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Editing Wikipedia ‘Obama Antichrist’

Friday, December 13, 2013 9:03
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By Geir Smith, King of Shambhala aka Rudra Chakrin the Universal Messiah.

Editing Wikipedia is easy and that’s how Wikipedia works and in fact that’s how it’s advertised to be.

But if you’re editing into it that the Messiah, the Lord and Saviour Barack Hussein Obama is the Antichrist you’ve got trouble such as the CIA crawling all over you. ROFLMAO!

The problem is the CIA because of these people snooping on my Internet work for three-four years because this throws into evidence the link to feds, government involvement and spying.

Since I tried to edit Wikipedia a few years ago Wikipedia kicked me out with a threat that they’d make a shadow website to monitor everything I wrote on Internet. Baffling enough, they DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Even yesterday as I was on another article (“The Messiah’s On FBI Watchlist”), discussing making this article about editing Wikipedia, I got more threats online. Those threats come from the same one who made death threats (which threats I’m going to report to the police). This is what happened yesterday:

But what are the links of these weird, strange (trolls, Wikipedia editors, Obots, whatever…. they’re a strange mix of Hard Left extremists and a mixed bag of garbage) people to the NSA/CIA? How can they threaten and get away scot-free? Shouldn’t they all be banned from BIN?

The problem is this troubling link to Wikipedia which is still unbroken till today as wikidot’s website (I counted 9 pages in all at the last time I checked) about me proves clearly.

>Merkin said: “He doesn’t care that his actions may have put him on a CIA watch list”.>

The problem is that these people aren’t paid to give up.

We should seriously think about going back and editing Wikipedia.

That’s where it started from.

That’s when these guys alerted the CIA that Obama had a serious problem called Geir Smith (King of Shambhala Rudra Chakrin).

We’ve got to root out these moles by the way they came: by Wikipedia.

It’s really easy.

We go to the pages called “Barack Obama religion conspiracy theories”.

Then scroll down to the paragraph called “Claims that Obama is the Antichrist”

This is the page:

You can go to the the “View History” page and check out the November 5 edit where someone wrote that Obama is the Antichrist.

I’ve got something interesting to do in connection with that. But I’ll keep that secret.

Now, what would be good would be to go and edit that paragraph “Claims that Obama is the Antichrist”. Remember that Wikipedia’s goal is for everybody to edit it. It’s not a closed club. Nobody is unqulaified to edit it.

You can all go edit it and Wikipedia encourages you to do so. Don’t listen to trolls or liars who tell you you’re not allowed to edit WIkipedia!

Damn it! They’re the ones who are not allowed to edit Wikipedia if they tell you that!

Don’t bow down to threats from criminals who are trolling and threatening in BIN’s comments, like the first screenshot of this article.

I’ve got three things to add to that section “Claims that Obama is the Antichrist.”:

(they have to be redacted right to conform to Wiki standards, let’s discuss tht as we go along, but here’s just the gist of them)…..

1. World-famous Pastor Jack Van Impe says Obama’s the Antichrist – I have the references which are solid.

2. Newsweek aired an article the week after Obama’s election asking “Is Obama the Antichrist?” by Senoior Editor Lisa Miller. She said that the Chicago Lottery in Obama’s hometown drew 666 the day after Obama’s election. That’s the well-known Mark of the Beast of the Antichrist. I have the Newsweek reference.

3. One in eight people think Obama’s the Antichrist by a world-standard serious survey by the famous newpaper  The Guardian of London. – I have the reference from the Guardian of London.

Get back to me for the final cut of the edits and the links to be provided. Work with me on the details through my e-mail: Never edit alone, always in group work. You’ll be targeted by the powerful Obama lobby immediately. This is tricky work: akin to disabling mined territory. Work in groups and watch your backs. Be aware of the dangers and work with an alert system for if rodents attack you so as to have the pesticide at the ready with the Emergency Team ready to pounce. 

Let’s speak about rodents or else  they’ll start threatening that these are death threats ROFLMAO. Spray all rodents with lots of gas whenever they show their beady little noses at the corners. The spray nozzles have a round-the-corner feature. So you just nozzle around each corner and spray whatever’s back there. Don’t take any prisonners. Spray the rats out of this world and into the next.
This Wiki-editing is necessary because I’m being spied by these people since three-four years and they made the wikidot website  BECAUSE I want to edit Wikipedia. The only reason they’re still around and swarming like varmit is because they fear when I return to do it. Let’s GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m making this new article because I’m really convinced that the Obots are scared of this. Can Obama really fall on this issue? OK? Ready.

What I know is this will be the Mother of all BATTLES.

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  • Geeper

    Why not just politely ask Wikipedia to unblock your account? For all your silly hyperbole about the FBI and the “mother of all battles”, none of these edits seem even remotely controversial. I’d make them myself if you didn’t call me names all the time.

    • King of Shambhala

      I’ve got a good idea for a name of a new page at Wikipedia.


      That’s good because they say everything has to be in pages called “Conspiracy”.

      • Geeper

        Still no luck in getting anyone to help you out with a couple of uncontroversial, sourced edits, then?

      • King of Shambhala

        24 hours later the same psycho, Geeper, is still harping away while Obamacare’s train wreck heads for the big brick wall.

        What will you do for work when Obama’s lost and jailed and you lose your job posting on Internet for pay?

        Get unemployment?

      • Geeper

        24 hours later, Shambhala is telling me how he’s thought of a good capslock name for a wiki page that he isn’t allowed to write and can’t get anyone to write for him. Meanwhile, something about a big brick wall.

        How’s unemployment working out for you? Would you recommend it?

      • King of Shambhala

        Why don’t you give it up Geeper?

        Why don’t you just go do something else?

        Why do you do all this?

      • King of Shambhala

        Rebellion of states against Obamacare.

        Obamacare Could Be Stopped (States Rebellion Video)

      • Geeper

        Sometimes it’s hard to tell whether you’re asking me a question or asking yourself.

      • King of Shambhala

        Armaggeddon breaking in Syria.

        Face Book Fascists Have Shut Down Syrian Perspective

        Check out the comments. Obama’s called out as the Antichrist.

  • DavId Montayne

    ‘Shambh-allah’ aka ‘Queer Smith’, how can you claim that Obama is the antichrist because of the 666 lottery connection; and how can you claim that you are the Messiah and christians are false christs who will go to hell if they don’t follow you; if you have never read the Bible?

    You are a liar; a lonely loser who will not find anyone to follow you down into the bottomless pit.

    You ever wonder about the ramifications of what would happen to you if you are wrong? I want to see your face when you find out that you are not God.

    • King of Shambhala

      What do you think about eidting Wikipedia ezwatchman?

      Obama’s the Antichrist don’t you think?

      So, I’m the Messiah and the time is right because of the Obamacare Debacle, I think so?

  • Anara

    Have you ever known KOS to be polite Geeper?
    Could he ask them politely and resist calling them obot paid shills and feces loving homos who take it up the tailpipe .

    • King of Shambhala

      How much are you paid Anara?

      Is by the post or per hour?

      You must get government aid directly.

  • DavId Montayne

    ‘Shambh-allah’ aka ‘Queer Smith’, how can you claim that Obama is the antichrist because of the 666 lottery connection; and how can you claim that you are the Messiah and christians are false christs who will go to hell if they don’t follow you; if you have never read the Bible?

    You ever wonder about the ramifications of what would happen to you if you are wrong? I want to see your face when you find out that you are not God.

    • King of Shambhala

      ‘Shambh-allah’ aka ‘Queer Smith’, how can you claim that Obama is the antichrist because of the 666 lottery connection; and how can you claim that you are the Messiah and christians are false christs who will go to hell if they don’t follow you; if you have never read the Bible?>

      I read the Bible via Internet when I first discovered that Obma was the Antichrist, you perverted sodomite abomination.

      Anything else?

      >You ever wonder about the ramifications of what would happen to you if you are wrong?>

      Why would I be wrong? It’s pretty crazy to say I’m wrong when in Chicago, Obmaa’s hometown, on the day after his election, the lottery drew 666. That’s an incredible coincidence. The people of the Great Lakes Area all know of that draw. If I’m wrong then Obama’s still cursed by an evil omen and evil sign: by that draw of 666. It’s a mark upon him.
      People all know about it throughout WIsconsin, Indiana, Michigan and Iowa that neighbor to Chicago. They all draw the lottery and see it on TV and hear it on the radio. I bought the Chicago tribune of that day and it carries the lotteries of all those places. So they must also carry Chicago’s lottery seeing it’s the biggest of the whole area.

      >I want to see your face when you find out that you are not God.>

      Yeah? Why? I’m Buddhist we don’t believe in God. We crap on God’s godly unholy face. God does not exist you moron. I’m not going to repeat this much more. GOD DOES NOT EXIST STUPID. MAN U’RE UGLY.

  • Mister Fred

    Now they are taking away our freedom of speech? :shock:

    • Geeper

      No, Shambhala is just confused that after being banned from Wikipedia, someone else set up a site at Wikidot, which sounds a bit like “Wikipedia”.

      Like he says, anyone can edit Wikipedia. The only reason he can’t is because he was banned and got angry and left under a cloud, and is presumably too embarrassed to slink back and say “sorry I called you all Nazis, Wikipedia is important really, can I make a trivial edit quoting a citation please?”

      • Geeper

        “Wikipedia kicked me out with a threat that they’d make a shadow website to monitor everything I wrote on Internet”

        [citation needed]

      • King of Shambhala

        I’ve got a new page-name:


        That’s good because they say everything has to be in pages called “Conspiracy”.

    • King of Shambhala

      Yeah Fred, and I’m taking back our freedom from them.

      I’m confiscating Wikipedia’s freedom because they usurped freedom and misused it in their Stalinist Communist way.

      They’re now under my control.

      • King of Shambhala

        If the Obots offer to make edits and agree to do the same edits as you they’re still snakes. They’ll not accept any edit they don’t like. They just want to choke the information flow so never let them do an edit in your place. Always control your work.

        Anyone ready to edit with me?

        I’m not talking about the Obots, of course, those pieces of trash.

      • Anara

        KOS Wikipedia does not believe Obama is the antichrist . You are attemping to inject false and crazy lies into an online encyclopedia which holds to better standards than that. Thats why you were banned permanently. They deal in facts and are not interested in your raging lust for Obama

      • Anara

        KOS You cant even control your own bladder much less anything else” They’re now under my control.”

      • King of Shambhala

        I control Wikipedia.

        I relish editing Wikipedia.

        I’m good at it but I’m marked by them no matter what; I need to have people work with me and that’s the essence of collaborating and of the Biblical Army of Truth.

        I had lots of experience when I was banned and know my way about getting it edited now and it’ll be easy.

  • King of Shambhala

    The Obots are here in full display; beware, they want to pass off as friends and control us.

    Come and edit with me but know that if any edit goes up that’s not given to you by me, that comes from them.

    All edits must come directly from me and we must sift through what they’re editing and what we’re editing, don’t mix with them, we’re not part of them and they’re our enemies.

    • Geeper

      Okay, if you don’t like “this isn’t a big deal, just ask Wikipedia to unban you”, how about “muahahaha, you will never edit the article again, nobody must know about this widely-reported opinion poll from earlier in 2013, Obama would be finished! Finished I say! *puff of smoke*”

      Was this you, a couple of hours ago?

      • King of Shambhala

        We can destroy Wikipedia, Obama and the Obots by editing Wikipedia.

        I’m gathering troops to go do it now.

        Google this:
        The Messiah’s On FBI Watchlist (Video)

        The people who can edit Wikipedia are talking together over here.

        Wikipedia must be destroyed.

      • Geeper

        How will updating a Wikipedia article to mention a month old story, a six month old story and a five year old story change anything? This is all in the public domain already and the FBI/CIA/Satan haven’t cared enough to spike those stories.

  • LOL Jesus Died

    It’s not your fault.

    • King of Shambhala

      You’re a sodomite LOL.


      You’re a freak.

      • Anara

        ” You’re a sodomite


        You’re a freak. ” KOS …What did I tell you about shouting at yourself in the mirror

      • King of Shambhala

        Ignore Anara this is a mentally deranged and criminal psychopath.

        About this article, if anyone wants to edit Wikipedia I think I’ve found the best possible title for a new page: “Criminal Charges Against Obama.”

        We could put everything they have on him there which is legally consistent such as the Joe Arpaio investigation.

  • King of Shambhala

    It’s funny to see how nervous the Obots are getting about this.

    I understand.

    These abominations, sodomites, have been fearing this moment for four years while they’ve been spying on 24 7 unceasingly because they’re afraid Obama’ll be recognized as the Antichrist.

    • Geeper

      It’s kind of weird to see how frothily overexcited you’ve become about the prospect of one small section of one Wikipedia article being edited to mention some old news story. Like I say, all of this is already in the public domain. Your big gosh-wow Illinois lottery thing was carried by Newsweek, which had a circulation of 1.5 million, and Obama somehow survived this. Tinkering with Wikipedia won’t make this headline news again, or send the FBI bursting into the Oval Office with a printout of the page.

      I’m almost tempted to make the edit myself at this point, but I think the mods might block my IP if they thought I was making an edit at the direct instruction of a banned user.

    • King of Shambhala

      Don’t edit without me.

      The Obots here want to control the process and prevent you from editing.

      Anyone discussing editing here apart from me is an Obama demonic mole.

      • Geeper

        Yeah, here we go: “A new user who engages in the same behavior as another user in the same context, and who appears to be editing Wikipedia solely for that purpose, may be subject to the remedies applied to the user whose behavior they are joining.” – and the remedy applied to Shambhala was that they had to give him a permanent ban.

        So by all means edit this article to mention three old news stories, but don’t do it from an account or an IP that you want to keep, in case someone from Wikipedia actually IS reading this.

        But then, I’m a demonic mole, so maybe I would say that! Raaarrh, demonic star-nosed mole!

      • King of Shambhala

        Geeper’s an Obot.

        Don’t follow anything he says.

        He’s a crazy.

  • Freewilloffering

    Give Geeper a break…he needs sell us all out for his pathetic 30 pieces of Silver he gets from Organizing for Amerika. But does Geeper get ObamaCare for free..that’s what I want to know as he has earned it!

    • King of Shambhala

      I relish editing Wikipedia.

      I’m good at it but I’m marked by them no matter what; I need to have people work with me and that’s the essence of collaborating and of the Biblical Army of Truth.

      I had lots of experience when I was banned and know my way about getting it edited now and it’ll be easy.

    • Merkin

      “30 pieces of Silver” would look nice in my busy hands right now.

      Most of the “Obots” aren’t even from the United States brother FreewillOffering.

      ObamaCare would be useless to us.

      I think Geeper actually wants to help but something is getting lost in translation here.

      “Come now! Let us go down and there confuse their language that they may not listen to one another’s language.” 8 Accordingly Jehovah scattered them from there over all the surface of the earth, and they gradually left off building the city”

      • King of Shambhala

        I’m not preventing Geeper from editing but I want to have good people who do exactly what I tell them to.

        He’s filtering what I say and twisting it.

        None of my people should argue with him, it’ll lose time and send us to hell.

        We must work among ourselves and kick those pigs out of uor group.

      • King of Shambhala

        Freewill said rightly that the Obots don’t want to talk about the topics.

        But on the question of Wikipedia they do deal with it.

        That’s the reason they snooped on me for three-four years and that’s scary for them.

      • King of Shambhala

        Freewill’s not a pathetic loser Geeper.

        You’ve been snooping my articles for three-four years.


    • Geeper

      Divisive bickering between the rational helpful and the paranoid biblical? It’s almost as if you’re trying to make BIN look bad, Freewill.

      • King of Shambhala

        Freewill says Organizing for America.

        That’s old.

        Obama’s changed the name again to Organizing for Action now, I guess that the last name for OFA because it’ll close now seeing Obamacare’s be a train wreck in early January and the Hard Left Radicals will be jobless like before.

      • King of Shambhala

        Rational helpful doesn’t mean a thing. Learning means something. Talking to a mystic like me without learning what I’m talking about is stupid and ugly and people don’t see how ridiculous they look. Nothing you’re saying means anything to me Geeper because you’re unqualified to broach the topics I talk about. Your mental capacity hits it’s high-limit immediately no matter what I say. I feel you’re like an Energizer Bunny trying to drive on the highway. You don’t know squat about religion and spirituality. You just get intellectually clobbered each and every time. What worst is you don’t even see how ridiculous you look. You look insincere and out of your depth.

      • DavId Montayne

        KOS – you are arguably one of the most sorry individuals I have ever encountered

      • King of Shambhala

        Now get lost ezwatchman, you’re an mental case.

        First u say I’m not God and I tell u i’m not god.

        Now it’s something else so shut up already.

      • DavId Montayne

        If you are the King of Shamb-allah, then why don’t you live there? Who runs Shamb-allah while you’re away? Does the vice-king of Shamb-allah watch over your people? and may I ask who the vice-king of Shamb-allah is?

      • King of Shambhala

        Shambhala is a mythical land which is hidden.

        People can see it and and go there but they must have a purified heart to do so.

        It will rule the world at the time of the Apocalypse.

      • Anonymous

        mythical means its not real you moronic fool

      • DavId Montayne

        You literally answered none of my questions

      • DavId Montayne

        Can you touch your elbows behind your back? I heard all the true kings of shamb-allah could

      • King of Shambhala

        You must study or you’ll be stupid for ever.

        Study about the questions you ask me.

        I’ll not study instead of you because you’re lazy.

      • DavId Montayne

        I have studyied. How can you be king of a mythical place? People say it is ‘mythically’ located below Tibet. Did you get to visit Shambh-allah when you went to Tibet?

        My questions aren’t that hard.

      • DavId Montayne

        So I thought that I would do some real investigative research. I opened my phone book and found the phone number for the front desk at the capitol building in Shamb-allah (akbar).

        I spoke to the nice, spiritual representative and she assured me that you were the king of the mystical place. This entity also explained why you choose to live in a small apartment under the guidance and protection of your parents so that you can blend into the physical community in order to spread your message of salvation by rediting wikipedia.

  • metalraven

    This is just another comical show that has been put on by the Un-clown KOS. Whats the matter Smith? You still haven’t learned how to read the book yet have you. You still know nothing about the “Greek” number that is mentioned in Revelation.

    Nor do you understand what the Anti-Christ actually is, and therefore you mistake a human for one, only an uneducated person would do that. Again, I put it to you that you have not done a single bit of research.

    As for your being a professional in what you do, it is apparent that you are not. I.E., calling your critics names, and debasing them. This sort of behavior is infantile in nature, and thus shows a personality that hasn’t evolved over that of a 5 year old.

    So who would fall for your rantings? Nobody…..

    • Freewilloffering

      Look at the tens of thousands of views KOS has recieved in Stories?
      What about negative comments from OBots.
      Is this the new paid Obot double standard..


      • DavId Montayne

        I take pride in poking fun at your fools for free. You get views because people like to see people trash on you – @ freewilloffering a.k.a. king of shambh-allah.

      • King of Shambhala

        I don’t think you understood what Freewill said ezwatchman.

        He’s pointing out that your comments are negative.

        He’s just telling you so, you’re pushing a negative karma.

      • Geeper

        It’s not hard to get thousands of views occasionally by copypasting current news stories from other sources, and jiggling the headline around a little. People Google current events, people click on links in the sidebar. His real skill, I’ll admit, is in trolling the comments to get reactions from people, because this bumps his stories up on the BIN category pages.

        But it’s kind of telling that he never gets any support in the comments for his big “Obama is the literal definite antichrist like in the Bible because of a lottery result” and “King of Shambhala is the Buddhist Messiah with the power to throw people into hell, and by definition also Jesus” theories. And that he can’t persuade even a single person to make one small, uncontroversial changes to a wiki page. If you can’t translate thousands of views into even a handful of serious supporters of your core message, then what’s the point?

      • King of Shambhala

        The thing wev’e got to see is if Obamacare train wrecks in the next few days.

        Charles Krauthammer says it’ll occur in early January and that’ll be a great thing.

        He’s a college teacher and it’s true we see the signs of bad things being revealed more and more every day now.

      • DavId Montayne

        So did someone tell you that your are the Universal Messiah or did you come to that conclusion yourself?

      • King of Shambhala

        I’ve known it since the 70s.

        I had signs during a meditation retreat which lasted 8 months.

        I’ve searched for the Antichrist for years and when Obama showed up I had already been seeking for that person for several years already.

        When 666 showed up I was flabberghasted and my hair stood on end.

      • Geeper

        So what did the other Buddhists at the retreat think about all this? Are you still in touch?

      • King of Shambhala

        They know I’ve got a karma for a high destiny.

        I was the only one to do such a retreat in France.

        To this day no one has done it and none have done the things I’ve done in terms of devotional practise.

  • Freewilloffering

    You know I have never seen a story on what its like to be a paid Obot troll.
    Please Please Please…on of you Obots please write a life as an obot troll!

    • King of Shambhala

      Great idea Freewill.

      Inside the head of an Obot.

      I’m busy with Armaggeddon so get to my email it’s in my profile NOW – it’ll be over in a day or tow

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