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Birthers Blubbering Bumblers. Birthers’re All Ugly Stupid Garbage

Saturday, April 13, 2013 15:17
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The birthers have managed to get Linda Joy Adams angry. Fear, for there’s no hatred as that of the angered woman’s. Zullo is an *utter, complete stupid moron* says Linda Adams.

Was going to title the Recap today as : Birthers who needs you: Facebook friends will solve the mystery of the president;s bio.  I will share, what has been’ posted today from some very serious friends who are after truth is my opinion. and the info doesn’t negate anything I’d said or found so far, it enhances it.
Then I checked for any recent articles on me and found the one from Before Its News on Lt Zullo.closing the case without chocking one single thing in Topeka Ks not even ?for the death certificate of the President’s Dad who was murdered and is an open cold Case from 3/61 with two others. as I’ve never found any closure on it and in 1989 the former Sheriff of Shawnee county approached my mother at church to ask if she knew where Ann was( President Obama’s mother)

      I am very saddened that someone made an assassination attempt on Sheriff Joe Arapaio and there have been other murders of county officials recently. Its one reason I am on line trying to solve this and wrap it up. Either impeach and convict or Congress decides to not do that and then needs to get busy and take care of the business of this nation. Countering any bad executive orders or bad laws proposed., etc.
We don’t need this nation in a state of up roar over half truths and riling people up as happened in Topeka ks 52 years ago and ended with three dead in the Kansas river. Look for the third and fourth options on issues we are at an impasse on.
Support your local Sheriffs; as they are the People’s law enforcement representative. Pay attention to those elections as they are there for us, the people.
                               RESPONSE TO LT ZULLO
 Most of the birther groups  recent work  has been on the illegal documentation and allegations of falsified  records. and of course the biggest ‘federal creime’ of alleged misuse of Social Security Numbers, which Orly Tatiz has now filed with the proper agency and WHERES THE SPECIAL PROSECUTOR to either clear the Pres Obama of all charges or refer to congress for their constitutional disposition. Is this being drug out to see if the US Senate turns Republican in 2014?
Personally I don’t think this Nation can wait to have the peoples business taken care. of. that long. Because  in the Pres Clinton, fiasco, they did not convict and evict him from office. as the charges,for them; just didn’t reach the level of high enough crimes for him.  The charges here are more real, if proven accurate and true. I knew things they should have used, but then others might have gone to jail? Peoples business did not get done and we are suffering for that right now a I’ve written about many times over.
 I received an e mail back fro Lt Zullo after our  past phone conversation–apparently he had not bothered to read anything I’d written of this over the last 9 months. He wants me to get the documents and I have no money or health to travel and do this and still am begging any one in Kansas to check this out since the newspaper is ‘forbiding their reporters to even do so, also.’ Which is bizarre, in itself. 
Lt Zullo has seen no need to go to Topeka Ks nor to check any records from there and spend any money on that. He apparently has no contacts in Topeka Ks who could get to library archives for newspaper records from 1961, etc.  school records, or even the death certificate of the Dad whom I had given him the name and I have not published it as when I  checked there seems to be some family still living there and one of my helpers did make some calls but did not wish to talk. Who would , a stranger on the phone?  It does need someone to speak to them in private and with assurances of confidentiality as we don’t; need westboro Baptist  in their  street yelling at them as occurred 52 years ago against the parents of the President which led some to  three dead and the racist attack on parents and he unborn.
As far as Lt Zullo is concerned he found a listing for Daniel Pope in Ca in 1992 and case closed. That was it He didn’t speck to him and no one seems to know anything about him for years. I suspected the California address was a ‘maildrop.’ of some kind.
As far as they are concerned the Hawaii long form is fraud and that’s all they need. Of course it is, he was born in Kansas.  Yet they are losing cases in a civil court where one has to prove the case as plaintiff.Why is everyone so afraid of going to Topeka Ks?
There really are some nice people there.
I have been emailing my Daily recaps to any Sec of state whom I was able l to locate one for. And today Larry Klayman may have made progress in Alabama That one had gotten my e mails up until the last week or so and their e mail is jammed? Larry Klayman gets my daily recap also..
But most of the day, after transplanting some Tomato plants and planting some cucumbers, I came in  and rested as had over done it. Checked my Facebook and wow!
                                   WHO NEEDS THE BIRTHERS
                                      FACE BOOK FRIENDS ARE ON THE CASE.

 I linked an article found by one from an article from the Seattle paper and reprinted in the New York Times. It lists the addresses in Seattle area of Stanley Dunham back in the 50′s+. This is Daniel Wayne Pope.
An eye witness was interviewed whom someone came to their house and wanted to look at yearbooks of Jr HS and Mercer Island HS and found pics of Ann and then the books were ‘taken; and disappeared.
 This fits with what I know and witnesses and heard said. and mentions them attending an Unitarian Church.
All fits.
Ann starts Jr HS then in 8th grade comes to Topeka KS with Fred Phelps and is in Topeka  until after the birth of Pres Obama and returns in Fall of 61 and graduates form Mercer Island HS in 1963 then another eye witness was in class with her at U of Hawaii that fall.
On the alumni site someone has gone In and put Ann Down twice trying to make her look older by graduating  sooner.
 I couldn’t get back into my  parents records but I’m sure Ann was living in her parents apt while they were ? away? and My cousin’s wife was the woman who baby sat there. Darlene said she did.
When they moved to their  farm near Mercer Island, they had another Little Red Church on their property. and it was Unitarian. The first one mentioned in the UU mag  article (last year)  would have been the original one where Dan and Ann were remembered as attending in the early 1950′s
Also mentioned is  Dan aka Stanley  no 2 as getting a furniture sales license in Washington state.
While back in Kansas Stanley no 1 is owning a furniture store bought soon after a ‘deal was struck’?
Stolen wallet or two relatives on the Pope side colluding all their lives over a  switch in WWII of who went back to war, Dan Pope in place of Stanley Dunham but as him?
The info correlates!
Also another article linked was on the assassination of Stalin. and I had written on a conspiracy theory since its conjecture of mine from behaviors and what I knew. the Pres Eisenhower sent Dan Pope to assassinate him as soon as he took office in 1/53.
I’ve been careful to say what is conjecture and what is factual eye witness account. But the rumors and gossip in the family is that Dan was way up in the intelligence community doing something and there are eye witness accounts on line of him and Marlyn being in the Training center or spies we sent to Russia. back in the late 1940′s and Dan Pope had shown up at our home in Topeka ks and was going away  somewhere a long time and needed to speak to my Dad about things.and not just concern for his daughter. They went down to the farm and he left from there the next day.He’s been over at Leavenworth Ks .
Am I disappointed that Lt Zullo has no intention of going to Topeka Ks or checking anything out there or asking any one to do so. YES!  But he’s not interested in the bio and proving where he was born , just that it wasn’t in Hawaii.
 This is a search for truth and justice and the bio of the president proves the birth is not in Hawaii or Kenya but in Kansas  where my mother took Ann to  Forbes Air force base to have him.and was present at the birth.
 Lt Zullo had asked about the girl on the beach in Summer off 1961, not pregnant and I referred him to the pics of my cousin at the time and one does look similar and as I recall there was mention of a Hawaii vacation. But a lot of the Hardy children have a similar look. The picture of the S Ann Dunham in the Wichita yearbook born in 1942  and on  wikepediea is not Ann Any one can look at the pictures on line of her with Barry, a baby, adn see its not a close resemblance at all.  Lt Zullo was assuming because Dan was only 10 in 1940 he couldn’t father a child born in 1942. But Ann was born in Fall of 1945 and  she was 15 at the time of birth.  He really didn’t understand what I was saying at all. And for that I’m sorry for the misunderstandings
Lt Zullo said in his e mail he wasn’t bothering with pictures of kids I’d posted  on flickr. I was just answering his question about that. as she was very much pregnant in Topeka Ks. in summer of 1961. Not pregnant on the beach in Hawaii.

Orly Taitz doesn’t like me as she spent so much hard work on Kenya birth and trying to prove that and then I come ‘in this late and saying its Topeka Ks. David Mariness had this, and no one else did?
We, the people will just have to solve this on our own. On facebook one can be anonymous and use a name not theirs and that ‘s ok it s the information that’s needed. Any one want to  know the name of Daddy. Go get the newspaper articles and read; three were listed and I’m sure I have given you all you need to figure out which one it is. I wold like to know the names of the other two .and reread the articles after 51 years, too.
The injustice here is three families lost loved ones and  the local authorities then wouldn’t believe an eye witness the president’s mother until the bodies washed up later. I know it  in the paper before   6/62 as students at music camp knew of it. “THE WHOLE STATE OF KANSAS KNEW). It was after Ann left town with her newborn, POTUS! for Fall of 61 HS.
I was the one who helped  convince her to continue her education and apparently she did and went home to Mercer Island. . As she had dropped out and had given up on ever getting an education.and burst into tears. with Barry asleep in his dresser drawer behind the counter of the Catholic test book store and warehouse in Topeka ks where she had  live in job. And I will share how she got that in a later Daily Recap. The job was in the paper, too in 3/61-4/61.
The  birthers have the donations, I don’t even have enough to pay for my medical care although awarded the benefits as Lynn Blodgett CEO of the ‘New World Orde’?r has accepted the order to ‘Let me die’ which is witnessed but  federal law enforcement does nothing  about that either.and too many have died in exactly the same situations as  me and my family are in from the entrenched corruption that did not start with Pres Obama. but remains.
                                               BIRTHERS MISSION is:
Its Get POTUS out of office some how!.
 Since he is eligible to be in the office by his birth in KS and too many seem afraid to not want to know that Truth since so much time and money have been invested in a false premise, then what can they do?
You do what any law enforcement is to do; prove criminal wrong doing.
Many say they have the evidence but have been giving it to civil courts, without any proof of a criminal  conviction. The poor non attorney citizen in Washington state did an e verify and got fined for her attempt and she had pretty good proof something was wrong.
There are time limits on when most charges can be brought.on fraud and misuse of ss’;s etc. If you don’t get caught, you can’t get charged and convicted of the fraud.
What’s recent?
US Senate and two presidential races and al the documents filed and applications filed on that. Is the info accurate? If not then, I assume they got certified copies of them and apparently one, Orly Taitz actually went to a social security office and filed the criminal SSA  compliant. Its really that simple. Each employee is bound by the code of conduct to take it and send it in
.Unfortunately in recent times the former comm Astrue,  who is documented as doing  some of the criminal wrongs against me and others and in our Case some are dead so felony murder with no statute of limitations could follow him if this leads to him covering up other filings of POTUS use of other ssns?  Many may  not be aware.,as head of an agency he determined if any case  is investigated or referred for prosecution, except he is not permitted to handle on on a high level official. (Its not a good system and needs to be changed.)That must go to the US justice dept and the SSA office in Ct said they’re  sending it to DC, which would by pass SSA Baltimore headquarters And Comm Astrue, he’s gone now; also made a deal with the Federal trade comm;’s contractor Locke heed Martin to take most complaints on ssn id theft, etc. and ?  so the process  internally  is not good and the whole process is broken tremendously.
Now what Orly Taitz did, And I applaud her for it,. is to take the initial  step; which means by now Attorney General Eric Holder has it and he should appoint someone to look into the allegations. Innocent until proven guilty so that is all they are,yet. Its the USA system. There are over 100 documents from 50 states and territories plus the application for the US Senate, etc. where the issue is did  he lie and use another’s ssn, etc.? If so the constitution says that Congress gets this for charges if any and either censorship or the US Senate would evict from office if there is an impeachment  charge.
Its the process.
What I don’t understand is why federal judges who have had the evidence didn’t refer this over to the Federal authorities to check out if the allegations of fraud or misuse of ssns…>? . I agree there are  issues of their ethics in question. Is the era of lawlessness already upon this world as the Scripture today says is a major  sign of the end times..
 Congress pass a law that all applications for  ballot access  have to pass e verify as anyone else who applies for a job in this country!!

Another facebook friend sent me a copy of WND article from last 9/12 where David Mariness admitted in  there was no Obama Family after he’d been on Hard Ball admitting he had the Topeka info and didn’t follow it as the president gave a different version of his bio.’ So all those who don’t like Pres Obama are selectively believing what they want and not what they don’t want?
Eric Holder never responded to my mailed letter from 9/12 either. But I didn’t write about the ssn fraud as I don’t have the certifed copies of the evidence. Surely they do  from all their legal filings. I asked for justice for the three dead and  for help in what had been occurring with our/ my personal battle for justice. Its posted 9/26/12 in the Daily recaps and AG Holder was given in the written letter the name of the real Dad  of the president bar DNA saying it isn’t. My source ‘eveyrone knew”  plus his mother told my mother and she had the gdnshp of her.She didn’t share confidences until the bodies washed up and the name was in the evening paper Topeka Journal and she said it was and asked if I knew him and said yes, and she’d forgotten the young man  who sang OLD Man River at the Boswell JR HS end of year concert in 1959.
. He was in 9th grade and I in 8th but both grades in same chorus.
I wish Lt Zullo all the best. But has he gotten a certifed copy of the documents  filed for ballot in Az and given them to SSA in a formal complaint of criminal wrong doing? Then follow through to make sure Eric Holder AG gets it and assigns someone independently to review, investigate and make a final report of cleared or referral to Congress. for their charges.
“–to all cases of admiralty and maritine jurisdiction;”
ANY case while on the high seas involving  the US or some conenection is US Court jurisdiction and US supreme court is final arbitor. not another nation, nor even international court re this. We are a sovereign nation  and those in Congress should not forget that. We can have treaties and do things together with other nations. but We are US.
Tomorrow: need some rest. Facebook Friends out there join us and share what you have or know. Just post on my site or link. from your own sites  Help the President of the USA know who he is.  And the lawyers and Lt Zullo, etc can continue on the criminal cases.. for a swift and final outcome wherever it leads.  Linda Joy Adams 4/12/13

. He first went on google as I wrote about yesterday and check addrsses we already knew of. and had made phone calls and found no one there etc.

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  • Truth4Justice

    The Obama cousin thing is obvious dis-information agents trying to throw people off the trail of the truth. There is 100% evidence that has already been verified by political VIP and political heavy weights its just a matter of time before this comes out to the public and everyone will say I knew it and try to take the credit for figuring out the truth. The investigation has already wrapped and the evidence has been verified so putting disinformation wont do any good when the truth is revealed King of Shambhala.

    • King of Shambhala

      The birthers have turned against the truth and are covering up Obama Truth4.
      Linda Adams is real-time danger for Obama.
      going the birther path in courts and by legal means is covering up for Obama because no court will unseat Obama.

    • King of Shambhala

      You masked the first part of my article.
      One has to click for the full page (below on the article) so as to see the first part of my article.
      That’s not going to help unmask Obama, just cover up for him and buy him time/ reveal the Antichrist Obama, leave my articles alone, there’s freedom of speech.

      • Ethiopian Haggis

        Mr Shambhala, freedom of speech means having the right to comment on your article. Leaving them alone, as you wish, you mean that you are a fascist.

        I have read previous articles from you, and i feel you might be Bi-polar. You have been espousing the birther movement for so long, and know you drop your beliefs. That is a clear sign that you are just in this to make yourself relevant. You go with the wind, instead of fighting for your beliefs when the going gets tough. You are like a weather vane. And a weather vane is usually represented as a rooster, which can also be called a “cock”. So what i am saying is that i think you are a d*ck.

        Thank you Mr. Shambhala. Please fight for your beliefs

  • Gay Smith

    KKKos making bubbles in his slime bath: his anus getting loose.

  • blackyb

    I am a birther. I am proud to be ugly, stupid and nuts, etc. to the less informed if that is what it takes to inform them. It is hard to be a birther, but whoever said giving birth was easy? :razz:

    • King of Shambhala

      Yes indeed blackyb, The Tribulation is hard.
      Pass on the word.
      Victory is near.


    I am beginning to think that Linda Adams is co-intelpro – an obot sent to confuse, muddle and mix it up…when I just saw the remark she made about Mike Zullo…that did it for me.

    I don’t believe a word she has said and neither should you.

    And, K. of S. – don’t be so sure that a court will not un-seat him…anything is possible with God.

    But, pleez, refrain from calling us ‘birthers’ – and stumble-bumblers.
    Nope…we are people itching for the TRUTH…and we won’t stop til we get there.


    • King of Shambhala

      Linda’s honest. Zullo’s a coward and playing politics. The birthers are cozying up to Obama to try to make a deal but Obama’s Satan and he’ll take birthers to hell with him.

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