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Obama Cousin Joins Obots Linda Joy Adams Joins Forces With Doc Conspiracy To FInd Obama Dad

Sunday, May 5, 2013 6:30
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The most strange bedfellows find each other in warfare. For an example of this, the USA allied with Russia and Russia allied with Hitler during WWII. Japan allied with Racist Germany.

Linda Joy Adams has searched for allies to find Obama father’s identity in Kansas (where Linda and Obama’s mom, Linda’s second cousin, both come from.)

Linda’s found me on her path and I’ve helped her reach the BIN staff and then hitch up with the PPSimmons relations to the  and  Arpaio Cold Case Posse Commander Mike Zullo.

LInda’s communicated the name of Obama’s father to Zullo, Orly Taitz, and is now passsing it on to researchers who write to her Facebook page.

But, having been broadsided and smeared by BIN and everybody except for me and few stalwarts, Linda’s still trying to find people to listen to her, on Internet.

Her path has lead her to Obama Conspiracy Theories now where she posts here story and tries to find compassionate, intelligent and morally aware people who can learn from her.

Right now, she’s speaking to a few hecklers and trying to convince Doc Conspiracy, who owns the website, to take her facts into account.

it’s not easy for Doc Conspiracy to agree to what she says, because the people who write to his forum, are a throng of hounds, baying for blood. He’s closely watched and forced to adopt the most militant, liberal, Fascist line.

But, among the people who could agree with her and give her story a listen, Doc Conspiracy might be the most plausible one. I hadn’t thought about it but Linda may be onto something there.

Doc Conspiracy is a twisted, warped person who entirely devotes himself to proving the birthers wrong. It’s because he’s convinced Obama can beat the rap by just shoving off accusations by ridiculing them. HIs work is to coat his work under the outer apppaerance of logic and decency. In Hitler Germany, for example, he’d be the MInistry of Information, which in fact, is the cover for the SS operations.

Now, why would Doc Conspiracy, (who’s a CIA paid shill), listen to Linda and do the reasearch and find the father in Kansas?

Because the Doc has seen the writing on the wall and knows that it’s curtains for Obama. The Supreme Court Judge Moore of Alabama is taking a birther case very soon and the days left for Obama are few and far between. So the Doc’s options are very few now. He’s like in WWII, when the Allies had already landed, and when the SS (Doc is like the Nazi SS) in France had a few weeks left to lead last-ditch battles.

In those last moments of lucidity, nothing really counts anymore. Doing good or evil become the same.

The Doc, sees this search for Obama’s real father and thinks to himself: “What the heck, why not just go and really find his real father?”

We should watch carefully what comes of this, because this might be the real thing.

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  • AxisOfEvil

    “and is now passsing it on to researchers who write to her Facebook page.”

    You mean you?

    You are so obviously Linda Joy Adams. Nice that you can live online as a woman…. do you wear a dress Geirly when you post crap under her name?

    • King of Shambhala

      There has to be only one reporter at BIN who has people heckling all his articles non stop 24 7 for four years by posters paid by the CIA to post on all anti-Obama websites.

      That’s me.

      Ignore them.

      • Merkin

        Correction: You are a spammer NOT a reporter

        Correction: Nobody here is paid by the CIA Geir.

        Get off it

      • King of Shambhala

        I’ve answered about Kalachakra on the other article about it.

        If there’s anything new I’ll answer.

        But seeing the answers over at the other article were low-level I’ll not answer here unless the level of answers can be raised up.

      • King of Shambhala

        All the obots here are CIA pais shills.

        How could they heckle my articles for four years non stop 24 7?

        Who pays them and why do they offer their protection to their god the Messiah aka the Satan Antichrist-Obama free of charge?

  • Geeper

    Better let Dr Conspiracy know that you’re the One World Messiah put here on earth to watch from your basement couch as some other people take down the Antichrist.

    • King of Shambhala

      I’m the Messiah and they’re talking about me thanks to Obama’s cousin at Doc Conspiracy’s website.

      They can’t stand that Obama be the Antichrist but that’s true.

      Obama’s their god aka the Antichrist i.e. Stan-in-Person, so how can they worship a piece of crap?

      • AxisOfEvil

        Obama is “Stan-in-person”?

        Isn’t Stan the name of your beloved donkey?

      • Merkin


        Are you trying to “open stan’s mouth” so you can smite him again Geir?

        Leave that donkey alone! It’s suffered enough

      • Merkin

        Is this more of your “The Donkey Bah and the Lam proved the 666 lottery” crap?

      • Geeper

        Some comments suggested that Linda might be a puppet account of the “sexual yoga pervert” Geir Smith, and she denied this. It has nothing to do with whether or not Obama might be the Antichrist, or whether every person who disagrees with you is a fervent Satanist. There are other reasons to question illogical theories.

      • King of Shambhala

        Obama’s the Antichrist.

        Your god Satan is evil.

        Too bad huh it sucks being the devil huh?

        Obama Is Satanical Clearly Obama Is Antichrist (Videos)

      • AxisOfEvil

        KOS logic, Version 2.0

        Obama = Satan
        Satan = Antichrist
        Antichrist = Abomination
        Abomination = Geir Smith
        Geir Smith = Satanist

        Hence, Geir Smith is the antichrist.

        Prove me wrong, tantra boy!

      • The Juicy Beef

        He can’t be !!! IdiotInTheMachine called me the Antichrist – IT’S ME!!!! ME!!! I AM THE ANTI CHRIST Idiot told me so.

      • King of Shambhala

        cubednsquared, All the proof is Obama’s the Antichrist.

        Don’t argue it.

        You can’t prove your point.

  • xpose hym

    KOS – You are an epic fail. You have been bashing Linda Joy Evans and other posters on the Topeka Forum lately:

    I also knew it was only a matter of time until your dominate voice FreeWillOffering took over the main frame of your tiny brain, where your two voices could hump together to spew your homo projections in great detail. You must be so proud of your accomplishments Geir Smith, King of Sodomy. Did you let FreeWillOffering participate in your “male animal studies” in 2006, or did he just watch from the hay loft?

    • Merkin


      Geir’s really snapped his crayons this time.

      His alter egos have begun fighting with each other!

      “It won’t be long now Timmy”

    • King of Shambhala

      The accounts called Geir Smith at Topeka Topix are fakes and easy to see because they don’t register.

      They bash Linda Adams, yes.

      They’re not me so don’t believe them.

      • xpose hym

        Caught in another lie KOS. “Beware of false christs claiming to be me”

        It is you 100% .. registered – logged in, or logged out. It’s so easy to see. Every site you are on you have multiple usernames, used to deceive, right FreeWillOffering!

  • Anara

    OMG Im loving all this

    • Geeper

      Amazing scenes.

    • AxisOfEvil

      At first i felt bad that all of us were ganging up on him, but then i thought “KOS likes to be ganged on by a bunch of guys”

      Works out great for everyone!

  • xpose hym

    It is amazing that the so-called “Man of Compassion”, Geir Smith, who constantly calls all who reply idiots, really is the world’s top mental midget and coward.

    He is linking this excrement story, but he again fails to read the article, and more importantly read the replies to his mentor for the moment, Linda Joy Evans. Is it because he can’t read (idiot) or he’s just a lazy arm chair Messiah-Wannabe Quarterback?

    Here is a small sample of the replies to the story: (Another job well done KOS!)

    DeborahMay 4, 2013 at 5:31 pm (Quote)#

    didn’t clean the back seat up until the next day as Ann’s water broke in the back seat and if you would care to check even on Flickr you will see a picture of the 1948 chevy sold as an antique in the 1980′s and may still be out there with the DNA of POTUS in the stuffing of the driver’s side back seat. Even the cloth seat cover stain never quite came out. Linda Joy Adams

    Linda Joy Adams: Linda Joy Adams May 4, 2013 at 4:37 pm (Quote) #

    Looking at a picture on FLICKR of a 1948 Chevy is NOT the same as DNA evidence. and I think you are really that sexual yoga pervert, Geir Smith. You write horrible, and incomprehensibly, by the way.

    Majority WillMay 4, 2013 at 5:55 pm (Quote)#

    Deborah: and I think you are really that sexual yoga pervert, Geir Smith.

    That was my guess.

    misha marinskyMay 4, 2013 at 9:11 pm (Quote)#

    Deborah: I think you are really that sexual yoga pervert, Geir Smith

    Majority Will: That was my guess.

    The writing is similar.


    nbcMay 4, 2013 at 9:24 pm (Quote)#

    Linda Joy Adams: In all of my blogging on this you are the most adamantly opposed to the truth and don’t understand your personal motives on this?

    Two problems: I doubt that you even know what the truth is, as all you have are fascinating stories, wholly unsubstantiated. Furthermore, what are your personal motives for such foolishness?

    DeborahMay 4, 2013 at 10:39 pm (Quote)#

    Majority Will May 4, 2013 at 5:55 pm (Quote) #

    Deborah: and I think you are really that sexual yoga pervert, Geir Smith.

    That was my guess.

    …and the “ecstatic” picture of Geir with his elbows wrapped around his head doesn’t even look like a real yoga position, either, much less one that could cause…well, you know.

    • King of Shambhala

      Linda smashes you Obots xpose hym:

      Linda Joy Adams May 6, 2013 at 3:39 am (Quote) #

      Just posted another response to all of you in daily recap 5/5/13 and now I’m calling you ‘wobots’ That;s where this technique of taunting someone when you don’t even care about the truth and someone is directing you to do it without thinking about why?. I doubt any of you were an eye witness to anything on this. i was. and it was horrible for my dad to have to go see three bodies.Pity the President’s mother to have her boy friend murdered and she attacked, pregnant. But when you are trained to to not think for yourselves and just blindly follow someone who is the puppet master, then truth and justice doesn’t;t happen and this world gets in worse shape over it. I am not a birther. I tried to get the birthers to help on this and Orly Taitz would n’t even ask for the court order in Kansas last 9/22/12 after the Sec of state’s office and I were locating records, but I can’t have them, you know that, I’m upsetting their investment in a lie Hillary sent them on.becasue she learned a few things from my sister?.
      Do any of you have access to the Topeka Capital Journal from 1961, if so check for the marriage announcement to Obama SR. They did not meet until she was 7 mohths pregnant and her dad arranged the marriage. Then the birth announcement in Topeka paper in 8/5/61. have you checked that yet?, if you have all this energy and money do some searching for the whole truth on this. Potus didn’t create the Hawaii fake bio, his grandmother did it. There was no witness protection program then and she witnessed three murders and was attacked herself. Potus could have died, too, unborn.
      Its time for the truth and according to you 9/11/01 didn’t happen? the end result of Jersey City in 88-89!
      I don’t think you read the article about Hillary and Stanley Ann at all as it clearly says where the info came from. i don’t; know where she was, my self from 6/60 when she graduated from Capper Jr HS ( i saw her file and records ) in 4/61 when my mom registered her at Topeka HS and before early 11/61 when the gossip frenzy , like yours, egged on by Westboro Baptist had drove a star football player off the team. Yes, you did that to the president’s dad, you who use these kinds of tactics.
      Its OK to have opinions, but there is a sense of decency that needs to be adhered to in this world. Its why I have not named the dad publicaly, what would you do to his memory trash him? i’ve explained in detail the source of the info as to who it is.
      You don’t like the fact that Pres Obama may not remain your puppet if he knows the truth of this origins in Topeka, Ks. and I’m sorry that in 1/71 i didn’t scream it to him over the racial tirade out of his grandmother’s’s mouth. even our son woke up from his nap and asked who’s that saying those bad words?
      Too many have died due to to witnesses and truth being stiffled by the ilk of you. This nation depends on justice and truth and those who have info being able to come forward with it.
      Go back to your bosses and ask them if they still want you to be doing this? As the truth is out The birthers don;t like me as they have made millions off of trying to enrage the masses that POTUS isn’t eligible when he is. I upset their scam on this with the simple truth.. Just the wrong state. and as for anything else; Eric Holder will have to review it and he should do this pronto and either clear him or refer to congress The Constitution is our governing document, not gossip and rumor.
      Do you have any facts as an eye witness to anything? if so what is it? if you have received some info from an eyewitness, who and what was it? There really are few of us out here and with you folks squelching them most are not willing to come forward.
      I faced down Osama bin Laden it the hallway when he pulled his golden sabre and you go ask Delores Bryanty why she hired him in the first place and let him have access to your ye your personal financial info and OIG didn’t stop her when called. Whey didn’t she have law enforcement meet him when he came in to pick up his W2 form when the criminal report was filed on the theft of thMarty Reis’s keys he had for 6 months and used throughout ADP; and otheres accessed at 2 Journal Square Jersey City owned by Harrtz Moutain and insured by CNA who used your kind of tactics to cover up and causing 9/11/01 as its their cover up that led right down the path to it?. to get out of paying some injury claims, still covering up for the enemy of the USA continues.. Its called treaosn to aid and abet an enemy of the USA and too many have done so and never gone to jail for it. Go check that. how for 6 months the enemey fo the USA roamed had stoten keys to roam throughj ADP’s wall street investment records and what else was going on the building that was highly sensitive and confidential . There are 90 witnesses that saw him there, but some have died; died at his hands but you wouldn’t care about the enemy of the USA killing people on American soil? Hey Kay Coleman Jame’s ; order that I’m to die is still being carried out by Lynn Blodgett but I’m still here and the truth is going to be known that people are being murderd in this country and there is no justice as those like you keep eye witness cowered. Everyone in Topeka Ks knew 52 years ago and why do you want to obstruct them from coming forward now.? Did you have something to do with the murders of three dead in the Kansas river? You don’t want to know the truth as it might free POTUS so he could be a great president?, The birthers don’t like me as I’m upsetting there millions of dollars they are making off of fake info about Kenya and wherever they can come up with . but it doesn’t alter the truth TOPEkA KS is where it all happened and many other things we are dealing with now started there, too. I WAS THERE at the events and times I have written about.
      What have you witnessed? have you sttod for turth and justice? Linda Joy Adams

      • The Juicy Beef

        When you can write a comprehensive sentence I will read more – or not – of your shriville

      • King of Shambhala

        Obama’s the Antichrist.

        Accept it cubednsquared.

        There’s nothing you can do to prove he’s not the Antichrist.

      • Geeper

        Obama is a time-travelling robot who can assume human form. Accept it. There’s nothing you can do to prove a negative.

      • King of Shambhala

        Obama’s facing Judge Roy Moore of AL Supreme Court.

        Pass on the good news.

        We’ve won so join us the winners.

  • Obama Conspiracy Theories

    This article about me is comedy gold, even to the illiterate spelling.

    Anyone wanting to find my real web site (not the BIN article linked above), will find my moderate, well-reasoned, middle-of-the-road, level-headed, reality-based, intellectually honest and fact-filled blog at:


    • King of Shambhala

      Doc C is and always has been a little coward.

      It’s befitting that cowards defend Obama.

      He’s a homosexual and takes it up the butt.

      “Birds of a feather flock together.”

      Obama goes to Man’s COuntry in Chicago the bathhouse for homosexuals.

  • Obama Conspiracy Theories

    All us twisted, warped persons gotta stick together. :razz:

    • King of Shambhala

      You’re a CIA paid shill psyops Doc.

      Why do you refuse to look at the evidence?

      AL Judge Roy Moore said this: In a 2010 interview with WND, Moore said he’d seen no convincing evidence that Obama is a “natural born citizen” and a lot of evidence that suggests he is not.

      “This is the strangest thing indeed,” he said. “The president has never produced [evidence] in the face of substantial evidence he was not born in our country. People are accepting it blindly based on their feelings, not on the law.”

      Your problem, Doc, is you’re not intelligent and what you say has no moral beauty.

      Your problem is you’re dumb and ugly.

      You’re not better than Judge Roy Moore, Doc, or do you say is he also a birther freak?

    • King of Shambhala

      You banned me Geir Smith at your website and now you want to talk again. But it’s a bit late me thinks not? Obama’s heading into Roy Moore’s court.

      • Anonymous

        Hey, I’ve been beating the snot out of Birfoons like you since 2009 pro-bono, folks like me do it ’cause you and your ilk are sad, delusional, seditious scum that need your racist idiocy exposed to the world.

        As a matter of curiosity I once tried to see where Birfoons were on the evolutionary scale, the problem I found is that you plainly have no actual operating neural function but you do show many of the characteristics of a cancer, a parasite and a virus.

        Basically, one and all, you are a pest, a canker on the ass of humanity, devoid of any and all redeeming characteristics, in sum…….scum.

      • King of Shambhala

        Obama’s heading for Roy Moore’s court.

        Are you happy?

        Just answer.

      • Anonymous

        Me, I am ecstatic to see yet ANOTHER case go forward that exposes the intellectual bankruptcy and outright treasonous BS that Birfoons purport as “cases”.

        I’ll let you into a secret King Of SadFail, since 2009 I’ve been adding $50 into an IRA every time a case is touted by you Birfoons as the latest ANY…DAY…NOW moment.

        Guess what, with that as a personally enforced method of savings AND with just how well the markets have been going under the Presidents watch I have now gotten a nice little extra $16,500 in personal equity.

        Now, what have you got to show for your pathetic stupidity..?

      • Merkin

        King of Shambhala has nothing to show for all his wheel-spinning and story telling…

        Nothing that is except for a bruised ego and some stained underwear

      • King of Shambhala

        The stupid ugly false christs keep spouting out of control their drivel on and on and one when will they just shut up?

        Judge Roy Moore thinks Obama’s an illegal undocumented alien.


        Life is good and this is as good as it gets because of this (Obama’s toast because of this judge Moore):

        AL Judge Roy Moore said this: In a 2010 interview with WND, Moore said he’d seen no convincing evidence that Obama is a “natural born citizen” and a lot of evidence that suggests he is not.

        “This is the strangest thing indeed,” he said. “The president has never produced [evidence] in the face of substantial evidence he was not born in our country. People are accepting it blindly based on their feelings, not on the law.”

      • Anonymous

        Now now Shambolic

        You do know how the court Moore sits on works…..don’t you..?

        Hint, he’s ONE of nine judges that sit and guess what, even if he decides tio have a little hissy fit in a dissent opinion, thats all it will be AN OPINION, no force of law when the remainkng judgejudges deny the suit.

        Now, since you always demand of otherothers EXACTLY what have yoyou gotti show for your years if innefectual squeealealing..? I have a toothsome 16.5K in money, you have….?

      • King of Shambhala

        The false christs hide behind aliases and think they’re smart.

        The can’t hide their fascist liberal ways.

        The judges on the AL Supreme Court have to face the Arapio’s Probe facts and Arpaio’s announced he’s working with the Moore court in providing all the evidence to them so those judges of a small state court have to face the most famous USA sheriff.

        They’re judges and can’t always disobey the law.

        They must obey to reality at one moment or another and this might be the moment.

        Democrats are saying like: “We’ll never lose.”

        That’s what Hitler said but historians know that he lost the war the moment he entered Austria.

        Obama lost the moment he was elected to the White House and in Chicago the miracle happened: the Illinois lottery drew 666 the next day.

      • Anonymous

        Now now Shambolic

        You DO know that the SC is not a trier of facts, they simply will look at the case, decide on merits and refer back or in this case NOT refer it back to the lower court.

        So, no they won’t look at Pieholes cack ‘cuase it NOT part of the previous case and nits not evidence.

        You really are terminally stupid

    • King of Shambhala

      Best for the Obots would be to find the father of Obama in Topeka KS.

      That way you’d throw a monkey wrench into the birthers’ efforts.

      But if you can’t do that then Roy Moore’ll lock up Obama in jail and be executed by SCOTUS for High Treason. How’s that? OK?

      Whatever you Bots do, it’ll not change the outcome which is Obama’s end. It’s hopeless for you Bots.

      • Merkin

        Perhaps you can clarify for ANY readers what an “OBOT” actually is Geir

        You’ve never explained it.

        P.S. Your fine “investigative” work is what seems to point to OBama REALLY being an american.

        Nice work Geir.

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