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7 Cops Watch Man Die Then In Frenzied Craze Beat Dead Body (Graphic Video)

Sunday, November 10, 2013 7:20
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(Before It's News)

By Susan Duclos

While there are hardworking, brave police around the US, there are also the examples shown below of cops completely out of control, beating handcuffed suspects with billy clubs and fists, kicking suspects while they are down and in one case, 7 cops watching a man die then in a “frenzied craze’ beat the dead body.

We, as a country, criticize other countries brutality against their citizens but in the video compilation below we see that we definitely shouldn’t be throwing stones while we live in our little glass houses.

Via the YouTube details from David Vose:

Anglo American governments created police force in 1829. Rome did not have any police. No past empire ever policed humans and imprisoned people for being angry or for being on drugs or mentally ill. Russia and China do not imprison people for social behavior or being poor. The American police state is almost perfected. The only thing left is the mark on your forehead.




Cross posted at Wake up America


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Total 85 comments
  • Huston, we have a BIG problem in this country!

  • Couldn’t even watch the video. (And the commercials always coming off on the site are going to make me stop coming here).

    • Art

      There are commercials here? i did not even notice. Try Adblock Plus :)

      • They also really ticked me off – thanks art , happy days are here again LOL

  • Good thing theses were not ‘black men’ as the racial hypocrites and weak minded women of America would be yammering about violating ‘civil rights’.

  • Thanks for the revisit.
    Been watching them ‘serve and protect’ since that first beating at 11yrs old.
    Seems they have achieved the pinnacle of success only now.
    The only ‘good’ cops are those that have quit.

  • Police require constant surveillance.

  • the only good cop is 6 feet under with a hole in his forehead

    • Ghost

      And they themselves have made this the only solution left to the abused..


  • @Banderman —-azzhole! any violation of civil rights is a violation, regarless of race/color or creed—-u fckin racist :-(

  • They AREN’T hired for their brains, or their knowledge of the law.
    They are hired because their IQ is less than 30 and they will DO WHAT THEY ARE TOLD.
    You are seeing hired Bolsheviks in action.
    Just like Russia many moons ago.
    But any one of them could tell you a whole history of “sports” and “scores”.
    One of the many purposes behind sports in high school.
    “Jocks” AREN’T known for their caring, knowledge, or intelligence.
    We can thank the NEA for much of it.
    And…blame ourselves because WE stood by and let those sick sob’s get away with corrupting our children.

    • The Bolshevik revolution wasn’t bolsheviks. Stalin had hired people who were not Russians to handle all the killing. In fact if you go to YNetNews and look for the “greatest murderer of the 20th century” you’ll find it was in fact proudly proclaimed that it wasn’t Russians that killed the most people in history.

      The problem is not the cops. The problem is those who refuse to punish them.

      • NO, the cops need to be held ACCOUNTABLE for THEIR actions!!!!!! Should we hold responsible who are to police the police, yes, but FIRST we must hold those who commit these actions ACCOUNTABLE!!!! They DO NOT deserve and EXCUSE that it is someone else’s fault! THAT IS what’s wrong with this country now! NO ONE wants to be held accountable for what they do, they want the blame to go to someone else!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Ghost

        The Cops and their Enablers must answer for their Crimes against Humanity, and Treason against the Constitution.

        They’re all adults, each responsible for and liable for their acts.

      • Freeamerican

        The bolsheviks who did that were jews so was Stalin. ‘prudence wright’ is an israeli troll, obvious psy name ‘prudent right’ like some white schoolteacher but a jew psy ops troll all the way in other comments and trying to divide people from cops here. The JEW bolsheviks have the biggest white genocide under their history next to mao who followed the jew communists. Don’t pretend it wasn’t the jews prude the israeli troll. The communist jews is who runs america now. A grown adult reacts to officers dependant on how they treat you. If they abuse then stand up for yourself, and otherwise educate officers about what’s going on a lot of them don’t know.
        Folks, use your brains, don’t get suckered into this ‘hate cops’ jew psy ops to divide us from cops and don’t get suckered by troll comments or votes on comments, some are real but many are paid scum trolls to divide us from our cops who the majority of are still decent people

      • Freeamerican

        That’s not just for prudence troll who’s pushing to divide cops and people, but for you ‘no worries’ one of many jew trolls on this page. Sure you say go to ‘ynet’, a jew source, more lies for the JWO.

  • got sick to my stomach watching this

  • AHEM!

    Well it would be best to leave these mongrels on Earth to die off!

    Certainly the new Earth need none filth as these humans are! :cool: :cool:

  • At Some point the people must take the power, like when you see a group of policemen beat the hell out of someone for no reason to JUMP IN AND STOP IT, Not be just sheeple but to stand up to WRONG when you see wrong being done. Too many citizens willing to stand there and just watch injustices being done and not saying or doing anything. Wake up people and lets stand up for what is right in the face of Evil.

  • There is no question that cops are becoming more Evil and Brutal, and it is because for years their civilian bosses have looked the other way when they rape, torture, maim and kill those whom they consider to be beneath them. Cops make their own law, investigate their own crimes and cover up anything that implicates them in illegal activities… They commonly seize cameras that record their misdeeds, pack courtrooms armed and in uniform to intimidate witnesses against them, band together in unions to defend themselves against criminal charges, and in every way behave as though their mentors are the Mafia… It is not until cities are sued into bankruptcy that anyone even takes notice… Viva la Revolution…
    The time has come to deny your ways.
    To rid ourselves of the parasites.
    Shedding dead weight, reclaiming what’s ours.
    Taking each moment with force again.
    No crosses to bear, no time to be wasted.
    A fearless approach to oppression.
    A constant attack to never retreat from.
    With no other choice but resistance,
    What will it take
    You must choose or be chosen for.

  • Welcome to the new America.

    • You’d think that there would be a deal! If you vote for mass murderers abroad then they have to let mass murderers at home run wild without being harassed by pigs! Huh! It’s just soooo not fair!

  • The spirit of Gestapo!!

    • Freeamerican

      Hitler was jew who helped kill millions of Germans, there was no holocaust only a holohoax. You use a fake patriot username and are always slipping in your hitler memes for you jews and your jew world order, troll. Stop trying to divide Americans from our cops.

      • I beg to differ… There was a holocaust… My wife’s grandmother was transported to a concentration camp for hiding a Jewish friend. There she survived only because she was able to crochet tablecloths and etc… When she outlived her usefulness, she was put on a truck to be taken out to be shot in one of the mass graves.. Her and another woman escaped, but the other woman was shot. It seems like there is a bunch of crap like the sites that Mr. “Freeamerican” posted here.. Believe me… there was a Holocaust… Don’t believe the internet…

      • Anonamoos in the hoose

        No Mr. Rogers it is the holohoax. What happened to your grandmother also happened to many other non-jew grandmothers. Just you jews take exception, we dont count because we goyim, mmmmm. I see where you coming from here. Now just GTFO

      • Ghost

        I agree there was a holocaust… but the story we get today is far from the reality on the ground in the war… and the accepted history (mostly from the Nuremberg Trials) got places and details wrong.

        I’ve seen people with the tatoo of the concentration camps..

        All the crap about using skin as lampshades and such has all been debunked as nonsense..

      • Ghost

        If even ONE innocent person was murdered it was a holocaust…

        i.e. Vietnan, Panama, Palestine, Yugoslavia, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, etc…

      • Freeamerican

        ‘fredrogers’, Trolls usually do use obvious american figures to cover trolling for the jews. The hoax was disproven years ago.
        You and your jew buddies have gotten more billions than Americans can count and on top of have gotten ‘special’ priviledges over Americans while we pay your bills. Because of our ignorance we also paid with our country. I do not ‘believe the internet’ I am educated regarding -real- jewish history back thousands of years, the acting job over and over lying about fake persecutions when you were thrown out of countries for your bad acts, your genocides of whole peoples, all the usury, and the last hundred fifty years as the jew took down America.
        ghost, you’re also a troll using a moderator angle to cover for the jew. You’re always there to run interference. Do not compare the huge scum lies of the jew holohoax with real deaths, wars actually ginned up by jews. Do not put palestine or any of the false flag takeovers by jews in the same sentence with the scum holohoax. The holocaust at Dresden, the jew Lincoln holocaust in the fake ‘civil war’ (dickson link below) those are real holocausts not like your fake holohoax. Your usual bunk trolling of mixing in bull doesn’t work. There was no holocaust, NO GAS CHAMBERS. Holocaust means by fire. The 200k jews died of their lice not gas chambers, millions of Germans and Americans killed for lies by false flagger jews like fdr and churchill and their jew conspirators. America is kicked in the face by the jew in every way, jew usury banking, jew media, jew control schools brainwashing lies, jew control of America’s military and also kicked in face by every scum in government who help them. Scum republicans that pretend they’re not communists when they are. Americans have to shake free of the lies, being slaves to the jew and their government lackeys, their welfare communism, immigration swarm/welfare scheme, health bill scheme. Wake up or else. Quit buying things, protest immigration, quit voting. No more leaders.

      • Dude, you’ve been picking your nose too deep. Better put some of that back–the GRAY stuff, that is, not the green…

  • So this was in the united states? Where at? I’m really not in the mood to watch anybody get clubbed to death right now.

  • Rabid ; Exterminate on site.

  • The problem is not the cops. Nor is it the selection process. It’s a question of whether or not those in control hold citizenship in any other country besides the US.

    If more than a few lenders hold dual citizenship with any country then we should be concerned.

    When a majority of them have dual citizenship with the same country we should be incredibly alarmed as they are the ones that are refusing to stand up for americans in cases like those above.

    It’s not the cops that people should be expecting more from. It’s those who refuse to punish them that more is expected but not delivered.

    • Freeamerican

      YES. The number of dual isrealis in our government is large, the israeli jew has been part of the scheme ever since the holohoax that was done so jews/bankers could take over palestine for their second base of operations besides America part of the JWO. They have militarized police, review the lists at Americans need to get a backbone, throw the controller jews and federal government in jail and cut israel off the American teat.


    • In the beginning of the video a white mini van is rolling and the driver is ejected while lying flaccid on the ground the herd of cops run up and begin kicking and punching him….If not dead he was surely unconscious. There was no need to anything but cuff him. They are violent pigs.

    • The person that was ejected from the car in the beginning of the video was if not dead when they reached him was dead after they finished with him. Watch more closely.

  • This has been going on for many decades. It is recently that these bastards are being caught in camera. The same results, they get away with it.

  • Looks deserved to me.

  • Revolution and Firing squad.

  • The first 28 seconds will tell part of the problem…that said, what is shown is over zealous and insane behavior on the part of cops in the video.

    The common denominator appears that people are baiting these cops in various manners that set them off…the guy at the beginning has an attitude himself – unknown – what did he say to provoke it? His attitude tells me he could have easily provoked a situation…

    The problem with these video is that they tell only one perspective.

    • The cops are enjoying it to much .

  • People would handle each other without police. All we need is a clean up crew here in America, and were all good.

  • When thug cops enter hell-fire, they come face-to-face with Satan’s enraged, vicious evil angels — the ultimate thugs who delight in dishing out eternal pay-back to thug cops.

    What goes around, comes around.

  • I thought the cops took an oath to serve and protect , I guess i missed the lines in the oath that says serve ,protect and beat the hell out of the prisoners…They need to remember one of these days when the tables turn and the cops need the public’s help they will not get any help .. no one wants to help a power hungry peon who has been given a badge and a little bit of power..

  • The only thing that distinguishes these guys from the ‘terrorists in Syria’ is that they did not cut out his heart and eat it.
    These people are a disgrace to humanity.

  • The problem with the Police in the USA is that they are not scared to commit crimes. If someone is arrested, they are treated as if they are a piece of meat. No respect, no rights, no nothing. Whether the arrested person is guilty of anything or not, they are all treated the same.

    Cops are brain-washed people, with low IQs and most of them have been crapped on for most of their lives. I had a job where I had to train 3 police departments on how to use software, and I learned a whole lot about what Police are not.

    If only a few Americans would defend themselves while being arrested, and the bystanders watching would get involved, we could put the fear back in the Police. They should be afraid of us, not the other way around. I guarantee you that the police want to go home to their families and their football games and their pets at the end of each day too, so if they are worried about how dangerous their job has become, maybe they will eventually give up.

  • And how much longer do we pay tax money to support their paychecks to beat, intimidate and come to scenes where they are creating more problems than solving.

  • Is there any doubt who the REAL enemy is? …the American People. Firing squads are coming. I feel sorry form the good cops. Wrong place at the wrong time…in history. The life expectancy of these guys will be about 2 days once SHTF. …and it is coming. Every Nazi has his day. It all begins with Obama. The Marxist Muslim Mole, with a mission to bring CHAOS.

    • Freeamerican

      Marxism is jewish, communism is jewish, karl marx real name, mordechai. Your trolling is bunk ‘it all begins with obama’. It began when the jews put that fraud lincoln in office to put down the south because they wanted to secede, not because of slavery but because they had enough of the federal government. Then jews got the federal reserve in 1913 and did their holohoax, finalizing the take down of America for jew welfare communism and this jew communist thug state. Your nazi meme is bunk. Holohoax. Obama’s jewish just like the bankers and media and most big globalist company owners, he’s not muslim, troll.

  • Most of those cops probably got a paid vacation for their actions. Video is hard to watch, and they want us to give our guns up with crazy cops on the streets we have to defend ourselves against. I am not worried about criminals unless your talking about the ones in uniforms.

  • What a bunch of shallow POS’s on this site. Most of you will come on here and perpetuate the idea that all active police officers are inclined to behave in these ways. Complete jack asses, the bunch of you. Willfully ignorant and hypocritical, and if you don’t understand why then you’re an idiot to boot.

    • Freeamerican

      Dude, most of the comments on this page are from trolls doing psy ops, likely so is the posting itself. Our taxes pay it, by the propaganda bill passed by the scums in government.

  • Is it that we have more police violence lately, or is it just not being hidden as well due to the amount of cameras in phones , so everything gets put on you tube?

  • Jim

    These are the things that happen when people do not take responsibility to arm and protect themselves from thugs. The thugs infiltrate the authority figure, They are armed by the sheeple and have their way with the unarmed victims who oppose their oppression. All of this brought to you by the irresponsible citizens whom shirk their duties off to someone else.





  • Freeamerican

    These hate-cops postings are a jew psy ops to divide people. It’s obvious there are more crazy officers now then there used to be but most officers are not on board with the scum jew world order communism and destruction of America. Officers need to do their share like get together and lead a protest against immigration or something on that order, but the majority of them are decent people. This tack to divide us is just another scum jew psy ops and the trolls comment to reinforce it. Likely the officers will clean out the bad cops when the time comes. Think on your own and don’t get suckered into psy ops to divide us from our cops or each other, so don’t believe the comments or votes on all the comments, some are real but many are paid scum trolls. Educate officers in your home area, they need to know the facts on who’s controlling America. search holohoax and review these lists

    • ALL Hating needs to cease free american.

      Hating is why we’re in this BS in the first place.

      You don’t really think you’re free do you?

      Disagree with that.

      • Freeamerican

        I do not care what you scum israeli trolls think. The FACTS ARE the jews are control, jew history is one of usury, mass murder including you low jews leeching off Germans and Americans for your scum Holohoax. Go sell your fake persecuted jew act somewhere else.

  • I have a thought on this subject but NSA would likely say I’m inciting anarchy or some silly such when in reality I like any world civilian really just wants to live in peace.

    • Freeamerican

      Get the jews out and the world will have peace. martin luther.

  • Is Lindsey Graham a man?

  • Romans 13 says to be in subjugation to the powers that be. Vengeance is the Lord’s to repay.

  • If you ask any one of these cops how they vote…I bet 99.9% will say Democrat…it’s just the way they operate.

    • Ghost

      NOT IN TEXAS! KOPS are mostly GOP…

      But that’s not what’s important… Its federal funds pouring into local police departments giving them the means to operate outside the local citizens’ and local governments’ authority

      • It’s it “funny” how the GOP doesn’t want the feds involved in state business…but they will apply for federal funds for police depts. However….It’s socialist/communism to apply for federal assistance for the homeless or Medicaid. That’s a no-no.

      • Ghost

        I live in a traditional Texas Podunk town of about 200 people..

        5/6 of the City Council are GOPpers..

        They went-a-beggin to Obama’s people for stimulus money to build a community center and he gave it to them.

        NOT ONCE HAVE THEY EVERY ACKNOWLEDGED OBAMA for the gift or even bothered to thank him.

  • To arms now or regret it!
    can’t beleive how many just stand aroudn and watch! In a country with twice as many guns as people and we can’t even get enough guts to fght back! What makes me more sick is the cops that stand and watch too!
    and yet people say when the order comes they will be on our side! ya right
    Oh and ya theres a story and asking if americans will put up with those being trainded to attack us. Looks like to me YES is the answer!

  • The “pigs” are the real enemy !

  • Kind of makes you wonder what happens when they are not being taped,doesn’t it?
    No wonder it is becoming illegal to film police on duty.If they have nothing to hide,they shouldn’t care.Does that only apply to those who do not wear a uniform?
    I couldn’t even finish the video,too much brutality.
    What happend to “protect and serve”?
    Where are the Godly police and guards?

  • Yep exaclty where were heading 666 for sure!



    • government and money-phile thinking is yOUR REAL ENEMY.


      Free energy – Nicola Tesla stile

  • The best way to stop these pukes is to shoot them! Those who say that we are not going to be in a battle w/ police departments, are out of touch!

  • There’s only one way to handle this, although it won’t be done by the majority of Americans, who have degenerated into weak, scum-sucking cowards that deserve police abuse. The way that a true patriot and legitimate human being would handle this is to encounter these police officers individually, covertly, when one has the advantage, open a large can of Medieval and get busy. Now, you American pukes that have just fininished reading this-crawl back to your abuse!!!

  • MG

    You already have the mark of the beast on your forehead right now. The reflection of this video is reflecting off of your forehead, it’s called the mark of the beast. Your wrists have the mark of the beast as well. When you type on the computer your wrists receive the mark of the beast.

    Now that your forehead is complete, and your wrists are too, there is only one way for you go…


  • This brutality won’t go unpunished these pigs will get whats coming to them. The one thing I can’t understand is why nobody fights back. You all need to start carrying guns and weapons and start fighting back a pig gets killed tooo bad sooo sad thats life the pig deserved it. If they treat you with respect then treat them with some respect you still have the right to voice your opinion. However they get violent take it to the next level and use a weapon before they do. You have a right to defend yourself PERIOD I don’t give a crap what their job title is. They are human just like everyone else they are not GODS. The people in the government are not GODS either. They have no more power then any other human. In fact it’s time to go after these power happy cockmongrals in government as well.

    • Freeamerican

      It’s very true Americans have become ignorant sniveling jellyfish. Letting the scums in government swarm America with millions and millions of immigrants/leeches and criminals, ignorance of jew usury, the communist health law scheme and a hundred otherss. People need to stand up to abuse, but, anyone who approaches every cop like he’s the enemy is a moron. Most cops are not ok with the schemes happening. The police also need to start doing their share to protest immigration and all the schemes, but not every officer is the enemy, most officers are decent people. Use judgement, America will need every strong person. The jews in power, the scums in government, the media, the owners of the global companies should be put in prison. No doubt on that one.

  • I don’t see anything wrong with these cops. The people being abused are criminals, otherwise they would not be in police custody. I guess the answer to the problem is, don’t break any laws and you will not have to worry about getting hit by police. They have a frustrating job having to deal with the A-hole public. No I am not a cop. I just have respect for people trying to do a hard job.

  • General Drake

    ” No past empire ever policed humans and imprisoned people for being angry or for being on drugs or mentally ill. Russia and China do not imprison people for social behavior or being poor. ” —What the heck planet are you living on and how did you get to blog in the first place? Are you kidding me? Virtually every nation has imprisoned people for even speaking a word against the government…there are thousands in prisons now in China for that. Russia has Pu$$y Riot girls sent to Siberia last week who have been in prison for years and countless others? Ever hear of Cuba? —David Vose — go to first grade to learn a tiny bit before you blog. Geez…oh…and move away from the US to Russia. Can’t wait to see what happens when you badmouth Putin the first time.

  • Em, the police do not arrest people for “being angry” they get arrested for acting criminally or unlawfully while angry. They should have been taught not to act when angry when they were small by their parents. It’s part of the job of parents. I always said to my kids, “It’s okay to be angry, but it’s not okay to act bad when you are angry.” Worked pretty good. :smile: Police do not arrest people for “being on drugs”. It’s not against the law to be on drugs, they get arrested for acting unlawfully while on drugs. We do have a problem with police acting criminally, but please communicate correctly about it. Thank you.

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