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Obama Is Satanical Clearly Obama Is Antichrist (Videos)

Sunday, May 5, 2013 1:16
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I’m being targeted by Obots saying I’m not reliable to say Obama’s the Antichrist. Those people are the false christs of the Bible. They say I’m the Antichrist.

 photo images123.jpg

Videos show clearly that Obama’s marked by 666 and that this is a sign sent by heaven:

Obama’s State Lottery Is 666 Day After Win


Obama – The Lottery and 666 – You have GOT TO SEE THIS! What are the CHANCES?




I’m not the two characteristics to be the Antichrist and which clearly Obama is: I’m not the most powerful man in the world nor was the 666 lottery drawn in my city, like it was in Chicago, for Obama. Obama qualifies totally and entirely because he’s the world’s most powerful man and the 666 Lottery draw was in his city of Chicago, Illinois. Dozens of millions saw and no one was able to ignore that the lottery drew it. In the five Great Lakes States they all play the IL. lottery and saw it broadcast live. (Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana.)

Now concerning me and not Obama, I’m the “Messenger of the Apocalypse” aka the “reluctant messenger” (Messiah) because I tried to find Christians to reveal the Apocalypse but found none. They said I’d have to be the Messiah to announce that Obama was the Antichrist. I seeked to find Christians to unload this burden upon. None came forth. Thus I, a Buddhist, had to shoulder this Christian burden alone.

I’m not involved in any way with the Christian Apocalypse and am entirely devoted to the Buddhist Apocalypse (announced in the Kalachakra Teaching) being a religious Buddhist since 42 years now. I have no connections to Christianity, seeing I consider it to be an evil faith and my faith of Tibetan Tantric Buddhism is the highest, because it has Tantric Yoga (sexual) which alone enables to attain Nirvana. Thus, I’m an outsider and the reluctant messenger of the Apocalypse which is announced in the Bible for the Messiah. I’m the ONE and I’m HIM. I’m announcing the Apocalypse NOW RIGHT NOW.

Tibetan Tantric Buddhism has a bridge over to Christianity because the evil demonic being, which is predicted in the Buddhist Apocalypse, is described as having Obama’s mixed faiths of Islam, Christianity and Judaism which he combines together, such as one can see (and it’s known) that Obama has. Obama’s got a faith akin to Creole voodoo which mixes all faiths in him, Obama.

My destiny thus, as the Saviour of Buddhism, indeed clearly intersects with the Christian Apocalypse, in accord with the Buddhist scriptures and prophecy. Yes, the demon-king of Buddhist Apocalypse is the Antichrist of Christian Apocalypse. And they are all one single person: Obama. Taht’s the truth. No other truth is valid.

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  • AxisOfEvil

    This is an interesting read; Here is an excerpt:

    “Very accurately the historian Andrei Znamenskis calls the Kalachakra Tantra “a totalitarian temptation.”

    In his book Red_Shambhala he recounts the story of political and spiritual seekers from West and East who used the Tibetan Buddhist prophecies of the Kalachakra Tantra (the Shambhala Myth) to promote their spiritual, social, and geopolitical agendas and schemes. Red_Shambhala proves that people in the Left were no strangers to the occult, and they were equally mesmerized by the Tantra. But even more mesmerized have been people of the far Right. ”

    Full story:

    • AxisOfEvil

      This is proof that KOS needs to be executed by SCOTUS for being a smut peddler, for spreading hate (and his buttcheeks for any donkey), and for being a jackass and a waste of humanity.

    • Merkin

      Now we are putting a bright light on the subject.

      Geir probably doesn’t understand his own believe system so he can’t reply. He won’t even face facts that Buddhism was created by brown people.

    • Geeper

      Huh: “In 1991 in New York City a so-called Kalachakra Sand Mandala was constructed, then destroyed by the Dalai Lama, and the sand was poured into the water near the World Trade Center.”

      A rational man would dismiss that as a coincidence, but what would the King of Shambhala think?

    • King of Shambhala

      Funny how these false christs send a link to a website that’s critical of Tibetan Tantric Buddhism. That’s as if you asked Mao Tse Tung what he thought about Tibetan Buddhism while he was torturing them or that’s like asking Hitler what he thought about Jews while he was burning them as a Holocaust. Obviously that link isn’t from someone who’s studied the subject and reads with tinted glasses. If I read Karl Marx and thought the guy was a saint, my tinted glasses would prevent me from seeing all the evil he’s spawned over centuries. Karl Marx has done some good but saying he’s a saint would be stupid and ugly. But that link to Andrei Znamenskis is so narrow-minded it’s laughable. It’s as laughable as if we visited the Kremlin with Tsarist fans. It would be a tinted twisted and prejudiced version of reality.

      I sent lots of links to Kalachakra below in the comments here, which are the real reality because I’m a scholar of Kalachakra. And the link which was sent above is not the real truth about Kalachakra.

  • King of Shambhala

    False christs post 24 7 since four damn years to all my articles; It’s pathetic. Ignore them they’re stupid and ugly and eveyrthing they write is moronic.

    All they do is worship and serve Satan aka the Antichrist their god i.e. Obama.

    • AxisOfEvil

      All you’ve done for 4 damn years is make up BS stories about stuff you don’t know sh*t about.

      People comment because you are such a retarded douc*ebag.

      There are 3 ways for you o not be bothered by commenters:

      1- Stop posting
      2- Post things that are provable
      3- Kill yourself

      You choose. Although i personally feel that option 3 would be the best for all involved. Especially your poor wife who has to put up with all your BS

    • AxisOfEvil

      Why are you not commenting on the article i linked above? Because you know that your little kalachakra cult is hateful, and was followed by nazi and fascists?

      That is good news, no?

    • Merkin

      We serve humanity Geir.

      You seem to serve something much darker…

      and this little write-up of yours makes you look more like the Beast every day.

      • King of Shambhala

        There are no viewers to this article so no need to comment.

        The only slugs here are hecklers paid by the CIA to troll anti-Obama websites like BIN.

        They have no knoweldge and are ugly people serving the Antichrist their god aka Obama Satan-in-Person, just to warn anyone who’d pass by here by mistake and see these loons psoting here.

      • AxisOfEvil

        KOS, by not commenting on the article linked above, you prove that you have no knowledge of buddhism.

        You are a fraud.

      • Geeper

        If there are “no viewers” to your articles and they’re only being read by “slugs”, perhaps it’s time to stop writing?

    • Merkin

      Speaking of “SATANICAL”

      In their second book, Hitler-Buddha-Krishna – An unholy alliance from the Third Reich to the present day (2002) which received international attention, Victor and Victoria Trimondi show how influential Fascists and Nazis used the philosophies, mythologies, visions, and dogmas as well as the religious practices and texts of the spiritual traditions of Asia for glorifying war, and for the deification of the “Führer” and the white race.

      Some of them have been electrified by the Kalachakra Tantra and the Shambhala-Myth. The Trimondis uncover how the Nazi-Orientalists who prepared the SS Tibet Expedition of Reichsführer Heinrich Himmler have been interested in the ritual, and how members of the SS Ahnenerbe (the brain trust of the SS) wanted to spare the Kalachakra Temple in Leningrad ( St. Petersburg ) during the siege and barrage of the city by the Deutsche Wehrmacht (1941 – 1944).

      The Shambhala Myth of the Kalachakra Tantra and its militant ideologies are a topic in the occult literature of the international Neo-Fascist and Neo-Nazi scene.

      • Merkin

        “Is Geir’s private life like a zipper left open on trousers, for everybody to look straight at?”

      • Geeper

        He does seem to post an awful lot of personal information online, for a man who gets angry when other commenters give away the “personal information” that he lives in France.

      • Merkin

        Followers of “The King of Shambhala should really read the links that AxisOfEvil is offering.

        There is a gold-mine in there.

        Znamenski: By the way, in original Buddhism there was no concept of Paradise. This concept emerged as a result of encounters with the Muslim world.

      • King of Shambhala

        There’s one person viewing this article so useless to post here.

        Socialists like Hitler involved in the Vril Society and the German church of the Theosophical Society lead by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky who was the great founder behind the Kalachakra spreading throughout Russian Society and the West.

        Rasputine and the Tsar follwed Kalachakra.

        Putin is the head of the Russian Buddhist Church.

        The Russian Buddhist Chruch worships Kalachakra exculsively – based in it’s St Petersburg Grand Temple.

        >By the early 20th century, it had reached Tuva in Turkestan and Kalmykia, the Mongolian region of European Russia. In 1915, the system had made a great enough impact that the Czar commissioned a Kalachakra temple for St. Petersburg. >

        Alex Berzin is wrong about the Kalachakra because he thinks the Dalai lama might be the King of Shambhala which is false and also Berzin has a special twist in his mind. He thinks the Kalachakra will fight against Islam to help Israel reveal the Apocalypse. Israel will not do so, Judaism isn’t the faith that’ll survive and lead the chosen people to heaven that’s nonsense and it’s racist.

      • Merkin

        I like how your perverted Buddhism took the concept of Paradise from the Muslims.

        First you steal their idea of an afterlife and then you demonize them.

      • King of Shambhala

        Kalachakra is a complex faith which must be studied deeply.

        Russians don’t necessarily understand it AT ALL as Blavatsky showed.

        The Dalai Lama’s using the Kalachakra for political gain and spreading vast lies about it such as claiming the Apocalypse will happen in 400 years which is blatantly proven a mass of contradictions when looking at the Kalachakra lineage-masters’ chronology. The masters’s names are aliases and pseudonyms which repeat many times in the lineage and cross-cut unceasingly. The lineage is not accurate or to be considered as “reliable”. All modern Westeern scholars agree upon this without any possible doubt.

      • Merkin

        First Off…

        Hitler, the Vril Society, the Theosophical Society lead by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky was the great founder behind the Kalachakra spreading throughout Russian Society and the West.


        Blavatsky was the BIGGEST LUCIFERIAN of modern times. Maybe bigger than Crowley

        You are following LUCIFERIAN doctrine you idiot

      • Merkin

        No Messiah can follow a LUCIFERIAN doctrain… unless they are playing the role of

        THE BEAST

        You have stepped on your own dick again Geir.

      • King of Shambhala

        Tibetan scholars don’t comment on the facts of the lineage or talk about Kalachakra at all except in hushed, hidden whisper. The Dalai lama assassinates people. He wants to own the Kalachakra and shove anyone esle OUT. He wants to be the King of Shambhala. He’s killed many already.

        Shame on the Nobels for electing him for the Peace Prize. They knew he came from a criminal family.

        They do background checks.

        They gave Obama the Peace Prize likewise for political profit.

        Norway got good business from China thanks to the Dalai Peace Prize. The Dalai family are known China-lovers.

        The Dalai’s father was assassinated by the Tibetan Patriots for supporting China.

        That’s why the Dalai hates the Tibetans so much. The Dalai’s not Tibetan. He’s Amdo the reegion on teh Chinese-Tibetan border. They’re nomads.

        He uses the Kalachakra to punish the Tibetan people and treat them like dogs.

        He acts like a god-king from feodal Tibet.

        He kills anyone who stands up to him.

        He treats the Tibetans as serfs. It’s lasted long enough. Enough already! Tibet’s been over fifty years but he’s still in place doing his criminal activity day by damned day.

      • Merkin

        Now you are getting somewhere Geir.

        Maybe you should figure out where the Dalai Lama was the day after the 666 draw…

        Cuz he IS a powerful religious leader = match the antichrist story

        and as you have just informed all of us

        Kalachakra Tantra is the work of the worlds most notorious satanist Blavasky

      • King of Shambhala

        The paid posters here have a goal and none other: protect Obama against the accusation of being the Antichrist.

        They’ve been assigned to heckle me for four years now.

        Now we’re getting to the nitty gritty.

      • King of Shambhala


        Kalachakra temple St. PetersburgAround 1909, Lama Agvan Dorjiev started the building of this temple commissioned by Tsar Nikolai Romanov, intended for the Buriat and Kalmyk minorities in the city. [Agvan Dorjiev (1854-1938) was a Buryat Mongol monk who studied in Lhasa and became the Master Debate Partner (Assistant Tutor) of the Thirteenth Dalai Lama. According to Albert Grünwedel, the German explorer of Central Asia, in Der Weg nach Shambhala (The Way to Shambhala, 1915), Dorjiev spoke of the Romanov Dynasty as the descendants of the rulers of Shambhala.] It may have been the first Buddhist temple in Europe (if one does not count the Kalmyk region). The painter Nicholas Roerich, who later became a propagandist for Kalachakra doctrine, produced the designs for the stained-glass windows. The temple was opened in 1915, in the middle of the first world war.

        “In the mean time, Tennissons was named by the 13th Dalai Lama as Buddhist ArchBishop of Lithuania, Estonia, and Latvia. He oversaw the construction of the temple and blessed – as he later wrote in his memoir – every stone and saw his work slowly grow. The dedication of the Petersburg Buddhist temple took place in 1915, in the middle of the First World War. The Petersburg Temple is the first Buddhist holy building that we are aware of on European soil. In 1917 the temple was plundered by Red Guards and closed. It was reopened a few years later, however as a laboratory rather than a religious building.”

        Already in 1917, the temple was plundered and closed by the Red Guards. Several years later, it was opened again, but not as temple. After decades of closure under Communism, the was able to re-open its gates in 1990 under Gorbachev’s Perestroika.

        In 2003 and 2005, Ven Kirti Tsenshab Rinpoche gave a Kalachakra initiation and teachings at the temple,

        The Saint Petersburg Temple of Kalachakra
        197183, St. Petersburg, Primorsky prospect, 91
        See also this Russian website.

      • AxisOfEvil

        Your little explanation there does not answer our questions….. Isn’t it hypocritical for the supposed messiah to be following satanic teachings?

      • Merkin

        Let me guess Geir,,

        Your little “Buddhist off-shoot” HATE program you are following…

        Is there secret member meetings?
        Is the membership secret?
        Do you follow rituals you don’t completely understand?

        Honestly Geir.

        You even dare mention Blavatsky, the Vril society, Hitler and the like..

        Are you that Blind?

      • King of Shambhala

        Blavatsky, the Vril Society, Hitler, (Himmler) are all just reflections. Throughout Europe and Russia and the whole world these closed societies studied Asia, Buddhism and spirituality in a society where you could be burned as a witch for doing that. But Kalachakra was not studied correctly and the Western vision was counterfeit like the early Taiwan goods were counterfeit before signing copyrights and making the originals. Now there’ alot of counterfeit Kalachakra linsk swirling around on this article’s comments. i’m the real goods and the only one because I did an eight-month meditation retreat on Tibetan TAntric Buddhist deity Vajra Yogini and I know what I’m talking about and not second-hand likethe links I see such as Znamensk. >in original Buddhism there was no concept of Paradise. This concept emerged as a result of encounters with the Muslim world.> This is a lie. Buddha’s Teachings from him himself contain many mention of the Buddhist concepts of hells.There’s no importance of whether Buddhism has hells or not. It’s not important at all and has no relevancy upon anything. But it shows how ignorant the posters and false christs commenting here are. I’m a scholar awith five years of unviersity in Tibetan cultre and lnaguage at the I.N.A.L.C.O. at Paris Dauphine University in Paris. Then I did 28 years of post-university research upon Kalaacharka and am the world authority. I alone can debunk and devastate the Dalai Lama on Kalachakra. He kills Tibetans who speak up against him. I’m not Tibetan or he’d send his goons after me to kill me.

        I alone can speak about Kalachakra. So don’t listen to the false lying christs here who speak about the Kalachakra.

  • Freewilloffering

    Now I am totally convinced that Gay Obots are utterly pathetic.
    Get a life!

    If KOS info is so worthless why do you obesess about him?

    • Merkin

      There you are “FreeGeirFeltching”

      or should be say “Geir Smith”


    • AxisOfEvil

      Funny that you always pop up at the right moment to defend Geirly Smith.

      Weird…. :wink:

      • Merkin

        If it wasn’t so pathetic it would be sad.

        Look a few posts up.

        Geir just admintted to following a LUCIFERIAN teaching.

      • King of Shambhala

        I’m not commenting idiotic people who have no knoweldge of Tibet, the Kalachakra and Tibetan Tantric Buddhism.

        I’m a university scholar and not talking to Bible-Thumpers from Hicksville.

        Three are paid CIA shills heckling each article for four years enough said about those loonies.

      • King of Shambhala

        I don’t follow Blavatsky. She follows Kalachakra very loosely but introduced the Russians to it. The Russians have a very vague and loose understanding of Kalachakra.

      • AxisOfEvil

        “I’m a university scholar”

        No, you are not.

        You attend as a free student “etudiant libre”, therefore you do not have any diploma to prove this. And post university research, as you claim you did, is eventually submitted to a faculty for one to receive a Master’s or Doctorate Degree, non of which you possess.

        You are un-educated and delusional.

        Live with that you pathetic ex-pat.

    • King of Shambhala

      Hi Freewill, I’ll tell you why they obssess with me.

      It’s the two videos I sent in the article.

      These people worship Obama their god and i’m telling Obama’s the Antichrist AND I SEND THE PROOF OF IT.

      These guys can’t stand the truth.

      • Freewilloffering

        I have some VERY VERY scary new for Obots. We are on the verge of WWIII in the Middle East.
        Jesus is coming soon and your going to be in a very bad spot unless you repent. Renounce darkness and repent now while you can…Please for your sake!

      • AxisOfEvil

        You have provided no tangible proof of anything, besides that you are a racist dou*he bag.

      • Merkin

        Less credible with each post Geir you Luciferian muppet

      • Merkin

        Hey FreeWillOffering,

        We are renouncing darkness right now. For Geir Smith the King of Shambhala is attempting to lead his followers into a False Light

        He is Luciferian by his own mouth.

        You also follow “the shinning one” you bigot?

      • AxisOfEvil

        Hey, FreeBJoffering,

        This is what you say: “Jesus is coming soon and your going to be in a very bad spot unless you repent. Renounce darkness and repent now while you can…Please for your sake!”

        What about your friend KOS? Does he have to repent because he is a sinner that always talks ill about Jesus and the bible?

        Please answer this clearly.

      • King of Shambhala

        Freewill is right. The prophecy is that at the time of the Apocalypse world war will be pending and that’s happening now. You Obots will be toast and go to hell so repent and you’ll go to heaven, repent for following Antichrist-Obama i.e. Satan in Person.

      • King of Shambhala

        I speak the truth and reveal the heaven-sent omens of 666 upon Obama.

        False christs claim to know Christianity better than me.

        But they serve the Antichrist Obama so don’t listen to their lying words and everything they say is to serve their god Satan-in-Person/ who is Obama an no one else.

        Don’t look elsewhere. Obama’s the Antichrist. The Bible says:”Don’t be deceived by the false christs.” The false christs comment here so don’t be deceived.

      • Merkin

        Lying Luciferian little man.

        You have betrayed yourself

  • Apollo is the A/C

    K.O.S. – Here is an easy question. What is the Opposite of Light?

    • Merkin

      Shambhala = “Ohhh..ohhh… me. I know this one..Is it Obama? It’s Obama right!”

    • King of Shambhala

      I’m not involving in philosophical discussions. The Messiah’s not a philosopher says the Bible. I’m a straight-shooter revealing the Apocalypse, that’s all.

      • AxisOfEvil

        The only thing you shoot straight is your donkey’s schlong up your poop shoot.

        Prove me wrong Tantra boy.

  • kainnis

    claming to be the messiah makes you an antichrist did you know that?

    • King of Shambhala

      >claming to be the messiah makes you an antichrist did you know that?>


      I’m not originally the Messiah but I explained that in the article.

      Read it, you ugly idiot.

      • Merkin

        You can’t face facts or even follow your own script.

        Time for you to fold up your fake Sherpa tent..

        False Luciferian Messiah.

  • King of Shambhala

    Coward false christs.

    Can’t you answer about Kalachakra?

    I’m a university scholar and am against the Dalai Lama and you freaks are ugly, you can’t even answer about anything.


    Lazy ignorants you sleep in your stupid daze, wallowing in the mud of your dream and crap, you perverts.

    • King of Shambhala

      The Dalai Lama is not the scholar of Kalacharak He uses it to terrify/terrorize the unlucky Tibetans. YOU freaks know nothing you’re idiots.

      • King of Shambhala

        There are 14 people reading this so I’m answering for them. Not for the false christs who have been heckling me for four years non stop 24 7 and are pais shillls of the CIA working for Obama the Antichrist. I speak about the Kalachakra and don’t answer people who have no idea about the subject and haven’t even read a damn thing about the Kalachakra and spread false idiotic backward hick-ideas. I don’t talk to backward fanatical Bible-thumpers and missionnaries. talking to them is enabling them. Talking to them is enabling Satan and evil. Fanatics with no knoweldge are idiots.

      • AxisOfEvil

        “Fanatics with no knoweldge are idiots.”

        The perfect definition of who KOS is.

      • Merkin

        Oh Yes Geir…

        The Dalai Lama uses your false luciferian doctrine to terrify people.


      • AxisOfEvil

        KOS is panicking.

        His little game has been exposed.

        Move on Geir, your time is up

    • AxisOfEvil

      You can’t even answer about your so called religion being satanic.

      The only false christ here is you.

      • Merkin

        +1 AxisOfEvil

        HE can’t answer because he doesn’t know what to say with Satan (aka Stan his Donkey) giving him the answers…

        Stan’s mouth is full right now

  • xpose hym


    Coward false christs.
    Can’t you answer about Kalachakra?
    I’m a university scholar and am against the Dalai Lama and you freaks are ugly, you can’t even answer about anything.
    Lazy ignorants you sleep in your stupid daze, wallowing in the mud of your dream and crap, you perverts.<

    You have proven to me before Geir Smith KOS, that I know more about Kalachakra than you.
    When I've aksed questions about your black Kalachakra, you go silent, like the typical French coward.
    You are not a university scholar. No diploma, no record at UoP as an enrolled student.
    Your limited knowledge of Kalachakra comes from wikipedia, not from any reliable source.
    You do not even know that the evil beginnings of Kalachakra come from Islam. Almost a carbon copy of it.

    As another commenter stated a few months back which sums up you to a T:

    "You possess a little knowledge on a lot of subjects".

    You are the coward KOS, because all you state are lies. You are projecting again when you get caught:

    KOS: "Lazy ignorants you sleep in your stupid daze, wallowing in the mud of your dream and crap, you perverts"

    I agree .. you are what you've written above. Do you respond when looking in a mirror?

    • King of Shambhala

      I’m not responding to people who have zilch learning and only ugly learning.

      If people want to provide feedback on the material I’ve provided feel free to.

      I’ll respond to that not the rest of garbage beeing spread here by morons.

      • AxisOfEvil

        You are a moron and a garbage spreader…. Does that mean you wouldn’t answer yourself?

        By the way Geir, i have found a poem you wrote in 2006….. I posted it in the comment field of your Obama pedo-poem story! I will bring back great memories to you!

      • King of Shambhala

        I’m on solid ground not like you demonics because you’re supporting your god the Antichrist aka Satan-in-Person i.e. Obama.

        I’m relying upon the two videos of the OP because they show Obama’s marked by 666.

        There’s no one in the universe who can contest that and I’m the Messiah because I’m alone in spreading this good news of the Apocalypse and I’ll be saved in heaven being the blissful one.

  • Freewilloffering

    These Obots worship at the Alter of Obama and Demons. Their souls are in peril and that’s a fact.

    Repent now or pay the price…eternity is a long,long time!

    • King of Shambhala

      True these Obots are under the power of Obama the Antichrist aka Satan-in-Person.

      Where will this go?

      These people are not looking at gaining heaven do they even know it?

  • Geeper

    Congratulations! Any new BIN reader visiting the Obama Birthplace Controversy category page to learn about the present state of the controversy over Obama’s birth certificate is currently greeted with the main headline “Obama Is Satanical Clearly Obama Is Antichrist (Videos)” next to a blurry webcam picture captioned “I’m the Messiah” and preview text beginning “I’m being targeted by Obots saying I’m not reliable to say Obama’s the Antichrist. Those people are the false christs of the Bible.”

    Nobody is clicking through this article to offer agreement, support or encouragement. A couple of new readers have arrived and raised questions, and you called one of them an “ugly idiot” for doing so.

    If the Obama camp wanted to plant fake stories to discredit the birther movement and distance itself from other anti-Obama thinkers, they couldn’t have done a better job. Maybe you should try joining Obama’s 3500 paid shills, if you haven’t already, King of Shambhala.

    • King of Shambhala

      The false christs are getting panicked.

      This article is putting the proof of Obama being marked by the number 666.

      The Obots can’t stand that the truth get out.

  • Anonymous

    The negro had flies around his mouth, a rat crossed the podium while he gave a speech. NUF said about this phony negro.

    He does not belong there. He is gay, illegal, Muslim and a foreigner. America has shown it does not want God in its life.

    Alright he said, I will put a vile man to lead you. Ladies & Gentlemen I present the negro.


    • Merkin

      Garbage mouth

  • King of Shambhala

    Video. Who Is Obama? Takedown In Video. I KNOW WHO OBAMA IS SO SPREAD THIS GOOD NEWS

    • Merkin

      Spread it folks… like manure on your garden because that’s all crap is good for

    • Merkin

      Spread this to everywhere and even in China.

      The King of Shambhala tells his listeners his REAL feeling for Obama.

      Quote “Honestly I like Obama”

      Geir and Obama sitting in the a tree
      K I S S I N G

      You are a tricky little satans helper aren’t you?

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