at upper levels. It doesn’t mean that everything is dying due to radiation, which even isn’t mentioned except by you and you shoddy reporting/commentary. Between this and your ISON stories, your credibility has dropped below zero and is in double digit negative numbers.

  • Just thought I would point out that there are links in the story to National Geographic and
    the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America.

    Not necessarily saying the interpretation of the information is correct, but I think you missed the fact that it’s not “before it’s news” saying ’98% of the pacific sea floor…’ it’s national geographic.

    Just sayin.

  • I live on the Gulf of Mexico, and saw the devastation to the wildlife and the economy and the people who depend on those waters for their livelihood.

    I take umbrage to your “twelve-ounce beer ” comment. You trivialize a horrible situation.

    A pox upon your house.

  • Caged Ideas: Had it not been for the citizen journalists, including BIN, how long do you think it would have been before National Geographic got round to reporting the issue? The MSM has only arrived at the train wreck as damage control. They have finally realised it’s impossible to deny the undeniable, but they believe there is still hope they can trivialize, mislead and marginalize.

    As William G Penny, chief scientist for the Empire Bomb Project in the 1940′s remarked…. the damage from radiation was far greater than he had expected, after he’d inspected Nagasaki. And what did they do to clean up Nagasaki and Hiroshima…. the same thing they’re doing with the top soil at Fukushima… scrape and dump.

  • I wondered if anyone else noticed this – glad to see others check information for themselves. Even keener eyed readers who bothered to go to the links would also notice that NOWHERE in the report do they attribute this to Fukushima. They don’t even consider it to be part of the equation. Strange that all of these scientific experts in their field don’t make the connection.

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