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Linda Adams Complains Birthers Obstructing Truth by Geir Smith aka King of Shambhala.

Monday, April 1, 2013 8:05
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This article will go to Linda Adams’ blog and can be seen there shortly.

Beware, graphic content. Remove young children from computer. (lmao!).



by Geir Smith aka King of Shambhala.

In her latest article Linda Adama (Obama’s COUSIN) complains bitterly that despite all her efforts, the birthers are not coming through. They’re scared. They’re hiding under their beds. They’re like little children.

I say “Man UP or Ship Out.” Adams goes after the BeforeItsNews people… whom I’m a member of… She particularly targets PPSimmons for not being a man and being a sellout. I’m not saying this, it’s Linda. (because I have the highest esteem for PPSimmons’ Michael Shoestring (who’s a personal friend) and Carl ‘Gallops’, both of them BIN Reporters, like me and collegues.

But if the birthers can’t deliver…. well they should shut up or man up. I agree to that but it’s Linda Adams who’s fed up now. (see her article excerpted below) Indeed, I’ve talked to collegues at BeforeItsNews and asked them “….what the forke they were up to! We have the name of the president’s father so what the hell are you waiting for? Go talk to PPSimmons.. get PPSimmons to talk to Linda Adams like she wants him to.” I told  them. I’ve written two letters personally to PPSimmon myself and told them/him to get off their arses and go talk to Linda.

I mean Christ!  we’ve got the biggest story in the history of US Journalism, the biggest story in the history of the USA and the biggest story in the history of the Universe, because the great power, the USA will fall… and they’re sitting around prattling and gossipping; sitting on their fat arses. I laughed at PPSimmons and Lt Mike Zullo, on their Freedom Friday show, two days ago (and they’re doing another one next week)….

Did they say any word about the Linda Adams breakthrough? Did they say that we were waiting for them to go get the name by contacting Linda and REVEAL IT?

No. They’re like old men reminiscing about the good ol’ times. Damn it! There’s a war out there and those cowards are sitting their patting each on the shoulder, saying what great heroes they are. We need some young blood, not old men like that. So if those old men can send us some young guys with balls, they can contact Linda and take the flak it’ll get, when Obama’s father’s name is revealed. We need real men and not patsies like them.

The problem now is everybody’s too scared of revealing the name of the father, so they’re all hiding and refusing to talk to Linda Adams. In the article below, she says textually “I’ve not been called or emailed by PPSimmons.” She’s waiting and PPSimmons is too coward of a man to write to her. I like PPSimmons,(he’s my collegue at Before Its News and we all support each other; that’s BIN policy.) I’m just saying what Linda’s saying.

I’d reveal the name myself or I’d take PPSimmons’ place and have Linda tell me the name and we’d see what to do afterwards (keep it secret…). I’ll do it, because PPSimmons and Carl Gallups and Mike Zullo and BeforeItsNews and Joe Arpaio are not up to the job, they’re not the historical figures i.e. the Abraham Lincolns which this country needs now in this hour of danger.

They’ll not contact Linda, get the name and keep that secret, in the way Linda wants them to do it. These are not the George Washingtons, the Thomas Jeffersons which we need and the world is awaiting. These are blubbering idiots, who talk a lot but don’t face up and act. Revealing Obama’s father’s name, is a great act of bravery and honor but is not the work one can expect to be done from these cowards. These are not                 

                                         Great American Patriots and Heros!

Orly Taitz must have felt the danger and that she couldn’t face this force. So she put on an act and made as if she went ballistic against Linda Adams, early on. She’s no longer in the running any more. She’s gone AWOL. What we need now is someone with the cojones to go out there and reveal Obama face on.


Now is the Apocalypse and we will count our numbers. Either you’re with us or against us. If you’re ready to go up to the battlefront and sacrifice yourself for the truth, then join us, in the comments of this article below and we’ll organize the Army of the Messengers of the Apocalypse. ……… and one thing you can do right away, is go to Linda’s blog and write to her directly, at her email, that will be given to you by her blog. Linda will choose if she gives you Obama’s father’s name or not, seeing none of the birthers are up to that task. Now is the moment when people will be falling away and will be missing heaven. They’re missing their chances so +Don’t Miss Your’s.

Now, a lot of people have asked me about what my mission is and why I call myself the Messiah and Jesus’ Second Coming. I’m not Christian, so those names are basically foreign to me and I didn’t think them up: they were forced upon me.

This is how: people said that “if I revealed Obama to be the Antichrist that would make me be those things which they told me” (the “messiah jesus” drivel – heck, I shouldn’t complain they could have made me be Ronald McDonald! Honestly, to me Christianity means zilch, nada, even less than being Ronald the Clown. Christianity is meaningless and fake to me. It’s worse than anything to me, almost as evil as Islam. But nothing can be worse than islam though. Being the Christians’ “Messiah” is a worthless to me as if they had promoted me to be Ronald the Clown. I reluctantly accept it against my will. If Christians don’t accept me as Messiah, well then that’s tough for them, because Obama’s the Antichrist. So they don’t really have any choice. They’ve got to take me as their Messiah, they’ve got no choice. They’ll not get to heaven otherwise. That’s because no one’s stepping up to the plate, to get rid of the Antichrist Obama, except for me. I’m the ONLY WAY.).

I tried to get out of it, because this attitude by Christians was like a deadly grip. If I embraced them they’d want to make me one of theirs’, just like vampires. That “kiss would kill me.” So, I said I was just an outsider to Christianity and was there to reveal the Antichrist and then I’d be out of there again. “Just passing by.” “Breezing through”; “Just temporarily doing a short-time job of defeating and getting rid of this Antichrist.”

But the Christians said something like “Wait a minute, not so fast, kid.” “You can’t just come in and say Obama’s the Antichrist and then blast him and then move on by. This isn’t a small trifling matter. The Apocalypse is a big business.” “Either Obama’s truely the Antichrist or not. Once that’s settled, that means either you’re the Messiah aka Jesus…. or not. Period.” They were not really tolerant.

Any discusison would expose to me to severe warring and attacks from them. I talked to many Christians and not one could broach the complex problem which I bring up.

Seeing they were so categorical and unyielding, I said: “Whatever.” I reject Christianity, hate Christians (not the people but the evil faith, I “hate the sin not the sinner.”), consider God does not exist and that Jesus is a vampire. So being the Christian Messiah and Jesus was and is something I abhor, hate and would wish just as much as joining the Adams Family (not you Linda, that’s the Hollywood series.) Being the Christian hero is something I’d wish for, as much as having a broken leg.

So I’m the Messiah and Jesus (very, most) reluctantly and I’d go further to say that it’s with disgust. Revealing the Antichrist has been a hassle, a travail and “tribulation”. I wouldn’t wish this upon my worst enemy. I hope there’ll only be one Apocalypse, because this one almost killed me.

I’ve been at this 24 7 since five years and I’m fed up.  And I’ve gotten no help from Buddhists, no help from Christians, no help from Jews, no help from BIN, no help from the birthers… nobody. It’s been me, only me and all about “me, gotta clean the dirt, gotta do the job, gotta drive the car.”

No one’s done a thing. I’m alone. Everybody who tries to join me, gets done in by the Obot demons, that are now following me around like lapdogs.

So, I want to drive this into the Christians dumb heads that I’m their Messiah, Jesus etc… despite myself and I’m hating it. I hate Christianity and am their Messiah despite myself.

Who I truely am, is the King of Shambhala, the Universal Saviour of all lands and countries in the world and which the Buddhists are awaiting. I was recognized as a reincarnation from Tibet in 1999, when I was visiting in Taiwan for a full  year. I’m truely the Buddhist Saviour and not the Christian Prophet, because that’s foisted upon me by force by the Christians, who won’t let me do the Apocalypse, without becoming their beloved saviour. Ugh! Yukh! That vampire Jesus freaks the daylights out of me! Damn!

But I don’t embrace the hideous Christian faith nor do I teach it or practise it’s ceremonies and rituals. I’m Buddhist, period. If Christians don’t like that then, they can go stuff it. I’m what I am and being the Christian “Messiah and Jesus” won’t cramp my style, I guarantee that. If I see a cross I don’t cross myself and bend a knee. I’m Buddhist. There’s something Christians can’t get their heads around in that. That’s because they don’t use their brains.

People say only Christians will be saved in the end-times. The Bible says no Christians will be saved because they’ll have been raptured earlier. The ones left behind will be false christs and demons only claiming to be real Christians but in fact fakes. All those fake Christians will take the Mark of the Beast and be damned for eternity. Look now, nobody’s steppign up the plate to reveal obama and his real father. They’re damned. Those Christians or whatever faith they  belong to are damned because they’re not stepping up and revealing the Apocalypse. Not joining the MEssengers of the Apocalypse and ME.

Now is the Last Judgment and we must count our numbers. 144 000 will be saved which are those who reveal the Appocalypse everywhere in the world ceaselessly and without tiring. Everybody else in the world will be doomed and thrown into the deepest hells. This is because no one’s stepping up to the task and taking responsability for this battle of the end-times.

Now, as I said above, I talked to my BIN collegues to hear what the hell was going on and why nobody was getting off their arse to talk to Linda.  They all mumbled a confused warble about Adams being an FBI mole and then went to changing the story that she was a CIA psyops, a cointel pro…. and then at last going silent. They just don’t have anything to say and just sit there in silence, looking down at their shoes nervously. It’s pitiful and shameful.

Now’s the time to reveal the biggest story is journalism internationally and they’re not up to the task. We have the chance to become the Washington Post and bring down the US president like was done in the Watergate and I don’t see any real men to do the job, just a gang of homos, taking it up the rear end. People are feeble old women with no teeth left and just gaping, open mouthes, gurgling noises in their necks.

You people gather and organize in the comments and we’ll reveal the Apocalypse and start by contacting Linda at her blog and asking her to reveal the name of Obama’s father. This is the Apocalypse:

I have not been called or e mialed by PPSimmons but He is supposed to have a call in hour next friday and those with  first hand  information, please share it.  Before the News keeps trying to get me on, but its his show and he knows how to reach me. .
The Journey for Truth and justice plods on.  Justice Roy Moore in Alabama now has the case at the the State supreme court level on ballot access of Pres Obama. Maybe he will remand it back for the sec of state Chapman? to get he Topeka Ks birth certificate or at least get answers to the question did  you know   when you filed you had the wrong state put down’

Linda’s on the warpath and she’s not waiting any longer. She wants real men to come and contact her. Not the homo Abominations, sucking up to the Antichrist Obama. Her email’s on her blog: just go write to her and she’ll write to you. PPSimmons’ isn’t writing to her, because he’s not a man. He’s a woman. I’m not saying this as an insult but because he’s not answered Linda and she’s getting tired of all these liars, frauds and cowards. I like PPSimmons but he just lost his chance to go to heaven and reveal the evil that is Obama.

This may seem harsh but it’s true that she did write and said she’s not getting any answers.

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  • Anara

    You hate Christians but you identify yourself as Jesus
    What a mixed up ignorant piece of crap you are you are so mixed up you cant make sense
    of anything .You think anyone takes you seriosly? Christians have their Lord and its not you.

    • King of Shambhala

      You stupid ugly Christians say I’m Jesus.
      I hate Jesus and chrsitianity so I’m your Messiah but hate it. I do it against my will.

      • clockwork angel

        If you hate it so much then go away, you have your freewill don’t you? or are you a slave to your belief? sounds like its you who is being controlled….you cant even get support from your Buddhist Brotherhood…your right your truly are alone and finally accepted the fact that you are a slave blinded by the ones who control you and your every thought.

      • King of Shambhala

        “Go away” Clockwork?
        I’m here to bust the Antichrist does that cramp your style?
        If so tough for you because I’m not letting go of this freak the Beast aka Antichrist Obama.

    • King of Shambhala

      If you’re just writing your usual drivel well don’t bother.
      If you’ve got anything new to add then do it.
      I’ll not respond to worthless idiotic crap from you, you Obot.

      • physhstx

        “If you’re just writing your usual drivel well don’t bother.
        If you’ve got anything new to add then do it.
        I’ll not respond to worthless idiotic crap from you, you Obot.”

        Did you copy and paste this from your own email inbox gier?

      • King of Shambhala

        That was a stupid and ugly post phych.
        You’re saying you have nothing to say?
        That’s OK then shut up.

      • physhstx

        Good try, gier, but I have plenty to say, and am not going anywhere(Bible)


      • King of Shambhala

        What did you say?
        What was that?
        You didn’t say anything.

      • physhstx

        I have said plenty, and it’s not my fault if your brain can not understand it.

        Sticking your fingers in your ears and closing your eyes will not make me go away, gier.

  • rocymtnstar

    Sounds like your the freakin antichrist!! What happened to the love?antichrist…

    • King of Shambhala

      I said in the article that when I say I hate Christians it’s “the sin not the sinner.”
      I love everyone in the Buddhist sense of universal compasssion but I abhor Christianity which is the sin.
      The holy wars killing millions and millions.

      • physhstx

        “I love everyone in the Buddhist sense of universal compasssion but I abhor Christianity which is the sin.
        The holy wars killing millions and millions.”

        Says the same person who has called for Islam to be wiped from the face of the earth on several occasions.

        Your stupidity is expected daily, although it never ceases to amaze me that you continue to top your own stupidity, with more stupid!

      • King of Shambhala

        You’re awesome stupid and ugly phsych, suporting Islam which teaches to kill all infildels meaning anyone who’s not Msulim.
        Supporting murder is what I expected from a dolt like you.
        You’re worthless and clueless.
        Islam must be forbidden worldwide it’s not a religion it’s a criminal organisation
        Radical Communists like you have been allied to Islam for a long time now.

      • physhstx

        I’m worthless and clueless????

        Point out anywhere in my post where I say I support Islam.

        What’s that gier? You can’t find anything?

        That’s because your reading comprehension is on par with a rock! (Bible)

        Try again, OK?

      • King of Shambhala

        You just said I shouldn’t say Islam must be wiped off the face of earth.
        You’re a radical commie supporting Al Quaeda.
        You’re defending criminals, the Muslims.
        Why not just let them go?
        Don’t you have any love for anyone?
        Those criminals kill people every day worldwide.
        You’re heartless for the victims and no one stands up for them in the West with you commies polluting the world with your talk.
        Just shut up that would be compassionnate for the victims already.
        try shutting up.
        Hope this helps.
        It’d help if you shut up.

      • physhstx

        Your reading comprehension is getting worse, if that is even possible!

        gier, re-read my first post again, and point out where I said that you “.. shouldn’t say Islam must be wiped off the face of earth.”

        Oh what’s that gier, I didn’t put that in my post? Hmmmmm, you don’t say?

        All I did was point out the irony in you saying “I love everyone in the Buddhist sense of universal compasssion but I abhor Christianity which is the sin.” after you have said many times that “Islam should be wiped off the face of the earth”

        And you want me to shut up? Freedom of speech, gier smoth, if you don’t like me posting my thoughts on your stories, then don’t post stories, or post them on a site that doesn’t allow intelligent users to point out the obvious flaws and nonsense of said stories.


      • King of Shambhala

        I don’t hate the sinner but the sin. I want to and will wipe Islam off the face of earth. Because eIslam is the sin not the people, they’re the sinners not the sin, get that? Or can’t you get your head around that?.

      • physhstx

        Your reasoning is weak at best. You think you can “wipe Islam from the face of the earth” without fighting actual people?

        All of that aside, you want to “”wipe Islam from the face of the earth” and claim to be compassionate and loving? That is the definition of an oxymoron right there!!!

      • King of Shambhala

        Yes, Islam can be wiped off the face of earth by forbidding the Koran worldwide everywhere even in china. It’s a criminal book inciting to murder. It’s a work of love to stop killing.

      • King of Shambhala

        Everything I do is a work of love and Buddhist compassion.
        Dispelling lies in high giovernment and attacking the fraud of the world’s most powerful Muslim man Obama and being threatened by people claiming to work for the CIA proves I’m getting at the raw nerve of Satanical work in the world. I do this with loving for the people who are suffering from all this criminal mind englobing and gripping the world.

      • physhstx

        “Yes, Islam can be wiped off the face of earth by forbidding the Koran worldwide everywhere even in china”

        And you think there will be no opposition to that?

      • King of Shambhala

        We’ll see. If you radicals incite like you’ve done in the arab Spring we’ll lock you down first. We’ll take this grandhog by the fur and pull it out of it’s tunnel. We’ll start by the source. No use doing anything if the Commies are inciting behind our backs. We’ll go for you commies first.

      • physhstx

        Now now, we were almost having a civil conversation here, gier.

        Please provide evidence that I am a “commie”, or that I was involved in “the arab Spring “, or quit slandering me.

        The choice is yours.

      • King of Shambhala

        You say there’ll be opposition to banning the Koran worldwide.
        I want to know what kind of opposition you imagine.
        The CIA encouraging Al Quaeda on facebook and organizing them with giving them guns like in the Arab Spring?
        If it’s that well we’ll close down the Muslim-Commies in the White House and clean house athte CIA. Then we’ll start collecting the Korans using govt to do it.
        What the white house did we’ll undo.

        Butwe’ll do it right this time.

        Islam’s been killing for one thousand five hundred years.

        it’ s enough now.

        We’ll stop that once and for all.

        Killing for religion will be forbidden worldwide and the UN and NGOs will vouch for it.

        Seeling hateful literature willbe forbidden. Like the Koran.

        Are you a Muslim psych?

        You like islam?

        You think Islam is a peaceful and loving religion?

        Pam Geller says it’s a fiath of hatred.

        What’s your problem?

        Islam is evil.


      • physhstx

        “You say there’ll be opposition to banning the Koran worldwide.
        I want to know what kind of opposition you imagine.”

        Think of it this way, gier.

        If someone for whatever reason thought Buddhism was the worst thing in the world, and decided to rid the earth of any and all Buddhist ideals, literature, teachings and the like, would you idly stand by and let it happen?

        On a side note, my religion (or complete lack there of) is completely irrelevant in this discussion. All you need to know is I believe that people should be able to worship whoever or whatever they choose, as it has absolutely no bearing on my life whatsoever.

      • King of Shambhala

        If you wanted to destory Buddhism you’d be a Chinese Communist, they’ve been there done that. You’d be talking with the voice of Beijing. If you were being assassinated by Muslims every day you’d move and not turn a blind eye like I see you doing. Move on Islam or suffer the hell out of it. They’re evil persionified. Islam’s the worst thing in the world. There are people who fight Islam in the world. Are youa gainst them? Are you ready to defend Islam? Ready to fight those who oppose this criminal organisation Islam? I want to know how militant you are. Are you ready to fund terrorist Muslims like Al Nusra aka Al Quaeda?

  • King of Shambhala

    This is my best-ever article.
    It’s my masterpiece.
    The Alpha and Omega and I think someone’ll talk to Linda now.
    It’s over now.
    The Truth will be revealed.

    • AxisOfEvil

      Didn’t you say in an article over the weekend that you chose your team, and that team was arpaio and PPSIMMONS?

      What made you change your mind?

      • King of Shambhala

        The Revelation’s like a tsunami.
        First it rises a little and you think it’s still OK, but it rises more as you watch it come up.
        Arpaio and PPSimmons went on video and radio and they didn’t speak about Linda but just kept up their same spiel so we lost them yesterday; see Linda demolished Arpaio yesterday and today it’s PPSimmons, she’s only got me left now everybody’s fallen off the bandwagon they didn’t have the cojones.
        Arpaio’s dependant on the Surprise Tea Party.
        They can’t handle it if I’m reluctant to be the Messiah; i’m either with them or against them and i’m against Christians.
        They’ll only accept a Messiah who’s with them and not one who’s the Messiah “reluctantly.”

        That’s what I am.

      • King of Shambhala

        Axis, you’re the only one who talks about Obama being the Antichrist.
        You know it’s true.
        Everybody else is afraid to say it even if they don’t think it’s true.
        You know it’s true and hate it.
        You’re the only one who says I’m saying Obama’s the Antichrist.

  • physhstx

    This article should have been titled ” The diseased ramblings from a syphilitic brain” by gier smith, King of Stories without facts to back them up.

    • King of Shambhala

      phych you have nothing to add?
      No facts?
      What’s the problem?
      I’m not a medium and can’t dream or know what are your thoughts telepathetically.
      If you have nothing to say that’s OK too.
      Hope this helps.

      • physhstx

        You don’t even know what facts are, gier!!! Your writings prove this day in and day out!

        If you are so concerned with obama’s fathers name, get out there and find it yourself! I don’t think they will revoke your welfare check for doing this, if that’s what you are worried about!

      • King of Shambhala

        When you want to discuss the facts I’m open to that.
        Hope this helps.
        Thanks for commenting, even if I’m afraid I can’t help you much seeing I don’t know much more than you, sorry.
        We’re just about stuck at the same level.

      • physhstx

        You finally want to discuss facts, gier? Excellent!!!

        Do you believe Linda Joy Adams when she says that obama was born in Topeka, KS, or do you believe he is “the man from nowhere with no history”?

        It can’t be both, so which is it?

      • King of Shambhala

        psych, only one person knows who Obama’s dad is and that’s Adams. She says she told one reporter in Topeka. That’s pretty thin for a US president who seems trly to come from Nowhere like the Antichrist is prophecied. Obama’s got all the traits of the Man from nowhere aka the antichrist. he’s got so many traits I don’t see how he couldn’t be Him. Nobody could be so close to the Antichrist. Nobody on earth but Obama.

      • physhstx

        But if he is from KS, that isn’t “nowhere”, it is a real place.

        So which do you believe? Time to get off the fence and pick a side, not wait for the issue to be resolved and say you knew the outcome all along!

      • King of Shambhala

        I honestly trust Linda.
        If she wanted to plant false info because she’s a FBI mole she’d not be so honest and open, and I think she’s legitimate and for real.
        I think she’ll give the name to PPSimmons shortly.
        I assume they’re in talks right now.
        I’m weighing in on the discusision giving my opinion and advice to them both.
        I’m the major player in this disucssion you know.
        I’m the one who introduced them to each other.

      • physhstx

        Ok we are now making progress!!

        You don’t believe obama is the “man from nowhere”!! Great!!

        I myself don’t believe Linda, but only because she has yet to post any evidence to back up her claims. She might be lying, she might not be, but in a world where people love to jump to conclusions before weighing all of the facts, I’ll save my opinion of Linda until I learn more about the story.

        BTW, how can you “assume they’re in talks right now”, yet at the same time say you are a “major player in this disucssion”? You can’t say for sure if they are even discussing anything, let alone you!

      • King of Shambhala

        No matter, you made three false assumptions in one paragraph bravo.

        Obama is the man from nowhere. Linda’s not revealed him yet and he came from nowhere so far. Now we’re revealing him/ Have you heard about a thing called the Revelation?

        It’s in the Bible aka also known as the Apocalypse when things get revealed; revealed as in revealing obama’s real father. Dummy.

        I didn’t say they’re discussing me. You have deep reading comprehension problems.

        I’m the major player in revealing obama. I set up the meeting between the two Linda and PPSimmons.

        I’m the powerplayer.

        I know they’re in discussions. Linda said so. He said so too. They both confirmed they had gotten the answer from the other. We’re just getting to the final stages now.

      • physhstx

        Wow, you are really cherry picking your facts now. He can not be from Topeka KS and be “the man from nowhere”. You can’t play both sides of the fence here, gier.

        If you are “the major player in revealing obama”, then why is LJA and PPSimmons doing all your work for you?

        Seems to me like THEY are the ones revealing facts, NOT YOU!

      • King of Shambhala

        I’ll grant ou that phych, Obama being the man from nowhere or not I don’t really give a damn and Linda and Simmons doing the work who cares?
        What’s the topic here and what’s your point?
        What are you driving at here…
        What does this actually concern you?
        I mean mind your own business if I may say so.
        Meddling in others business is kind of strange.
        You don’t have any personal life that you’re putting your nose in others’?

      • physhstx

        “I mean mind your own business if I may say so.
        Meddling in others business is kind of strange.
        You don’t have any personal life that you’re putting your nose in others’?”

        No, you may not say so, gier.

        If you don’t like people asking questions and poking holes in your theories, I would suggest posting to a site that doesn’t allow comments. However, you CHOOSE to post on BIN, you CHOOSE to try and make your stories “my business”, therefor I will be here to comment how and when I see fit, whether you like it or not.

        As much as you would like to think, you do not run the internets, and can not tell me where to comment or not. It’s called freedom of speech, pal!

  • King of Shambhala PPSimmons Must Get Obama-Dads Name He’s Got A Moral Duty Towards God. He Must Reveal The Truth. Do A Police Investigation Of the Man

  • King of Shambhala

    We’re getting very close to having Obama in jail now. Good News.

    PPSimmons Must Get Obama-Dads Name He’s Got A Moral Duty Towards God. He Must Reveal The Truth. Do A Police Investigation Of the Man

    • AxisOfEvil

      you will be in jail way before Obama…… The case against you is piling up fast.

      Good News.

      • King of Shambhala

        The good news is Adams has agreed to give the name. Isn’t that good news? it means Obama’s already got one foot in the jail which is pretty good news I think don’t you Axis?
        You told me you didn’t like Obama remember, I quote you.

      • AxisOfEvil

        I would be happy if adams was credible.

        Anyone can make up these claims. they need to be backed by DNA testing.

      • King of Shambhala

        DNA’s OK. A background check of genealogy is very quick to make too.

        And Linda Adams says one can access the Topeka archives with search engines and programs she can’t afford so – no need to go to Topeka really.

        This is a big story and the MSM will be crawling all over this in short time.

        We’re talking about this peacefully here today but tomorrow we can be flooded by the MSM people.

        The president’s cousin’s story is an incredibly big story.

        This is much much bigger than Watergate.

        PPSimmons said so on Freedom Friday, his radioshow – two days ago. (his radioshow covers the whole Florida Gulf over four states… He and Mike Zullo are on this next friday for the full hour and half this time and taking calls so this is getting out the the people. I’d like people to call in about Adams this next friday so I’m preparing that right now to get people talking about that good news. I want obama jailed fast. Even before Friday. This week already. I just made a new article about PPSimmons.) –

        He said it’s much much bigger than Watergate.

      • Geeper

        So PPSimmons have dropped the Adams story? I thought as much.

        You should try calling in, though.

      • King of Shambhala

        I hope for you PPSimmons has run away from this but ti’s not certain yet, someone might just ge tthe name adn reveal it to the world or worse still – they might keep it but reveal to the world that they got it and force people to suck up to them to get it.
        That would save Obama if PPSimmons walked away from this.
        I hope for you Obama’s saved because if PPSimmons walked away and forget this whole thing even happened it would be a miracle, just like being an ostrich with it’s head in the sand banging his head against the wall saying “it’s all gonna be alright it’s all gonna be allright” but that may not happen and Obama may be lost and end up executed by SCOTUS and all his four years for naught and all you little Leftists beaten like crushed by a steamroller.

      • Geeper

        “they might keep it but reveal to the world that they got it and force people to suck up to them to get it” – this is exactly what Linda Joy Adams seems to be doing, by refusing to pass the name on. I couldn’t have put it better myself!

  • Anara

    You are not my messiah you crazy motherfker

    • King of Shambhala

      I’m your Christian Messiah Anara, sorry to say for you.
      I’ll tell you why.
      I’m Buddhist and hate the guts of chrstianity so being your Messiah’s nothing I want and I hate it so you Christians force me to play that role but I hate it and am doing it reluctantly.
      “The reluctant messenger” is the name of the Messiah in the bible.
      That’s exactly what’s happening.
      I’m your messiah and I hate you Christians.
      Ifyou want to be saved you spread the message. It’s your choice.
      UP or down into the hells for you you choose.

  • Anara

    As I said before you are a piece of garbage
    A rotton piece of meat crawling with maggots
    You better stay hidden in France or wherever the hell you live and pray to your demon deity.
    I know who my savior and Lord is and he is the only thing stopping me from finding you and ripping you to shreds.

    • King of Shambhala

      I’m sorry you got that wrong Anara, you’re the piece of garbage and you better stay hidden under the rock youi’re living under because you’ll get arrested at the airport wherever you go I guarantee I’m giving orders right now to trace you IP Address and get our name and address and have a warning about you at all borders airports and all ports of entry.

      You’ve been threatening me now for a long time but now that Obama’s cousin is revealing the name of Obama’s real father you can be assured Obama’ll be arrested and all his supporters and minions of Satan like you will be tracked and we’ll take you to court for your Internet threats and crimes.

      When Obama’s revealed he’ll be arrested/executed by SCOTUS so live with that relax and be happy I know you hate Obama you told me so and you’re a racist and hate blacks admit it you use Obama as a tool for your DNC propaganda for Communism you’re a CIA shill to start all.

      • Geeper

        “I guarantee I’m giving orders right now to trace you IP Address and get our name and address and have a warning about you at all borders airports” – why all these delusions-of-grandeur lies, Monsieur Smith? How can you possibly think that this makes you look like you’re winning an argument?

    • King of Shambhala

      I’ll not stay in France. Once Obama’s defeated and it’s the Apocalypse I’m planning on going on a world tour including Italy, Israel, the holy land, India, Tibet and Thailand. I’ll finish up with San Diego to see family and then go see Arpaio in Arizona and Linda Adams in Kansas/Oklahoma. Plus a couple of days in NY. I want to get you arrested and am ordering your IP address be monitore dand your real name, street address and all your particulars found out. You and Axis are on my hit-list. You’re blacklisted. Sorry for that.

      Oops! You think I’m like Ceaucescu and Staline and McCarthy? A meanie! Live with it.

      I regret but you’re vicious kind and it requires a good strong antidote to deal with a sickness like you. You’re a sickness. You’re evil.

      Every age has evil people like you. Hitler had sickoes in his Army like Himmler and Giooering. The crazies who did the dirty work.

      To deal with sick people ike you Anara, we need sick methods. Like the SS. They’re needed to deal with very dangerous people like you.

    • King of Shambhala

      Your” Lord” stops you from carrying out a crime?

      Be my guest Anara.

      Come and kill me seeing you Christians have killed millions and millions in the name of your holy Christianity in the past thousands of years so you’re as evil as can get and you can’t get any eviler than today, you’re doomed and the Bible says all Christians in the Apocalypse will eb damned and will take the Mark of 666 i.e. Obama’s money so you’re happy Anara aren’t you that Obama’s bankrupted the USA now?
      You’re happy obama’s destroyed your own country?

  • King of Shambhala
  • AxisOfEvil

    KOS, you are the living proof that not every ejaculation deserves a name….

    • King of Shambhala

      Obama’s dad’s name has been found and now we know where we’ll get it from. It’s from Lt Zullo and the other enforcement officers which Linda Adams has given it to. This is a “bombshell breaking news” item.

  • meee

    “You stupid ugly Christians say I’m Jesus.”
    No sane christian has ever said that or ever will,nor is any one “forcing” you.
    No one will ever accept you as a messiah,regardless of how much you “reluctantly” broadcast it.
    You don’t respond to posts,you either:
    1. answer no questions asked
    2. try to twist any portion of a post to insult the poster
    3. bash christians,or any one that disagrees with you
    4. never provide a CHAPTER AND VERSE for the madness that you say is in the bible
    Please,just answer this one following question without mentioning:obama,obamas family,christian bashing,or your false reluctance to be your version of messiah,homos,or changing the subject.
    You do know that “exposing” obama doesn’t make you messiah, reluctant or not,right?
    I’m legitimately asking you and would like a serious answer.
    If i don’t get a serious answer this will be the last time i extend my hand to you.

  • Anara

    Please come to the US KingOFFools
    The places you mentioned one of them is my own backyard
    we will be waiting for you. Then we will see.

  • Anara

    Heres something else for you Geirly
    Dont forget about the terrorist threats you made on the Presidents life
    All those articles you made were forwarded to the FBI and the Administration
    you are the one whos being monitored you moron. After you were first reported they put you on a list of terrorists . They have all they need to detain you. Your 1st amendment rights are null and void when you threaten the President. Hell your not even a citizen you have no rights here
    So yes please come to the US we can hardly wait.If the Muslims dont get to you first.

    • King of Shambhala

      You’re not allowed to make threats on Internet did you know that Anara, you don’t know the law, that’s first.

      Second is the FBI does not make their investigations and work known to the public that’s a crime and felony if they do it and You’re reporting a felonious crime carried out by the FBI which is to reveal to you what they do or don’t do – because they’re not allowed to do that and reveal that.

      Thirdly, if they did that then it’s forbidden to report on the progress of an FBI work of investigation; so you’d be carrying out a federal crime. So, I don’t know if the FBI are watching this channel but I’ve just described a crime carried out by you under three aspects so their work is cut out for them which is to 1. find your IP address, 2. track you down 3. arrest you and 4. put you away for a long time in a cold damp cell.

      I don’t threaten the US president’s life that’s a lie.

      I say the SCOTUS will execute him by lethal injection or the electric chair.

      Is that a threat to Obama’s life?

      Honestly you’re dumb and ugly Anara. I surmise you’re watched because I’m sure I’m not the only one you threaten on Internet.
      The FBI must have yo u ona list since a long time ago. Am I right?

      I think you’re also a loon. You’re probably a dangerous peerson with no education.

      Cops are recruited among criminals. You’re a criminal who became a cop.

      People like you are stupid and ugly, Anara. Cops are illiterate, stupid and ugly people. You know you’re evil don’t you?

    • King of Shambhala


      Heres something else for you Geirly
      Dont forget about the terrorist threats you made on the Presidents life
      All those articles you made were forwarded to the FBI and the Administration
      you are the one whos being monitored you moron. After you were first reported they put you on a list of terrorists . They have all they need to detain you. Your 1st amendment rights are null and void when you threaten the President. Hell your not even a citizen you have no rights here
      So yes please come to the US we can hardly wait.If the Muslims dont get to you first.>

      I’ll sue you for not reporting a crime of High Treason with Obama. Islam is the worst thing in the world today. You’re supporting Obama a Muslim and his hideous faith Islam.

  • Anara

    Stop your rambling KingOFMaggots
    You get more deranged by the minute. First of all Im not a cop I never said I was you misunderstand. What my job entails is none of your business You have made threats against the President and you are calling for the destruction of Islam and the Quran which is their holy Recital
    Have you even been abroad lately KOS? I can just see you sitting on a plane spouting about being the messiah and how Obama is the antichrist and must be executed. Trust me you are going to be stopped and held and at long last we will meet and you will be shocked at what you see. Goodbye for now .

    • King of Shambhala

      I’ll be shocked at what I see?
      You’re from the Adams Family?
      oh oh!

    • King of Shambhala

      Give me your real name and address Anara. I’ll come and visit you. I’ll sue you. For not reporting a crime. I’ll get you locked up for fifty years to life. If you have balls give me your real name and address. I’m fed up with yoiur (illegal) punk-threats.

      • King of Shambhala

        Shut up Anara, i’m fed up of your punk-threats. I’ll sue you. Give me your real name and address if you’ve got balls. I’ll take a lawyer and sue you.

        For what?

        For felony.

        You know of a crime and you don’t report it to the cops. You’re complicit to a crime.

        I’ll get you locked up for fifty years to life. Obama’s guilty of High Treason and you know it and don’t report it. You’re complicit to High Treason.

        Saying Obama will, shall be and must be executed by SCOTUS is not a threat to the president of the USA Barack Hussein Obama.

        It’s the law. What happens when a foreign spy is caught spying?

        He’s executed. It’s against the law to cover up for someone who’s a foreign spy.

        If Obama’s not executed by SCOTUS for his crime that’s against the law.

        So, it’s not a threat to say that it’s the obeying the law and those who say Obama’s innocent are going against he law and disobeying the law.

        One cannot say it’s a threat to obey the law and the law for High Treason is death. If Obama’s found guilty the the law applies – which is death by either lethal injection the electric chair or whatever method.

        That’s the law.

        It’s against the law to say that High Treason is not punishable. It is Punishable. It’ll be Punished! It MUST BE PUNISHED.

  • Anara

    So sorry KOS
    its classified
    besides im not your type we all know you go for young boys under the age of 12
    and I dont own any livestock for you to practice your tantra sex with. Nice try KOS but
    I gotcha.

    • King of Shambhala

      Where do you live Anara, what’s your real name if you have the balls to meet me. I’ll sue you for not reporting a crime of High Treason carried out by the POTUS and for you that means you did a felony. You’ll get fifty years to life for that. Conspiring with a foriegn spy, Obama, who accessed the nuclear force using a fake ID. You’re in trouble Anara. I’ll sue you. Get you locked u pin jail. Happy? Enjoy it. You’ll have lots of time there.

    • Anonymous

      you really are obsessed with kos arent you.. i think you love him, which would work out well because the kos is right into inter-species sex and his favourite animal is a pig… boy or girl, doesnt matter, he doesnt even care if youre pretty or not

      why arent you out making the world safer by taking someones money for not wearing a seatbelt, or not coming to a complete stop at a stop sign you pathetic excuse for a pig

  • InquisitiveMind

    Having read a few KoS posts I have arrived at the conclusions that they are the rantings of someone suffering mental ill health. First steps to recovery are to take your prescribed medication and cancel your Internet.

    • Anonymous

      Are you paid to shill here, InquisitiveMind? Because suggesting a real person take their meds is straight out of the paid shill handbook.

      Ridicule people, lie, do whatever it takes, there is nothing paid shills will not post as they do their “jobs” of pretending to be regular people who are concerned (not!).

      Did you know a paid shill was caught in action at the popular site Godlike Productions. Oh, yeah! One got careless and accidentally posted paid shill operating instructions.

      This willl be published at this week, the Zetas answer to a question about the PROOF this happened.

      That particular paid shill was posting on a Sandy Hook thread at GLP, why I don’t know.

      People are paid to shill about everything under the sun, anything a client (rich individuals, governments, corporations, etc.) wants to be shilled will be shilled.

      It is so incredibly dishonest what these paid shills are doing. But it is becoming clear that the word is out about paid shills. I see comments by REAL people (I assume) all the time now, all over the internet, calling out “people” for being the paid shills they are.

      One way to tell a paid shill: They post really, really fast! Just as one just did on another comment of mine, fast, fast, fast!

      The reason for their speed at responding: Paid shiills do this for a very dishonest living. They are assigned certain topics/subjects and sites to work at. BIN must be popular now and many forbidden subjects are discussed here (ETs and Planet X are shilled hard to make YOU believe they are not real when they most definitely are).

      People with real jobs and lives do not spend so much time WATCHING for people like me. But paid shills do!

      Check it out when it comes out at or a blog devoted to paid shills already posted at (which includes the new ZetaTalk about a paid shilll caught in the act).

      Get a real job, paid shills! For God’s sake, stop LYING to the public while PRETENDING to be just plain folks!

      • InquisitiveMind

        Not a paid shill or a shill in any form. Just seriously doubt this guy is the messiah reluctant or otherwise. If my dad claimed he was a reluctant messiah I would take him to the doctors.

      • Anonymous

        stfu idiot

      • AxisOfEvil

        You mean that actual aliens will bring proof that some people were paid to say things on a website that is majoritarily read by paranoid nutcases? How convenient! It’s funny how the zeta’s conveniently talk about things that justify the nutters BS!

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