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72 Hours: Obamacare Dies.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013 6:41
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On Nov. 30, Obama’s deadline for the Obamacare website to be working will pass. Obama will be under fire. Get ready, it’s in just three days.

4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse (the Revelation of Obama’s secrets) have risen up to sweep the world.


The birthers have been clamouring for Obama’s defeat since five years already.


Now new fighters have emerged with the group that gives Sheriff’s Kits to Congressmen/Senators INSIDE Congress and the Senate.


A childhood friend of Obama’s has also emerged to testify to Obama’s depravity in his youth. He was a gay prostitute so as to score cocaine in Hawaii in his youth, at 15, in the 70s.

You can come forth and testify that Obama is the Antichrist now. All Obama’s traits prove he’s the Antichrist.


Obamacare is killing Obama’s legacy and his presidency.

The final nail in Obama’s coffin is “The People”.

The great mass of people (1-in-8?) who think Obama’s the Antichrist is overwhelming.

In three days all hell will break loose.

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  • Ghost


    Calling BIN

    This post is threatening the assassination of the President of the United States..

    The conspirator in this assassination is in France and should be seriously investigated by the French National Security. (Mossad)

    Death Threats are a violation of the TOS and the Laws of the United States.

    • King of Shambhala

      The CIA/OFA Obot operatives who are paid poster-shills on Internet are losing their marbles.

      Obviously seeing the SWAT TEAM close down the White House and lead off Obama in shackles panics those cowards.

      “Everything that goes up must come down”. (Blood, Sweat And Tears.)

      • Ghost

        Is this part of your wet dream with other old white men? I can’t keep up with all the perversions you have

        The Prophecies of Geir Smith

      • King of Shambhala

        People who support Obama are truely possessed. They’re demonics who support the Antichrist Obama. Supporting Obama is the work of the Devil.

      • Geeper

        If you think 51.1% of American voters are “truely possessed” by demons, then you’ve certainly got your work cut out there, Buffy.

      • King of Shambhala

        I predicted it.

        Obama’s falling because of Obamacare.

        GOP’s Krauthammer has called Obama out: called him lawless.

        It’s over for Obama.

        Google it:
        Obama’s Lawless: Krauthammer. (Video)

    • DIgnified

      This is magnificent. Do you have any idea how hard it is to look more ridiculous than KoS?

      • Anara

        Theres no one more rediculous than Shambles.

      • Ghost

        I’ve been trying , but he won the ridiculous award every time..

      • Anonymous

        Lol no, ghost. You CLEARLY got the award on this one. This is not a threat, you are a moron, and also Obama is destroying your country and your future while convincing you he is saving it, and i look forward to when that realization strikes you. Because it will. Only a matter of time.

      • Ghost

        The NSA considers it a viable threat..

        but try a little sarcasm… does a world of good

    • Neanderthal

      You have no laws you have NDAA. get over it

    • Anonymous

      lol this is not a threat of assassination. It is a summary of one persons opinion of the state of the world right now. I would say it is supremely inaccurate, but not a threat. You are a very unintelligent person. i kinda hope someone assassinates you lol. (in case your panties were about to get bundled, that isnt a threat either. Its an opinion. In my opinion it would be good if someone assassinates you because your brain is clearly not functional enough and you are therefor a detriment to the world. Moron.)

      • Ghost

        Get a life… you can’t see the humor

    • Anonymous

      well apparently this is a joke. I guess ill take the blame on that one for not seeing it. It isnt particularly obvious either though. Obama supporters can be really insane. Remember that video of the teacher telling the kid its illegal to talk bad about the president?

      • Ghost

        KOS assumes that if you don’t accept him as your Messiah then you’re automatically a shill, a troll, a commie, a jew, an Obot.. and he’ll be sending us to hell..

        I’m Southern Democrat Liberal… but don’t hold out much hope for Obama to change anything… Yet Being from Texas I was 16 years tired of BUSH… governor and president..

        Southern Democrats are rarely found anymore.. most don’t even know what it is or means.

    • Ted

      Ghost; I don’t see how this is an assasination threat; and isn’t Mossad the Isrealli intelligence agency? As long as I’m on corrections; KOS, the lyric by BS&T is “What goes up, must come down.”

      • Ghost

        It’s not to me.. but if you were in the SS, or NSA… they might interpret it differently..

        They’ve arrested for far less..

    • CrowPie

      I hear you Ghost! I hope BIN hears you too!

      • Ghost

        KOS has softened the title since I commented about a death threat..

  • King of Shambhala

    The Obots won’t get away with death threats.

    They’ll be hunted down for that.

    Obamacare will kill the Obama Presidency in less than three days.

    • Anonymous

      Possessed? Have you looked in a mirror? Whole lot of “possessed” Americans put Obamai in. presidency twice. How do you explain that? More mature souls are on to your insanity. Look at the commemts about you and negative ratings, if you have the guts! I mean King of Shambala. The name alone reveals a huge ego. Ha ha.

      • Ghost

        I would think the Conservatives were a bit arrogant to think we would vote for the trash they put in front of us…


        Prez Mitt?.. Here’s his father and his mother and his other mother and his other mother and his other mother and his other mother and his other mother and his other mother

        Lets face it we had NO CHOICES in the SELECTIONS picked for us..


    BA-HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA…..whatta fuggin joke this sites turned into…ewww…doom and gloom national enquirer style….you guys need to go join that blowhard jones and combine the fear mongering into a huge fear fest….this place has went to hell in less than 2 years :mrgreen:

    • King of Shambhala

      What doom and gloom? Arresting Obama is joy and glee.
      What part of that can’t you get your head around, you sorry moron?

      BA-HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA…..whatta fuggin joke this sites turned into…ewww…doom and gloom national enquirer style…>

      • Ghost

        It’s become the Apocalyptic Porn site of the KOS who falls for every internet hoax ever devised..

      • King of Shambhala

        This is a time of great rejoicing: the Apocalypse is a great moment.

        But you must be on my side and say so out loud “I’m on your side Geir aka King of Shambhala and I’ll spread the news of the Apocalypse worldwide from now on even to the Far East NON STOP.”

        Or else no heaven for you – you’ll not make it to paradise.

      • Ghost

        Damn, now the little pervert, lusting after old white men, thinks he’s GOD!

      • Anonymous

        It pains me to side with ghost, because he is clearly an uneducated moron. But he got you on that one. You may well be violating the whole “false idols” thing with that last comment. Might want to backtrack a bit and retract that one. Im pretty sure supporting your insane internet propaganda is not the only way into heaven. (im not even religious and i know that that last post of yours easily borders on blasphemy)

      • Anonymous

        Apparently ghost was joking before. Still dont know if he is a obama supporter or not. But at least i know he is not a retard that thinks this article qualifies as a death threat.

  • Geeper

    Aww, man, I had ten bucks on Fukushima being one of the four horsemen as they finished another lap. Looks like a late rush from the Birthers, which were Famine back in August and Famine/Death in 2011. And we haven’t had the “Obama is gay” Horseman since Shambhala was telling us he was HIV positive (Pestilency) in 2012! Amazing scenes.

    Still everything to play for, the horsemen won’t be finishing their race any time soon. Place your bets, ladies and gentlemen!

  • King of Shambhala

    Relax and be happy. It’s good news so spread it. Obama’s going to be arrested fast now and be set to his court trial.

    • King of Shambhala

      Don’t you people think Obama’s the Antichrist?

      Strange, most people think so; at least among the birthers most do so. It’s normal to think so and not normal to not think Obama’s the Antichrist.

      • King of Shambhala

        Why do Obots support Obama?

        It beats me.

        It’s incomrehensible why an intelligent person would support and ugly stupid person like Obama. (I used to think he was intelligent but now I realize it’s more like a miraculous pwoer he has and not intelligence per se.)

      • Ghost


        Whether one likes or dislike Obama, he doesn’t fit the description the Bible, the book you don’t read.

        You are:

        The biggest fool that’s ever hit the big time
        And all you got to do is act naturally.

      • Ghost

        You really should consider a different religion KOS.

        You’re certainly not the poster boy for pacifism, the keystone of Buddhism..

      • King of Shambhala

        The Bible warns that many false christs will come and fight for the Antichrist Obama: “In the Apocalypse many false christs will come”.

        Beware of the false christs posting in the comments and if you wish for heaven join me in the Messengers of the Apocalypse because Obama’s Obamacare’s heading for a big brick wall in three days.

        Indeed, we must reveal Obama for us to be saved so be brave and do this fast now, despite the demons heckling here.

      • Ghost

        “In the Apocalypse many false christs will come” Cite that quote? Not in the Bible!

    • Ghost

      KOS “Obama’s going to be arrested fast now and be set to his court trial.”

      It’s been 5 hours, nothing’s happened yet! I’ll bet we make to 10 hours, 20 hours 40 hours.. and nothing will happen

  • Ghost


    I believe Francois hollande to be the Antichrist.. Hi fits the bill in many ways.. It says he will not like woman (is he married?) he may be gay, he passed the bill for gay marriage.. He has given France the impression he is a good man, I think he maybe the one to watch.


  • Ghost

    Le nouveau Président Hollande est-il un genre d’Antichrist ?

    Antichrist, SIGNES FIN DES TEMPS
    no comments

    « Petits enfants, c’est la dernière heure, et comme vous avez appris qu’un antéchrist vient, il y a maintenant plusieurs antéchrists: par là nous connaissons que c’est la dernière heure. »
    1 Jean 2:18

    Ce dimanche 06 mai 2012 symbolisait la passation de pouvoir avec l’arrivée du nouveau Président de la République Française : François Hollande. Sa victoire a entraîné des scènes des scènes de liesse et de joie, tel l’arrivée d’un sauveur qui aura mis fin aux années « Sarkozy ». Nous n’aborderons pas notre analyse sous une approche politique mais sur une approche biblique. L’idée étant d’identifier les valeurs de ce nouveau Président et de les confronter à ce que nous enseigne la Bible.

    Qu’est-ce-qu’un antichrist ?

    A plusieurs reprises, la Parole de Dieu nous avertit d’un esprit dans le monde véhiculé par Satan qui va à l’encontre de Dieu : l’esprit de l’antichrist. Antichrist signifie en grec : « Celui qui est contre Christ », et Antéchrist : « Celui qui vient avant Christ ». Il s’agit du même personnage : L’Antichrist, qui s’oppose à tout ce qui est Christ, et qui doit venir avant le retour de Christ sur la terre. Son esprit a un but bien précis, à savoir préparer les cœurs à son arrivée, le « Fils de la perdition ». Il se manifeste de plus en plus dans notre quotidien avec la hausse de la violence, de l’idolâtrie, de l’adultère, de l’amour pour l’argent et le luxe. Jusqu’à atteindre son apogée avec sa manifestation visible.

    « Et tout esprit qui ne confesse pas Jésus n’est pas de Dieu, c’est celui de l’antéchrist, dont vous avez appris la venue, et qui maintenant est déjà dans le monde. » 1 Jean 4:3

    Durant son ministère sur terre, Jésus-Christ n’a cessé de prévenir les apôtres et de les avertir des dangers qui existent autour de l’esprit de l’adversaire, même si Jésus n’a pas employé directement le terme « antichrist ». Son témoignage n’était pas pour les gens de ce monde (puisqu’ils ne croient pas en Jésus comme Seigneur et Sauveur), mais à destination de sa très chère Église afin de la préserver.

    « Jésus leur répondit: Prenez garde que personne ne vous séduise.
    Car plusieurs viendront sous mon nom, disant: C’est moi qui suis le Christ. Et ils séduiront beaucoup de gens. » Matthieu 24 : 4-5

    « Gardez-vous des faux prophètes. Ils viennent à vous en vêtements de brebis, mais au dedans ce sont des loups ravisseurs.
    Vous les reconnaîtrez à leurs fruits. Cueille-t-on des raisins sur des épines, ou des figues sur des chardons ?
    Tout bon arbre porte de bons fruits, mais le mauvais arbre porte de mauvais fruits. Un bon arbre ne peut porter de mauvais fruits, ni un mauvais arbre porter de bons fruits. Tout arbre qui ne porte pas de bons fruits est coupé et jeté au feu. C’est donc à leurs fruits que vous les reconnaîtrez ». Matthieu 7 : 15-20

    « Je sais qu’il s’introduira parmi vous, après mon départ, des loups cruels qui n’épargneront pas le troupeau, et qu’il s’élèvera du milieu de vous des hommes qui enseigneront des choses pernicieuses, pour entraîner les disciples après eux. » Actes 24 : 29-30

    « Mais l’Esprit dit expressément que, dans les derniers temps, quelques-uns abandonneront la foi, pour s’attacher à des esprits séducteurs et à des doctrines de démons, par l’hypocrisie de faux docteurs portant la marque de la flétrissure dans leur propre conscience ». 1 Thimotée 4 : 1-2

    « Il y a eu parmi le peuple de faux prophètes, et il y aura de même parmi vous de faux docteurs, qui introduiront des sectes pernicieuses, et qui, reniant le maître qui les a rachetés, attireront sur eux une ruine soudaine.
    Plusieurs les suivront dans leurs dissolutions, et la voie de la vérité sera calomniée à cause d’eux. Par cupidité, ils trafiqueront de vous au moyen de paroles trompeuses, eux que menace depuis longtemps la condamnation, et dont la ruine ne sommeille point. »
    2 Pierre 2 : 1-3

    « Car il s’est glissé parmi vous certains hommes, dont la condamnation est écrite depuis longtemps, des impies, qui changent la grâce de notre Dieu en dissolution, et qui renient notre seul maître et Seigneur Jésus-Christ ». Jude 1 :4

    Il existe bien encore d’autres passages dans la Bible, et plus précisément dans le Nouveau Testament, qui nous mettent en garde contre cet esprit : 2 Jean 1:7, Romains 16:17-18, 2 Corinthiens 11:13-15, Galates 1 :8-9, Éphésiens 4:14, Philippiens 3:2, 2 Timothée 3:5
    Que propose François Hollande ?

    Nous sommes en mesure d’identifier les valeurs de ce nouveau Président par une simple orientation politique parmi toutes celles présentées : sa promesse pour le mariage homosexuel, « au plus tard au printemps 2013″. Soyons clair, il s’agit bien d’une « abomination » selon Dieu. Alors, la question est la suivante : si chaque personne sur terre est, soit inspirée par le Saint Esprit (Esprit de Dieu), soit par l’antichrit (Esprit du diable, esprit du monde), par qui le Président Français est-il inspiré ?

    Le mariage est une institution fondée par Dieu qui symbolise le moyen idéal pour réaliser cette complémentarité. Ainsi, le mariage est le lien établit entre un homme et une femme qui se donnent entièrement l’un à l’autre sans restriction pour constituer une unité. L’aspiration au mariage est donc juste et saine.

    « C’est pourquoi l’homme quittera son père et sa mère, et s’attachera à sa femme, et ils deviendront une seule chair. »
    Genèse 2:24

    L’éducation des enfants est basée sur des principes bibliques. Parmi ceux-ci, figure en premier lieu la famille, fondée sur le mariage d’un homme avec une femme. Il ne s’agit pas d’une simple convention sociale, mais bien d’un principe biblique. Par conséquent, les politiques qui portent atteinte à la famille menacent la souveraineté divine de Dieu et l’avenir même de l’humanité; et s’opposent au Dieu Tout Puissant, le créateur de l’homme.
    Que faire ?

    Qu’on se le dise, ce n’est pas être pessimiste d’annoncer que l’état du monde sera malheureusement de pire en pire. Il y a une vingtaine d’années, les couples de même sexes suscités de nombreux débats et d’interrogations sur la légitimité d’un tel rapprochement. Aujourd’hui, ceci est devenu comme « normal » et ne choque plus personne. Nous n’avons à juger qui que ce soit, mais nous pouvons distinguer la connaissance du bien, et la connaissance du mal. Le Saint-Esprit nous guide, nous oriente, nous conseille, et surtout éveille notre conscience par rapport à toutes ces choses mauvaises qui se passent dans le monde, et qui vont contre la volonté de Dieu.
    La prophétie s’accomplit sous nos yeux, nous sommes bien à une période cruciale…

    « Qui est menteur, sinon celui qui nie que Jésus est le Christ ? Celui-là est l’antéchrist, qui nie le Père et le Fils « .
    1 Jean 2:22

    Que Dieu vous bénisse.

  • King of Shambhala

    Commie Obots are stupid ugly people.

    Che Guevara and Simon Bolivar are idiotic clueless criminals.

    Communism is a crummy Jewish faith intended to steal money from everybody.

    • Ghost

      François Hollande: Always a zionist

      François Hollande was elected president by cultivating ambiguity. Yet it was easy enough to read his previous statements to see full support for the State of Israel. The change he had announced to his constituents has not occurred. On the contrary there has been continuity with his predecessor. We cannot but note that France has gradually abandoned its policy of independence to stand alongside the United States and the last colonial state.

      Some commentators have explained the French position in 5 +1 negotiations with Iran as dictated by Saudi Arabia, or through reference to the Jewishness of Hollande’s Foreign Minister, Laurent Fabius. This ignores that French policy in the Middle East has profoundly changed in nine years.

      It all started in 2004 with the break between Jacques Chirac and Bashar al-Assad. The Syrian President had promised his French counterpart to favour Total’s tender. But when the French proposal reached the palace, it was so disadvantageous for the country that the president changed his mind. Furious, Jacques Chirac broke with Syria and presented Resolution 1559 to the Security Council .

      Then, the French elected Nicolas Sarkozy without knowing that he had been partially raised by one of the principal leaders of the CIA, Frank Wisner Jr. Not content with having been fabricated ​​by the United States, he discovered Jewish roots and cultivated his Israeli relations. International policy was dictated by Washington but because at the time there was no difference between Israel and the United States, he appeared only as being at one with them.

      François Hollande had, for 10 years, been designated secretary general of his party because of his mediocrity: directing no current and not being vassal to any leader, he could keep house while maintaining a balance between the contenders at the Elysee. He devoted himself to never having a personal opinion, to remaining as transparent as possible. So much so that during his presidential election campaign each saw him as a moderate man who could surround himself with experienced personalities. His supporters have been the first to be hurt by this.

      The reality of François Hollande emerged only once he arrived at the Elysee. Expert in domestic policy, he does not know much about international relations. In this area, his convictions come to him from illustrious socialist personalities.

      Thus, he had placed his nomination under the auspices of Jules Ferry, colonization theorist. In Le Figaro, his friend, Israeli President Shimon Peres glowingly compared him to Léon Blum and to Guy Mollet, although the latter is no longer popular in France. In 1936, the former had proposed to surpass the UK by creating the State of Israel in Lebanon, which was then under French mandate. In 1956 the latter attempted to seize the Suez Canal with the help of the Israeli army.

      During his ten years at the head of the Socialist Party, François Hollande limited his interventions on the Middle East, of which here is a brief anthology:

      – In 2000, when southern Lebanon was occupied, he along with Bertrand Delanoe prepared plans for Prime Minister Lionel Jospin to travel to Palestine. His speech includes a condemnation of Hezbollah which he likens to a terrorist group.

      – In 2001, he demanded the resignation of geopolitician Pascal Boniface, guilty of having written an internal memo criticizing blind Party support for Israel.

      – In 2004, he wrote to the Superior Audiovisual Council to challenge the authorization given to broadcast Al -Manar. He continued pressure until the channel of resistance was censored.

      – In 2005, he was hosted in camera by the Representative Council of Jewish Institutions in France (CRIF). According to the minutes of the meeting, he supported Ariel Sharon and strongly criticized Gaullist Arab policy. He stated: “There is a trend that goes way back, this is called the Arab policy of France and it is not acceptable that the government have an ideology. There is a recruitment problem at the Quai d’Orsay and at the ENA and this recruitment should be reorganized.”

      – In 2006, he took a stand against President Ahmadinejad who invited rabbis and historians, including Holocaust deniers, to Tehran. It feins ignorance about the direction of the conference, which was to show that Europeans had replaced their Christian culture with the religion of the Holocaust. And against the grain, he explained that the Iranian president intended to deny the right of Israel to exist and was poised to continue the Holocaust.

      – He mobilized for the release of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit, on the grounds that he had French dual citizenship. No matter that the young man was captured while serving in an army of occupation at war against the Palestinian Authority, also an ally of France.

      – In 2010, he, along with Bertrand Delanoe and Bernard-Henri Lévy, published an open forum in Le Monde to oppose the boycott of Israeli products. According to him, the boycott would amount to collective punishment imposed also on Israelis working for peace with the Palestinians. This is a line of reasoning that he had not held during the similar campaign against apartheid in South Africa.

      Finally, before the Franco-Saudi rapprochement and even before being President, François Hollande had already expressed his support for the Israeli colonial state. And he had already condemned the Axis of Resistance (Iran , Syria, Hezbollah). The truth is thus the opposite: applying the Quincy Agreement, Saudi Arabia became closer to France because of its pro-Israel policy.

      The policy of the Socialist Party in general and that of François Hollande in particular has its roots in nineteenth century colonialism, of which Jules Ferry was a herald and Theodor Herzl a promoter. Today , Zionists in the party have come together at the initiative of Dominique Strauss-Kahn in the discrete and powerful Léon Blum Circle… whose honorary president, Jean- Marc Ayrault has become Francois Hollande’s Prime Minister.

    • King of Shambhala

      Mark Levin Explodes: “Jerk Obama Screws US Without Contraceptives”. (Video) Obama’s got an enemy now.

      Google it.

      Obama’s got famous enemies now.

      Obamacare is killing Obama’s presidency.

      He’s toast, dead in the water.

    • Ghost

      Why do you keep bashing Jews and Commies?

      You live in a Jewish puppet state controlled by commies!

      • King of Shambhala

        Che Guevara and Simon Bolivar are terrorists.

        Communism is crap a Jewish piece of garbage of a creed.

        Communism’s only goal is to steal money from everyone on Earth it’s the work of the Devil.

      • Ghost

        Francois Hollande and Netanyahu are terrorists.

        Communism is crap a Jewish piece of garbage of a creed and is currently the government of France.

        Communism’s only goal is to steal money from everyone on Earth it’s the work of the Devil and you live in the Devil’s workshop.

      • King of Shambhala

        I don’t agree with Obots a lot.

        But yes, Communism is a piece of Jewish garbage yes I agree.

        Che Guevara and Simon Bolivar are piece of crap yes I agree on that point.

      • Geeper

        You confused him.

      • Ghost

        Bolivar was not a communist or terrorist …He preceded communism by nearly a hundred years..

        Again you’re caught LYING to people on BIN..

        However Francois Hollande is Communist, and a terrorist!.. and you’re too afraid to call him out for the truth…


        So what’s wrong with French men? They are gay, scared, feminine sissies. Very submissive and quiet, yet so full of themselves. And even though most of my opinionated opinions are based on nothing else but plain subjective biased prejudice

      • King of Shambhala

        Communism is a piece of garbage.

        It’s good to find common ground in these comments with the backward CIA moles.

        Even a mole can see the light of day when you catch him in the “tweezer” traps and haul him out of his miserable little black hole.

        That bastard.

        Yes Communism’s an evil Jewish creed and garbage; just meant to steal peoples’ money.

        Moronic inbreds believe in the JEwish Ciommunist lie.

        Che Guevara and Simon Bolivar are terrorist pieces of crap.

  • Anara

    They are arresting people for making threats like this KOS
    I just emailed this one to my field office minus some comments
    You can push the envelope only so far.

    • King of Shambhala

      I laugh at these Obama CIA operatives posting their garbage here.

      These clowns will save Obama?

      Not; nobody’s going to save Obama now, Obamacare’s killed his presidency and Obama’s dead in the water.

  • King of Shambhala

    Nothing can save Obama now not even demonic shills like these.

    People are fed up with Obama now and the Obama operatives who are heckling here imagine they can still save the president.

    Beware of the CIA/OFA/NSA moles trolling my articles they’ve done this for several years and they’re deranged and driven Obama operatives.

    • Ghost

      Oh you Frenchie commie jew lover! You’re just like Ted Haggard! Bashing homosexuality while partaking of its between the sheets pleasures..


      In 1800, a terrifyingly growth-stunted dictator named Napoleon conquered France. Napoleon was a homosexual, his slender body adorned in furs and fastidiously groomed jackets of the typical homosexual artistic finesse. He sindocked his way to the top, destroying any remnant of Heterosexuality possibly alive in the Frenchies, whom he now had sinister control over. Napoleon was their Stan, ruling over a fiery, limp-wristed dynasty of sexual favors for the sinfaeries in charge. This was how France got it’s homosexual start, and ever since, the Frenchies have been dressing like Dear Leader Napoleon and paying their tribute to him in their homsexuality, in exchange for their souls.

  • pigsdofly

    The comment’s here are pathetic! I know children whom have better intelligence than ALL of You. Just because you can walk into a store or buy a computer or cell phone does NOT mean you’re intelligent. I went to a public school and the teachers were pretty to close to idiots in the 1960′s but even I have more common sense than the comments made here. As far as the OBOTS, just remember what happened to the “brown shirts!” Also known as useful “idiots!” If you don’t know your history than you ought to start learning.

    • King of Shambhala

      Obots are primates.

      Deranged sorry excuses for human beings and rodents.

      Nobody’s going to save the so-called president “Obama”, Obamacare’s due in three days hehehehehe.

  • King of Shambhala

    72 hours tuill Obamacare’s due fior delivery.

    Looks like that delivery’s not going go down well.

    Gotta “Save Soldier Obamacare” but they’ve admitted yesterday that the website is compromised in it’s security, so whoever was enrolled by then has been robbed of all their information and pivate security.

    I get a tickle out of this.

    This is so funny to look ,at Leftist nutjobs making beleive they’ll work Obamacre and a website which deals with money the size of France’s economy when they can’t even build a bomb to blow up people.

    Leftist terrorists like Bill Ayers are criminals and the White House staff are of the same terrorist ilk.

    It’s funny watching them battle with computer science.

    They’re like terrorists who blow themselves up by their own bobm because they’re not even smart enough to study things.

    Obama never had hiis goons study what it meant to invent a health care system.

    They never studied what it takes to make a website.

    They just study at “acting as if”.

    They’re the Papua New Guinea tribes who developped a cult called the “Cargo Cult” which imiates the planes they see in the sky.

    They pray to plane models.

    Obama prays to Obamacare.

    • Anara

      The state exchanges are working just fine no one has had their identities hacked No one has reported that. What are you gonna say on the 1st of Dec. when its still going and you are proven wrong again. The only ones losing here are big insurance and cutrate companies selling cheap policies that only cover the basics they are substanded and a person who gets really sick or has a serious accident will end up with medical costs that are impossible to pay. But this is all lost on you

      • Neanderthal

        Do not tell me what to purchase, change the law to your privileged unions, delay it at your whim to suit your own purposes for elections, have a law passed without reading it, Go fk yourself.

    • Anara

      Maybe you could go to New Guinea and reveal yourself as the real messiah so they can pray to you instead that is if they dont decide to make a meal of you.

  • Anara

    Hey GHOST did you see those pictures of KOS the other week running naked in the subway
    in Gay Paree.. He was arrested but when the police saw that it was the universal Messiah
    Geir Smith, the one and only King of Shambles master of the Tantric they had to let him go.

    • King of Shambhala

      Check out the article.

      Google it people:

      Obamacare Dies In 72 Hours. Video. Obama Prays To Obamacare And Knows He’s Toast. The Thrill Is Gone.

      The Obots think they can save Obama by heckling.

      They need mental help now.

      Obama will not be saved.

      Obama’s nothing but an ugly moron and a freak.

      Supporting him is a mental sickness.

      They’re crazy people the Obots.

    • Ghost

      NO I missed those!!!

  • Ghost

    Found these on the internet KOS…

    I think they are for you…


    AnonymousNovember 6, 2013 at 2:12 PM

    You are mentally unwell. Please be mentally unwell somewhere else.You are cluttering up the place.


    AnonymousNovember 6, 2013 at 2:20 PM

    some half baked prophet no less? LOL!

    The saying nuttier than squirrel turd comes to mind LMAO!


    AnonymousNovember 6, 2013 at 2:27 PM

    Boy oh boy this guy is reincarnations of various divine beings sure to defeat obama the antichrist? see comments on link

    I appreciate getting the word out for syr per
    but you make John McCain look well adjusted.

  • King of Shambhala

    Obamacare trainwreck will announce the Apocalypse.

    Obamacare Exchange For Small Business Delayed Again

    Senate Democrats push for long-term ObamaCare website CEO

    A group of Democratic lawmakers is calling on the Obama administration to appoint a chief executive officer to oversee technical repairs of after the departure of management consultant Jeffrey Zients at the end of the year.

    The seven senators, led by Jeanne Shaheen of New Hampshire, said the position should report directly to President Obama and “should be empowered with the authority to ensure that is fixed quickly, completely, and permanently.”

    “The law’s success is inextricably tied to the confidence of the American people. Sustaining the steady management focus that this position has already brought to the project would go a long way toward earning back the trust jeopardized by last month’s deeply flawed rollout,” the senators wrote. … Google it.

  • Anara

    So KOS how do you like my new profile photo? Im able to use it now so you can see who it is you’re talking to . We are very transparent here. :wink:

  • King of Shambhala

    Breaking BIG News NOW = I’m the Messiah.

    I alone am spreading the news that Obama’s the Antichrist because a heaven-sent omen of 666 occured when the Lottery in Obama’s hometown Chicago drew 666 on the day after Obama’s election.

    False christs follow me around everywhere now because they want this truth to be hidden and obstructed by them.

    • Ghost

      AnonymousNovember 6, 2013 at 2:20 PM

      some half baked prophet no less? LOL!

      The saying nuttier than squirrel turd comes to mind LMAO!

    • Ghost

      The NSA tells me that while studying tantric sex with other Buddhists that one of the other Buddhists stole the King’s Wife!!!

      I guess that guy had a bigger tantric than Geir…. He might have been black too?

  • Ghost

    Geir is even banned from Buddhist websites! for Heresy?

    Thanks for this link Dalai!

    Hi friends,

    It took me some time to make a decision to ban Geir Smith, a fellow
    Sakyapa and a disciple of His Eminence Phende Rinpoche of Phende Ladrang
    (of Ngor branch of Sakya tradition), who has been seeking support to
    sign a petition letter to “Stop the world’s longest ban” for Jonang
    tradition in order to support human rights. He has also done so to some
    other e-groups.

    This is the petition site done by Geir Smith:

    Indeed, Jonang tradition was banned and monasteries were closed at the
    time of the Great Fifth Dalai Lama, Ngawang Lobsang Gyatso. But from
    19th century AD onwards, Jonangpa order is freely to teach in the
    public. Today in Tibet, there are more than 50 Jonangpa monasteries
    throughout the country, supporting approximately 10,000 monks.

    Jetsun Taranatha’s works were once banned during that period. However,
    his works are once again studied in the Tibetan monasteries, such as the
    one translated by Naropa University, “The Essence of Shentong”, and his
    other works, such as
    “History Of Buddhism In India”, “Golden Rosary” and many others, are
    also studied in some monasteries and modern scholars.

    So therefore, Jonang tradition IS a living tradition.

    One may ask what did the Great Fifth Dalai Lama want to ban Jonang
    tradition in the 17th century AD?

    The Great Fifth Dalai Lama banned the Jonang school due to both
    political and religious reasons:

    1. The cause for the downfall of the Jonang school is generally seen in
    the exegesis of Asanga’s Mind-Only-School by Sherab Gyatsen, the first
    great exponent of the order. He had formulated a philosophical position
    that later was considered ‘heretical’, for it offered a way of
    conceptualizing the process of Enlightenment that was close to the
    thoughts of early mediaeval Chan Buddhism of the Chinese monk Hvashang.
    The latter had taught the possibility of a sudden awakening of the
    Enlightenment state through the absence of mental activity. This
    position was to provide the pretext for proscribing the Jonang order.

    This is much to do with the debates based on Rang tong and Sheng tong
    views, and not forget to mention an unique Sheng tong views of the
    Jonang school. I will not elaborate here as I am not a

    2. From the religious-dogmatic point of view the proponents of the
    Indian Buddhist school, such as Kamasila and his students, had triumphed
    over those of Hvashang’s Chinese Chan tradition. Yet, records of the
    Jonangpa tradition claim the victory of the Hvashang tradition at the
    Samye Council. Thus the Jonang teachings only became a deviation from
    the ‘unvarnished truth’ when later Tibetan apologists identified
    themselves with the Indian parties.

    For better understanding on this subject, please refer to “Enlightenment
    by a Single Means: Tibetan controversies on the ‘Self-Sufficient White
    Remedy (Dkar Po Chig Thub)” by David Jackson. From page 178 to 180,
    there is a very detail Tibetan account on this debate.

    3. There were some more reasons why the Jonangpa were taken between two
    fires of the doctrinal disputes. Their notion that gifts to monasteries
    as a means for the path to Enlightenment would be dispensable were
    sowing seeds of discontent for these gifts were an important base to the
    political power of several Buddhist orders, namely the rising Gelugpa.

    4. The objective of power politics had the Jonangpa being on the
    ‘politically wrong side’ as they were, like the Karma-Kagyu, closely
    associated with the Gelugpa’s main rivals for power in central Tibet,
    the princes of Tsang. Any significant influence of the Jonangpa thus was
    a thorn in the Gelugpa’s side.

    During that period of time, the new central government, Ganden Phodrang,
    was just formed in Lhasa. Any rivals for power from supporters of/and
    the princes of Tsang, will definitely threaten the new government and
    the unification of all the Tibetans.

    5. Jetsun Taranatha who had been sent to Urga in Khalkha Mongolia by the
    prince of Tsang, was staying there for two decades. When in 1634 he died
    in Urga, his reputation endured for his reincarnation was discovered in
    a son of the Khalkha Mongol prince Tusiyetu Khan. The boy was declared
    to be the spiritual leader of Mongolia and given the title of “Holy
    Venerable Lord” (Jetsundampa). Thus the Jonangpa, and together with them
    the princes of Tsang, were about to secure the support of one of the
    most mighty central Asian powers. The decisive political move was then
    made by the Great Fifth Dalai Lama by eliminating the Jonangpa order,
    yet expressing his support for the Jetsundampa incarnation and thus
    integrating him into the Gelugpa system.

    For those who are familiar with Mongolian Buddhist Arts, Under Gegen
    Zanabazar, the First Bogdo Zabzundamba or Hutuktu Zabzundamba, is the
    first Mongol reincarnation line of Jetsun Taranatha.

    Now, in a recent article “A Survey of the Paths of Tibetan Buddhism”,
    His Holiness the Fourthteenth Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso, wrote about the
    doctrine views of the Jonangpas:

    “Amongst the definitive sutras are also included sutras belonging to the
    third turning of the wheel of doctrine, particularly the Tathagata
    Essence Sutra, which is actually the fundamental source of such Middle
    Way treatises as the Sublime Continuum and the Collection of Praises
    written by Nagarjuna. Also included in the third turning were other
    sutras such as the Sutra Unravelling the Thought of the Buddha, which
    according to some Tibetan masters are also categorized as definitive.

    These scholars (such as the Jonangpas) maintain an unique view of
    emptiness, which is technically called ‘emptiness of other’, and they
    speak of different kinds of emptiness qualifying different phenomena.
    They maintain that conventional phenomena are empty of themselves and
    ultimate phenomena are empty of conventional phenomena.

    You could interpret this explanation of emptiness, that conventional
    phenomena are empty of themselves, to mean that because conventional
    phenomena are not their own ultimate nature, they are empty of
    themselves. But these Tibetan scholars do not interpret it in such a
    way, they maintain that because phenomena are empty of themselves, they
    do not exist.

    As we know from history that many masters belonging to this group of
    scholars actually achieved high realizations of the generation and
    completion stages of tantra, they must have had a profound understanding
    of their particular interpretation of emptiness. But if we were to
    interpret emptiness as things being empty of themselves in such a manner
    that they do not exist at all, it would be like saying that nothing
    exists at all.

    Because they maintain that conventional phenomena do not exist, being
    empty of themselves, they maintain that their ultimate nature is truly
    existent phenomenon that exists in its own right, is inherent existent.
    And when they speak of the emptiness of this ultimate truth they refer
    to its being empty of being a conventional phenomenon.”

    So from this quotation, we can see that early Jonangpa masters are all
    accomplished masters through the practice of tantric Vajrayana
    teachings. And they do not interpret it in such a way like those
    standard Rang tong and Shen tong explanations. Thus, in the official
    website for Dorje Ling Buddhist Center, a Jonangpa Dharma centre, wrote
    “The Jonangpa tradition is famous because of its strong historical
    connection dedicated to the instruction and practice of Kalachakra
    Tantra. The Jonang tradition differs from other Buddhist schools of
    thought due to its philosophical viewpoint on the nature of reality”.

    Your Dharma pal,

  • Ghost

    More than a year and a half later KOS’s lies are out there for anyone to follow….

    Pink Pantied Sheriff didn’t do squat.. KOS LIED..


    Thomas Brown March 31, 2012 at 8:07 pm #

    Geir Smith:

    Joe Arpaio’s going to hammer Obama so bad and you all know it you demonics working for Satan (Antichrist and Satan are the same thing say some among the Christian groups.)


    Thanks for the laugh, Geir. “Pink Panties” Arpaio isn’t going to do squat. You a bettin’ man, Geir? Because I will wager $1000, right here in public, that by Dec. 31st 2012, at midnight, nobody will have been indicted for forging BHO’s documents, the documents will not have been proven to be bogus, and Obama will have been on the ballots in all 50 states.
    Does that sound like we “know” Arpaio is going to “hammer” our fine President to you, pal?

    Your pathetic ravings are more fun than the funny pages.

  • Ghost

    More KOS lies uncovered… embarrassing incompetence..


    February 18, 2012 at 5:06 pm


    Have you run into this nut yet?

    Geir Smith
    YOu OBOTS ARE CLOWNS. Your own DOc Holliday has turned against you and is the main source of updated (reliable….he’s gone birther!) news. Challengers bustin’ out all over | Obama Conspiracy Theories 2.1

    Geir Smith Obots have lost their ally Doc Conspiracy. He’s reporting what’s embarrassing for you all.

    Geir Smith Obama Conspiracy Theories is aiming at being the first source for the final stretch. Birther Ballot Challenge menu feature

    Geir Smith Davidia I understand you want to close your eyes and sleep through this one. The Obot (Obama Conspiracy Theories) who switched on your Obama Camp is sure bad news for you. They’re all switching now. The ballot challenges that are lining up, will be hell on earth for Obama and you fanatical cultists who follow him.


    Dr. Conspiracy
    February 18, 2012 at 6:34 pm

    Yes, he’s a US ex-at living in France. I banned him from here.

    I’ve been doing some straight reporting about the ballot challenges, trying to accurately represent them.

    I don’t have to tack onto each one: “this is crap.”

    They are all crap.

  • Lady Liberty

    I thought the lusting after old white men WAS OBAMA-

    • Ghost

      Nah.. KOS has been hoaxed again by POPE and Pope per KOS is Obama’s last name…

    • Ghost

      Caught in another lie, so the Examiner declares Nov 5 as “Geir is queer day.”


      @Geir Smith 2 years ago

      Election Day was Tuesday November 4th 2008

      The numbers drawn on 11/4/08 in the Illinois lottery were

      Midday 605 Evening 845

      GeirSmith 2 years ago

      The Nov. 4 draw was election day not victory-day. The news comes out the next day when it’s 8PM news like the election. Heaven did things so good Obama’s dead in the water. (that’s an expression…) It means he’s toast.

      I have loads of videos about the lottery. I must have most of what’s available on U Tube. Maybe.


      @Geir Smith 2 years ago

      Victory day? Victory day? Is that the best you have?

      Now you just make up names for days.

      I say 11/5/08 shall be called Geir is queer day.

  • LifeIs

    Ghost: “This post is threatening the assassination of the President of the United States..”

    Where? I see the headline, “72 Hours Obamacare Dies.” Did the Prez change his name to Obamacare, or something?

    But the list of reasons for Obama’s unpopularity should include the scam he’s currently running, on the road to war with Iran.

    “…any military operation against Iran will likely be very unpopular around the world and require the proper international context—both to ensure the logistical support the operation would require and to minimize the blowback from it. The best way to minimize international opprobrium and maximize support (however, grudging or covert) is to strike only when there is a widespread conviction that the Iranians were given but then rejected a superb offer—one so good that only a regime determined to acquire nuclear weapons and acquire them for the wrong reasons would turn it down. Under those circumstances, the United States (or Israel) could portray its operations as taken in sorrow, not anger, and at least some in the international community would conclude that the Iranians “brought it on themselves” by refusing a very good deal.”

    -Brookings Institution’s 2009 “Which Path to Persia?” report, page 52.

    • Ghost

      It was only a satirical remark….. not serious bout it..

      • Ghost

        He also changed the headline since the comments were made.. It was a bit more threatening.. but not to all of us that know KOS is crazy….

  • PablosWhiteRabbit

    OMG! Is this Doug Vogt’s Jane Doe #2?!
    Get to the website before this post is deleted!

    • King of Shambhala

      This is the end for Obots won’t save Obama.

      Obama’s finished.

      It’s over now.

      • Ghost

        You’re the shill — the troll ..

        You’re putting the same comment over and over and over again all over BIN

      • King of Shambhala

        Beware crazy Obots are losing thei mind in Obama’s last moments.

        They think Obama’ still ok.

        Watch out for crazy people.

  • Ghost

    Is this to be another failed prediction from the prognosticator King of Scambulla..

    Obamacare didn’t die today . not in 48 hours..

    Geir Smith’s continuing accuracy of 0% is on the line..

    The current time and date right now in France is
    11:16 PM
    Friday, November 29, 2013
    Central European Time (CET) +0100 UTC

  • Ghost

    KOScambull says: “Beware crazy Obots are losing thei mind in Obama’s last moments.”

    Obama seems to be very unaware of those last moments that the drag queen of France is referring to…

  • King of Shambhala

    Beware, there are deranged people intent upon smearing me.

    They have one objective and get all excited about it which is to protect Obama, a criminal.

    Look at their hysterical yammering and beware because they are unbalanced individuals and Energizer Bunny-style demented.

    • Ghost

      I don’t think the Syrian Army is going to appreciate you calling them deranged people, or having their pet goat call them Energizer Bunnies…

  • Blessed

    Looks like a few people need to take a Civics course. When I took a Civics class, I was taught that the Electoral College voted the President in. There were more than one president that did not get the popular vote. So please, get off the “you voted for him” kick. I don’t even know anyone who voted for him the second time around. Even so, it is still the Electoral College that decides the presidential win.

  • horedog


  • nooh

    Most of what you have wrote is IMO is right . I would say he is a 33 degree mason maybe part of the one of the apocalypse horsemen.

    People of GOG and MAGOG are basically the apocalypse horsemen who will help summon the ANtichrist. So that said GOG and MAGOG come form the children of Noah (my name is Noah btw) . White /persian . WHat follows under is a mix of all these tribes as there is suppose to be 12,000 of each

    Horsemen being a metaphor as horsepower . 1.CHina/ Korea is one of the horsemen 2nd America/ISREAL/Russia, erurope , 3/rd IRAN /KSA other muslim countries left who are basically the new JEWS and there GOLD is BLACK GOLD so they are victims but were ill prepared for this and moved away from there scripture which helped them grow for 1200yrs and then fell, 4th India /PAkistan.
    All of them consisting of 12,000 tribes . Basically most part of the world

    It wont be black people . BTW am not black. Just looking at history and every action being a reaction , africa has been robbed , gone through so much slavery than the rest of the other people out there ,Famine , black diamonds, gold, civilian warfare funded by the illuminati. Also indication of jesus coming indicates if fire is coming from these directions then the chances of him coming would be from the south of Israel , people moving up from africa towards the search of the prophecy to be fulfilled.

    So much changes over time and after studying all scriptures one thing I noticed that Phrophets came when majority of the people just walked away from the 10 commandments , never mind rest of the scriptures.

    Now who has the REAL 10 commandments? Also the secrets of King Soloman who had a ARMY of GOOD DEMONS to serve god and god alone ? The illuminati do.

    These movies which we watch all have signs.

    Nothing is a coincidence in life, every song you heard , every movie you watched people just think it was a bit of time pass. But no there were lessons to be learned which people did not take and were hypnotized by the new works of the the DEMONS .

    Its when you understand what level hypnotism comes in you will understand more. Simple talking to a person and that person having the fullest concentration of the person speaking to him is the smallest and the least of of all prevalent forms.

    Media however is the strongest form . Today media comes in so many forms too. We have lost touch with humanity and been dumbed down with fluoride . Its that simple.

    Things have changed so much through history , even the real Bday of jesus to satan claus by coca cola.

    Even the name Jesus has changed . Studied computer network science and all other sciences , maths , media, commerce and basically everything is Binary.

    Noticed ARABIC being the best binary as so much can be said in so little words as they have super nouns, adjectives, plurals everything in it and just one letter added whilst all the other languages its way more.

    Take jesus’s name for an example . Its ISA in Arabic , Esau in Hebrew as Jesus was Hebrew and then by the time majority Christians get hold of the Bible it becomes Jesus . This is just the name.

    We all add and take what we want from the scripture and that is the time of today. WHich means we are getting closer and closer to the time of the prophecy to be filled. AS MAJORITY OF THE WORLD HAS MOVED AWAY FROM TRUE HISTORY OF MAN.

    Everything we have been fed to us has been lies because of basis that we came from APES , later they change medicine so it makes pharmaceutical companies even richer, so they lied to us on medicine too, then when it comes to traveling , there again we have been lied that we need petrol to run a car. When in 1940 Ford made a car of help/plastic which was 10x more powerful than steel and ran on hemp ethanol. BTW hemp is the male cannabis plant and no there is no to very very minute amount of actual THC or CBD in it. . Even manipulated cancer by taking cannabis out of the medicine closet.

    So we should question everything. Alcohol being so wide spread and cigarettes. Both are major killers of health but extremely prevalent in modern society .

    FACT- ALCOHOL is actually a class A drug. How can you tell how lethal a drug is? Simple . The faster it comes out of your body, basically your body quickly rejecting it the more fatal or abuse of that drug can be.

    ALCOHOL comes out of your system much faster than any drug out there. So this said then the WAR on drugs is a lie too. If people are really free then why stop at ALcohol.

    FREEDOM OF MAN COMES AT A PRICE . ANd if its causing destruction to mankind then that freedom should be looked into more and stop it at its root and be governed properly.

    One of the most devious but also extremely intelligent people of the world today are FREEMASONS and ILLUMINATI on the whole as their society consists full of secrets and all come from RICH families who’s heritages are filled with DARK SATANIC RITUALS AND SECRETS.

    Rich get richer and the poor get poorer. NWO to kill the poor so the few rich can survive.

    The movies tell it all. Superman is actually the ANTICHRIST , especially the MAN of steel which came out few months ago. The catastrophic damage shown in that movie . The apocalypse horsemen being his people who were prisoned . Mother and father the seed of EVIL.

    The ark of covenant and the king solomon’s secrets will move easterly direction as history proves it has done from the templars , then america which led to the great war between Britain and America. Next move to china as that is the new west. Karma basically ,then move china then IRAN and then back to jerusalem where Jesus will seal it properly so no one can touch it.

    This is the story I have got so far looking at history , scriptures and understanding the evil workings of the illuminati and understanding how Satan can and is causing destruction.

    • King of Shambhala

      The 72 hours have happened and the Apocalypse has come.

      Look at all the Obamacare critics in the press spreading like crazy.

      They’re everywhere so Obama’s lost all his power.

      • King of Shambhala

        The people saying I’m not a compassionnate Buddhist are wrong because what I’m doing is compassionnate I’m ridding the world of a slug the evil Antichrist, Obama.

        I’m not arguing for his death I’m saying the US law and SCOTUS provide death for High Treason which Obama did, that’s solely the entire law.

        Obama did High Treason by accessing the presidency and nuclear arsenal using a false ID.

        I’m the King of Shambhala Rudra Chakrin and I use the warthful means of my kingship as prophecied by the Kalachakra Buddhist faith but my goal is to destroy lies and the evil of the Demon King Antichrist Obama alias Krinmati.

        People are digging up my past on Internet but they don’t perceive that what I’m doing is goodness and what they’re doing is rummaging around like rats and rodents/moles to smear with slander.

        But they’re self-defeating because they’re supporting people who are evil like Obama and on top of that they’re mistaking the sides because the Syrian Army is on my side i.e. against Obama.

        The Syrian Army is against the rats of the CIA Al-Queada, paid by Obama the Commie.

      • King of Shambhala

        The Apocalypse has happened.

        It’s here.

        Obamacare’s trainwreck happened and those who keep on hanging onto Obama even when they’re falling over the cliff are crazies beyond any hope.

  • King of Shambhala

    Good news:

    I predicted it.

    Obama’s falling because of Obamacare.

    GOP’s Krauthammer has called Obama out: called him lawless.

    It’s over for Obama.

    Google it:
    Obama’s Lawless: Krauthammer. (Video)

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