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Mainstream Media Worldwide Censored, Used by Governments for Destructive Plans for Humanity!

Saturday, November 5, 2016 12:38
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Don’t you ask yourself why the many scandals of Hillary Clinton were never discussed nor reported in the Mainstream media? Or did you never wonder why the mainstream media never reported if the promises Obama made for his elections and during his presidency were fulfilled? The Mainstream media is worldwide censored and brainwashed the people. Just by logical research you will find the proof. They have taught you to decide which president you want because of the hair, clothes, smile, nice words, patients, experience, etc. You don’t care or ask about the depths of scandals and crimes of Clinton and Obama. Trump and even Putin could have simply give you the facts about the crimes and scandals Clinton and Obama were part of, but they didn’t. Why? They all belong to the same criminal organisation that has and are taken over the world and use the Mainstream media to control the minds of the public. If you control the media, you control the population. Democracy doesn’t exist. This problem is not only in America, but worldwide spread and implemented. Let us explain ourselves.

This is the real, direct and honest truth, nothing more and nothing less. I apologise for my bad English because I am neither a native English speaker nor writer. That doesn’t mean what we wrote isn’t the TRUTH. If you want to know the real truth, read the whole document. We want to help all humans to see the truths in the world and offer a solution for all people. You can accept or deny it. It will always be your choice. Choose well.

Before we start to explain just a tip of the iceberg, consider beneath statement what will help you to understand the real nature of our leaders!

A very long time ago there was a civilization, it doesn’t really matter what kind of civilization. It happened over and over again until the day of today. The persons with greed, egoism and knew to be strong with weapons learned to become in charge. When you become in charge you have power and you can get more security by owning possessions (food, housing, clothes, seeds, gold, weapons, etc.). How more powerful they became, how more they wanted to keep their positions, for themselves, their family and offspring. They were afraid to loose what they had created and secured their positions. They have learned to organize, use and manipulate people to keep the security of life, power and possessions. They deceived, lied, manipulated and killed to keep that power and being in charge. That is one of the reasons our real leaders are not leaders of faith. They don’t believe in God. They have created Satanism and rituals, which they genuine believe. When you killed once, you kill more because you simply don’t care about other people. Those leaders and their offspring over many years became our leaders as the elite and powerful people, who are running our world. They have total control of media, military, banking, governments and the minds of the people in the world. He or she, who controls the media, controls the mind of the people and has the power. We live in a make up world, that doesn’t really exist. The system is really a fake system which most of you want to be part of. You strive all your life to become that, what you never wanted to be. The ruling elite sees you as cattle, unworthy and only a work force to clean up after them. It is more serious and true than you will realize. It is time to wake up!

Over many years the Mainstream media has been censoring information with the goal to brainwash humanity daily. They send out messages for Commercial, Economical, Social and even Political reasons. By repeating these messages over and over again, your synapses in your brain will form automatically connections with as result that you believe the messages. Besides this, the media is teaching you unwillingly, how to react, behave and interact with other people in the world. This is called controlling the populations or in normal terms your brain gets raped, without you knowing about it, neither you gave your permission.

The defined, developed and world wide used manipulation technics are used to get the best results as described in the story of Big Brother (Orwell). In this story it is shown how the New World Order or in a more popular word Globalisation should be. It is not something that originates only from this century, but this has been applied to the human society over thousands of years. Now with the social media, mainstream media, actuality programs, newspapers, movies, Facebook and games. It is now very developed and highly effective. 90% of the people have no idea how their lives and even them are manipulated constantly by all forms of communications. This has been done our whole generation and we have been grown up with it. Realize that your truths are based on copying what you hear. What if the Media doesn’t tell you both truthful sides of a story, but just give you one conclusion what looks like a choice, but it is in fact a statement to put in your brain. Do you believe politicians lie? Why do you keep on quoting and believing them? Control the media, control the mob.

First I will ask you some direct questions, you never hear. Do you like wars? Do you really think that wars are necessary? Do you like the killings, beheadings, mutations, hurting of people and children? Do you think killing adults or children are different? Do you think you can have heroes when you fight wars? Can you understand that when someone kills your spouse or children it is by God allowed to kill other people or children? Do you think you are responsible when your country kills children in war? When someone kills from revenge do you think that retaliation is a good action? Do you think there is a difference when you kill someone how old that person is? What is the age from which you don’t care if someone is killed 16, 18, 20, 25 or 35? Aren’t that still children? Does it make a difference if you kill someone that is not related to you or not?

With all these questions do you realize how movies and statements of the mainstream media already manipulated your opinion? They have convinced you that killings are necessary for wars and that wars are necessary to defend yourselves. Are they? Does a hero kill other people, no matter what? I bet you like these movies and think they are heroes: Rambo, Die hard, etc. Most of you will say we need wars or violence to protect ourselves. Don’t you understand that they are teaching you that wars are all right and belong to life? Off course only when we or other people need wars. They will make up a lie and manipulate you to accept wars. Look at all wars happened over the last 20 years? By the Mainstream media you have gotten that feeling of being bound to your country and be nationalistic, but in stead you are a human and belong to the worldwide human society. Remember the movies, they showed you over and over again about countries, races and religions fighting each other. Now you think it is normal and the negativity from the past is escalating in the future of today. We call this the spiral of negativity to the future of doom.

Let us talk honestly and direct about the Iraq war.

Before 9/11 the Americans did not want to go into war with Iraq. After 9/11 and lies about terror and the Nuclear Weapons Program, which Iraq let go in 1990. Most people thought it was logical for American Military to attack Iraq and killed over 200.000 people including children.  Now most of you know already that Blair and Bush lied about the Nuclear Weapons Program of Iraq. Now most the people know Saudi Arabia and not Bin Laden funded that 9/11. Most of the people know that US went into Iraq to strengthen their position in the Middle East and to get control over the Oil and more important to control this country under the law of globalisation. Now we know that Bush and Blair killed over 200.000 people because of lies, but we forgive them, because they are important people. As long as the mainstream media don’t accuse them, why should we? The mainstream media doesn’t want to publicize the truth about 9/11, why should we?

The Rebels in Syria are funded by the US and even Hillary Clinton was connected as Secretary of State. The UK and US delivered them the weapons to overthrow Assad and to get control over Syria. US are working now also with Al Qaida as the same team. ISIS and Al Qaida where funded and created by the US government. War on Terror is easy, when you create the Terror yourselves. The same rebels you had in Libya, same funding and creation as said before to tumble the governments, getting power and control. The USA and UN have a very imperialistic government and again under Obama who has started seven wars, killed hundred of thousands of people, including children. What does the mainstream media report over this? Nothing except, war on terror is successful and they have killed Osama bin Laden. (Twice) Obama receives the Noble price for peace. Do you really think this adds up? Don’t you see how you are played over and over again? You have a killer as president and you choose a new killer to follow. You rather believe the lies and live a lie, than consider the truths. Most people in the US and the World like Obama and other government people. Why? Yes, because of the brainwashing Mainstream Media, which are used by them to keep their positions and wealth in life. Don’t forget who put them in their powerful positions. Yes, you did and you still believe they will help you to fix the world. Somehow it doesn’t make sense to us.

Hillary and Obama are working for the dark secret shadow world government, the Illuminati and will tell you whatever you want to hear. We will tell you more about: them the so-called shadow government or Illuminati below. They are involved in so many scandals and killings, which are proven. But you still believe them and neglect all proof. As long as the Mainstream media doesn’t tell you this, you won’t believe anyone. They control obviously the media and your minds as you can see in the presidential elections. 55% of the people saw and believed the media favoured Hillary still you don’t say anything. CNN and international media and newspapers were a disgrace and still most of you just believe their lies. You probably even forget that senators in the US have changed the law of Smith-Mundt. The Smith-Mundt modernization Act of 2012 (part of the National Defence Authorization Act) has repealed the domestic prohibition, allowing the government’s broadcasting to be directed at and created for Americans for the first time over 40 years. With other words propaganda as brainwashing may now ”legally” be used on Americans themselves. The FBI and intelligence agencies worldwide should clean up CNN and than the rest of Main Stream Media. They are brainwashing the Americans and other people world wide with lies. If you saw the elections reported by them, you know it is true. I thought the intelligence agencies worldwide should protect the civilians against foreign and national criminals. We tell you only the honest and direct truth, nothing more and nothing less.

Democracy is a nice word, but died many years ago. Democracy doesn’t exist in America or in Europe and nowhere in the world. Democracy sounds good and is used for manipulation. It sounds so nice and you have the feeling that your voice will be heard. But most of you don’t have a voice; you just follow what you are told to do. It will upset you and perhaps you will get angry, but it is the truth. Find the truth in these words and you’ll find them over and over again. Most of you know it, but what can you do? Most of you rather play the game and don’t worry too much about it. You rather are busy fulfilling your greed, to get this or that. Talking about it would sound so strange, how would people think about me? They will call me a conspiracy terrorist, and perhaps I could loose my job. I couldn’t risk that, which would certainly be not a good thing for ME.

We love all people in the world: Americans, Chinese, Russians, Europeans, Africans and really all of them. Good and bad people we are all equal. Everyone has a good positive Soul, but most of us have a greedy, negative and destructive taught ego perspective based in the ratio. A big mass of the public, about 95 %, has no clue of this massive manipulative one sited deception. 5% of the people think they are awake, but are playing unaware the game as opposite players too. There shouldn’t be borders or countries, because this form groups and make people different from each other. The governments wanted to possess and to control for many years their countries. Now, the governments want globalization and strive to control the whole world as a fascistic and dictatorial world. Lands can never belong to humans, it always will belong to Nature, but that is another Truth of Life.

There is 1% controlling the 4% of leaders of: governments, media, banking, military and cooperation’s. This 1 % are the people who control the world on this moment, who are they and what do they want? Now I am going to use some terms you were taught not to believe and to throw in the basket of conspiracy theory. But slowly the truths will reach the surface because we are reaching the endgame. It is time to search for the real honest truth, when you search you’ll find it.

In the old days these 1% unto 5% of leaders wanted money and power. They control the war industry and make money with it. They needed wars to make money and to control more land and people. They bribed the most important people and took over worldwide cooperation’s. They noticed that you need governments to arrange the rules you need to make money and have power. United Nations, European Union, IMF and many others organizations were created to control the world so they could make money and get more and more power. They have noticed long time ago that it is better to recruit the young people from Universities like Harvard and influencing families to join their secret clubs. They made sure they control all those people and let them be part of a secret society as the Masons. Secret and special organisations because, than they would feel even more important and would cooperate. At young ages they have sold literally their Soul to this Masonry. At young ages the students were trained to become what the top of the Masons wanted them to be.

The top of the Masons organization is based on satanic rituals, sex, drugs and symbolism what makes it more interesting and exciting. You could read secret books, which the public has never seen. You join the Masons for life and really escaping it is impossible. The Masons are formed by the richest and influencing people in the world and existed over hundreds of years. I am not going into the history, because you can find it everywhere on the Internet and books. Even the governments of today, don’t deny that they are part of these secret societies.

These Masons have taken over the world in all facets of governments and even churches and religions with the main goal to control the mass of people and make more money and power. If you want to control people worldwide you need to make them work with you or you need to dispose of them. They killed and used the military and secret agencies to do the dirty work for them. They censor all information; they don’t want you to know. How lower your position you have in the masons, how less you know. You have different regions, groups and circles with inner circles and inner circles in them. Why did they create this?

The main reason is that only the top of the masonry knows the exact agenda. How lower you are in ranking how less you know. If you promote by doing good things you will receive also more information. They don’t know that they are played also. They don’t care, because they receive money and power and desire to become more important. For that, they will do anything to achieve a better ranking in the establishment.

The top of the masons consists of 13 persons, who call themselves the Illuminati or syndicate, the enlightened ones. Believe me when I say they are not enlightened but more the opposite. They are completely based on satanic believes and rituals and it is more disturbing than you will ever know. They want and are controlling the world on this moment. They are controlling drugs, paedophilia, weapons, banking, governments, military and the mainstream media. You can find their satanic symbols back in all kind of logos. Six large companies worldwide control the mainstream media. There for you see also the same structure of reporting over and over again. They don’t forget to give you different options, so you will not start your own investigations. If you start to investigate these subjects you will notice that we only tell you the truth, nothing more and nothing less.

We call these Illuminati also the shadow government and they control everything what happens in the world, including instructing most governments. They have started the World Bank, the European Union, economical crises, wars, terror groups, false flag operations and many others. They influence everyone’s life constantly by the Media. Search for the truths and you will find them. Also they make sure on the Internet, history books, movies, documentaries and mainstream media to give you false stories to make sure you will stop looking for answers. At the end you will give in to the stories you hear in the mainstream media, TV, actualities and newspapers. Journalists have to work within the structures dictated to them by CIA, Media directors and others. Otherwise they will get fired. If you are looking for demons and hell, just watch the actions of many people on earth. They say beautiful words but do horrible things. The Mainstream media is covering the bad actions and applaud them on their beautiful words. According to the system you need to applaud too when you hear a nice speech of Obama or Clinton, otherwise you are strange and get bullied. Just look at CNN or other mainstream media and you will see it is the truth.

Why do most people believe their system is good? They close their eyes, avoid, bend or hide the truths because they are afraid of what other people will think of them. They want to be accepted by the system, and the system accepts only people who can be controlled. They have trained many people just to copy what they hear. People don’t realize that you are fed with conclusions and not both sides of a story. You hear only what they want you to hear. Like the old Greece times, they feed you with games. Like sports, computer games, movies, series, games on television, Facebook, spiritual advice, sex, soaps, Hollywood issues, lotteries and many others. Just to keep you busy and this will stop your thinking. Yes you have also thinking program of knowledge. But still, it is just repeating the encyclopaedia.

They don’t want you to interlink subjects and think about inter connected causalities. This is being intelligent and they don’t want the public getting intelligent. They want you to label as soon as you hear something, and most of the time you label without any good reasons. You behave as you were taught to behave, you think like you were thought to think, you act as you were taught to act. The Illuminati doesn’t respect your freedoms, thoughts, nor believes because to them you are just cattle they own. They will let you do anything for gaining money, power and control. They love it when you choose to do the things they want you to do. Look at the present time how we give away our freedoms for manipulative created fears.

Don’t have the illusion that you are in control, because until now most of you are not. Not even when you try to do something, because you will stop as soon as you talk with others in the rigged system. You were made afraid to say something outrageous. Only a few people will, but look at the remarks we got and you will see that people label and yell without thinking or reading. The people will fight against everything that does not belong into the system. The present system gives humans a false sense of security.

We are heading unto big disasters in the very near future, which will strike earth as we have mentioned in the publicized documents before. Part of the disasters are arranged by the shadow governments like economical collapse, terror, wars, World War III, creating chaos, divide people worldwide in groups, religions and many others. They want to set us up against each other, because they (1%) need us to fight each other instead of fighting them. Fighting as I speak about, we have to do different than to use violence. We have to fight with sharp, honest and direct words, uniting all people in the world and really communicate honestly with each other. 

When we look at the world we see people who don’t see the world as it is. You don’t put the negativity in the light and you don’t have the desire to change the negativity in positivity. Most people think to be right and you keep on fighting each other instead of finding the real problems. We know the Apocalypse will come to end this era of Satanism and ego perspective of the humans. The New World Order as the Illuminati and our governments want will never exist. In the end good will always win from evil. Nature will balance and structure our world again by the Apocalypse. Our earth will go into another era with a higher frequency were people will be more like their pure positive Soul. The ratio and perspective of the humans has transformed humans into greedy, negative human beings and you can’t see it. You don’t understand the unity of all Souls with all life forces and Nature. Read our documents and start searching for The Real Truths of Life. Soon I will offer my book of 1000 A4 pages, with the REAL CONSTRUCTION OF LIFE, for free on the Internet. Not to copy it and follow it. No. It will help you as a guide to find the truths of life, as written words were supposed to do. Just to help you to understand life, as it was meant to be.  

If you believe it or not, we are trying to save as many people and Souls we can, by telling you the truth. To save you, by understanding what will happen when you die. We want to explain what you, as Soul, will have to do after you died. We show you the path to enlightenment, what can help you to survive the disasters that will come knocking at everyone’s door soon.

I wish there would be a way without suffering of people but apparently the humans are not ready for it. Don’t forget you all are responsible for everything what happens in the world. Each and every one of you all belongs to the same entity. You have your individualities, but on the same time you are One. Read my documents and book as soon as possible. They can help you to understand life better. Besides this, inform everyone around you about the situation in the world. Find balance in your life and try to see what is really going on in the world. Translate our words and spread them, communicate about them and enlighten yourself. Enlightenment is just a state of being in which you create only good positive thoughts. Positive thoughts are thoughts that are good for you, good for everyone on the world and good for nature. These positive thoughts create positive energy for all living life forces of our apparently material dimension and for the immaterial dimension (Heaven).

Underneath I must show you some thoughts to think about. Be honest to yourself and see if you really follow the thoughts we give you for a real life. Those thoughts can help you if you desire changing yourself and the world:

1.See all people on the world as equal and a part of yourself.

2.Stop lying, cheating, deceiving, manipulating, stealing and violence.

3.Treat everyone in the world, as you want to be treated yourselves

4.Study the Real Construction of Life and know who you really are

5.Stop copying information as true info, search for the truths

6.Know that you are a pure positive godly Soul, start acting as a Soul

7.Stop fighting, violence and negativity, change it really into positivity

8.Stop labelling and shouting, start thinking and communicating positively and constructively.

9.Help you and people around you to find true balance in themselves

10.Change negative emotions into positive emotions by choosing positive thoughts all the time

11.Let go of your ego perspective, what is based on greed and egoism

12.Choose positivity before negativity

13.Stop thinking in groups, religions, races or countries and start to think as one society on earth were you all are part of.

14.Understand that 1% controls 4% of leaders and 95% of the world follows their will and are smiling digging their graves.

15.Start the real, honest and truthful discussions

16.Journalists start reporting honestly and stop the brainwashing

17.Communicate with each other and open your minds

18.Your present leaders are blind, greedy and corrupt people and hide themselves behind beautiful words to satisfy your greed.

19.If you hear beautiful words follow the actions and results and find the real truth if they were correct or not? Be honest and direct.

20.Become positive all the time and desire and embrace this change.

21.If you can change, everyone on the world can change too.

The start of changing the world starts in you, the individual. Don’t wait for your leaders to lead, because they don’t want to change. Don’t wait for the media to change, because they won’t. Go on the streets and let everyone know that you want peace. Organize peacefully demonstrations to carry out this message with respect for everyone. If you show yourselves everywhere on the streets than people will start to communicate and talk about this change. As you probably know it is written in the astrology and the Bible respectively after 2012 and in the tribulation the biggest new change of our era will start. There is more in combining matters, what will unite. Than to look at the differences what will only set us apart. Be part or don’t, it will be always your choice. This is the honest truth, nothing more and nothing less.

Take action, translate this document, send this document to everyone you know and start working together as it was meant to be. Start to let Nature know, that we are willing to change ourselves into a positive human being. Let go of greed, negativity and egoism and start living for the community. This community is a community where all humans are part from. This is the only way to salvation, salvation for you as a human being and Soul.

One day you will know and will understand that these words are the only way to salvation. These words exceed far beyond our traditional thoughts and religions. What we call evolving into a higher awareness. This will make way for progressive thoughts of being part of all life forces of the immaterial dimension. A part of all life forces, where our pure positive godly Soul will be creating as a real human being a harmonious heaven on earth as it was meant to be.

This new world will exist on earth as THE NEW WORLD OF SOULS. NWOS.

If you find the truths in these words, share the words.

Help us to help you.

As soon as the update of the book is ready I will offer it on the Internet for free. There is nothing to loose, only to gain a higher perspective of your Soul. The words are not difficult, just different.

The only difference between all people in the world is what they are thinking. They are thinking positive or negative thoughts. Choose well and include all people in the world in your positive thoughts! Remember that all people in the world want; peace, positivity, honesty, love and be loved, freedom and be a positive part of a harmonious world.

Don’t built you future on the negative mistakes of the past, but built the New World of Souls with the cornerstones of positive thinking. Embrace this change and become part of it. This is how simple life was meant to be.


With best regards,

Thomas Francisco Pelgero.

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