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Constitutional Crisis Can Death Rap POTUS

Monday, February 28, 2011 16:46
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Constitutional Crisis Can Death Rap POTUS

4 Days Till Supreme Court Rules on Birth Issue

No matter what happens this is a historic moment which defines the history of the world. Because for the first time ever, a US president is judged for a matter that can take him to court, to jail and to a capital execution. Why? Because Obama’s faked his birth certificate and accessed the highest secrecy of the world, the USA nuclear arsenal.

The Supreme Court will hear a birther case on March 4. which is an outright victory for the birth issue battlers. And it’s a final nail in the coffin for Obama’s fans, because the three in five (latest poll: CNN) who doubt Obama’s American will see him in court, facing a judge for the first time. This is starting to look more and more like the O.J. Simpson trial.  Quips about the birth issue are common among GOP politicians now (Leo Berman, TX.). When the end is there and the Alamo’s falling, at the end, no matter how much rhetoric and spouting by Obama, the door is there and he’ll have to leave. Each new day until the SCOTUS hearing is stoking the fire and fanning the flames of Anti-Obama feeling rising in the world like a tsunami. Obama’s over and this has to end. He’s got to declare his candidacy for 2012 this week – so there’s just so much a thug can spew in terms of lies and deceit – but suddenly it all tips and it’s over in one second. This Supreme Court hearing on March 4. is not only a Constitution Crisis, but it’s much more than the straw breaking Obama the Camel’s Back and Obama the Hustler from the black Chicago slums can’t handle this kind of pressure and stress. Because this is more like the ten-ton gorilla in the room breaking the Antichrist’s camel-of-a-back and Obama’s crying for help from Momma back in the cave in Kenya.

   Texas State Rep. Leo Berman wants to pass a bill forcing Obama to show his ID. And he’s angry that people aren’t taking this seriously. He’s serious and he’ll get this job done because that’s his work.

The Obots go into General Panic Mode:

The dogs are out barking again. Put them inside, Mom! Damn them!

The Vampires are roaming, it must be the full moon again. The birthers will go vampire-hunting in the run-up to Obama declaring his candidacy and to the Supreme Court hearing of his ID eligibility case.

Obidiots are saying Obama’s already won the 2012 race; but I ask “Will Obama finish his term? And stay out of jail? Can he fend off the Constitution which would have him executed for frauding the nuclear bombs? can obama deny the whole Constitution which the USA is based on? Can the USA accept that it’s all over? The USA is over, just as the Constitution is over now… due to one black thug and hustler from the Chicago Ghetto? A wheeling and dealing smalltime two-bit hitman!”

The fight’s sweeping the country, Governor of Minn. “TPaw” Pawlenty came down from Minnesota to speak again about Obama being a space alien:

Obama’s got lots of reasons to be worried as hell.


“Now, I’m not one who questions the existence of the President’s birth certificate. But, when you listen to his policies, don’t you at least wonder what planet he’s from?

Pawlenty also shared a joke about Obama’s citizenship, one he’s told at several stump appearances.

“Now, I’m not one who questions the existence of the president’s birth certificate. But, when you listen to his policies, don’t you at least wonder what planet he’s from?”

Blacks usually hustle for some crack and spend the end of their lives in jail where 85% are blacks, but Obama’s had to play this role of Mr Goody Two-Shoes and he can’t handle it because blacks usually let steam off when they’re out hustling and they can let off steam by taking crack. And letting it all hang out and do their act. But Obama’s had to act straight and like whites for all this time and now he’s fed up. He wants this to end and just go to jail where he’d have ended up anyways. He just can”t understand why the (us) honkies are taking so damn long to book him. He’s just going the O.J. Simpson way. They let him off on the rap but he went and begged them to book him on something else. He just couldn’t spend time out of jail. Obama’s so happy this is over now. He wants to be punished and he wants to atone by that. The Supreme Court is just what the doctor ordered for Obama’s sickness.


(Don’t mind the links below. Most have been

hacked by the Obama-demons

hiding inside the B4IN staff)

Earlier articles on B4IN showed how the Apocalypse is prophecied in the Kalachakra Teaching, here, here, here, here, and here.


                                   Rudra Chakrin, the King of Shambhala of this period.

Dalai Lama tells many lies. He uses the Kalachakra Teaching and empowerments ceremonies to torture the Tibetan people and abuse them so as to oppress them. The torture is that he forces them to attend the ceremonies for years and years of suffering to find a place to sleep, to eat and they risk being murdered if they complain and report this to the foreign press. The Dalai’s the Nobel Peace Prize? No. he’s truly the shame of all Tibetans: that’s what the Dalai lama is. He’s the shame of Norway who will be eternally damned by this scam of the Peace Prize.

Not only that, but this scam totally delegitimizes any claim the Dalai Lama may have made, as to being an authority on this deity Kalachakra’s topic and, of course, his ridiculous assumption, that he could be the prophecied King of Shambhala.

He claims the Apocalypse of the Kalachakra prophecy will happen in 400 years, but sources are well-established that the chronology of masters going back to India use false names, aliases, used by the various masters.

The Endtimes War is described in the Kalachakra Tantra.  I, Geir Smith, am the world specialist of Kalachakra, having done 28 years of post-university research upon it and am thus able to denounce the false studies and claims of the people who follow the Dalai Lama and those in Dharamsala, who misuse the Kalachakra for personal, egotistical purposes of harming as many people as possible.

The Dalai Lama cannot be the Shambhala King that is prophecied to carrry out that war of the end of times, because the Kalachakra expressedly says it’s Westerners who will spread the teaching to the world and not Tibetans. The Dalai Lama is a Tibetan. He uses the Kalachakra for political purposes of furthering his agenda, harm Tibetans and his brother is a killer, Gyalo Thondup (see photo below).

It’s clear instead, that the signs of the Antichrist-Obama, (the Mark of the Beast of 666 – Obama has these signs – he has all the signs of the Antichrist…) which are borne out by Christian prophecy, corrrespond perfectly to the Kalachakra prophecy, which speaks about Christian-Biblical influences – see below.

The following is about what the Kalachakra is: 1. – above; How the Dalai Lama says all lies about the Kalachakra in his own interest. 2. How Obama’s the Antichrist-Demon King of the Kalachakra. 3. How this Krinmati-Obama’s battle is to ally with demons like the Dalai Lama’s brother. 4. How the Demon King versus Kalachakra of the Kalachakra Mythology are both the Christian and Buddhist prophecies of the Apocalypse (Christianity’s “Antichrist versus Goodness”) and realize now. 5. How Obama’s Islamic roots make him evil. 6. How the signs of the Antichrist all are presently on Obama. 7. How I’ve made the study for 28 years of the historical account of the Kalachakra that proves it is now realizing and not in 400 years, as the lies by th Dalai Lama say.

In the Kalachakra, the Demon-King is called Krinmati while the King of Shambhala is called Raudracakrin.


To equate, as I do, Obama with both 1. the Christian Antichrist and 2. with the “barbarian” King Krinmati, (the demon-King of the Kalachakra Teaching and Prophecy), one should look at the things that demon represents.


From their capital in Delhi, their king Krinmati will attempt the conquest of Shambhala in 2424 AD. The commentaries suggest that Krinmati will be recognized as the messiah Mahdi. The Twenty-fifth Kalki, Raudrachakrin, will then invade India and defeat the non-Indics in a great war. His victory will mark the end of the kaliyuga – “the age of disputes,” during which Dharma practice will degenerate.

The king Krinmati is very vaguely described as being “from Delhi”. But that is to be taken as vague. The whereabouts of Shambhala which are also only vaguely described.

But the faith of King Krinmati is crystal clear. It’s exactly the same as Obama’s:

“…described the future non-Indic religion as having a line of eight great teachers: Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Mani, Muhammad, and Mahdi.”

Those can be summed up as: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. 

Obama is of exactly those very three stocks by his family; which is largely Jewish, Christian by his mother and Islamic by his father.

We’ll see how the Kalachakra is speaking about a Buddhist-Christian syncretical kind of message, below.


Obama will be revealed in his deceit of birth certificate, of his hideous faith of mixing up seven different creeds and beliefs, of heavenly signs of the Mark of the Biblical Mark of 666 upon him, of his mortal head-wound etc… everything will be revealed.

The demonic forces trying to squelch the truth being spread to the world, are everywhere including in Tibetan Tantric Buddhism; and not least so.

The Dalai Lama involves in a massive, worldwide disinformation campaign about the Kalachakra, because he desperately wants to be a King of Shambhala, announced in the Kalachakra.


                                  Dalai Lama brother, the wanted killer, Gyalo Thondup.

The power-mad entourage of the Dalai Lama entertains endless feuding, terrorizing  and murder tactics, which the Sicilian Mafia would not disown. His brother Gyalo Thondup has had Gungthang Tsultrim of the Freedom Fighter of Tibet’s movement assassinated and the killer was arrested, He confessed that the so-called, fake “government” lead by Thondup ordered the murder, paid for it, ordered new ones to come and promised more money for those.  A warrant has been issued against Thondup in Bhutan, where he’s a wanted man for MURDER.


When apprehended in Kathmandu, the murderer, Amdo Rekhang Tenzin, told the Royal Nepalese Police that the Tibetan exile government had paid him three hundred thousand rupees (about thirty-five thousand dollars) to assassinate Gungthang. Even more shocking, the hit man claimed that Dharamsala offered him a larger bounty to kill the sixteenth Karmapa.

Buddha’s not smiling
Erik D. Curren

I’m probably on the Dalai Lama’s list of future hits.

“False christs and false prophets” of the Bible prophecy quote abound and claim they are the right and correct way. The people saying “I’m Jesus, I know the way” abound and are false christs. There will be no Church in the Apocalypse, that will be destroyed in the Apocalypse says the Bible. That means that the new religion will no longer say it’s Christian or speak about Jesus. The same is said about Buddhism in the Kalachakra teaching: all will be destroyed and corrupted and rotted.

Now, in the Kalachakra, the Antichrist-Krinmati is said to be of barbarian faith which is said to hail back to 8 prophets of that faith, and these are the same as Obama’s, which mix three religions: Christianity, Judaism and islam. This is current among blacks: to mix all religions without excepting any one: a hideous faith.

This is the same as the Bible’s description of the Antichrist as the Beast which has seven heads and is hideous. Those seven,- which are all found in Obama’s world, – are these three: Christianity, Judaism, Islam, but also Communism, Radicalism, Black Nationalism and Black Liberation Theology.

So, to sum it up, we have two blockages to the Revelation and Apocalypse which are the following: first, the political spectrum of the USA is divided in two, about revealing Obama’s truth; because it’ll break the whole political landscape and put the two last presidents, Bush and Obama, in jail along with their countless accomplices, thugs, and cronies.

The second is the block to correct, unbiased knowledge of who this Antichrist is in Krinmati the Demonic King of the Kalachakra Teaching.  And likewise there, it’s political power-hungry demons in the Buddhist hierarchy such as surrounding the Dalai Lama, which block that, but also everybody in their own faith, such as Christians, are blocked from seeing this. And they block others, creating obstacles to others.

Now we’ll talk about the Buddhist-Christian syncretical kind of message of Kalachakra and the Warriors of Shambhala.

I’m, Geir Smith, King of Shambhala and my faith is Kalachakra. That deity is instrumental in the Sack of Baghdad which destroyed the Islamic world and the Caliphate(in 1258), because the Mongol Khan who destroyed Baghdad, was a disciple of the Tibetan masters who propagated Kalachakra.

The Sack of Baghdad was the greatest Massacre of the History of Humanity. It totalled between 100 000 and more than 1 000 000 deaths depending on the sources, but multiplied by today’s figures that’s between 5 000 000 and more than 50 000 000, killed during one week’s incessant killing which Hulagu Khan’s troops carried out. No massacre of this extent every happened before or sonce. It totally destroyed Islam until today. It’s still totally destroyed Islam, which Muslims always lament never was the same again.


Why did Kalachakra involve in such a horrendous crime against Humanity, the worst Massacre of Mankind? Because Islam at the time was as illustrated by a witness of the time,… a Christian victim of Islam, living in Baghdad before the massacre:

The Armenian Kirakos of Ganja has spoken of the joy and
even triumph of all these eastern Christians at the fall of Baghdad.
“Five hundred and fifteen years had passed since the founding
of this city. Throughout its supremacy, like an insatiable leech,
it had swallowed up the entire world. Now it restored all that
had been taken. It was punished for the blood it had shed and
the evil it had done; the measure of its iniquity was full. The
Muslim tyranny had lasted 647 years.

To Christians in the Middle east, the Mongol was seen as more than a saviour, he was seen as a miraculous boon from God. This Mongol Hulagu, was the expression of the Kalachakra deity of Tibetan Tantric Buddhism. He came to deliver Christians from those 647 years of oppression from Islam. He saved the world from succombing to Islam in the 13th century.

The following book is number one in the USA now and it’s author Joel Richardson claims, as I do, that Obama’s the Antichrist. The author claims that the Antichrist is trying to revive the Caliphate, of the early 20th century.



I also say Obama is the Antichrist and I claim that the Caliphate which Richardson speaks about was not the same Caliphate of 1258, which was the world’s premier power at it’s time. I say something different from him. That is that the present fight against the Antichrist, Satan-Obama, is to keep that Caliphate down and out, just like it was in 1258.

There are three different possible interpretations of the Antichrist’s “mortal head-wound” quoted from the Bible.

1. that the 666 mark – see link below – of 666 in his victory-newspaper was a “mortal” hit to his career and rise.

2. that this refers to the many scars on Obama’s head and neck.

3. or else the mortal head-wound can be this mortal hit to Islam, suffered in 1258, by Baghdad being razed…. but that Baghdad and Islam’s real death only presently occurring with Obama’s total disaster now, by us spreading the news that he’s going to be unmasked in 6 days in Supreme Court. The Bible says there’s a two-time movement like that, by the Antichrist suffering, first a mortal head-wound, then surviving – and then “dying” again.

Richardson doesn’t speak of this, but i do, which is about the sign of the Antichrist 666, AND THAT IT IS UPON OBAMA!

Please review these facts and address the issues in them…. and spread the news that Obama the Antichrist is unmasked and not just by the West, but by the East also, as well.

I’ve spoken about how the various Indian masters used many names as aliases, which makes dating the Apocalypse impossible.  I’ve made lengthy research of finding each master’s name and tracing his life through all these various names. I have collected all this research (still just piecemeal and partial though, because it’s so vast) in one text.

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  • King of Shambhala

    It’s over this is going to the top. It’s blowing right away. Leo Berman’s taking this to U Tube. This is spreading like wildfire. Move and don’t miss this.

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