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Muslims Say Obama Antichrist. Pics. Syrian Perspective Goes Anti-Obama

Thursday, August 22, 2013 10:23
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Big News! The Muslims Say Obama’s the Antichrist, they’re turning on their own. See the bottom of the article.





مقتل الإرهابي مهند جنيد متزعم ما يسمّى
Well, the family of the carcass pictured above can take comfort in the fact that their pride and joy bit the dust yesterday thanks to a projectile fired by one of our soldiers in Al-Qaboon.  He is MUHANNAD JUNAYD.  He dreamt of “liberating” Damascus, but, happily, wound up enslaved by the machines of Hell.  His body was returned to a veterinary medical school for teaching anatomy of monkeys.    
Other pieces of excrement who departed for Hell with this stinking simian clown are:

Mu’tazz Darweesh
‘Ali Al-Asyaad
Ahmad ‘Ali Tabarjaawi
‘Abdul-Haleem Manfookh (He blew up!)
Khaaled Naasser Al-Khawaaja (JORDANIAN HYENA BREEDER)

The other 4 with him could not be identified and are believed to be foreigners. 

Al-Shifooniyya:  Great results thanks to moronic tactics practiced by ape hoodlums:

Raateb Suraywal
Muhammad Al-Mulayyeh
Jameel Qaddoor
Mahmoud Al-Hilaali
Sa’doon Abu-Khashsha

Another 7 were taken prisoner.

Al-Hujjayra:  South of Damascus near the big camp.  NDF and SAA smacked these crawling cockroaches with a plastic swatter:

Taareq Al-Ahmad
Yusuf Sinjaab (A squirrely character)
Manaaf ‘Abdul-Kareem
Ayman Daqdooqa
Rayaan Salaah

Another 2 were wounded and taken prisoner.  They will warble.

Daarayyaa:  A bunch of snipers, starving from days of malnutrition gave up the ghost and went straight to Old Cootie’s Pub and Lounge:

‘Shaaher” (Id pending)
“Abu ‘Umraan”  (Id pending)
“Abu Kaasem”  (Suspected Palesteezian traitor and possible CIA plant)


Assad Jubayri
Bassaam Harastaani (A local yokel)
‘Ali ‘Askari

Al-Dhiyaabiyya:  Another ambush with naive American-trained filth:

Yaamen As’ad
Muhammad Shamseddeen
Maani’ Khaytu
Saadeq Hawraani

Al-Husayniyya:  SAA prowls around a nest of rats and finds these sleeping vermin:

Daawood Ardabeeli
Mustafaa ‘Ali Ma’tooq
As’ad Al-Yahyaa
Maaher Al-Faqeer

Another 2 were taken prisoner.  Another 4 could not be identified.


A file photo of Syrian cleric Sheikh Badr Eddin Ghazal who was kidnapped and murdered by al-Qaeda in Latakia
Shaykh Badruddeen Al-Ghazaal,  tortured and murdered, on August 5, 2013, and left to rot, by Obama’s “freedom fighters”.  His body was covered with blood.  This is the work of the miscreant, Anti-Christ, Barack Obama. 

More villages cleansed in North Latakia Province:

Tal Al-Bateesh 
Jabal Rootu
Tal Dureen

The word Antichrist-Obama is used under the second photo.

Now even the Muslims say Obama’s the Antichrist.

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  • physhstx

    “Big News! The Muslims Say Obama’s the Antichrist, they’re turning on their own”

    That’s right, I’m sure they all got together, had a big meeting, and came to this conclusion.

    You really are something special, smith!

    • Queen Of Shambhala

      My comments got deleted. I already ripped him a new one on this article. He;s just too much of a P**sy to face it, Classic Ol’ Smithy

      • King of Shambhala

        You’re supposed to behave on internet.

        That’s why you’re banned,Queen Of Shambhala

        Stick to the topics.

        It’s impossible to support Obama.

        Get a shrink you’re crazy to support the criminal Obama.

        He’s the shame of black people

        Shame on Democrats for bringing this piece of crap Obama to the US White House.

        Shame on Communists for Obama’s rise to power.

      • Geeper

        I will eat my spare hat if you can quote a single BIN user expressing any form of support for Obama.

        Disagreeing with your little pet theory of “Obama is the antichrist” is not the same as supporting the man. Do you think Hillary Clinton is the antichrist? No, but this does not mean that you support Hillary Clinton.

  • chizeled

    Obama and Muslims practice taqiyya. Islam actually permits Obama and Muslims to practice taqiyya or lying as long as their lies advance Islam which is really why this whole thing is just so entertaining. We see Obama lying in order to advance Islam but yet Muslims doesn’t believe Obama’s taqiyya. How do Muslims get anything done when all they do is sit around and lie to each other? The imams practice taqiyya by lying to their followers and the followers practice taqiyya by lying to everybody else but its all permitted as long as their lies advance Islam. Meanwhile, Obama’s taqiyya will likely destroy Islam but only if Islam’s taqiyya doesn’t destroy Obama first.

    The best part about the whole taqiyya thing is that I won’t be surprised if the NWO practices taqiyya by pretending that Obama is the Muslim Mahdi/antichrist. When you really think about it, if the NWO pretends that Obama is the Islamic Mahdi but Muslims don’t believe his taqiyya then Muslims will attack their very own Mahdi all because of Islam approved taqiyya. It is just so entertaining to watch people who believe in lies destroy themselves by believing in lies. I am thoroughly entertained by the thought that Obama is the antichrist/Mahdi.

    • King of Shambhala

      You’re complicated, chizeled; Ziad Fadel works that website and he’s seeing Obama fund terrorism in his country; so from the offset, he thinks Obama’s a demonic being to do such evil.

      But Fadel’s a very educated scholar from US universities and knows all about Obama’s frauds, the birth certificate, false documents scandals and everything including the Antichrist’s prophecied coming in that the Lottery drew 666 in Chicago (Obama’s hometwon) the day after Obama’s election.

      So, yes, he thinks Obama’s the Christian (And world – Islamic etc…) Antichrist, it’s not more complicated than so let’s not complicate this too much and muddy the picture up.

      • chizeled

        Is Ziad Fadel a Muslim because then its super funny that a Muslim thinks that Obama is demonic simply because Obama is acting like a Muslim. I don’t actually believe that Obama is a Muslim but I believe that the NWO and Obama want Muslims to believe that he is Muslim. Muslims expect their Mahdi to follow tenets of Islam like taqiyya but yet when their Mahdi actually does follow Islam then Muslims think he is demonic. Before you start accusing me of muddying things up, please keep in mind that I didn’t create Islam. Islam has always been muddy because as Ziad Fadel points out, its followers, like Obama, are demonic and evil.

      • King of Shambhala

        We’re looking at a complex situation.

        Anti-immigration hero and birther hero Lou Dobbs is back and hitting Obama on the birth issue.

        With ZIad Fadel we can establish a worldwide web of alliance to down Antichrist Obama. MSM Wastes Birther Lou Dobbs. Video. Birther Hero L. Dobbs Recaps How MSM Turned On Him: “I Was Attacked By Legions Of Lefties And National Media”.

      • chizeled

        Islam worships the spirit of taqiyya and murder. Ziad Fadel may see that the Islamic spirit leads Obama to act evil but it is ignorant to ignore the fact that the Islamic spirit leads all of its followers to be evil and act just as demonically as Obama. I feel sorry for people who don’t realize that Islam is a demonic system but Muslims certainly reap the consequences of worshiping the demons of Islam. People who worship demons are going to act demonically as Muslims have throughout history. If you are going to be dumb enough to worship the spirit of taqiyya and murder then you deserve to reap the consequences of your stupidity.

        John 8:44 You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.

  • Ralph

    Why is it not clear by now that muslims do not assimilate into the culture and laws of the host country?
    Today, what is really jihad, or holy fighting in the cause of Allah for the establishment/expansion of Islam, is conflated as being terrorism, but because terrorism is always and only violent, hideous forms of non-violent stealth and deceptive jihad, such as mass Muslim immigration to the West, are totally unopposed. Indeed, if it isn’t violent, then it isn’t construed as being terrorism. Thus, it isn’t opposed.
    Also, Islam is believed to be one of the world’s great Abrahamic Religions as well, but a cursory review of the history of Islam reveals that Islam is not even a religion, at least not by Western standards, as per the doctrine of abrogation and the infamous sword verses of the Koran, Muhammad reformed Islam subsequent to the Hijra into a very rabid form of totalitarianism with the sole purpose of subjugating into Islamic totalitarianism all religions and all infidels under the thumb of Islam through jihad and the imposition of Sharia, which is Islamic totalitarian law.
    Islam should be banned and mass Muslim immigration to the West, along with all of its excess baggage, should also be banned and reversed ASAP. Furthermore, the West should also abandon and isolate the Islamic world, but not before eradicating the nuclear weapons program in Iran and also forcing the Pakistanis to hand over their massive nuclear weapons arsenal and forcing them to destroy their nuclear weapons facilities.
    The stupidity of multiculturalism and diversity, which run counter to the long held principle of united we stand and divided we fall, like manmade Global Warming and environmental radicalism as well, are all incredibly self-destructive values pushed down our throats by the unhinged Left. Indeed, these unhinged principles along with Marxism are what are guiding BHO, the Dhimmicrats, and many Republicans as well to destroy our country.
    I’m predicting an eventual break up of the USA happening in the not too distant future. There will inevitably be a Socialist America based on the principles of Marxism, multiculturalism, diversity, global warming, and environmental radicalism, that will be weak, vulnerable, and totalitarian and a Capitalist America based on the principles of our founding fathers and our constitution that will be strong, powerful, prosperous, and free. It’s inevitable if things keep rapidly moving in the current direction.
    This same kind of leftwing insanity regarding Islam and racism is already happening over here in America as well. Indeed, it’s why the Obama administration refuses to acknowledge that the violent jihad attack waged on unarmed soldiers at Fort Hood by Nidal Hasan was work place violence instead of violent jihad.
    In the USA, when the same rape phenomena inevitably begins skyrocketing over here in the not too distant future as the Muslim population of stealth jihadists continues to explode via mass Muslim immigration, which is really stealth and deceptive jihad for the nefarious purpose of demographic conquest via the eventual imposition of Sharia, which is Islamic totalitarian law, both major political parties, the Dhimmicrats and the Republicans, will also ignore the issue as they again focus strictly on stopping terrorism in the name of protecting the homeland, and never mind the fact that terrorism is not holy fighting in the cause of Allah for the establishment/expansion of Islam. The institutional blindness regarding Islam and what is actually jihad as opposed to terrorism, by our unhinged politicians, so-called MSM, and the American people who have deliberately been kept in the dark is mind-boggling.
    The day is coming rag head where us infidels are going to say enough is enough and you and your kind will be fleeing our western countries in fear of our collective wrath, if you thought that the Serbs were bad in how they dealt with you, you haven’t seen anything yet, but you will. Then we shall see how big and brave you savages are in the face of a very angry and armed population of infidels giving you a Crusade to rid Europe of your sun human presence. Deo Volente!

    • King of Shambhala

      Agreed Ralph, exactly my ideas.

      Geert Wilders of Holland exactly beleives like you that all immigration from all Muslim countries must stop for ever adn Islam is not a religion it’s a criminal organization.

      The Koran must be banned worldwide for inciting murder of 5,5 billion of the world’s religions and population: it’s more dangerous than Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” which is a banned book; so why isn’t the Koran banned by now yet?

  • The Secret Behind Communism

    Muslims too are guilty of being propagandized by Zionist lies, hence all this biblical stuff. It’s by design of man, not God. It is intended to cause paralysis in both the faithful and the unfaithful.

    • King of Shambhala

      The truth is not fathomable and comes like lightning, The Secret Behind Communism.

      Nothing we can understand about the truth of the Antichrist revealed.

      It’s happened and Muslims know part of that truth.

  • Queen Of Shambhala

    “You’re supposed to behave on internet.” – KOS

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA Look how you behave! You slander the PRESIDENT. Slander homosexuals by making up crap about them, and call everyone names, and you’re getting upset because I prove you WRONG over and over? AAHHA what a joke!

    Classic, Classic Geir :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    • King of Shambhala

      Queen Of Shambhala, you think the President must be respected? I “slander the president”? Any proof of that?

      Why did you put President in capital letters? like in your posting >You slander the PRESIDENT.>

      You’re wrong. Thomas Jefferson said that any citizen who’s doesn’t criticise the president is a traitor.

      You’re a traitor for wanting people to respect the president without criticising his actions.

      • Geeper

        Nobody here at BIN has ever suggested that the President should not be criticised, just that your “the president is the sexy gay antichrist omg look at this picture I think he might be farting” blog posts are a waste of everybody’s time.

      • UnstoppableTruth69

        “I “slander the president”? Any proof of that?” – YUPP, right here:

        “Obama is a homosexual!” “Obama is the anti christ”

        Should I keep going?

      • King of Shambhala

        I’m not slandering Obama. The homosexual community in Chicago and the many links on Internet all say he’s homosexual as does his own poem “Pop” with butt-sex with his incestuous filthy sinful father.

        The Illinois Lottery proves Obama’s the Antichrist, I’m not saying it, I report you judge on it.

      • NM

        “I’m not slandering Obama. The homosexual community in Chicago and the many links on Internet all say he’s homosexual as does his own poem “Pop” with butt-sex with his incestuous filthy sinful father.”

        If you where in a court of law Sir I think they would agree with many others here.
        The unfounded heresay, rhethoric and stories about suspected rectal and transgender surgery is slander Sir.

        Senior Geeper ( El Lordo ) is once again correctomundo

      • King of Shambhala

        Armando, about going to court you’re speaking about Dujan?

        I think he’s got all his bases covered.

        He’s been reporting the homopsexual news in Chicago for fifteen years and is a veteran.

        Are you opposed to the truth getting out?

        Obama’s a homosexual, if you think that’s possible to sue about go for it but Dujan’s an old hand at this.

  • WTX

    That word Antichrist is sooo popular that you really cannot live without him.
    But you need to know about low of attraction. Maharichi effect was well known fact of experimenting on this matter.

    You practically calling him to be born while thinking about him.
    How? Here is how it works.

  • randall34

    another made up antichrist post ,why you arent banned is beyond me ,your spam articles are bringing this site down. everyone should hit the spam tab on this wackos comments

  • King of Shambhala

    Under the second photo it says Obama is the Antichrist.

    UnstoppableTruth69 is a paid CIA shill.

    Be careful everything he says is lies.

  • UnstoppableTruth69

    I can write anything I want under any picture, doesn’t make it true.

    Thanks for deleting my comment. Clearly you can’t handle the truth.

    Prove I’m a “paid CIA Shill” or move on.

  • King of Shambhala

    Unstoppable you’re just too stupid to get anything.

    DId you ever learn anything in school?

    The Muslims think Obama’s the Antichrist now.

  • Queen Of Shambhala

    You call them stupid just because you don’t agree with them? Are you that petty that when someone proves you wrong, you resort to calling them names and calling them “paid CIA Shills”?


  • King of Shambhala

    Important notice!

    There are false christs who copy my name and name-logo.

    Beware, the goal is to distract about who I am and to confuse people.

    Be careful.

  • UnstoppableTruth69

    Again, moron. Nobody stole anything from you. YOU don’t own the rights to the words “King” NOR “Shambhala” and, you also don’t own the Kalachakra logo.

    Therefore; nobody has taken anything, and nobody is a false christ.

    I wouldn’t expect someone as uneducated as you are to be able to comprehend that, but my point is still there.

  • King of Shambhala


    Again, moron. Nobody stole anything from you. YOU don’t own the rights to the words “King” NOR “Shambhala” and, you also don’t own the Kalachakra logo.

    Therefore; nobody has taken anything, and nobody is a false christ.

    I wouldn’t expect someone as uneducated as you are to be able to comprehend that, but my point is still there.>

    You’re the ugly moron not me.

    Just didn’t want the the wrong attributions be made there.

    I’m intelligent you’re an arsehole.

  • NM

    You don’t speak like intelligent man Sir.

    “UnstoppableTruth69″ sounds more logical and less emotional in Armondo’s personal opinion.

  • King of Shambhala

    I don’t mind your stupidity and ugliness Armando, but you’re dripping from your rear end is annoying.

    Westboro Killed Obama Father? Video. Breaking Hair-Raising Astounding Question Put Forth By Obama Cousin Blog (Linda Joy Adams)

  • King of Shambhala

    Obama will like Death Row because he’s probably got a fake plastic anus.

    He committed High Treason right?

    He got the secret nuclear codes of the National dDefense, that’s the greatest crime of Humanity; Hitler never had those codes so he never had the power of death of Obama the fraud.

    SCOTUS will hand down the death penalty that’s the US Law.

  • NM

    No Sir.

    Armondo is well known as beautiful man of distinction and while open minded I do not want to know about your dripping rear-end!

    Back home the doctor would sometimes use a red hot poker to seal up the rupture for good for men of your… eh.. persuasion.

    Perhaps you can have that done in France where u are?

  • King of Shambhala

    Take your homosexual banter somewhere else OK Armando.

    I feel sorry and compassion for you homosexuals.

    You have dripping anuses and it stinks; that’s HORRIBLE.

  • Queen Of Shambhala

    Two words: Prove it.

  • NM

    Mr Shamhala,

    As anyone with 2 eyes from God can see. It is you who talk about the homosexual banter non-stop for 24/ 365 days a year for 6 years.

    I think the numerous rumors are correct Sir.

    Please accept Armondo’s condolences for your health problems Sir.

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