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Mystery: Obama Father Killed By Own Family?

Saturday, April 26, 2014 6:39
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King of Shambhala aka Geir Smith.

Out of caution I want to say that this is not my opinion and is just hearsay and supposition.


Linda Joy Adams, a lady from Topeka, Kansas has claimed that a pregnant girl was taken into guardianship by her parents.


                       Mystery surrounds Obama’s parents.


That girl was Stanley Dunham who was Adams’ second cousin, Obama’s mother, says Adams.


This can be seen in comments to this article at BeforeItsNews:


This information was given to Orly Taitz and Commander Mike Zullo of the Arpaio Cold Case Posse but nothing was done about it.


Further on she says: 


Obama’s mother Stanley was pregnant and was with the father of Obama when she was attacked by a racist group. The father was killed. His body was thrown into the Kaw River (now the Kansas River) near Topeka Kansas. They had been picknicking up a creek of the Kaw River. The bodies of the three black boys that were killed washed up several weeks later on a sandbar, apparently. The news was in the newspapers at the time and Linda Adams has searched for the articles in the archives at the Topeka Kansas public records and libraries. She needs help in these searches. Mike Zullo has not done it nor has Joe Arpaio, despite her requests of them both.


Indeed, Adams’ dilemma is that she knows and can reveal the name of the father but doesn’t want to unduly expose the father’s family by revealing it. She’s contacted their family, whom she’s always known and they’ve told her they fear the backlash and media hysteria if Obama’s real father’s name is revealed. Their lives will be ruined instantly if it is so.


Obama’s real father’s family is after all Adams’ own family and they’re second and third cousins to her. So, that’s why she’s wary of revealing things. That is why she’d prefer to find the article in the newspaper where the name of the father is revealed. That way she’d be proven right and would have a trace of the event. She could then reveal that article to reporters or investigators and they could take it from there with the proof that the event really had taken place..


She also speaks about how Obama was born at Forbes Airforce Base outside Topeka, because Adams’ father drove Stanley there when she went into labour. Adams further says that Westboro Baptist Church were active, and she seems to be suggesting (this needs to be verifiied)  if not behind the murders’ inciting and that they came to her house when Adams’ family sheltered Stanley after the murders and shouted racist insults at her house.


This is blockbuster breaking news. Because although she doesn’t say that Westbro Baptist Church has a hand in the murder of Obama’s Kansas father, she nevertheles says they had a role in inciting the racist hatred leading up to it. This is of course her own responsability but it opens up vast new perspectives about Obama’s possible father, about the background of how he dispappeared and about links to the Westboro being a family of Obama’s, something which no one has ever spoken about in the mainstream media.


Linda Adams says she can’t trace the family’s link to the Westboro Church but it seems that her family told her that the Westboro were of their family. That’s a shocker. That means that Obama’s family is the Westboro. That means that Obama’s father was killed by his own Westboro Family’s inciting. That’s blockbuster news which must be verified and checked of course.


Further, Adams says Stanley sought to marry Obama Senior quickly so as to thus be able to leave Topeka with a foreign black man – Obama – for protection.


He left for Kenya or Harvard and Stanley never saw him again practically. She left with the baby Obama to Washington State to her parents’ house and never came back to Topeka. Dams says she visiited Stanley’s famly in Mercer Island later and was surprised to see that baby Barack was not being told the name of his true father and was using the “Obama” name and was brought up to think Obama Senior was his true father.


Put your questions directly to Linda Joy aAdams about Obama’s real father:

or to me

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  • Doggoneit!

    Another stupid conspiracy on your part!!

    • King of Shambhala

      There are paid Obama shills stalking all my articles. Obama’s not happy with what I write.

      These paid operatives have a lot of work to do with me.

      • NM

        “These paid operatives have a lot of work to do with me.”

        Are you referring to the team that tells you ( and others ) what kind of articles to post?

      • King of Shambhala

        The paid operatives are like the last one above this.

        No comment about the article.

        Just heckling, trolling and stalking: that’s what they’re paid to do.

      • NM

        “She also speaks about how Obama was born at Forbes Airforce Base outside Topeka,”

        Good article Mr Smith. Finally some proof the President is actually american after all!

        Keep up the solid work.

      • King of Shambhala

        Obama was born in the USA.

        Good news.

        But not the right name, so “bad news never comes alone”.

      • Doggoneit!

        @MN he’s referring to me and how I just RIDICULE his articles. I don’t hide the fact. There’s nonsense and nonsense. I’m not what he stupidly calls: paid operatives. I’m Canadian – I’M A FREE THINKER and I can see that the guy has only this on his mind – AN OBSESSION WITH BARACK OBAMA and the fact he tries to come up with any idiocy to incite people into believing him. Oh, maybe you don’t know that the King of Charabia (as I call him), thinks he’s JESUS CHRIST THE MESSIAH. Look it up.

      • King of Shambhala

        What counts more, being an American or being honest?

        Obama can be American or not, but doesn’t it count that he show his birth certificate?

        Obama’s got to obey the law that’s the problem here, not where he’s born.

      • King of Shambhala

        Why people have to post to heckle my articles is beyond me.

        Mind-boggling that people have no lives like this.

        Maybe a clue is that Wikipedia wanted to stop me from editing that Obama’s been cursed by 666 in the lottery which makes him look like the Antichrist; so maybe that’s what they want to block me from saying here too.

  • JohnnyScottsdale

    Why would it matter at all if Obama had a different father and didn’t know it? This would actually invalidate what you’ve been screaming for years, that Obama had a fake birth certificate and was from Kenya. How could anyone hold someone criminally liable for their mother listing the wrong man as father?

    I don’t get where you’re going with this. You’re trying to disprove what you have said for years? If this was true and came out, Obama would just say he had no idea, and the media and everyone would say ‘Poor Obama, didnt know his real dad. How sad.’ And people would increase their support of him.

    • King of Shambhala

      How is it possible to cover up for and protect Obama in the comments here? That’s government paid shills because a human being can’t be so stupid as to fall into that trap. That’s being a cult.

      How is it possible to be uncritical and compromising with the president of the USA?

      Theodor Roosevelt said that “if citizens didn’t criticise the POTUS they were guilty of Treason and were traitors to the USA; because with no criticism – then we’d have entered Tyranny.” (his words.)

      • Doggoneit!

        You don’t LIVE IN THE STATES.

      • JohnnyScottsdale

        I’m not covering for Obama or anyone. I do not understand your logic on how Obama is going to get in trouble if it turned out his father was different than he thought.

      • King of Shambhala

        There are Obots who want to distract from the topic.

        That’s easy to see.

        They’re paid operatives and have been collecting data which they spread on Internet.

        How can someone collect data for years?

        Why also do it?

        Wikipedia wanted to stop me from editing that Obama’s been cursed by 666 in the lottery which makes him look like the Antichrist; so maybe that’s what they want to block me from saying here too.

        They want to avoid the topic that Joe Arpaio has not investigated the claims by Linda Joy Adams.

        It’s so easy to get the archived newspaper articles about the murders Adams talks about.

        But the Obots haven’t even brought up any of the topics in my article. It’s easy to recognize a troll seeing he doesn’t even take the pain to speak about the topic itself.

        Trolls’ agendas are to distract and attack.

      • JohnnyScottsdale

        KOS, why won’t you answer the simple question:

        What is your logic on how this would be bad for Obama if it turned out he had a different father than he thought?

        Can you just answer that? Put the insults away and just let us know your logic

      • King of Shambhala

        Why people have to post to heckle my articles is beyond me.

        Mind-boggling that people have no lives like this.

        Maybe a clue is that Wikipedia wanted to stop me from editing that Obama’s been cursed by 666 in the lottery which makes him look like the Antichrist; so maybe that’s what they want to block me from saying here too.

    • Doggoneit!

      @Scott there’s NO logic in this guy’s comments.

      • JohnnyScottsdale

        Oh I understand that. But I would like to hear the logic in his head.

        I do not support Obama at all. I am an independent conservative who philosophically doesn’t agree with Obama on almost every single subject. But I also don’t support KOS or his version of the ‘truth’

      • Doggoneit!

        OBAMA-OBAMA-OBAMA (like a mantra)…



      • King of Shambhala

        Trolling on Internet is a sign of mental madness.

        Being a paid operative to troll for years on end and collect data to spread and smear is a mad sickness.

        Being a nolife is a problem but not for me, I’ve got a life and don’t feed the trolls.

  • Who dat

    He doesn’t answer questions, just over talks you like a 10 year old, it’s his speciality. Nice to see he has a friend in NM, at least he can communicate on a level with someone. It must be terrible to be paranoid, if you follow his history on the net by googleing him, you can see how he ended up a bit demented, maybe he isn’t paranoid, I for one am out to piss him off.

    • Doggoneit!

      That makes 2 (uno, dos) of us BUDDY!!

  • MileHiLife

    A few years ago I dismissed rumors of homosexuals being murdered in Chicago due to their ties with outing Obama as the lowest of low.

    About a year ago I was among those who thought 9/11 being an inside job were conspiracy nuts.

    Half a year ago I thought pedophilia (much less Satanic ritual child sacrifice, trafficking, torture) in the Catholic Church was isolated to pockets of rogue priests and deacons — a mere reflection of the statistics of creeps in general society. Man I really got that one wrong.

    A few months ago I gave little thought to Sandy Hook being a staged event, all in the name of gun control, as absurd. I mean…what sick fks would fake killing 20 elementary schoolers ?!

    I now, after extensive research of each, unequivocally believe these “conspiracy’s” true. Might’ve been a little late, but I got there on my own.

    The above story regarding O’s daddy sounds ludicrous. There’s little evidence to support it. ALL the events above started somewhere, so who knows where this new one’s headed?

    Geir, If I may…notice authors of articles in the MSM never engage in the comments section of their story? If you post a controversial scoop which needs defending — it will be — by those who support or believe in the plausibility. Engaging in tit for tat here in the comments is for the rest of us knuckleheads to argue and sift through the given statements. Most of us can easily spot the shills, or those completely blinded by their religion or politics (Obots).

    Right or wrong you can’t win — there will always be opposition. Take it as a compliment if trolls come out in full force…means you might be onto something. I respectfully suggest to ignore the comments, keep your nose to the grindstone and dig the best dirt you can for our entertainment and, just maybe, enlightenment.
    Thanks :smile:

    • Doggoneit!

      Even if I DO NOT agree with your comment – it was well presented to the point and polite.

      • King of Shambhala

        The Obots work for Obama. They’re paid or crazy to defend a criminal like Obama. They troll relentlessly for years which begs the question of why they have no lives or why they’re so driven by their madness and evil side.

      • MileHiLife

        Thanks, appreciate it! Rare to get a compliment around these parts :eek:

    • King of Shambhala

      Hi MileHiLife, the trolls here are not good company and are stupid, ugly people. You can find me at Facebook under Geir Smith with a golden god Kalachakra as my icon or also at

      I don’t seek them out it’s them who choose to follow me because of my claims about Obama as being the Antichrist and because of the Lottery 666 draw I say cursed him. They want that information blocked.

      They are indeed, as you say, a clear indication that they want to hide something badly and are even ready to blow their covers to achieve it.

      But it’s slowly backfiring on Obama and them because people are now waking up everywhere and not taking it anymore. For people to be accused of being racist just because you disagree with Obama and his racist policies doesn’t work anymore.

      Now, about Linda Joy Adams, her claims can be easily sorted out if Orly Taitz, or Joe Arpaio expedited a simple library search for the articles which speak about the murders, including that of Obama’s claimed-to-be-father’s, which Adams speaks about.

      • Doggoneit!

        Don’t blame anyone else if someone puts your **** information as comment. You shouldn’t have put your personal email address in your comment.

    • King of Shambhala

      MileHiLife, I don’t know anything about Linda Adams’s story but it charmed me.

      It’s about a young white girl in the 50s, in love with a young black boy and getting pregnant. Then it’s a story of racism like in the films we’ve seen back in the 60s and the boy gets killed on the banks of the Kansas/Kaw River.

      It’s not only dramatic and heart-breaking, but it’s also the Deep South and the time when the USA was still segregated and old-fashionned.

      Obama’s been such a tomb of silence and secrecy with him covering up his records and the facts of his identity.

      With Linda Adams suddenly we’ve got a story which works. It’s got legs. Suddenly we have names on faces and name-places where events happened.

      It’s also got something about it which clicks.

      Stanley Dunham, Obama’s mother was from Topeka. So that clicks. this lady Adams says she’s Stanley’s second cousin. That also clicks. Of course, I think to myself “why indeed, shouldn’t Topeka be full of cousins and relations of Obama and his mother Stanley?”

      I’m not saying anything about this story pro or against it, but I’m saying it enthralled me for it’s athmosphere of the Deep South. Also because it’s simple straightforward and I never saw any sign of lying, trickery or twisted meaning in the things Linda Adams has put forth. She also tells the story over and over and never varies in the details. Nothing changges in it over time.

      It’s straightforward and always the same.

      • Doggoneit!

        Tu devrais prendre tes *** de meds – tu es renfermable – malade.

      • MileHiLife


        My post above was actually defending you and your article. It DOES have plausibility. With ALL the revelations going on about O and his (I use the term “his” loosely) Administration anything is possible yet wouldn’t surprise me. IF true, hopefully the roadblocks to truth will fall. The barriers REAL journalists are up against are nothing to envy, as any story having legs regarding O it is crippled by the MSM and various government agencies. They even eat their own, as NSA Whistleblower Russ Tice found.

        Joe Arpaio puzzles me, we’re all getting impatient with him.

        I appreciate real journalism — most do — that’s why we seek alternative sources such as BIN to digest our news. Go get ‘em.

    • King of Shambhala

      Thanks for your answer MileHi,

      Yeah, I think there’ll be a massive upheaval in society with the defeat and demise of the Obama Rule.

      I’m in a spiritual apocalyptical perspective and that’s called the Day of Last Judgement when everybody rises against the other, brother against brother, neighbour against neighbour; and I see it because facts show that Obama divides society as none other does.

    • King of Shambhala

      Hi MileHi,

      This is great!> the article called “Obama In Jail In Matter Of Days” It’s been 3 days non-stop. 22000 hits, 300 comments. It’s going viral all over Internet and worldwide now. I’m getting feedback worldwide now. Pass this on please. Let’s bust Obama’s sorry arse. Thanks.

      • MileHiLife


        Just wanna say I’ve noticed several stories alone here on BIN regarding O’pappa in the last 24 hours. Picking up steam — let’s see where it goes…

      • Doggoneit!


        He really thinks that all those visits are ACTUALLY new visits and not that they might be previous commentators who want to know what’s being said and thus adding their grain of salt to the already REALISTIC comments that this ‘journalist’ doesn’t respect.

      • King of Shambhala

        That’s great MIleHi, it looks like something happening on the Joe Arpaio front.

        The Obots will be caught out left field still defending this criminal Obama.

        If you want to really beat Obama instantly, then reveal Obama’s the Antichrist that’ll catch him cold out.

      • King of Shambhala

        MileHiLife, the action from the Arpaio Team probably comes from me putting their feet to the fire from my new article called “Obama In Jail In Matter Of Days”.

        They’re going into panic-mode because I’m unleashing hell upon them with lots of pressure.

        That article’s making them go bezerk.

  • BooBoo

    If Smith is currently spamming your website or forum with his lottery pictures and paranoia, and you have found this collaborative wiki by Googling his name, then you have our sympathy.

    “I want to say from the beginning that everything written on [] is garbage and it’s only intent is to smear me.”
    —Geir Smith reviews this website, October 2013

    •Classic quotes from him over the years (more here))
    •Prophecies about the apocalypse (January 2011 – December 2012)
    •The Book of Geir – Bible quotes he has invented
    •42 Months – Did you know that Obama did something 42 months ago and is therefore the antichrist?
    •The Four Horsemen and how they have changed
    •False Christ watch – false Christs spotted by Smith in comments
    •Sites he has been banned from
    •What is the apocalypse?
    •Why did BIN pay $196.65?

    See also
    •Geir’s UStream TV – as of October 2013, Smith is broadcasting daily two-hour speeches and being sad that nobody is logging in to ask him questions.
    •Geir’s BlogTV – he sometimes used this to shout in French, accuse English speakers of being CIA spies, boast about his massive 4chan audience, and complain about being banned from 4chan. It is now offline.
    •Geir is a skilled Obama impersonator: I am America y’all

    Apr 26, 2014, 7:14 pm

    • Doggoneit!

      I’d love to see his face when he reads this stuff: is it rage? frustration? does he feel glorified? what??

      • Who dat

        Ha ha,.

      • Doggoneit!


        Why do you have his picture as avatar??

      • 69ingSquirrels


        I found it online and thought that the caption went well with his face.

        I haven’t been here for a while, and I see that nothing has changed with KOS.

        He seems to follow the same pattern of postings every 6 months: Obama 666 lottery crap, Obama gay stories, Obama birthed stories, stories about him being the messiah. If I am not mistaken, he should start writing about gays having 25-35 years less of life expectancy than straight people in the next few days. Just look at his posting history; same stuff in that order for the last few years.

      • King of Shambhala

        Don’t say homosexuals die early./ They hate to hear that. they don’t like people saying their gay life-style is a dangerous behaviour.

      • Doggoneit!

        @axis of evil

        Read his comments about your avator – all he got from your response was the sentence you wrote about gays…

        This guy simply blows my mind… If someone used my face to portray EVIL (pun there), I’d be outraged!!

        He clearly has weird priorities.

      • 69ingSquirrels


        He clearly doesn’t care. All he wants is to stir up people, have them comment, and increase his views by people coming and reading these exchanges. BIN pays him and some other contributors based on traffic. You can see who gets paid here, just by looking at the most sensationalist headlines. KOS is one of those.

        I guess this makes us good people, because without our views, he’d have to go back to be a male escort to make a living.

  • Duane Howard

    Kansas That fools from Kenya, Hawaii and Connecticut. Kansas indeed.

    • King of Shambhala

      Nobody knows wheee Obama’s from and you don’t either Duane. False christ. Liar.

      • King of Shambhala

        See aso this sign of the Apocalypse, it’s an article that says Obama’s the Antichrist is sweeping the nation and the whole wide world like crazy.

        Join it fast… or be left behind.

        It’s a steamroller Google it
        Obama In Jail In Matter Of Days

        It puts Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s feet to the fire.

        He’s got to disclose his information fast now.

    • Doggoneit!

      Duane: humm, you’re going to let him off with that comment??

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