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Urgent! Linda Adams Floods Obama-Dad Name All Over Internet

Tuesday, April 2, 2013 11:00
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A Tsunami Of Truth Flooding Internet From Obama-Cousin Linda Joy Adams.

 photo goodnews.jpg

This is what Linda Adams sent to a website today (she announces Obama’s father’s name has been released and to whom, very important and famous people – this is the gamechanger we were waiting for!):

….its a convoluted famiy  100 year tragedy that starts for him  with the murder of his real dad in a raicst attack on both his parents and he, unborn; on the banks of the Kansas eiver that left three dead and no justice for 50+ years. Lt Zullo of Sheriffs Joe’s. cold case called me and he has the name as well as The sec of state of Ks, etc….

(it’s in the comments.)

She also sent this on her blog a few minutes earlier:

….I have given the Dad’s name of the president to every law enforcement and govt official I have spoken to and that includes Lt Zullo from Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Cold case posse. when he called me. He is a profesisonal and felt he could be trusted to  be discreet as innocent parties, i..e another extended family does exist out there.  And one is supposed to cooperate fully when a criminal investigation is being conducted. They need to have a personal visit and I did try to contact one person, I thought could go talk to the family I think still lives there last Fall and they didn’t want to get involved, seemed scared to be involved. There’s  lot of fear over this.
Its an open murder case, remember and someone might still be prosecuted if alive and the case is ever solved….

Minutes later she wrote this again:

….Started online 7/26/12 and In Daily recaps since, as its a journey for truth and justice. Lt Zullo called me and he has the name of the real Dad,(99% sure) murdered in a racist attack on the parents egged on by a gossip frenzy from Westboro Baptist where Stanley Ann had been sent to stay and go to school…..



Adams is flooding Internet with the good news. Help her by doing it too. You’ll go to heaven if you join the Messengers of the Apocalypse now but don’t wait one second. This is now. Don’t be late.


Important Blockbuster Update!

Mike Zullo confirms he’s got the name and it’s under investigation.

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  • Geeper

    “Urgent! Linda Adams Floods Obama-Dad Name All Over Internet”

    So what’s the name, genius?

    • King of Shambhala

      Aren’t you impatient!
      Relax. This is as good as it gets don’t mess this good moment up by bickering; you’re like a kid in the back seat.

      • Geeper

        So she hasn’t actually flooded the name all over the internet yet.

        Aren’t you impatient! :roll:

      • King of Shambhala

        Quit answering back.
        How old are you?

      • Geeper

        You tell stupid lies like “Linda Adams Floods Obama-Dad Name All Over Internet” and I ask you the name, and you act evasively and reach for ad hominems. Sorry that you can’t cope with basic, logical questions, old man.

  • icetrout

    I’m as dumb as a rock & didn’t understand a word that’s in this gibberish… “Obama’s dad was killed by KKK’s Grand Wizard while having a picnic on the banks of the Mississippi… ? WTF? Who put this BS up here the Democrats?

    • King of Shambhala

      You’ll have to read a loooot of Linda Adams’ articles icetrout. She’s deep. She’s telling who obama’s real dad is so it’s worth the time and trouble trust me. It’s the biggest story the world has ever seen. obama’s a goner with this stuff.

  • Anara

    This is just BS no facts in any of it

    • King of Shambhala

      SHut up Anara, i’m fed up of your punk-threats. I’ll sue you. Give me your real name and address if you’ve got balls. I’ll take a lawyer and sue you.

      For what?

      For felony.

      YOU know of a crime and you don’t report it to the cops. You’re complicit to a crime.

      I’ll get you locked up for fifty years to life. Obama’s guilty of High Treason and you know it and don’t report it. You’re complicit to High Treason.

      Saying Obama will, shall be and must be executed by SCOTUS is not a threat to the president of the USA Barack Hussein Obama.

      It’s the law. What happens when a foreign spy is caught spying?

      He’s executed. It’s against the law to cover up for someone who’s a foreign spy.

      If Obama’s not executed by SCOTUS for his crime that’s against the law.

      So, it’s not a threat to say that it’s the obeying the law and those who say Obama’s innocent are going against he law and disobeying the law.

      One cannot say it’s a threat to obey the law and the law for High Treason is death. If Obama’s found guilty the the law applies – which is death by either lethal injection the electric chair or whatever method.

      That’s the law.

      It’s against the law to say that High Treason is not punishable. It is Punishable. It’ll be Punished! It MUST BE PUNISHED.

  • HydroFlow

    So If this linda adams is obamas cousin. And obamas the antichrist. Doesnt that make linda adams part of an evil family tree? I dont think you should be talking with this linda adams person sham. She could be brainwashing you into being a demon slave for obama. Family takes care of family right?

    • King of Shambhala

      No Hydro, I don’t think so. There’s always a riotten apple in the bunch. A black sheep but the rest are normal. Hitler had family that lived normal lives so we can’t throw whole families to waste. Linda’s a great person. And when great criminals are snitched to tbe cops it’s often the family who give them up out of shame.

      • HydroFlow

        True.. But we’re not talking about a evil human being.. We’re talking about the antichrist. Satan incarnate. To be chosen as the antichrist, you must come from a pretty evil linage. It’s very possible that Linda Adams is a false prophet actually leading you into the hands of the antichrist

      • King of Shambhala

        Hydro, it’s possible for a lineage to be evil but not probable. If you take the film with Robert DeNiro and Robert Duval about two brothers in Sicily one of them became a cardinal in the Vatican and the other was a Mafia gangster in Sicily. In the case of Linda Adams I don’t know why you’re so scared ofher, because you should read her articles, you’d know who she is, but people can’t read her because she writes too much and her articles are very long because she’s a university scholar and difficult to read. I can’t read everything she writes it’s too long but I’ve read about fifty of her articles and that’s a LOT.

      • HydroFlow

        And actually you might wanna read deeper in other places.. Obama didn’t have a normal family. His dad wasn’t in his life. And his mother barely spent any time with him. So no not a normal family at all. Please read link

      • King of Shambhala

        Hydro read the Book of Daniel Abomination of Desolation. It says to “drop everything in your hand. Leave the plough in the field and run.”

        What you’re reading about Obama’s father is over now.

        The cousin’s bringing us a new father.

        This is big news.

        You’ve got to change your thinking Hydro and reformat quick.

        This is big new ball game.

        We’re talking about a total collapse of the world organisation and the US gov being on trial for years and year, both the GOP and Bush and the DNC.

        We’re talking Revelation and Apocalypse here now.

  • Realist

    I agree with you wholeheartedly, KOS.

    • King of Shambhala

      Thanks realist. We’re doing this. Let’s take this all the way to the top this time and not look back. (Daniel ABomination of Desolation)

  • Anara

    No KOS its you who must be punished

    • King of Shambhala

      No, not punished Anara. The law says citizens must criticize the POTUs and must report crimes. If not they’ll be punished. Have you criticized the PTUS and reported his crimes?

      I’ll sue you for felony and complicity in a crime.

      You should pay more attention to the law Anara.

      You’re on the side of crime with Obama.

      If his father’s name is not Obama he’s in deep trouble.

      Pay attention here, you pathetic imbecile.

  • Anonymous

    I just talked to Mike Zullo in a dream, and he said he didn’t know what you guys were talking about.

    • King of Shambhala

      What do you mean mitch. MIke just said to PPSimmons he had the name. He’s investigating it. So what’s the problem man? Chill and stay cool. This is the greatest story in the history of Humanity. We’re toppling the US president and we’re the people doing it. I’m the man. Follow me if you want to go to paradise. Watch out for the demonics in the comments here. They’re beings from hell. Working for Satan.

  • Extremum Spiritum News

    After reading some of Linda Joy Adams blog, it became apparent to me that King of Shambhala may actually be writing the blog. There writing styles are very similar with missing words in sentences.

    Or the other way around, Linda Joy Adams is posting here as King of Shambhala.

    • King of Shambhala

      You’re no authority on writing Extremum. How would I have all the facts about KS which are now being checked by the police and Lt Zullo?
      I’m not from KS and you’re a dolt, right, you’re a dolt, right, a total idiot?

      • AxisOfEvil

        You are not from KS, with her blog website ends with .fr which means it’s on a french blog server…. Why is that?

  • SkareCro


  • LightandLife

    bunch of malarky

  • ken

    absolute disinformation…otherwise it would written out in plain english…as far as the king’s replies…there’s only one king elvis….and elvis would just said it already…king of shambala is power tripping on empty…..just look at him flame anyone who wants the name now….use common sense, obama’s handlers know all about these rumors…and let them happen…its all part of the program of distraction…another wag the dog…..the real clue kingy has left in replies is i’ll sue…punk……….am a lawyer sue me jerk…..

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