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GSmith To PPSimmons: Reject Mike Zullo

Tuesday, April 16, 2013 4:51
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An open letter from me, Geir Smith aka King of Shambhala to PPSimmons’ Michael Shoesmith, in the Last Days of the Apocalypse:

Hi (PPSimmons) Michael,
You and I have had differences over time but now is the time of the Great Parting of Ways. Few will be chosen and many will be called.
1. We had differences when I wrote that you had made 3 articles where you stated that Obama was the Antichrist. You objected cowardly. 
2. Then I made you, Carl, Zullo – Arpaio etc… meet Linda Joy Adams. And then, later, when you complained she didn’t deliver with the name of Obama’s father, she did, in fact, deliver on that. She gave the name to Zullo and she said it in her blog.
You said in a PPSimmons video with Carl Gallups, that Zullo had gotten the name.
But Zullo’s not done anything with the name. No research nothing. Why?
We pay Zullo. He was twenty years in the police and underwent trainings on and on again and all PAID BY US.
All Zullo’s produced from this, was a research about Obama’s grandfather a “Don Pope”. We are not interested in this, in the least. What we want is a well-done research about this name of Obama’s real father.
First, a.  we want him to run a background search upon Linda J. Adams so as to clear her of the charges that she’s not an Obama character, a cointel pro, aka a “psyops” (as Orly Taitz claims now)
then b. we want Zullo to run the Obama-father’s name through his computer and report that result and not results about Obama’s grandfather which we don’t give a fig about.
Zullo’s being a loss of our time now and wasting our money.
Carl was cowardly back in time in not to take up the lead about revealing Obama is THE Antichrist when I made three articles saying PPSimmons had said that.
He’s again cowardly now in not saying that Zullo’s not investigating the name Linda Joy Adams gave him.
Linda J. Adams is now using Facebook friends to investigate because BIN and Arpaio are not up to the task of doing police investigative work. They’ve failed.
They’re not Warriors of the Truth (Bible)
Arpaio and Zullo are not Warriors of the Apocalypse. They have no love of the Truth like me.
Those who hesitate and deal with another matter will be doomed (Book of Daniel; Abomination of Desolation.)
Zullo must deliver on his vow to investigate “No matter where this leads us”. You or Carl said that too on video.

What does the Obama-father’s name trail lead to? Zullo must answer or be damned in hell.

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  • Gay Smith

    «We pay Zullo. He was twenty years in the police and underwent trainings on and on again and all PAID BY US.»

    No. Not paid by you. You are socially assisted and live in FRANCE.

    «They’re not Warriors of the Truth (Bible)»
    You neither. You claim to be buddhist. You are a pagan.

    You are a fake in everything you claim.

    Saved by socialism.

    • King of Shambhala

      Zullo must deliver the truth.
      He’s bound by oath to do that.
      If he lies he’s a criminal and not truthful.

      • Ethiopian Haggis

        Mr Shambhala,

        Why do you insist that the apocalypse is here? no one knows when it will happen. This makes you a false christ. And a homo

      • King of Shambhala

        I think Zullo will deliver his investigation results.
        We’ll corner him and force him to do it.
        He played and lost.

      • Gay Smith

        You always elude questions and giving any proof when it applies to YOU. You always change the subjet.

        As long as you can’t establish any factual credibility you’ll remain a clown to us.

        You need to publish your American Long Form Birth certificate.
        A proof of employment in France.
        Your criminal case.
        Your medical (psychological) record.
        Your university grade.
        Prove us you knowledge about the bible and its historical background. (Reading it first would be a good point for you)

        You also need to publish a rigorous scientific (peer-reviewed) statistical study about the odds off 666 in lottery draw.
        Historical studies from bible experts theologians about the description of the apocalypse and the meaning of the description of the antichrist.
        You need to show us anthropological papers about End-Of-The-World prophecies.

        If really you are a messiah with the gift of foresight, then you also must contact James Randi to put real observers on your case an prove your divine nature and even win 1 000 000$.
        You also need to prove us you are not the antichrist yourself.

        You need also to give us proofs about the existence of heaven & hell.

        PROVE all of it and then you’l have my respect.

      • King of Shambhala

        I have no documents to produce. This is not Soviet Russia although you think it is. This is also not TalibanLand.

      • King of Shambhala

        Miracles are authenticated in Lourdes in France by a panel of experts and medical doctors after a long period of study lasting ten years or more.

        The Burning Bush seen by Moses was an instant hit among miracles and it remains a “hit” until today.

        666 is the greatest miracle in the History of Humanity because it marks the Apocalypse and my Coming as the Second Coming.

      • King of Shambhala

        I refuse to speak to stupid and ugly people like James Randi.

        No need to prove the existence of heaven and hell seeing that’s Buddhist doctrine since 2500 years (just open a book you moron).

        I’ve not waited for ignorant modern people to come along.

      • Geeper

        If you think Randi is stupid and ugly, you should jump at the chance to steal $1,000,000 from him! You could do a lot with a million dollars.

      • King of Shambhala

        It’s not just because this isn’t the Soviet Union that I don’t need to provide any ID.
        It’s because I’m not the POTUS.
        The POTUS must provide his CV and ID and Docs it’s HIS PROBLEM. ROTFLMAO enjoy Death Row Obama, they’ll love yu there, the inmates there are mostly blacks just like you, Obama, you’ll enjoy jail and the anal sex because you’re the Antichrist and an Abomination.

  • Geeper

    Adams gave the name but you haven’t reported it on BIN? :eek:

    “Facebook friends”? If you need a cop to run a Kansas background check, or someone to do a little digging, just hire a private detective, they could sort something out for a few hundred bucks.

    • King of Shambhala

      You pay the detective and put your money where your mouth is.
      Shut up and do the investigation.
      Do it.

      • Geeper

        Are you saying you care about this less than I do?

      • King of Shambhala

        No, we don’t do like you.
        We don’t tell people what to do and it costs money.
        We do the job and nothing I do brings my people down.

      • Geeper

        Do you not have money?

      • King of Shambhala

        Let’s reveal Obama’s father’s name.

        Gather and reveal it.

        Linda Adams is gathering people to search on Facebook.

        Anyone who wants to come help us find the father please come on by.

      • Geeper

        Find someone who cares enough to stump up a few hundred dollars. Hire a private detective in Topeka (eg. Mission accomplished. I don’t know why you or Linda Joy Adams are finding this so difficult.

      • King of Shambhala

        Quit giving advice you liar.
        I hate liars.
        You’re so fake.

      • Geeper

        How is “if you want someone to look into public records in another state, with an eye to using a little shady police information, a private detective will be more efficient and thorough than some random Facebook users” a lie?

        I really can’t see why you or Adams aren’t doing this. Unless you’re both just in this for the attention rather than the actual results?

      • Geeper

        No answer to that one, huh?

      • King of Shambhala

        We’re waiting for Obama to shoot himself in the foot.

        Obama’s Chechens did that.

        This is good news.

        Spread this.

      • Geeper

        You seriously believe that Obama’s father’s name is sitting in records available in Topeka (records which could, if you wait too long, be destroyed or altered), but you’d rather kick back with a beer and “wait for Obama to shoot himself in the foot” than go ahead and actually do anything proactive?

        And you wonder why nobody takes you or her seriously.

      • King of Shambhala

        Mind your own business.

        What’s your life like?

        Writing to my articles on BIN?


        A clown, you’re a clown, that’s all; nothing else

      • Geeper

        If you think “waiting for Obama to make a mistake” is the best thing that an anti-Obama-campaigner/Messiah/whatever-you-are can do right now, then you may find yourself to be the losing clown here.

      • King of Shambhala

        Last post must pay the others free vacations in Acapulco.
        Free drinks and chicks for free.
        Shut up or pay up.

      • Geeper

        *honks your little clown horn*

      • King of Shambhala

        Wait a minute, you’re saying I’m not the Messiah? Is that it, Geeper? Obama’s not the Antichrist?



        No answer to that one, huh?>

      • Geeper

        Yes, Obama is not literally a monster from the Christian Bible and you are not the Messiah of any religion or cult or knitting circle.

        Obama is a president with a dubious track record, and you are delusional/trolling. I’m not sure why you sound so confused, we’ve all been telling you for years that you are wrong about this “Obama is the antichrist and he has to fight me and me alone” thing.

      • King of Shambhala

        Obama’s the Antichrist and over 60% think so as polled.
        I’m the only one revealing this and am the king of Shambhala prophecied to wage this war against the forces of evil of Obama.
        Christians say that makes me the Messiah despite my being reluctant and in denial.

      • Geeper

        You really ought to lay off the lying. It’s the 21st century, people can fact check in ten seconds flat. You look like an idiot when every single sentence you write in a comment is false.

        If you’re talking about the Public Policy Polling story from a few weeks ago, they said “13% of voters think Barack Obama is the anti-Christ”. Not 60%.

        Also: many other people have been posting to YouTube about the Illinois lottery result (you embed plenty of them yourself), and no Christian in the world has ever, ever called you the Messiah.

      • King of Shambhala

        No, the real figure is one in four Americans think Obama might be the Antichrist.

        Why do you write to my articles among all on Internet?

        You’re admittedly ignorant and don’t post with compassion but just with ugly hatred and lies.

        So why?

      • Geeper

        That’s right, 25% think he “might” be, not 60% think he is. And 13% – the number I quoted just now – think he is the antichrist, and it’s right there in the article you linked to.

        See, I told you you were wrong.

  • King of Shambhala

    I’d like news from Zullo.
    If anyone has any news other than the clowns commenting here, thanks for it.

    Arpaio wants to take Obama to court.

    • Ethiopian Haggis

      Zullo says that he thinks you are a cross dresser that pretends to be Obama’s cousin.

      He also wants you to never contact any of them, because they don’t need an old pervert that bangs donkeys to hinder their case.

      Sorry KOS, people kinda think your a dick.

      • King of Shambhala

        Haggis, what’re you saying? I’m not the Messiah? I’m not revealing the Antichrist? Seriously.

      • Ethiopian Haggis

        You are not the messiah.

        You need to be compassionate and educated. You are not revealing the antichrist. The only thing you reveal is yourself to those young neighbor of yours. Naughty, Naughty, KOS!

      • King of Shambhala

        I’m educated. I did 28 years of research upon Kalachakra. Did you?

      • Ethiopian Haggis

        You did f*ck all…….

        28 years of BS does not count as education.

        Maybe if you had studied something that was actually important in the grand scheme of things, but you haven’t.

      • King of Shambhala

        No, Tibetan Tantric Buddhism and Kalachakra is the highest form of culture in the world.

        Modern Science claims to have knowledge.

        It has none, as it doesn’t master or know a thing about Tibetan Tantric Buddhism.

        It’s ignorant and ugly.

        Tantrism masters the veins and channels of the body from isnde which Modern Science DOES NOT.

      • Ethiopian Haggis

        Culture and education are very different.

        You studied BS, live with it.

        You are not the messiah, you are just some shyster trying to get simple minded people to believe in his BS. you deserve to be locked up, and the key should be thrown away. When your time has come, and you pass away, i can guarantee that people will line up to pi*s on your grave!

      • King of Shambhala

        You’re not educated; That’s very ugly. It’s very ugly to unedcated Haggis friend.

  • Geeper

    Vacations in Acapulco are on Shambhala!

    • King of Shambhala

      By writing that you got the tab Geeper.

      You guys are yugly and stupid.

      Be happy, ignorance is Nirvana so you must be in Nirvana you’ve got peabrains.

      • Geeper

        Good catch. Thanks for picking up the tab there!

      • King of Shambhala

        No Nirvana for you right?

        You’re happy here on earth right?

        You think hell is as nice as earth?

        It’s not.

      • Geeper

        I will be happier in Acapulco. :lol:

      • King of Shambhala

        Are you a perverted homosexual like Obama?

        Just asking because the Bible says you homosexuals don’t get to heaven.

        Maybe you don’t mind not getting to heaven because you don’t think heaven exists, but it does exist.

      • Geeper

        Are you… are you flirting with me?

      • King of Shambhala

        You’re really sex-starved, Geeper.

        You sodomite.

        Heaven’s closed to you homosexuals. (Bible)

      • King of Shambhala

        You’re so stupid and ugly.

        Have you studied Kalachakra?


        Then why are you claiming to be learned?

        You’re not learned. You’re an idiot.

        Admit it.


        Are you… are you flirting with me?>

      • Geeper

        You know, if I’d left university and spent 28 years at home unable to get any sort of job in academia or the Buddhist movement, I’d keep quiet about it.

        This “Do you know what I know? No, then I WIN.” schtick of yours makes you sound like a kid refusing to talk to another kid who only knows 79 of the Pokemon names, rather than the 148 that you do.

      • King of Shambhala

        Glad you admit you lost.

        Where’s your learning?

        Lost In Action?

      • Geeper

        Sorry if I’ve confused you. By ridiculing your “I’ve spent 28 years reading some religious books, therefore I can win any argument on any subject” stance I am actually rejecting it.

        I have not lost.

      • King of Shambhala

        You’re protesting a whole lot bit too much to be honest adn it sounds mighty suspicious.

        It’s funny seeing you try to make your dumb points (as if that counted anymore!).

        Meanwhile important news is going down and it’s that we’re trying to find the father of Obama’s trace in Topeka, Kansas, where we was probably killed by the KKK.

      • Geeper

        So how much would someone have to protest for you to take them seriously?

      • King of Shambhala

        Linda Joy Adams is Obama’s cousin and a very important person (VIP).

        People have shut up now that she’s looking for Obama’s real father.

        People will get the White House SS on them if they talk about that lady.

      • Geeper

        Glad you admit you lost.

      • King of Shambhala

        This has to be said here: I’ve got false christs heckling each and every comment on each and every article I make, for over four years. When I look back at four years ago the same are there exactly as before. Avoid these because they just do this job non-stop.

      • Geeper

        I had never heard of you four years ago. I think you are conflating all rational people into a single malevolent entity. If you pop up on any random forum and say “Hi, I’m the Messiah and Obama is the antichrist because of a 2008 lottery result!” then I guarantee you that whoever reads it will question your logic and laugh at you. It doesn’t mean you’re being followed by a paid CIA agent.

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