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Megyn Kelly Just Lost Her Mind on Air, They Should Fire Her for What She Just Said?!

Sunday, November 20, 2016 8:22
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Megyn Kelly Just Lost Her Mind On Air, They Should Fire Her For What She Just Said?!

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Written by JayWill7497


Mark Lutchman for Liberty Writers reports, Megyn Kelly went on Fox News with Shepard Smith to promote her new book, “Settle for More”. She goes off & compares being bullied as a 7th grader to being bullied by Donald Trump. When will you just give up Megyn Kelly

Megyn Kelly On Being Bullied Growing Up & Donald Trump. Megyn Kelly joined her colleague Shep Smith on Fox this afternoon to talk about her book Settle for More and her rocky relationship with Donald Trump. She made it clear she doesn’t think he was bullying her, but it was instead an “attempt at bullying.” Why the distinction? Because as far as Kelly’s concerned, bullying has the end goal of getting the victim to comply, and she did not. She admitted she was scared for her safety, but “never changed my coverage because of his threats or his attention.” Smith asked why she thinks he did it. Kelly responded, “You’re gonna have to take that up with Dr. Phil. I don’t know. I don’t really understand.” Kelly also reflected on her Trump Tower meeting with The Donald himself and Smith asked her if she’ll be able to tolerate him and this kind of behavior from the President-elect.

Watch how Kelly answered above, via Fox News.

BIN NOTE: If by now you haven’t figured out that Facebook and Google are in cahoots with the corrupt government, then I feel for you, but for those who are well aware of the issues it’s high time you switched over to It is a website that is similar to Facebook but without all the censorship.

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These People Are A Danger To Themselves And Others! Wake Up!!!!!!

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  • Redlist Renegade

    She’s just a spoiled rich mouthpiece from a wealthy Liberal family ! How the hell did she ever end up with a “job” as a newscaster on a supposedly conservative national news network anyway ?!!! Her Daddy bought her way in there , THAT’S how !!!

    • Fokofpoes

      She’s just a spoiled rich mouthpiece from a wealthy Liberal family ! How the hell did she ever end up with a “job” as a newscaster on a supposedly conservative national news network anyway ?!!! Her Daddy bought her way in there , THAT’S how !!!

      Funny. How much of that do you reckon isn’t applicable to Trump and a reference to Papa Satan?

      • The Clucker

        Still buying the right vs. left propaganda game? (Hint: They’re both on the same side. THAT’S the game. Them vs. Us. If you really believe the right and left are opposing sides, you’re the one losing the game and the joke’s on you. I’d laugh but it’s really not funny.)

    • 1 darkstar

      Bing-bonging with Bill Clinton!

  • Bob DD

    MK “was scared for her safety…?” PUHLESEEEEE? GIve me a break!

    • 1 darkstar

      Scared for her safety? Maybe she needs one of those SAFETY PINS!

  • ElOregonian

    You know, a few years back I actually admired some traits, her tenacity, her courage to ask the hard questions. Her ability to look you in the eye and bring up that question where by most would cringe to ask it but most wondered the same question.

    But, that was a few years ago. Now I see her as a pathetic self-promoting wanderlust, going, and doing anything, and anywhere she can go to bring fame and attention to herself. She is nothing more than an ungrateful, two-faced, dyed-in-the-wool closet liberal who’s mask is finally slipping off.

    Fox News is but one facet of this cabal that exists to corrupt whomever it desires to facilitate its agenda, including the full spectrum of understanding of what people think, and how to control those thoughts.

  • AmbrociousXP

    Instead of getting fired I bet she gets a raise for attacking Trump…for Bullying Trump.

    • 1 darkstar

      They were talking about Judge Janine taking her place.

  • The Clucker

    :!: :!: :!: :arrow: :arrow: REMEMBER AND NEVER FORGET Megans Real past! She and the NWO wants this buried deep, and was in some “writting” from a close family connection..

    I remember reading that Megyns parents are NWO and have business ties with The Rothschilds. It said that Megyn was born and breed to be on her knees to the NWO since birth, and her parents paid back the NWO and Rothschilds by offering and “training” Megyn as a baby to them. So if this is true, she is nothing but a abused little NWO child, since birth, abused and brainwashing that her parents offered for their rich elite lifestyle.

    Her Wiki page is fake, and does not tell you this information. Her dad made his 100s of millions of dollars by partnering up with the BOA, NWO and Rothschilds. This is evident in him “traveling the world” but does not say why, nor anything else about his life. He travels the world for his NWO business, and anyone reviewing his IRS and business background, will see this. Find out who sent him, where, what dealings he made, and the business money he made to afford his multimillion dollar mansion, with servants, in a rich gated community, with other 1% NWO neighbors.

    Megyn was also bought into FOX news by her father, who is mega rich, and his fellow NWO cirlcle. If you go back to early video clips of her, you will see people like Sheppard Smith comment to her about her rich dad, and that she don’t have to do this anchoring because her family claims to be mega rich (worth almost 1 billion dollars.)

    Her Wikipage says she “attended High School” but this was because her private school played sports with their local community, thus she can claim she “attended” but was schooled privately.

    Her mother is a “home body” but it fails to say of her servants she hires, and all the private country club events, golf and social circles she maintains for her husbands NWO high position. They attend several social private high level NWO related parties per week, so by no means, are Megyns parents “Normal” middleclass like she and everyone claims to be. Her background is as fake a President 0bamas past history, so once anyone starts to look into their past, you will see the road that lead to Megyn NWO agenda in the media.

    Megan was just married this Spring, so if anyone wants to look to see who her new husband is, and his family, you will see that all are in the elite top 1% in the most powerful banking, NWO and Rothschilds circles. Of course, no one is suppose to know anything about their private life, but remember, always look at who their parents are and what they do, and their social innercirles, and they will all link to them back to who they really are.

    This bring it back to Megyn. She was born into a NWO family since birth, and has been “trained” and “brainwashed” to use her looks and voice for pushing the NWO full control lies over the masses. We are all taught to only look at the cute lady, so anything they say is true. She is as fake as her makeup, and puts on her “clown face” to fool everyone because of course, no cute lady will ever lie for money and power would they?

    Once you understand her and her parents upbringing of her, you will see why she attacked Trump like she did, and all other non NWO faithful. You now 100% understand why they act or say what they will, and you placed that missing piece of the story. Megyn was born into the NWO from the day she was born, and is instilled in her heart NWO is all that matters. As in all ritual satanic cults, they “form” children from birth to follow them, and accept their “practices” as normal, but Megyn is one of them; who just happened to be bought into the FOX news, and bypassing the veterans at FOX at the time. Ask anyone who worked their, and you will find many employees their that will confirm this. There was a lot of bad blood over this move at the time to bypass all the veteran reporters for a bimbo blonde who never broke a finger nail…

    Godspeed to each of you, to help expose her criminal NWO parents, husband and her virginity ritual, Rothschild and their bankers, and the US Gov.

    • 1 darkstar

      Thank you for this information. This is a sad story.

    • The Clucker

      I don’t necessarily doubt your story, I just find it absent of source material.

      “We are all taught to only look at the cute lady, so anything they say is true.”

      You should just speak for yourself on that one. In my personal experience, the “cute lady” is usually full of crap. Looks have nothing to do with honesty though. I guess my main point is that if you’re going to bother providing that much information on a topic without adding some sort of source material you can’t very well expect anyone to take your word for it.

  • Daffers

    Sad cow!

  • artichoke

    “Honest people understand” that you’re still trying to smear him. What threats? What tomatoes? Just a lot of vague bs.

    I can’t watch her show any more. She’s a b****.

  • charlie2dogs

    i am more conservative than most dumb fuks who claim to be, and i dont see a damn thing wrong with this interview, most of you just need to get a life.

  • raburgeson

    I’ll be looking forward to President Trump stiffing these fake news people. He can chose others for his press conferences.

  • Room With a View

    So she has been bullied before….why does she not attack the original person who traumatised her. FAIL meghan. Your reasoning is not sound.

  • Einstein

    This cunt should be fired and maybe MSNBC or CNN will pick her up.. that is where she belongs… she is too old to prostitute now…. what else can she do?

    • Astral Silence

      I think it’s pretty cool that someone who is obviously 12 years old cares enough about world happenings to visit this site. I mean, an adult with an IQ over 28 doesn’t speak like this to try and make some point. I do bet you’re excited for Christmas break coming up and getting that sweet week off from 6th grade!

      • The Clucker

        You should have saved that comment for “The Watcher” who commented below. I’m not saying you’re wrong, but that certain folks are more deserving of that assessment.

      • Andy

        i hope you have enjoyed talking to your own reflection, though i doubt you’re capable of recognising it

  • The Watcher

    Just send her to me for A GOOD SPANKING, among other things! :grin:

    • 1 darkstar

      Oh, my!

  • Anonymous

    Point of fact, it’s very likely that if not for that on-air dust-up with Trump during the debate her profile would not be as high as it presently is. I think she owes him a debt of thanks in that regard. Plain to see she ‘can’t understand normal thinking’.

  • westgate

    Fox pays other “liberals” very well. Juan Williams and others.
    I can see her getting pissed off and going to CNN with her pal Alison Camerotta.

  • Shorty

    She’s just defending her muff diving partner … Rosie O’Donnell.

  • jdpent01

    jdp….Now she has some money she is acting like Clinton, she should grow up and an become an adult

  • 1 darkstar

    OMG this if funny.

  • King of Shambhala

    So the bottom line is Obama’s lost because Hillary fell.
    Now Obama’s the Antichrist, so that means all those in the thread who don’t spread that news will burn eternally in the lake of fire and sulfur in hell says the Bible.
    If anyone doesn’t do that right away they’ll burn eternally, that’s all there is to say.

    • ecclesiatical

      On the 21st of January,you are going to start saying that Trump is the A/C,cos, cos his real name is Donald Johnny Drumpf =666.,and Buddhists dont follow the Holy Book.

  • Is-Be

    Slime lives beside the swamp. And you can fall into the swamp very easily because of the slime. Bought and paid for Ms. Kelly is just that. You don’t know you’re in trouble until upon it. Warning bells should be going off when you encounter the smell.

  • snickerdoodle

    Megan Kelly is just another cry baby. I am sick of her. I unfortunately saw her on the Howard Stern Show and I was appalled at the filthy talk and she seemed to enjoy every bit of it. She truly does not possess any of the Proverbs 31 virtues in my opinion. I just shook my head on election night. I could not believe that she was so ignorant of what was truly going on in this country. She is an airhead. Could she really be that much in the dark? She is just another puppet for the establishment with no real true goals of giving honest and unbiased news. I absolutely have no respect for her.

  • Anonymous

    megan is not pretty why would you say that she is one ugly girl

  • AKT

    Obviously, she’s desperate to connect her name to his to make herself relevant! That’s a tough call now days for her because she’s already lost any credibility as a serious journalist, of which she is not! She is also obviously a true liberal and should go work at CNN, if they’ll have her. Honestly , ANY of the other women on FOX could take her spot and fill it with a much greater degree of competence! The Republican Establishment is the Liberal Establishment. The global elitist, don’t give a damn about this country or the people. She is one of them. This is her true creed. Just let her get another leg up on the coat tails of someone else. She has no integrity, just get up however she can. What a shame, with what used to be her beauty. Her haircut may betray yet another side of her. For me, she’s truly not worth even talking about. We’re certainly not obtaining any real news from HER!

  • 2QIK4U

    Trumps monica Lewinsky

    • westgate

      In your wildest dreams.

  • sarah

    A strong woman often times find a strong man entertaining.

    They may even in private call one another ‘that Bi*ch’ or ‘that Ba*tard’, but secretly they could possibly even admire each other and like the spunk the other possesses, whether they see eye to eye on subjects or not.

    If a woman cannot handle in the workplace a man who dares to act like a man, then in my humble opinion she should stay at home and take care of traditionally woman things.

    If a woman wants to put herself in a position that has historically been held by men she shouldn’t whine like a baby girl when he acts like a man.

  • Arte Vespule

    Whaaaa!!!! Whhaaaa!!!!

    What a lunatic….

  • jdpent01

    jdp…Apparently 20 million not enough she wants more and to get it she attacks Trump hoping he will take the bait to which she can bring in a slander suit for MONEY.

  • jdpent01

    JDP…She found how easy it was to get money from Sex Harassment issues, now thinks it all the same by attacking Trump. NO, she needs to be fired, money can’t buy loyalty or trust.

  • Sun Rabbit

    Diagnosis = whacko
    Or maybe NUTS (Neurotically Underscored Tension Syndrome)
    Oh, so now she knows all about Trump’s attacks on the media, eh? What about all the attacks BY the media against Trump? More specifically, HER attacks on Trump. This has been largely a one-sided mudfest with the media constantly going out of their way to demonise him and it continues to this day.
    Her father’s name was Edward Kelly! Wonder if she had an uncle named Dr. Dee.


    I grew up in the 50′s 60′s and tv/radio did not have reporters expressing their ‘opinions’! Always an attempt to keep
    to the facts. Kelly is a sad illustration of todays US news corporations. Baby talk and twisted facts hoping to influence
    the ‘masses’? Thank GOD it is not working. Bless, Before Its News!

    • Sun Rabbit

      I grew up in the 60s and back then even the normal people were a lot better educated than today. We were expected to read the newspapers from 4th grade and to be able to have an intelligent discussion about what was going on every Friday. Needless to say, I always looked forward to that because I always had my own take on things, always coming from an anti-communist standpoint since I was a refugee from a communist country back then. Helped me learn English real fast!
      Nowadays they pick people to read the news on TV just because they look good, but back in my day they were actual journalists.
      One time in high school we had a Career Day and one of the people who came to our school was a reporter from the New York Times. I can’t remember who it was but his table was swamped with students. The busiest table in the whole cafeteria. I didn’t even try to go there because there were just too many people and instead wound up hanging out with an engineer from Bendix who told me that “one day, all of this will be done by computers!” and I was like “no way!” Back then nobody could have anticipated what happened because the first computers that came out just sucked. You had to load the whole operating system from 2 5 1/4 floppies, then load whatever program you wanted to use, also from floppies because the thing had no harddrive, or a “winchester” as it was called back then. I thought it was just a fad. When the TRS-80 came out my parents bought one for 6 grand and it mostly just sat in the living room collecting dust. The Commodore 64 was actually a lot more fun because you could play games on it. Games you loaded into it from cassette tapes. Nowadays most of the young people don’t even know what a cassette is, much less an 8-track.
      Back then, journalists had actual integrity and decency. Nowadays it seems like society is inching ever closer to Idiocracy.

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