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Orly Taitz posts link to Geir Smith (B4IN’s “King of Shambhala”) thread at Fox Facebook Discussion Board.

Sunday, September 25, 2011 11:13
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Orly Taitz posts link to Geir Smith (B4IN’s “King of Shambhala”) thread at Fox Facebook Discussion Board.


Are Birthers, Tea Party, Jews, RNC/GOP coming over to the Army of Truth aka Messengers of the Apocalypse aka Army of the Apocalypse, a movement founded by me, Geir Smith, to reveal that the Illinois Lottery drew of 666 on the day of Obama’s victory? Are they joining my cult?



Orly Taitz’s made great efforts to reveal Obama’s deceit. I, Geir Smith (second picture), have become discouraged with the Birther fight and the legal path because of widespread opposition in the Established Media. It seems that they play the Birthers against the Truthers, saying: “Each side gets equal time, so once you’ve progressed by one inch, the others get the same time as that.”

Maybe Orly Taitz has come to the same conclusion as me, which is to throw the whole GOP and DNC out, as being worthless for attaining the goal.

The Bible says “The Antichrist can not be defeated by wordlly means but only by divine means.”

So, has Orly T. now come over to my position? – which is that Obama is indeed that Antichrist, and can only be defeated by non-worldly, divine means which are resumed by just revealing the divine heavenly sign of 666, which marks Obama in the Illinois Lottery – by being drawn on his victory-day.

If that’s true, then this is the Apocalypse and the mission is to go to heaven by fighting against Obama-Antichrist’s forces.


Now, I’m continually asked why I am spreading this Apocalyptic News for Christians or Bible-followers of the three faiths of the Book, while I’m in fact a buddhist of Tibetan Buddhism, following the deity of Kalachakra. And this all the more so, as I’m content with that faith, as it’s the highest culture in the world, because we practise sexual yoga etc..


To answer this, I published my biography in the context of Fox Facebook discussion board posts in answering to others. Here is that biography.

yes*It’s time to spread the message that Obama’s marked by the Number of the Beast 666 – and circulate my “Geir Smith’s Bio”

Check out pictures of the Chicago Tribune of the day of Obama’s victory with 666 on page 2

Front page victory of Obama:

Page 2 ’666′ Lottery draw

Page 2, general view:


…Geir Smith Biography….
I’m Geir Smith, the Saviour.

The Chosen One, Anointed One.

King of Shambala and known by the name of Raudra Chakrin or in Tibetan Rigden Gyalpo.

I’m the Christian Messiah.

I have the greatest supernatural power of the history of Humanity which is to defeat Satan. Obama had the lottery draw of 666 in the IL. Lottery on the day of his victory.

Now I’ll presently give my biography for people who wish to go to heaven by following me to know my life.

I was born in the city of New Haven, Connecticut, at the Grace Community Hospital, n 1955, to an American father, Frank Hugh Smith and an American-Norwegian mother Wencke Smith, née Frimann-Dahl.
I was born into a family of four with my sister. Very early memories alone were of my father chasing me in fun through the house and the feeling of elation at being part of a great game. Running and being caught, saved.

My father was sick with cancer and died when I was only three. Memories of him are not conscious or with any mental visual image of him.

My early years were of going to school at Hamden Hall School until seven. Also, living at our wood house on Linden Street, travelling to Boston twice. During our summers we’d go all the way to Norway and spend the vacation there, travelling one week by boat both ways.

We had free passage due to a Norwegian family acquantaince in the business. I learnt Norwegian that way and could speak two languages fluently at seven.

At seven, we moved to France and a new life started for me in a new language on even a different continent from Norway which I knew.

I learnt French quickly from seven on and it’s now my mother tongue the same as English and Norwegian (I’ve since added three others being Tibetan [university and many travels to Tibetan-speaking lands], Spanish and German.)
We lived in Paris 14th and then 13th where I spent almost 28 years and where I installed a temple (1977) which lasted for one full year, but it was closed down by negligence and anti-Buddhist feeling in my family.
While I was away, flaring anger between others, lead to it’s closure.
As for my education, I went to the French Lycée (high-school) during my teen years and then attended Paris Dauphine University for five long years in Tibetan language and culture. I was a privileged kid in school being a fluent trilingual among my French schoolmates who are “Uber terrible” at languages.

So language course was like a riot for me, to not break out laughing at the other students’ crass stupidity; and I was kind of like the Jaws in Spielberg’s film, with the others hoping I’d not answer what they couldn’t answer… and prove them asses.
I was a genius among the freaks on Dr Moreau’s Island.
Since then as I’ve done the most extensive university work on Tibetan Tantric Buddhist, in the world among all the scholars on this earth, I’ve become the Mensa of Humanity. I’m now strolling through a field of poppy flowers like in Claude Monet’s paintings. Nothing holds me back from Truth now, no hoblins, dwarfs or midgets.

I carried out an eight-month meditation retreat upon a Tantric deity (Dorje Naljorma; Vajra Yogini in Sanscrit) and upon successfully finishing this retreat in 1977, I started upon a spiritual vision of life which has been mine ever since. The events in the biography below, must thus be viewed through that spiritual prism, from then on.

I married to Joelle in 1981, and we both attended university together during five years from 82 to 87.

After university, I entered upon research study upon Kalachakra the famed Buddhist deity. I did my study at Maison des Sciences de l’Homme, Bld Raspail. This lasted all of 28 years, and presently I’m the world authority on Kalachakra, the King of Shambhala and the Buddhist Christian Apocalypse. I can easily debunk the Dalai Lama’s claims at being the presently and futuure King of Shambhala, because he is not a right candidate for that, his brother’s wanted by the police for murdering Tibetan Freedom Fighter hero Gungtang Tsultrim in the Dalai’s name and the Nobel Peace Prize is clueless and shameful to have awarded the prize to such thugs.

During the years after I had finished my research upon Kalachakra, I decided to spread the news and knowledge of this deity because I am the world authority. In the course of this I started contacting people via Internet concerning Kalachakra. This was suddenly dashed, first when I discovered that Obama was Muslim (I’m totally opposed to Islam and it’s degrading treatment of women by covering them with burkas.) Then, later, I discovered in a Newsweek article (in Nov. 2008), the Lottery draw of 666 marking Obama. So, first Muslim and then the actual Antichrist, that was the last straw that broke te camel’s back for me!

Now, in the course of being engaged in revealing Obama’s Mark of 666 upon him due to the Illinois Lottery draw of 666 on Obama’s victory-day, people have been asking me about political alliance and particularly the Tea party, the Birthers, Republicans, etc…
Because I’m not political and am solely a religious Buddhist as my bio explains, I answer that I wasn’t involved and actually I have nothing against Obama personally. And I even said I was a Democrat, at heart, when I was young, because of being born into a left-leaning family.
Because this astonished liberals at FOX Facebook DB, I decided to explain this to them as best as I could and took sharp methods of exposing my life story (seen below) to zoom them into my life’s full development. To do that, I speedily rammed them through a brief sum-up of 1. my attitudes and 2. inspirations leading to my spiritual realization of things like Apocalypse, prophecy and meditation. This is because they also ask me about the prophetical and Biblical dimension of what I say and ask me how I can assert to be the messiah of Christianity, while being Buddhist.

This was an exchange between them and me:
Clayton T. Biggums
So Geir, growing up in America as a Democrat, and moving to socialist France at the age of seven, what pushed you away from the Left?

Geir Smith answered:
but democrats commie binge disgusted me
I became Buddhist and anti-communist with the tibetan invasion
Che Guevara and castro have always disgusted me
I’m a Kennedy democrat and castro was kennedy’s enemy
but obama’s a muslim and I can’t stand that in any form or version
I wanted hillary to get it not this thug obama
now i’ve discovered all the birther mess and Obama is just not even a remote option any more
But i read the newsweek article about the lottery and that turned me around because i see him as the real actual antichrist
u people have to get over that this is a joke
i’m for real on that
the dems elected the antichrist and that’s bad karma for us dems
but obama’s bill ayers backlog is atrocious
he’s a criminal
New york is flooded

Next I was asked this question:
Clayton T. Biggums
//How can you use God’s word if you don’t believe in God?//

That’s what I have been asking, Suzanne.

Do Buddhists believe in the Christian Antichrist.

I don’t think so.

to which I answered:
There’s a god in Tibet called Kalachakra. It predicts an end of times war in which the demon king will be defeated by the king of shambhala the saviour of Tibetans or Buddhism.

Tibet and Buddhism will be destroyed but the believers and good people will survive.

The demon king is called King Krinmati and he’ll follow the faiths of the Book including Jewish gods, Christian ones, Jesus, as well as Muslim ones, Muhamed.

It’s written like that and I’m the kalachakra world authority with 28 years of post-university research upon it.

Do you all want 1. the literal quote for that


2. the explanation about why I’m the world authority and defeat the Dalai Lama’s pretense to that title?

Note: I’ll give those two links and explanation. G.S.

Clayton T. Biggums
Thanks for the explanation.

So, Geir, according to Buddhism, shouldn’t you be trying to convince us that Obama is King Krinmati, instead of claiming he is the Antichrist?

You seem to follow two faiths.

Geir Smith: No.

I started fighting Obama when he rose in front of Hillary, not because I don’t like him but because I saw the widely distributed scan of his school registration in Indonesia which AP circulated. it said “religion = Muslim”

So to start with I didn’t see Obama as any Krinmati king or Antichrist.

I saw him as a Muslim period. I went all out againt him and browsed in despair on Google. Then I found the birthers and told them their birth issue was weak and we needed more strong stuff than that.

But they were the only game in town so I went birther for about three years plus.

I didn’t use the Newsweek lottery draw for a couple of years because I was afraid people would call me a fundie, loonie or cracker.
Meanwhile Clayton was speaking to others on the thread about what he had browsed on Internet about me and said this unsavoury thing about me while quoting the wrong link:

Google “King Krinmati,” and Geir Smith is what you get.

I am beginning to think he’s invented this story from scratch.

(this must be the correct link he picked it up from /story/428/612/4_Horsemen_Of_Apocalypse_Passing_Now,_sweeping_the_world_everywhere..html)

The Republican Party pulls back in horror at the verge of Revelation, because they’re afraid Bush will be revealed in his WTC criminal deceit, as well.

They try to save themselves by refusing to go the birther track, but it’s too late, it’s a desperate hopeless ploy on their part, to try to shore up their own fate.

Everything will be revealed in the Apocalypse.

The endtimes war is described in the Kalachakra Tantra. I, Geir Smith, am the world specialist of Kalachakra, having done 28 years of post-university research upon it and am thus able to denounce the false studies and claims of the people who follow the Dalai Lama and those in Dharamsala, who misuse the Kalachakra for personal, egotistical purposes of harming as many people as possible.

To equate Obama with 1. the Antichrist and 2. with King Krinmati, the demon-King of the Kalachakra Teaching and Prophecy, one should look at the things that demon represents.


From their capital in Delhi, their king Krinmati will attempt the conquest of Shambhala in 2424 AD. The commentaries suggest that Krinmati will be recognized as the messiah Mahdi. The Twenty-fifth Kalki, Raudrachakrin, will then invade India and defeat the non-Indics in a great war. His victory will mark the end of the kaliyuga – “the age of disputes,” during which Dharma practice will degenerate.

The king Krinmati is very vaguely described as being “from Delhi”. But that is to be taken as vague. As are the whereabouts of Shambhala which are also vaguely described.

But the lineage of Obama being exactly similar, matching that of King Krinmati’s is evident. Krinmati’s faith is of the following origin:

“…described the future non-Indic religion as having a line of eight great teachers: Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Mani, Muhammad, and Mahdi.”

We can generally state these as: Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Obama is of those very exact three stocks by his family; which is largely Jewish, Christian by his mother and Islamic by his father.

Obama will be revealed in his deceit of birth certificate, of his hideous faith of mixing up seven different creeds and beliefs, of heavenly signs of the Mark of the Biblical Mark of 666 upon him, of his mortal head-wound etc… everything will be revealed.
Then Clayton T. Biggums interjected a rather sallacious comment but I had answered it:
According to your own words, Geir, King Kong is from New Delhi, not Chicago or Hawaii.

How do you explain that one?

I had answered:
so let me answer that particular point

I saw Obama as the Christian Antichrist (Newsweek’s article [Lisa Miller; author] perfectly lays out the way for THAT) and not the Kalachakra King Krinmati at that point. I brushed up on the Kalachakra identity of the Demon King and that perfectly fits with obama so indeed, now the two merge without a seam.

But why wouldn’t I identify Obama as King Krinmati? People would think I was targeting some local prophecy from Tibet.

With Obama it’s not that. It’s a demonic figure from the Biblical fold as is shown in the Kalachakra prophecy. But also the Antichrist as his 666 sign indicates.

I brought in my Kalachakra faith after discovering Obama in the Newsweek article.
It slowly dawned on me this was the combined Antichrist of both prophecies. This was a progressive awakening for me. And drawing on my impressive scholarship and wisdom!

We had some back and forths but it went on:
Geir Smith
Clayton T. Biggums
//I didn’t use the Newsweek lottery draw for a couple of years because I was afraid people would call me a fundie, loonie or cracker.//

You should have stayed with your initial instinct.

You keep civil idiot.
I, (Geir Smith) continued:
Geir Smith
666 does not exist in our Buddhist lore as having any meaning.

This was from the Newsweek artricle I sent above.

I only go by the Bible reference for 666, nothing Buddhist in that.

Obama’s just doubtlessly King Krinmati because of me.

I make him King Krinmati because he must be fated to confront me and I beat him.

And I’d be the King of Shambhala prophecied to carry out this apocalyptical (Armageddon) battle.

Several things which I can explain make me be the King of Shambala beyond possible doubt. No one else in the world, -Tibet, universities – could vy with me for that title. (I’d have to explain that briefly or else no one can know that, only I have made these studies and can say it)

He is the Saviour of Humanity and the Universal Messiah.

Then I would up the exchange with this:

i don’t believe in the bible – no god and jesus is a living dead vampire
i take it as mediumical dreams which will realize
I believe in supernatural powers for good reason
my power is the most powerful in the history of humanity to defeat and destroy Satan’s power
Obama is Satan in person
the antichrist marked by 666
my power is supreme

Another new exchange tightened the topic’s higlights as seen here:

Geir Smith
Kelly Dawes Church
Carlos, did I miss something or was there absolutely no reference to Christianity, the Bible or Judaism at all in that bio?

Ugh! Smelly gays!

Didn’t you see the reference in the link?’ve got it here.

(The Kalachakra teaching mentions the Demon-King which is the [Christian Antichrist Obama]. In the teaching is…)”…described the future non-Indic religion as having a line of eight great teachers: Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Mani, Muhammad, and Mahdi.”

You see the eight great teachers? They’re the basis for the Bible.
I’ve already come out of the closet and admitted I’d been ashamed all my youth at being straight because I was brought up in an overly tolerant environment. Being white, straight was really not very politically correct.

Then when I was 15, I converted to Buddhism and my family and friends said I was mentally impaired, or at least they acted towards me – cold-shouldering me – like I had gotten gravely sick.

I’ve really come a long way and to say that being gay is an Abomination of the Bible is a total changeover for me because if I had said that when I was a kid I’d have been packed off to the crazy bin…. It was forbidden where I was brought up. We were libtards.

Now, I’ve really made violence upon myself to admit this fact that being gay was dirty… and voicing that…. because I was brainwashed to thinking being gay was good, gays were cool etc…etc…

I had gotten to a point where I thought of gays are being kind of heroes and sacred Golden Calfs. But if you look at what gays are, in fact, is sodomites and very dirty.

That really tears down their proud, prestige and glory. I’m not happy to do that and wish them the best and think their age of glory and fame has been great for them and don’t have any kind of jealousy for that.

I’m not against gays.

But I’m happy to right the lies which gays are perpetrating here, like Higler and Richard Thanhew, which were saying that being gay was about other things than anal sex.
Richard said that being gay was about things like being good at interior decorating, for example.

No matter if that’s true or not (which it may well be, why not?), but the defining factor of being gay is not being a decorator, but being a sodomite, because if one is not sodomite, one’s not gay. It’s logics.

All decorators are not gay.

All gays are not decorators.

But all gays are sodomites.

It reads like a Greek Mathematical Archimedes Equation. There’s no escaping the logics of it all. No sodomy and you’re not gay. Period.
This exchange happened about my reading, on Fox Discussion Board on Facebook:
Hugo Meridius
What is the title of your non academic or religious book?
Geir Smith
Are you referring to my “28 years of post-university research”?

If so that’s the Kalachakra Tantra.
I was thinking more in line with the European main stream.
My Buddhist research is based upon the Buddhist school of Ngor, Tibet, whose main teaching is called the Lam Dre Teaching. (The Path and the Fruit.)

I’ve received, studied and translated that so as to understand itin Tibetan.

But the path to understanding these things go through various books that must all be studied carefully and putinto practise.

I’m a 41 year Buddhist now and I know how long it takes.

I don’t read Westerners.

I read Jack London a lot, then the Beat Generation.

When I was a kid I was a big Hardy Boys fan, Robert Louis Stevenson etc…

I reada lot during my whole youth.

You have to know I was reading and studying in French from 7 on while I still read extensively in English while I was already in France.

I had a big library at home that my mother had, and also an American Library in Paris card.

I read ‘Catcher in the Rye’, “a day in the Life of Ivan Denisovitch” (Soljenitsyn),or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=a1f45ed3ceca8f34&biw=1024&bih=629
Winter of our Dsicontent Steinbeck.

You name it I’ve read it. Howl, by Allen Ginsberg.
Interesting, but I was thinking of a fun book, not an scholastic tome. Okay, Ill give you an example; “The Alchemist.’ by Cohelo That was a short novel, if you will.

I’ve heard of Jack London, never read him though.
Thanks for answering the question.
No, I don’t read Westerners like Coelho, although I’ve seen the films.

I’ve gone over to Buddhism and it’s books about Tibetan culture now exclusively.

I spent 28 years in books on archeology in India, and Tibet. Old temples, the research about who the builders and religious patronage of the various ancient places were.

I’ve been juggling with religious figures and the political leaders of Buddhist lands during the 4th to 15th centuries.

The books and research about that have been mostly Western researchers of universities and also the old ancient Tibetan historians who are the best but very controversial authors on the subject.

They’re suspected of vast fraud and lies about the past for their own political advantage and for their sects’ benefiits.

The thing I’ve not told you here is that I’ve been studiying, thinking and going to films in french from the age of 7 onwards.

I looked at a film in French on TV last night and have been doing everything in French for 48 years now, I write in English on Internet, and study Tibetan in books everyday.

I’m a kind of special person.
My wife and I speak only French but she’s good at Tibetan too and is fluent in English. She worked for a US airline for twenty years speaking in English to US customers.

She says I should use my qualities to do interesting things and not lose time with unknown people on Internet.

And that I should stop hammering poor Obama who she thinks is a miraculous person who is beyond fantastic.

She won’t accept I characterize him as a crook-criminal.

So, you see that’s my life, being in France, having travelled to Asia, and Tibet many many many times, being a university person with the most extensive intellectual spectrum you’ll be able to find in the world and being also a spiritual person intent on revealing EVIIIIIL!

i’ll copy this and add it to my bio now.
I lhave liked most of the French films I have watched. Nt log ago I watched “The Crimson Rivers” with Jean Reno; that was a good film. You write English rather well, French being your everyday language.
English is my first language until 7, but also the language I speak when in India. I’ve not been back to the USA much these last ten years so American English is no longer a priority for me.

Indian English is a richer language than American English.

More classic and poetry-driven.

I’ve tried to Americanize my English here for the Internet people.
I think you should listen to your wife, she sounds like an exceptional person. Let me ask you. Does your wife have the biggest closet or Armoire, to her self?
I’m the one who knows who Obama is and my wife’s opinion does not count because Obama is marked by 666.

People who won’t listen to the facts are not worthy of being listened to.
Jack London is an incredible writer who left civilization to go live as a trapper in the far north of Canada, Yukon etc…

He wrote about his life with the animals. Its great.

Surviving the winters.

His solitude in the wilds were his great moments of happiness where others died or floundered.

The others out in the wilderness were happy-go-lucky trappers like him, strong and powerful people.

Giants among men, impressive. Have you heard of “White Fang” that’s his most famous book. A film also. He wrote “Call of the Wild”. That’s his best I think. About leaving for the wilderness.

I even read an off-the-wall author of the Beat generation called Lawrence Ferlinghetti: WEIRD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Geir Smith
Hugo Meridius
I think you should listen to your wife, she sounds like an exceptional person. Let me ask you. Does your wife have the biggest closet or Armoire, to her self?

You seem to not take this matter of the heaven-sent message of the number 666 seriously.
It’s not because you doubt of it that others do too.
That’s more than enough proof of heaven’s hand for most believers who have real faith.
Now the bottom line is: “Do you like Obama and is he really the great guy my wife happens to think he is?”

Then an exchange with J Tapia about how I got into the 666 mythology in the Bible.
Johnny Tapia
they bible says a lot of things but assholes like you pick and choose whatever suits your agenda
Geir Smith
no i don’t pick anything from the bible
i saw 666 in newsweek not the bible
it marked obama
that’s how I got into looking into the bible
i didn’t go looking for it
it appeared in newsweek
i’m the messiah and i can assert there IS NO CREATOR
I reveal the antichrist so i conform with what’s called the “reluctant messenger” all the more so as indeed, I’m not Christian so that revealing the Christian Antichrist is awkward and difficult; something I do “reluctantly”
Christianity is something I’m reluctant about because
1. there’s no God to me
2. Jesus disgusts me, being a “returned from the dead” aka a vampire

I’m the reluctant messenger aka Messiah of all world faiths… including my own Kalachakra (Tibetan Tantric Buddhism, the world’s highest form of culture because we have sexual Yoga)

I’ll add this post to my biography now

Wife Joelle asked me why I had made a big whoopla about Harry Potter which she claimed I had been obsessed with for several months about 2006. I was shocked by what she said because she had been reminding me several times about this…. and also she has often reminded me about other things where I had gone wrong such as that I had also been very convinced by the Y2K groups, such as someone called Gary North. It’s true: I had been very taken in by this, for various reasons.

Let me explain: this need in me, to see weaknesses in the established system and points of failure , such as Y2K or Harry Potter, is because they would seem indeed as messianical apocalypse-scenarios came from the facts below… as I explained to my wife:

I had not yet finished my Kalachakra apocalyptic studies in the late 90s. Indeed, the proof that they were not successfully finished yet was that I had indeed started wrongly, to search for the real-life signs of a great Apocalypse. I was convinced that such an Apocalypse would hit the world in accord with this Kalachakra teaching, because it is indeed described that way (as in the excerpts in my bio sent above).

Y2K came and went and finished in dismal ridicule for those afraid of this date. But after that, I felt that even so, the Apocalypse as announced in the Kalachakra, must still come by by some way or another and whatever my mistakes… this must happen.

So, I explained to my wife (yesterday) that  I just proceeded outrightly by searching on Google under the various words which referred to the topic: “Apocalypse, Antichrist, Messiah” etc…

Why search these Christian words, when I was a Buddhist, which faith doesn’t use any of those terms? The answer is that because I didn’t have the Chinese or Tibetan keyboards to search in those languages, it was logically the English language concepts of End-times and Apocalypse which I could search for.

On Christian apocalyptic websites, I came across rabid criticism of Harry Potter. This seemed to me, at the time, as the most prominent and I monitored the rise for the Harry Potter phenomena for several months, quite at awe at his success.

But my wife, who had gone to university with me – studying Tibetan for five years,- interpreted this frivolous, unexplainable and worrying, because her “serious” husband was  being sucked in to this “Harry Potter” kids’ fad.

The fact that this was classified as an Antichrist, by Christian Antichrist-monitoriing websites, had no effect upon her ideas because we were Tibetan culture scholars, and Judeo-Christian thinking was beyond our scope and off our radars. But not for me.

So, this was indeed a topic which I monitored rather closely for a few months to a year.

Apparently my pea-brain wife (lol! She very intelligent in fact with exceptional capacities to understand a different man like me, who speaks six languages and who’s life interest is the High Tibetan Plateau and it’s culture of Tantric Buddhism) understood what I said and the topic was closed.

But what happened after that, was that I continued monitoring any other topic which could represent apocalyptic event of revelation or show a messianical Antichrist figure.

Before discovering the Obama Mark of the Beast 666, I was indeed, waiting for an event which appeared apocalyptic and would realize the Kalachakra prophecy of the End of Times Great war (Apocalypse).

When I saw the lottery number I didn’t think it spelt out the Apocalypse until many months later when I understood that the Birther issue would not defeat this man. My reason for fighting Obama, was thus not because I saw him as the Antichrist, but because I saw scans of his school registration in Indonesia listing him as Muslim.

Indeed, I’m virulently opposed to Islam because it denies veiled women their basic human rights.

So to sum this up: I had thus opted for a Y2K monster and Harry Potter devil-like figure ….before actually attacking the Dalai Lama devil-like personage (as I’ve mentioned above in my bioography)….. his murderous history and horrid family and brother seemed to prove this to be the right issue…This had monopolized me totally for several years to a year, but that was totally eclipsed by the Obama issue and battle which suddenly took over all my time and thinking.

I had no qualms about Obama as president of the USA, because the political realm was not my cup of tea and as a religious, I calmly wrote every politcal event off as non-religious and not part of my world or profession. I *was* a religious Buddhist and that was all.

But as an afterthought, seeing Obama was a Muslim in his school registration records, I had no doubt and hit the ground running, but reluctantly. My thinking was simply that: “No way do I want such a man as my US president.”

But  I want to stress that this was all reluctantly on my part, seeing I was a Buddhist religious and dealing in politics was actually a sin for me.

I felt that just saying he was bad as a Muslim, was just a kind of virtuous contribution from me, a religious, but that I’d have to move on and go back to my religious work after that small diversion. That work would be to find the events and person who would herald the Apocalypse and would be the Antichrist.

Well, folks, Obama’s not been such a diversion and now religion, Apocalypse, Islam and Obama have taken center stage and my whole life as my major concern and mission.

Indeed, the Kalachakra’s announced Apocalypse and Antichrist are now beyond any doubt in my mind: Obama.




The End of Times has come, because Obama’s deceit is finally being revealed – by the efforts of Birthers such as those who contacted Sheriff Joe Arpaio; They’re now followed by two other sheriffs’ teams;… and Sam Sewell at The Steady Drip is actively contacting sheriffs in 50 states nationwide, so as to rapidly expand with new investigations being lead by them all nationwide. It’s important for us all, everywhere, to take this into our hands, and cut off the power to the corrupt heads of power, presently.

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    Thanks to Chris Kitze arranging things

  • USN_Ret

    Orly Taintz is a nut job! Anything that references her is not worth reading.

  • King of Shambhala

    Obot spotted!

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